Emperor Yuan Hui's voice was not low, so loud that everyone at Xie Zhen's table could hear him. Xie Zhen's hand that was raised into the air suddenly stopped, and subconsciously looked towards Chen Yingxue. She was a very delicate and pretty girl. Her appearance was not too outstanding, but her pair of eyes were very beautiful. When she smiled, she seemed to be able to speak. Her actions had some rules, and one could tell that she had been raised extremely well. When she heard Emperor Yuan Hui's words, she blushed and lowered her head, not daring to raise her head even when she was pushed around by her children's sisters. Xie Zhen's heart sank, and her good mood instantly disappeared into thin air. What did Emperor Yuan Hui mean? Do you think that she didn't give birth to a son for Yan Yu? She had some impression of this Chen Yingxue and she would often appear in capital's circle of noble ladies. However, the two of them did not have much interaction nor did they have much interaction with each other. She had heard that she was a lady who was well-versed in poetry and knew how to draw. Her four sisters had given birth to several sons after leaving the pavilion, and her eldest sister, Chen Xanxue, had even given birth to two pairs of twins. They were highly regarded by the family. If Emperor Yuan Hui pointed her out to Yan Yu as a side imperial concubine, then it was probably because he harbored this kind of intention. Xie Zhen quietly looked at Yan Yu, her lips slightly pursed, planning to see how he would respond. Although her beautiful eyes that were like spring water were not filled with anger, when she slowly looked over, the warning tone in her eyes was self-evident. If Yan Yu dared to agree to it tonight, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to see her and their son at home. Yan Yu naturally knew what she was thinking in her heart. Even from far away, he could smell a sour scent. He was reluctant to turn the vinegar over, so he hugged it to his chest and smelled it every day. To his surprise, the vinegar smell was so fragrant that it assaulted his nostrils. He calmed down a little and smiled while cupping his hands towards Emperor Yuan Hui, "father is more worried, this son likes peace and quiet, it is just right that there are so many people in the manor. Any more and it will be crowded and noisy. " The after the talk paused, he had not been able to find a suitable opportunity to tell the Emperor Yuan Hui about Xie Zhen's pregnancy, and now he was able to say it out loud: "Coupled with the fact that Ah Zhen is already three months old, the doctor said that she should rest in peace. I, your son, am reluctant to part with her. I apologize for not being able to agree to your good intentions, father. " The Emperor Yuan Hui raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked towards Xie Zhen: "Three months pregnant? How come I've never heard of it from any of you? " Yan Yu explained, "This son only found out after returning from Lan Ling. A few days ago, when Ah Zhen's fetus was unstable, this son let her stay in the house to recuperate and didn't disturb you at the palace. " The Emperor Yuan Hui had obviously not expected Xie Zhen to be pregnant at such a timely time. In the beginning, he had only thought of it as an excuse that he had not been able to give birth to a child and a half after entering the Palace for two years. Emperor Yuan Hui was speechless for a moment. He held the golden bottle and slowly drank a mouthful, as if he was thinking about something. Being rejected by the sixth prince was a very low status. He could not hide his face, so he just coughed to feign calmness and lowered his head to stop the matter. His grandson was good in every way. When Emperor Yuan Hui had discussed this matter with him, he had thought that Yan Yu would agree to it. Originally, there was no reason to reject. He didn't think that the other party would reject him so straightforwardly, leaving him no face at all. Whether intentionally or not, she even showed off her love for the An Wang Fei. He didn't think much of it. He was just worried that his grandson's daughter wouldn't be able to take it … Thinking about that, he subconsciously looked towards Chen Yingxue's direction, only to see her slightly bowing her head, her shoulders trembling, as though she was crying. He couldn't help but sigh. If he had known the outcome would be like this, he might as well not have done it. After a long while, the banquet was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard. Only then did Emperor Yuan Hui raise his gaze and look towards Yan Yu's direction. "Have you thought this through?" So it was just to give Yan Yu time to think it over for himself. Yan Yu did not remain vague and bowed once more, "This son has thought it through. father, please retract your order." He didn't want to let Xie Zhen down. When he first married her, he didn't think about anyone else but to live a good life with her. They had walked through the most difficult times, and now that they had finally