When the carriage reached the entrance of the palace, it coincidentally met the carriage from Duke Dingguo's Mansion and General of Agile Cavalry Palace. Xie Zhen and Yan Yu separated at the door. One went to Palace Linde, the other went to Palace Zhaoyang. Before she left, Yan Yu was still worried, he repeatedly reminded Shuang Yu to carefully observe her body. His heart was preoccupied with her, but this girl didn't appreciate his kindness. She forgot him the moment she saw her mother and sister, and even found him verbose in the end. She pushed him to the side and said impatiently, "I understand, I understand. Yan Yu staggered two steps, even though he was being pushed by her, he was still willing, and frowned: "You can't be so rash, too!" Xie Zhen glared at him and he could only shut his mouth. After much difficulty, she finally heard a burst of laughter from behind her as she watched Yan Yu leave. She turned her head to look, it was actually Gu Ruyi who was laughing at her. Gu Ruyi was still wearing her veil on her face, standing beside the carriage, her gentle eyes revealed a mischievous smile. The two of them hadn't seen each other for a while. Ever since Yan Yu went to the Orchid Tomb, she hadn't gone out much, and hadn't appeared in the noble women's circle either. Now that she was pregnant, she was controlled by Yan Yu, so she didn't have the chance to go out anymore. Seeing that she was being looked at in such a annoying manner, Xie Zhen felt a little embarrassed, and her face turned red as she smiled, "You must be seeing a joke." Gu Ruyi shook her head, turned her head and said a few words to her mother, then walked over to her side, "An Wang is so concerned for you, and it let me envy, how can I joke at you?" At that moment, Xie Xun jumped down from the carriage while holding onto Grandma's hand. She walked over to her in a few steps and stopped steadily before holding onto one of her arms. "sis, let me help you walk away." As she said that, she went to the other side and held Xie Zhen's hand. Xie Zhen was completely terrified by this scene. She thought that they were making a fuss because she was pregnant, why were they so nervous? She looked back and complained to the Madam Leng: "Mother, look at Ah Xun …" Who knew that not only would Madam Leng not help her, she even blamed her. "You should also be careful, we are all going to be mothers now, and you are still so childish. I see that Ah Yu is absolutely right. " Oh wow, it was still her fault. Xie Zhen said. "He's in charge of everything I do … I'm already very obedient. " Madam Leng glared at her, obviously not believing her. Gu Ruyi opened her eyes wide in shock, and couldn't help but look at her belly. It had only been three months, and there was no sign of her at all. Coupled with her petite figure, she was still as slender as ever. Curious, she asked, "Are you pregnant? "How many months has it been?" Xie Zhen smiled as she raised three of her fingers. "It's been three months." Her appearance was a little arrogant. Seeing that, the Madam Leng shook her head repeatedly, both laughing and indulging her. Their carriage stopped at the entrance of the palace to block the other people's path, so the Madam Leng led them inside. Along the way, Gu Ruyi and Xie Xun walked on either side of her, asking questions. The two of them were girls who had yet to come out of the pavilion, so they obviously were curious about what was going on. Xie Zhen was quite patient, she answered whatever they asked, and spread a lot of knowledge to them. These days, her vomiting was getting worse every day. Often, she would feel sick in the middle of the night and throw up on the bed. He had not been able to sleep well all night, and he was a little nervous. Yan Yu's heart ached for her, and he called for a doctor to ask her about it. The doctor said that it was normal for the fetus to develop and squeeze out the internal organs, and that it would be fine after this period of time. She got used to it later, spitting, trying to make herself happier, this so called happiness. Naturally, she wanted to vent her anger at Yan Yu. Yan Yu's temper had never been better. He knew that she wasn't feeling well, so he indulged her in everything. Speaking of this, Xie Zhen couldn't help but smile, "... He listens to me. " Gu Ruyi laughed, then looked at her: "Normally, I wouldn't see that An Wang is such a good-natured person." Xie Zhen's her mouth a thin line, of course, because even his good temper had been given to her. In the eyes of outsiders, Yan Yu was a very difficult person