### Chapter 251 - Ling'er, who likes to sing "Haunted?" Tang Zheng was shocked, but he was not afraid. If this ghost dared to come to his house, it would be seeking death. "Grandfather, with me here, don't be afraid. What's going on?" Tang Zheng consoled. Tang Dahai tremblingly said: "I slept soundly last night, so when I heard a woman's voice, I thought it was just an illusion. But then I heard that voice again, I couldn't find her for the most part of the night. But just now I heard that voice again. It was actually singing. It was' Little Apple 'from the dance show downstairs in the square. " "... Little Apple? " Tang Zheng was speechless, he almost couldn't hold back his laughter. Could it be that this ghost girl was an artist? "Grandfather, wait a moment, I'll go take a look." Tang Dahai immediately stopped him, and said resolutely: "No, it's haunted inside, if we don't want to live, then so be it. What if that ghost girl hurt you when you go in?" didn't know whether to laugh or cry. His grandfather's fearless nature was actually still afraid of ghosts, so he explained: "Grandfather, look at this day, and my body is filled with masculinity. That ghost girl saw me and dodged too late. Tang Dahai was indecisive. Tang Zheng opened the door and directly walked in. Little White jumped down from his shoulder and stood up straight, also listening attentively. Eh, there was no sound. He hadn't even taken two steps when a woman's voice suddenly rang out. It really was singing "Little Apple", and it was many times better than the original song. Her voice was gentle, clear and ethereal like a skylark. "There really are female ghosts." Tang Zheng couldn't help but be curious. What kind of female ghost would dare to come to his house, he must capture this female ghost today. Following the sound, Tang Zheng and Little White came to his bedroom. There was no one there, and the cleaning was very clean. It could be seen that while he was gone, his grandfather had frequently cleaned up the place. The voice drifted in from the balcony and a ray of sunlight shone on the balcony. Tang Zheng's gaze landed on the flower pot. Previously, in order to hide the three-hundred-year-old ginseng, he bought a few other flowers and herbs to use as camouflage. These plants grew extremely well, but Tang Zheng was able to see the pot that the ginseng was growing in. The pot was originally bare except for some soil, but at this moment, a few green leaves grew out from it, gently swaying as if dancing and singing along with it. Tang Zheng was dumbstruck. There was no wind right now, so the other flowers and plants were all motionless. Only the few leaves were swaying. Moreover, the strangest thing was that the song came from the pot. Tang Zheng felt like he had just awoken from a dream. How was this a ghost, this voice was clearly that of the little ginseng spirit. It had been a long time since he had heard this voice, to the point he couldn't recognize it. Lil 'White jumped next to the flower pot and bit the leaves. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ling'er screamed in horror, "Don't eat me." "Stop!" Tang Zheng immediately hugged Little White. This little fellow's actions were too fast, if it really ate Ling'er, he would definitely vomit blood. "Master, you've returned. Ling'er has not seen you for such a long time. She misses you." Ling'er had survived the calamity, so she cried out in joy. Tang Zheng looked at the flower pot and asked, "Ling'er, when did you grow a leaf?" "Last night." Ling'er joyfully said, "Master, Ling'er is too happy. With a leaf, Ling'er hasn't had a leaf for many years." As she spoke, Leaves swayed a few times, looking very excited. "But why are you talking so loudly?" Tang Zheng remembered that back then, Ling'er's voice was so soft that he almost did not hear it, and turned her into a Spirit Gathering Pill instead. "Ah, Ling'er feels that her Spiritual Energy has increased by a lot, so naturally her voice is louder." Tang Zheng realised, so it was like that. Ling'er was a medicinal spirit, her thoughts were simple, she did not know how to speak so loudly, even Tang Dahai could hear her, thus she treated her voice like a female ghost. "Master, Ling'er will sing for you, okay? This is something that's been sung every day downstairs. Ling'er thinks it's very nice." Tang Zheng smiled bitterly: "Don't sing anymore. If you like listening to songs, then I'll find you something else in the future." He really did not want his innocent Ling'er to be taken astray by this "Divine Comedy." Hearing this, Ling'er excitedly shouted, "Really? Master treats Ling'er too well!" Lil 'White rolled its big eyes and licked its tongue, as if it wanted to swallow Ling Er at any time. Looking at this glutton, Tang Zheng could not help but hit him on the head, and said: "This is Ling'er, you can't eat it, understand?" Tshh Tshh! Lil 'White called out, expressing its dissatisfaction. "Xiaozheng, are you talking to that ghost girl? Why does she call you Master? " Tang Dahai came to Tang Zheng's back while trembling, and asked while still in a daze. Tang Zheng was shocked, he was so focused on talking to Ling'er that he actually forgot about his grandfather. His head spun as he thought carefully about how he should deal with this. Sooner or later, his grandfather would be told about his identity as a cultivator, and he would also become more and more mysterious. If he suddenly told his grandfather about everything in the future, he might not be able to accept it. It would be better to take this opportunity to tell him a few things, allowing him to adapt to the process. He stood up, looked at Tang