opened their hearts and accepted each other, he did not want any more twists and turns to become an obstacle between them. He wasn't sure what Emperor Yuan Hui was planning in his heart, but it was definitely not a good thing. This time, when he returned from Orchid Mountain Range, he did not know who spread the rumours around, but Emperor Yuan Hui had definitely heard all of them. Although he held a humble position, there were still a lot of obedient officials under his command. If they could form a family with him, it would be very beneficial for their future. If Emperor Yuan Hui had this idea, then where would he leave the Crown Prince? Did he want to see himself and the crown prince fighting? If that was really the case, then it was even more impossible for Yan Yu to agree to this engagement. From the beginning, he had never had any interest towards the throne. After Yan Tao ascended to the peak, he would just be a casual prince, living the life of an immortal couple with Xie Zhen, ignoring whatever that happened in the court. It was enough for them to have three or five children, to teach them to read and write every day, and to sing poetry and paint. The Emperor Yuan Hui's expression was clearly somewhat unhappy, however, he did not embarrass him in front of others. After all, he was now a meritorious general, and he was the one who guarded Lan Ling, and the People of Western Yi was the one who was repelled by him. So no matter how dissatisfied he was, he could only say with a smile that was not a smile, "I had originally heard from the crown prince that you and your wife had a deep relationship, but I didn't believe it at first. I didn't expect that I would see it today... "Yu'er was always out of my expectations." The latter half of the sentence contained a hidden meaning that caused one to deeply investigate it. Yan Yu was not interested in thinking too much. Ever since the incident where the Emperor Yuan Hui experienced the Great Prince's conspiracy, he had become a little suspicious. Even his own son had to be schemed against. He was hesitating between Yan Yu and Yan Tao, wanting to test them. Yan Tao was calm and wise, but he was too soft-hearted and decisive. Yan Yu's methods were ruthless and decisive, but she was still tied to her love for her daughter. That was why the Emperor Yuan Hui took the opportunity to test him. If he cared too much about Xie Zhen and cared too much about a woman, it would be inappropriate for him to sit on the dragon throne. He didn't expect the result to be disappointing. Or rather, it should be said that Yan Yu was not interested in that dragon throne from the beginning. Thus, he could live as he wished and not care about anyone's thoughts. Emperor Yuan Hui cast a sidelong glance at the crown prince, and slowly said: "If I were to betroth the grandson of Great Scholar Chen to you, would the crown prince be willing to do so?" Yan Tao stood up and bowed, then answered flawlessly, "This son will listen to father's arrangements." The answer was exactly the same as he had expected. Emperor Yuan Hui laughed, he did not feel guilty about treating his granddaughter as an item and only said: "Forget it, let's talk about it later. I see that all of you are tired, so why don't I take you guys for a spin at the Supreme Water Pool. "Not long ago, dozens of Ephemeral Flowers were sent in. They are a unique variety, and the Palace Mistress calculated that it would be the right time to send them out tonight. After the banquet, we will head over together." Yan Tao was slightly stunned, and nodded in agreement. All the ministers agreed without any hesitation. Yan Yu returned to his seat and looked in Xie Zhen's direction. Xie Zhen looked very serious, and did not reveal the slightest bit of a smile. Most probably, she knew that her smile was inappropriate now, so she tightened her little face, looking a little serious. She sensed his gaze and winked at him, shrewd and witty. Yan Yu lowered his head and laughed. If it wasn't for the fact that there were so many people present, he would have really hugged her and rubbed her in his arms. Behind the Supreme Pond were three mountains. In front of the mountains was the place Emperor Yuan Hui said the Ephemeral Flowers were planted. On one side was the attic, and on the other the path to the harem. Emperor Yuan Hui and the officials were drinking and drinking tea in the pavilion downstairs. Empress Wang led the female servants to the second floor and looked down at the flowers in the courtyard. The palace lamps were lit on all sides of the palace, so that they could clearly see the budding of the epiphyllum flowers. It was just after midnight, and there was still an hour left before the Ephemeral Flower bloomed. Xie Zhen, Xie Xun and Gu Ruyi stood in a row, enthusiastically admiring the flowers. From time to time, they would comment on the flowers and bet on which flower blossomed first. Because there were girls all around, their voices were more cheerful than the last. It was because their voices weren't very