### Chapter 252 - Three hundred rounds of Great War. Tang Zheng returned home and spent most of his time by his grandfather's side. They went to the purchasing station together to help him recycle his junk, the grandfather and grandson pair were naturally happy. The school was about to open and they were about to leave their grandpa for half a year. Both of them were reluctant to part for the first time in their lives, so they especially cherished this last bit of time. During this time, Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix reported back to Tang Zheng on the situation in Chang Heng City. Chang Heng City was the strongest family, and the situation was good. Furthermore, the relationship between Lin Hu and him had improved. Deng Maocai had become the Deputy Chief of Public Security of the Chang Heng City. In these few days, Ye Yuan stayed by Lin Hu's side. Although he was not used to it at the start, he slowly blended into their group. This was because Ye Yuan was good at fighting, and had fought with Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix before. Today, Tang Zheng came to the Fang Family once again. He had come at the invitation of the Fang Cong Guo and Tang Zheng had already guessed his purpose for coming here. When Tang Zheng walked into the Fang Family residence alone, Fang Shishi was in a very low mood. His eyes were red, as if he had been crying. The matter between Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi was not something that they could simply stop. Furthermore, during this period of time, she had heard quite a few things about Tang Zheng from her husband, and was becoming more and more satisfied with her future son-in-law. Tang Zheng graciously held onto Fang Shishi's hand and asked: "What's wrong, did you cry?" Fang Shishi pouted and looked at his parents resentfully: "Isn't it all because of them? It's clear that they are the ones who are happy and will be able to report to school soon, but they are the ones who destroyed everything." Fang Cong Guo said embarrassedly: "Shishi, we are doing this for your own good. Little Tang, the reason I called you over is to discuss your going to university, Shishi's matter of going abroad to study has already been settled, but this girl just doesn't want to, she said that we deliberately broke you apart. " The Fang Shishi snorted, and said: "You guys are purposely separating us, you guys have always been unsatisfied with Tang Zheng, do you think I do not know? But I love him, and no one can tear us apart. " As he said that, he ignored the fact that his parents were right in front of him and tightly hugged onto Tang Zheng's arms. Fang Cong Guo and She Mengqin were extremely embarrassed, they could only ask for help and look towards Tang Zheng. If Tang Zheng did not let them go, then Fang Shishi would definitely not leave the country. Tang Zheng understood their thoughts and said, "Uncle, Auntie, can I talk to Shishi alone?" She Mengqin was a little worried, but Fang Cong Guo nodded in gratitude: "No problem." "Shishi, let's go to your room." Tang Zheng led Fang Shishi straight into her room, leaving behind the Fang family's parents who looked at each other, She Mengqin said softly: "Do you think Tang Zheng will advise Shishi?" Fang Cong Guo nodded confidently: "Definitely, because he understands that this is most beneficial to Shishi. Little Tang is not a fool, he knows what to do." Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi sat at the bedside with Fang Shishi leaning on his chest and quietly said, "Tang Zheng, I don't want to leave you. Let's go to Peking University together, we will always be by each other's side, okay?" Tang Zheng caressed her smooth black hair and said: "Of course I understand your intentions. But let me ask you, what did you think of college before we started? " "I …" Fang Shishi was speechless. At that time, she had wholeheartedly wanted to go abroad to study. This was her dream ever since she was young. Seeing that she was speechless, Tang Zheng knew that the Fang Cong Guo was not lying. If not for his appearance, the Fang Shishi's search for knowledge would have turned towards another country. As a bookworm, the Fang Shishi would of course think of leaving the country for further studies. "Shishi, I know studying abroad is your dream, I am your boyfriend. What I should do is not to rob you of your dream, but to help you realize your dream. If I only tie you to me for personal gain, do you think it's good for me to be so selfish? " Tang Zheng asked gently. The Fang Shishi was silent for a long time before he said, "But I don't want to leave you. Yes, I admit that studying abroad is my dream. I want to be successful in the field of academia. I have been used to the deceit in business since I was a child, so I don't want to inherit my family's business. I only want to do research. But I can do that at home too. " Tang Zheng laughed and said: "Since you want to conduct research, then we must get results so that others will have a whole new level of respect for us. In this aspect, there is no doubt that foreign countries are the most advanced, so we should naturally go and learn. People all want to learn from the best. I believe that you can do better than others. Why give up this opportunity? " Pausing for a moment, he continued, "Moreover, the two of us are not parted forever. We can still meet again during the holidays. Have you not heard about the phrase 'long time no see and a new marriage'?" Fang Shishi tugged on his arm and coquettishly said: "What new