Dahai, and said: "Grandfather, there is no female ghost in our family, and that voice isn't that of a female ghost, but it's Ling'er." "Who's Ling'er?" Tang Dahai was confused. Tang Zheng picked up the flower pot: "It's her, a stalk of Ginseng." "Can you talk?" Tang Dahai was dumbstruck, "Then wouldn't it become a Spirit Demon?" As he finished speaking, he stared at the flower pot. It was hard to imagine that he had been raising a ginseng spirit in his house all this time. Tang Zheng nodded his head: "For all living things in the world, there are some lucky coincidences that can turn it into a spirit, and this ginseng became a spirit by coincidence. She is a medicinal spirit, called Ling'er, and won't harm anyone." Tang Dahai was still in a daze as he whispered, "How can a Spirit Demon not hurt others?" Tang Zheng laughed involuntarily, "Grandfather, that is all nonsense for ignorant people. Demons are also divided into good and bad. I am Ling'er's master, why would she harm me?" Ling'er seemed to understand, and seriously replied, "Ling'er will definitely not harm Master, and Ling'er will always protect Master." Tang Dahai looked at Ling'er in disbelief. His voice had indeed come from a flower pot, and his face had turned into the color of a bitter melon. "It is too dangerous." Tang Zheng patted his shoulder as he consoled him, "Grandfather, you don't have to worry. Ling'er is really in no danger, not only will he not harm me, he will also not harm you. Ling'er, this is my grandfather. He's even more respectful than me, do you understand? " Ling'er replied, "Mhmm, Master told Ling'er that she would definitely do as I said. Moreover, Grandfather, you've even watered me before, so why would Ling'er harm you?" Tang Dahai heaved a sigh of relief and started to carefully study the situation, but no matter how he looked at it, all of this felt like a dream. "Ling'er, in the future, there will be people at home who can't speak carelessly. Otherwise, scaring others wouldn't be good, and you can't be exposed either. The bad guys will come and capture you." Tang Zheng warned. Ling'er shrieked in fear, "Ling'er won't dare to do that again. Ling'er doesn't want to be caught." Tang Zheng comforted her a little, then put down the flower pot and went back to the living room with her grandfather. Ling'er's voice also finally disappeared. When the grandfather and grandson talked about their separate matters for the past few days, Tang Dahai's heart finally started to calm down. The old man had long known that Tang Zheng's abilities were growing stronger, so after going through the initial shock, he gradually adapted to it. He was now living a full day, and spent most of his time at the junkyard, helping the city's scavengers. He already had a bit of a reputation, and some of the scavengers from other parts of Chang Heng City also came to him to sell him their things. This made some of the other stations very dissatisfied, but as a former example, many people understood that the background of this place was not simple, and every few days they would see people wandering around the area, but not collecting protection fees but providing protection. As a result, no one would dare to come and cause trouble, and business was becoming more and more popular. Tang Dahai did not care how much money he earned, what he cared about was letting the people in this industry live a little dignity. Tang Zheng also briefly described a few travel stories, of course he omitted those hair-raising scenes, which the elderly listened to with relish. Suddenly, Tang Dahai slapped his thigh and said: "Aiyah, I almost forgot an important matter. Wait a moment, I'll go take it out and give it to you." Tang Zheng was very curious, after a while, Tang Dahai took out an express delivery bag and walked out: "Xiaozheng, this is your Peking University's notification of admission." Tang Zheng calmly took it out and took a look. He got the notice of acceptance for the Peking University's archaeology department just like he wanted it to be. He was the gaokao champion of the province, so it was not a problem for him to fill in any major. However, many people had filled in finance, computers and other major, so very few people would choose this unpopular field as archaeology. had his own considerations. Learning other professions did not have much use for him, as cultivators had a long history, but archaeology was the way to discover and study ancient matters and things. It fits him. "Xiaozheng, in the period of time that you left, there were still many reporters blocking our gate, wanting to interview you. I even went out specifically to avoid the limelight for a few days, but when the overwhelming news about Gao Dazhi came out, those reporters left resentfully. Right now, Gao Dazhi is famous, he is a name card for the Chang Heng City, and it is said that he was also tested by the Peking University, and you guys will still be our classmates in the future. " Tang Dahai said. Tang Zheng's heart moved, he had previously questioned Gao Dazhi face to face, but this brat did not say anything. Tang Zheng was not jealous that this guy stole his top scholar spot, because this kind of limelight was not what he wanted. He had an intuition that Gao Dazhi was not as simple as he appeared to be. This person was even more sinister and difficult to deal with than Qiao Fei at the time. However, Gao Dazhi didn't reveal his weakness, and he didn't have a better solution at the moment. Moreover, Gao Dazhi's reputation was huge, and his mouth was so tough, Tang Zheng couldn't just kill him right now.
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