to deal with. Cold, sharp, and without mercy, he looked down from above due to his height advantage, which created an illusion that they were not easy to get along with. Many girls didn't dare to look directly at him, fearing that the moment his gaze swept over them, they would be frozen into icicles. However, when he looked at Xie Zhen, the expression in his eyes was gentle, as if he had become a completely different person. Despite the displeasure and discontent in her eyes, it was still gentle. Who knew how many girls were envious of Xie Zhen. Palace Zhaoyang was right in front of them. They walked past the long Pill Emperor and arrived at the hall. The Empress Wang, the Crown Princess and a few other princesses were sitting on top of each other in the hall. Xie Zhen immediately saw Yan Yao'an on the lady couch beside her. She was dressed in a gold braided flower pattern jacket with dragon stripes on her knees and a horse shaped skirt, looking bright and beautiful. Yan Yao'an obviously saw them and her expression became uneasy for a moment. Her gaze landed on Gu Ruyi and turned her head away, no longer looking at them. Since the last time Xie Rong rejected the marriage, Xie Zhen had never seen her. After all, they had not decided on what expression they should use to meet each other. It would only increase the awkwardness. Regarding the matter of giving him a marriage, Xie Zhen could blame it on Xie Rong. However, in front of outsiders, she could not help but be protective of him. Her brother, she could scold him, but others could not beat him. Xie Rong had eaten eighty pieces of the Emperor Yuan Hui's board, she had even forgotten about them. It was not that Yan Yao'an was wrong … It's just that marriage is supposed to be about love and mutual desire. What's the point of forcing a marriage together? Xie Zhen followed behind Madam Leng and greeted the latter. Empress Wang called her over and spoke a few words with happiness after finding out that she was pregnant, and immediately had a few treasures bestowed upon her. Xie Zhen knelt down to thank her, but Empress Wang hurriedly helped her up, "Now that you are pregnant, don't kneel anymore. Otherwise, if Ol 'Six sees you and feels sorry for me, it will be my fault." It was a joke, but no one took it seriously. Xie Zhen could only kowtow and thank her. She was not familiar with the Queen, so she could not say much. After sitting for a while, she went to the back to find Xie Xun and Gu Ruyi. Ever since Gu Ruyi entered the Main Palace, her face had turned a little strange. Xie Zhen asked her what was wrong, but she didn't say anything, she only lowered her head and drank her tea. But she acted so awkward that only a fool would not be able to see that something was wrong! Under Xie Zhen's repeated questioning, she finally explained the situation to him. She mentioned that when Xie Rong went to the general's estate to look for her brother Gu Yi, and that when Gu Yi was called to the front hall, the princess saw him and her alone together. Yao An must have misunderstood, because when I went out to explain later, she wouldn't listen. A few days later, I heard Father talking about the emperor granting the marriage, and for this reason, I even caused Big Brother Xie to be caned … I'm really sorry. " So that's how it was! Xie Zhen finally understood the ins and outs of what had happened. She was just saying why Yan Yao'an suddenly couldn't hold it in anymore. Things had already been going on for a long time, and the injury on Xie Rong's back had long healed. The Emperor Yuan Hui did not make things difficult for him on the road to become a official, and now that everything was going smoothly, he had risen two ranks consecutively in the army and had already become a doctor. My big brother is strong and robust, he can withstand beatings … "Don't be guilty." Gu Ruyi nodded her head, thinking that he should not feel bad, he decided to let Gu Yi go to Duke Dingguo's Mansion to walk around after he returned home, with a few apologies. Although it was a bit late, it was better than nothing. palace maidservant carried a few plates of dim sum, Xie Zhen picked up a piece of Red Lotus Blossom Bean Cake, took a bite, and drank it all down with the oily tea. She ate while looking at the Empress Wang and Princess in the pavilion, "Then you and Princess He Yi … Do you still have any friends? " Gu Ruyi laughed bitterly and shook her head, feeling rather helpless, "I have come to the palace a few times to seek an audience, but I was always rejected by Yao An outside the door." It