### Chapter 253 - going to Beijing Tang Zheng never thought that the Fang Shishi would actually give him such hard work. It was extremely alluring, and the two of them seemed to have lost all of their strength as they embraced each other and spoke moving words of love. The stockings had long since been torn and thrown onto the floor. The tassel skirting skirt had also been torn and tossed at the end of the bed, silently telling her how intense the battle had been. Fang Shishi lied on top of Tang Zheng's chest, her slender jade fingers gently groping on his chest, her red face had not yet faded, her entire body was like a pile of mud, and she no longer wanted to move anymore. Tang Zheng gently caressed her smooth jade back, and asked: "When did you buy this set of things?" Fang Shishi's mouth hooked up, and said: "Do you like it?" "Of course I like it. Didn't you see how hard I worked just now?" Tang Zheng said in a carefree manner. This time, it was indeed a great surprise. "I once saw one of these clothes in my mother's closet, so I secretly bought it and sent it home these past few days." Tang Zheng was startled, then laughed bitterly: "Your mother? Your parents are quite interesting too. " Fang Shishi pounded his chest and said, "You are not allowed to laugh at my parents." "How could this be a joke? The way you eat and act perverted, this is very normal." "Hmph, all of you men like these things. It's so bad." "Is it bad? "I think you like it a lot just now. With how loud it is, you shouldn't be afraid that your parents will hear it." Tang Zheng said mischievously. "They wouldn't have heard it. I played a loud song in the bedroom two days ago and then went outside to listen, so I didn't hear anything." Fang Shishi immediately said. Tang Zheng opened his eyes wide, unable to hold back his laughter: "Haha, Shishi, you actually made preparations, you are too adorable." He lifted her face and kissed it hard. Fang Shishi's exhaling as orchid responded intensely, and not long later, another ambiguous gasp sounded out from the room. Next door, Fang Cong Guo and She Mengqin were lying on the bed. She Mengqin said with a bitter face: "What are you listening to these youngsters talk like? Fang Cong Guo looked out the window and laughed bitterly. The soundproofing effect of the walls of the room was indeed very good, but the sound floated in through the window. It was obvious that the curtains in Fang Shishi's room were closed but the window was not closed, so the sound could be heard from the window. Even though it was very soft, it could still be heard clearly in this quiet night. She Mengqin blushed a little, listening to his daughter's story seemed to be a little evil. "Young and vigorous, your body is naturally in good shape." Fang Cong Guo was not surprised, "Wasn't it like this when I was young?" "Hmph, don't mention your past bravery. It would be great if you were that powerful now." She Mengqin said faintly. Fang Cong Guo pressed his body against his wife and said, "Alright then, you actually dare to underestimate me, your husband. I'll let you have a taste of my power." "Be quiet. Quickly close the windows and don't let the two of them hear our voices. That would be embarrassing to death." She Mengqin said with a red face. Fang Cong Guo hurriedly got off from his bed and closed the window. Then, he pounced on a hungry wolf and climbed onto the bed. In the next few days, Tang Zheng accompanied Fang Shishi and played around the entire Chang Heng City. Fang Shishi even went to stay at Tang Zheng's house for the night, which could be considered true ascension. However, good days were short, after the Fang Shishi rode on the plane and flew to the other side of the ocean, Tang Zheng had no choice but to board the train to the capital. Last night, Lin Hu and the others carried out their training for him. Everyone was not drunk at all, and in the end, even Tang Zheng was a bit drunk. Tang Zheng still felt at ease with them, and he had also emphasized repeatedly reminded them to take good care of Grandfather, by all means, so that nothing would happen to him. Other than that, when he went to the capital, he did not bring Ye Yuan along. Although Ye Yuan really wanted to accompany him by his side, but Tang Zheng was going to study, and did not have the time to teach him the details of living in the modern society. However, he was not alone on his trip to the capital because he had another younger brother, Feng Yong, with him. Feng Yong didn't manage to get into the Peking University, but he managed to get into the Beijing Polytechnic University, which fulfilled his wish of not needing his father's help and going to the capital to study on his own. Tang Zheng carried a simple backpack, while the other important things were placed within the Sumeru Bag, such as War Soul Sword, Nine Turning Pill Furnace, spirit stones, and the Spirit Gathering Pills that he had refined during this period of time. The Spirit Gathering Pill he refined for the first time was used up with the Fang Shishi. In the past few days, he used up some of Ling'er's roots and refined over a hundred Spirit Gathering Pills. He gave half of them to the Fang Shishi for her to use abroad. In fact, he did not even need to carry his luggage, he could just put everything into the Sumeru Bag and only travel on the road. If that happened, it would be too eye-catching and other people would be very curious as to where he had put all his luggage. An Audi car stopped in front of him. Feng Yong immediately got out of the car and rushed towards Tang Zheng while shouting, and the two hugged for awhile. "Haha, boss, I see you again. Where have you been recently? Your