marriage, it's not like I'm married to you." "A metaphor, that's all." Tang Zheng immediately begged for mercy. Fang Shishi raised his head, stared straight at him, and said: "But when I thought about how long I had to leave you for, my heart became empty. I have already gotten used to you being by my side, I don't know what it will be like when you go abroad. Tang Zheng could not help but laugh out loud: "That's all just nonsense. With how the technology is now, with the connections and phone calls, we can communicate more." Fang Shishi's eyes turned, and he said: "What if I'm not by your side, and the other girls take advantage of the situation and enter? You are so outstanding, and now women can be so aggressive. " Tang Zheng said guiltily: "I have such a firm will, I'm not that kind of person." "Humph, you can't completely trust a man's words." "Yo, looking at how you are, you seem to understand men a lot, seems like our Shishi has really matured." Fang Shishi said shyly: "Who is your Shishi." "Oh you, from today onwards, you will be the Tang Clan's wife. You won't be able to run away." Tang Zheng hugged her, she did not struggle, her heart seemed to melt, and with a flip of her hand, she hugged him, burying her head into his chest. "But what if someone else takes you away?" Obviously, this was her biggest concern. Tang Zheng could feel the uneasiness deep within her heart. He kissed her hair and said, "You have to be confident in yourself. "There are many good girls in this world." "Alright, stop daydreaming, right now your parents are not against us, this is our greatest victory, how can a little distance stop us? Have you forgotten our identities? We are cultivators. Our lives are very long. So four years in college is actually very short for us, it's not as scary as we thought it was, you know? " Mentioning her identity as a cultivator, Fang Shishi's eyes lit up. This was the strongest bond between her and Tang Zheng other than their relationship. "Alright, I promise you that I will just go abroad. I will train even harder in these few years and not be a burden to you in the future. I will be your right-hand man on the road ahead." The Fang Shishi said solemnly. Tang Zheng heaved a sigh of relief, and said: "With you as my shield, it will be fine." "Don't leave tonight, stay at my house. We have a few days before we part, so you have to keep me company." The Fang Shishi said reluctantly. "Then won't your parents have any objections?" "Hmph, they dare. If they have any objections, then I won't go abroad." "Haha, good! You're not afraid! Of course I'm not afraid! I'm willing to risk my life to accompany you. Tonight, we will have a great battle for 300 rounds." Tang Zheng said excitedly. "Don't be ashamed, be careful not to let my parents hear it." Fang Shishi nudged him in his arms, pouting coquettishly. "They know what we're going to do anyway, so what's there to be afraid of?" Tang Zheng said disapprovingly with a thick skin. "You're not allowed to say it." Fang Shishi immediately covered his mouth. The two of them were warm for a moment, then opened the door and walked out. Fang Shishi's face was still slightly red, seeing that his parents were looking over, he immediately said: "I agree to go study abroad." Fang Cong Guo and She Mengqin laughed as if a heavy burden was lifted, and when they looked at Tang Zheng, their eyes were filled with certainty and gratitude. "Tang Zheng will stay in our house tonight." The Fang Shishi said again. Eh? The rest of the two immediately froze, She Mengqin wanted to go berserk, but was stopped by Fang Cong Guo. Since their daughter had given in, then as parents, they should step aside and press on, making things worse. Besides, the two of them had done what they shouldn't have done. This was just a way to gain recognition. Fang Cong Guo clearly saw this point, so he agreed. The dinner party was rich, and everyone chatted like a family. The atmosphere was quite harmonious, and then, under the gaze of their parents, the two of them went back to their rooms. "I'm going to take a bath first." The Fang Shishi went into the bathroom without explanation. Tang Zheng said with a shy face: "Let's bathe together." "No, don't think of doing anything bad." After a while, Fang Shishi finished bathing and came out wrapped in a towel, then he pushed Tang Zheng into the bathroom. After Tang Zheng finished washing, he wiped his hair and walked out. When he looked up, he was stunned. Fang Shishi was wearing black stockings and a black miniskirt with a tasseled back. The scenery inside was indistinct, making one's blood boil. The towel in Tang Zheng's hand directly fell to the ground and he swallowed his saliva. Fang Shishi was half lying on the bed, he could see the curves of the bed. One of her legs was stretched out, while the other was slightly bent. Her snow-white thigh was wrapped in black silk stockings. It was smooth and slender, and it created a strong visual impact. The transparent miniskirt could not cover her skin at all. On the contrary, it revealed a large area of snow-white skin on her chest, which was extremely tempting. Fang Shishi's face flushed red, he reached out his fingers towards Tang Zheng and said: "Didn't you say you want to fight three hundred rounds?" Tang Zheng's head exploded, the blood in his body was boiling, he really wanted to howl immediately. He would have to fight three hundred rounds in a row. Otherwise, he would have to let down this beautiful city and its allure.
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