was unknown if Yan Yao'an was feeling guilty in her heart, or if she was determined not to interact with them. Xie Zhen shrugged her shoulders, appearing to be very open-minded. "She doesn't believe you just because of a scene, and has cut all ties with you. There are still Ah Xun and I here. If you have nothing else to do, you can come find us and have a heart to heart talk. " Xie Xun finished a piece of Red Bean Filling Mountain Medicinal Cake, and licked the filling on her thumb. Hearing her, she turned her head and looked over, "There's also Sister Zhong Rou!" Gu Ruyi laughed, they had made her mood much better, "Then I will go look for you, don't be annoyed with me." Xie Xun blinked her eyes, "No way." Xie Xun had become more lively recently, but she had become more likeable. The girls were chatting and laughing with each other, and because of their beautiful appearances, the girls in the hall were not as outstanding as them, attracting many gazes. Yan Yao'an sat on the warm pavilion, looking out through the crystal curtain, only to see Xie Zhen tilting her head and conversing with Gu Ruyi, she could not hear what they had said, all three of their eyes were curved, and they seemed to be having a pleasant conversation. She pursed her lips and snorted. Because there were many officials present today, as well as many women, the Emperor Yuan Hui ordered for the palace to be set up on the stage outside the Palace Linde. The stage was about half a person tall, it took up a lot of space, with columns surrounding the area, with carvings of water dragon patterns on the pillar, the Palace Linde at the back of the stage was imposing and majestic. A total of 180 tables had been set up, and almost all the officials of the court were present. Xie Zhen and Empress Wang were seated at the same table. She was seated on the right side of the empress, while Crown Princess was seated on the left side of the empress. Not far from the table was Emperor Yuan Hui, Yan Yu and the others. Because it was night, with the bright palace lamps and the bright lanterns, Xie Zhen could immediately see Yan Yu on the other side when she raised her head. He was continuously toasted by the ministers of the court. Since he could not refuse, he drank one cup after another. His cold and clear phoenix eyes were fixed on her, unmoving, as if he was drinking the plum tea in her hand instead of the strong wine. Xie Zhen stuck out her tongue, turned her head and responded to Empress Wang, not looking at him anymore. Halfway through the banquet, Emperor Yuan Hui suddenly indicated for everyone to be quiet. Emperor Yuan Hui's health was not good recently, but today he forcefully mustered his strength and spirit to attend the birthday feast. It was obvious that his eyes were a circle of green. For Da Jing to have today's peace, it must be due to the contributions of the crown prince and the An Wang. " The officials all agreed and congratulated Yan Yu and Yan Tao one after another. The Emperor Yuan Hui bestowed the two of them with a lot of things, and ordered the crown prince to become the supervisor of the country, increasing Yan Yu's position in the army. The people who were heading to the Orchid Tomb together this time were all at least ranked up by two levels. Zhong Shang replaced Xie Rong's previous position, becoming the Foreign Minister of the War Department, plotting something in the same place as Xie Rong. As for the martyrs that had died in battle, Emperor Yuan Hui ordered the General of Agile Cavalry to pacify their families and did his best to compensate them so that he wouldn't mistreat them. Zhong Kai said. "Yes." After all the rewards and punishments were distributed, Emperor Yuan Hui's gaze once again fell on Yan Yu's head. Yan Yu nodded, "After the new year, I will be eighteen." Emperor Yuan Hui said earnestly and sincerely, "When we were at your age, even your second brother had …" The meaning of these words was extremely clear. Yan Yu frowned, but just as he was about to speak, he interrupted him: "I heard that your An Wang’s Mansion is very cold, you don't have many master steward. It just so happens that the granddaughter of the Chen University is fifteen years old, and it just so happens to be Fang Hua. Great Scholar Chen Teng was a Grand Scholar with a huge beard and five grandchildren. Four of them were married already, and the Emperor Yuan Hui was referring to the youngest, Chen Yingxue. Chen Yingxue sat on the right side of Xie Zhen, separated by four or five people.
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