phone can't be reached. Did you and Fang Shishi fly together through the two worlds?" "I went deep into the mountains and took a walk. The signal from the mountains is not good." Tang Zheng explained. "Hehe, I understand. As for the world of the two, of course I wouldn't want to be disturbed by others." Feng Yong laughed mischievously. "Boss, what do you think happened to me now?" Feng Yong walked a circle in front of Tang Zheng and said excitedly. Tang Zheng opened his eyes wide in shock, and said: "Fatty, you changed so much." Feng Yong had lost a lot of weight. Although he was still a little fat, he looked much better than before, the flesh on his face had lessened, and he looked much more handsome. The most important thing was that his cultivation had increased by a lot, and he had actually already touched the threshold of the rank 2 in Body Training Stage. "What have you been doing during this period of time? Not only have you become skinnier, even your strength has increased by so much." Tang Zheng asked curiously. Feng Yong was very satisfied with Tang Zheng's surprise, he pointed out his father Feng Yun as he got off the car and said, "This has to do with my father's contribution, he bought a lot of medicinal herbs to refine my body, and I worked hard to cultivate the cultivation technique you gave me, then I had the same result as I have now." Tang Zheng suddenly understood that cultivation was actually a competition for resources, why do many experts come from rich and powerful families? Firstly, they had the money to ask a master to guide them, and secondly, they needed the help of a lot of medicinal herbs. Especially for warriors, to rely on their martial arts to realize their own potential, they also needed a lot of expensive medicinal herbs to strengthen their bodies. Tang Zheng looked at Feng Yun and said: "Uncle Feng, hello." Feng Yun cordially shook hands with Tang Zheng, thinking that his eyes were really sharp back then. This child was definitely not someone who was easy to deal with, he actually allowed Feng Yong to walk the path of a warrior. In the future, the Feng Family's prosperity would depend on him. "Uncle, please take care of our kid a little more when you guys go to the capital. If he doesn't want anything wrong, just teach him a lesson. We can even beat him up if you want to." Feng Yun said. Feng Yong immediately said with a bitter face: "Dad, do you have a father like me? He actually told people to hit your son. " "If you don't listen, you should fight. Go to the capital and study well. Of course, don't forget our family's business. See if we have the opportunity to open a business here in the capital." Feng Yun warned. Tang Zheng immediately remembered that his family dealt in sex toys. In the past, Feng Yong seemed to dislike this, but this time, his performance was completely out of his expectations. He nodded solemnly, "I know. I will do a market survey first, but don't get angry if the school catches me trying to get into an adult shop all day long." Feng Yun was all smiles as he said: "Why should I be angry? I'm not happy yet, business is not high or low, and our business is not illegal, but it is for the happiness of the human race, it is a very noble business." "Alright, continue with your noble career. Boss, we're coming in. Hey, is this your puppy?" Suddenly, Feng Yong stared at Little White at his feet curiously. Lil 'White rolled his eyes, as if to say "No eyes, you're treating me like a puppy again." However, it also seemed resigned to its fate, no longer calling out in protest. Tang Zheng laughed, put Little White into his luggage and said: "Yes, we will get away with it later, don't let the security guards find out." "No problem, boss. I always called you by plane, why are you thinking of taking the train? It's so slow." Tang Zheng nodded at Feng Yun, treating it as a farewell, before checking in with him. "The train is not bad, we aren't in a rush anyway, and I heard that the school has a delivery car at the train station, so there's no delivery service at the airport." "Actually, it's not bad to have a lot of people on the train. I hope to meet a beauty." "He's in high school and he's already in heat." "Boss, you're just a man who doesn't know how to starve. I've been single for eighteen years, it's about time for my spring to come." "Then just strike up a conversation when you meet a beauty, don't be a slut." "Definitely not. I wasn't confident before, but now I feel full of confidence." "Yeah, you're a fuerdai, and now the fuerdai are all very popular." "Tsk, what kind of food is this? You have to be rich for me to be like you, boss. You'll definitely be rich in the future." The two of them continued chatting and laughing. Tang Zheng used a little trick to let Xiao Bai pass the test. After getting on the bed and putting away the luggage, Tang Zheng laid on the middle bunk to take a nap. Feng Yong was also looking around but he was only searching for beauties. After a long while, he said resentfully, "Boss, why are there no beauties here?" "Keep your voice down, or others will hear you. Be careful not to think of it as a public enemy." "What's there to be afraid of? I'm just speaking the truth." Feng Yong muttered in disappointment. Tang Zheng didn't have anything else to do, so he simply fell asleep, and was swayed by someone in a daze. Feng Yong suppressed his excitement and said softly: "Boss, beauty, quickly look at a beauty." Tang Zheng opened his hazy eyes, and as the train travelled, he did not know where he had reached, but he saw Feng Yong winking at him, her face filled with excitement.
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