obvious, so they were drowned out very quickly. Even so, there were still gazes that would land on Xie Zhen from time to time. Chen Yingxue had never been so humiliated before. In front of so many ministers, none of them wanted her. Now that her reputation had been ruined, with the Emperor personally bestowing her to the An Wang and to the crown prince, who would dare to come and propose marriage again? Who else could she marry? When she thought about how An Wang had rejected her, she couldn't help but become more curious about Xie Zhen. How was she worthy of An Wang's green eye? Is it because her face was beautiful? As she probed, she almost forgot about looked away. Therefore, when Xie Zhen suddenly turned her head to look at her, she panicked. Xie Zhen had always felt that her back was covered with goosebumps. There were always burning hot gazes staring at her from behind, making it impossible for her to ignore them even if she wanted to. This was why she wanted to scare Chen Yingxue. She didn't expect Chen Yingxue to act so innocently, as if she was bullying her. Xie Zhen pursed her her mouth a thin line and looked away unhappily. Gu Ruyi asked her: "What's wrong? and you're suddenly unhappy? " She looked down with lower her eyes for a long while before finally replying, "Nothing." However, her expression could not deceive her. Gu Ruyi was intelligent, when she turned around, she could tell what was going on without guessing. She held her hand and said: "An Wang has already said that at the banquet, you still can't be at ease?" Xie Zhen shook her head. She was relieved with Yan Yu, he was just like a big dog that couldn't be driven away no matter how hard she tried. She did not know what was bothering her, but she probably did not like people coveting Yan Yu. After a moment of silence, she leaned her head on her elbow and whispered, "Ru Yi, if it were you, would you be willing to share your husband with other women?" Gu Ruyi seriously thought about it, but did not lie to her: "If I truly admire him, then it should not be tolerated." Xie Zhen bent her almond-shaped eyes and said with a smile: "I think the same as you." She was just too narrow-minded to share Yan Yu with other women. If that day ever came, she would rather be smashed to smithereens than die. After an hour had passed, she suddenly heard an excited shout from below the pavilion, "Blossom!" Xie Zhen and the other girls quickly peeked their heads out to look downstairs. The flower bud peeled off the lavender outer garment, revealing the pure white and elegant petals. Under the moonlight, the flower bud slowly stretched its body, sparkling and moving, causing one's eyes to light up. As it was a new breed, it had a blue pink and white color. In less than an incense stick of time, it had all opened! This was a rare and magnificent sight, and a single Ephemeral Flower blooming was nothing out of the ordinary. If dozens of them bloomed together, then it would be unimaginable. The girls in the attic were amazed and amazed. They could no longer see them from upstairs, so they all became restless. They wanted to see what was going on up there at close range. Empress Wang said in a forgiving manner: "I will bring you down with me so that you can have a closer look." The girls were extremely happy as they followed Empress Wang down to the pavilion. Gu Ruyi asked Xie Zhen: "Are we going?" Since the empress had already taken the lead, they wouldn't be in the same group if they didn't go. They wouldn't give the empress any face. Xie Zhen thought for a while, then nodded her head and followed, "Then we will go down together." Most of the people upstairs had left, leaving her, Xie Xun, Gu Ruyi, Chen Ying Xue and Yan Yao'an who were at the side. Xie Zhen and Xie Xun were walking in front and Gu Ruyi was following behind. Before taking two steps, Chen Ying Xue and Yan Yao'an followed behind. Chen Yingxue and Yan Yao'an were not familiar with each other, and there was nothing between the two of them. Halfway up the stairs, Chen Yingxue accidentally stepped on her skirt and fell forward. In front of her was Gu Ruyi, and this way, she would directly crash into him! Caught off guard, Gu Ruyi fell forward, but the one in front of her was Xie Zhen, while the one in front of her was an empty staircase. There was nothing there, and Xie Zhen was still pregnant! Startled, she subconsciously grabbed onto the wooden handrail, but unfortunately, she couldn't hold on tight. Yan Yao'an, who was behind her, originally wanted to give her a hand. However, when she remembered something, she extended her hand in the air and retracted it. Gu Ruyi shouted, "Ah Zhen, be careful!" Xie Zhen turned her head, she did not have the time to see the situation clearly, she was struck until she staggered, her legs were empty, and she fell down the stairs — — Xie Xun cried out in alarm, "sis!" Xie Zhen's mind was in a mess, her first action being to tightly protect her belly, thinking that would the child fall down?
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