[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] biquge.info for you to read. The instant the Demon Subduing Slaughtering Formation opened, Wu Chen, who was meditating before the Cloud Rainbow Immortal Bridge, suddenly opened his eyes. Just as Ye Wu Chen opened his eyes, the other three bright guards felt a chill in their hearts. All of them turned to look at an extremely distant place. There were numerous thick burning pillars of light that shot into the sky, illuminating the entire heaven and earth. They suffused the air with a terrifying might that caused one's heart to palpitate. "What a terrifying array!" "This formation's power is enough to trap a Golden Immortals!" "It can't be that senior brother Gao Lin is …" Everyone was alarmed as a bad premonition emerged uncontrollably in their hearts. Lu Chen was silent for a long time when he saw this. Finally, he slowly closed his eyes and said, "Gao Lin and the others won't be able to come back." Her voice was indifferent, as calm as usual, but the other three could feel a trace of indistinct anger from it. "Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen, if we go to save them right now, we should be able to make it in time." A bright guard said. "Oh? Which one of you three have the ability to break that formation? " 6. Wu Chen closed his eyes and said coolly. The three of them looked at each other with hesitant expressions. Indeed, they did not have the confidence to break the formation. One of them said in a low voice, "But senior apprentice brother Wu Chen, you can do it." Lu Chen asked, "What if I leave and my target takes the chance to escape?" Only now did the other people understand Lu Chen's intentions. They were all secretly surprised. Surround Wei and save Zhao? Luring a tiger out of its lair? If it was really like this, then Chen Xi's scheming was really deep and meticulous! A few days ago, Jiang Ning and Junior Brother Yue Zhen fell. Just a moment ago, Zhao Ding and Qiu Yan were also harmed by the enemy. Now, Junior Brother Gao Lin and the rest of them are trapped in the formation. A bright guard seemed to remember something as he frowned gloomily, "Isn't he in the Heavenly Immortal Stage? "How is it possible to do this?" His voice already carried a trace of unshakeable bewilderment. The other two also felt the same way. Even though they didn't want to admit it, the reality in front of them proved that their goal this time was difficult to deal with. The atmosphere was a little heavy, and only the sound of the windstorm surrounding the Cloud-Light Immortal Bridge was heard, as if it was crying. Wu Chen suddenly opened his mouth, breaking the silence. "When we first started, I already told you not to underestimate this mission. What is happening before your eyes only proves that what I said was correct." The others were stunned, not knowing what to say. Lu Chen saw that they had not understood what was going on, and sighed, "From the moment we established our Kong Ming Guards, we have been training in seclusion in the clan, using all sorts of cruel trials to train ourselves. Normally, Young Noble will not disturb us." After pausing for a moment, he continued, "But now, in order to deal with a Heavenly Immortal expert, the Young Master has sent twelve of us. Haven't you noticed Young Master's intentions?" One of them said in astonishment, "Could it be that Young Master has known since long ago that Chen Xi is extremely difficult to deal with?" The other person muttered, "I thought that Young Master sent us here just to be sure. Now that I think about it, we seem to have underestimated our opponents …" Lu Chen calmly replied, "We didn't do anything wrong. This threat only shows that the target is harder to deal with than Young Master had expected." After saying all that, his voice suddenly became low and cold, "But no matter what, since the Young Master has entrusted the mission to us, we must complete it this time! Even if it's death! " The other three were shocked. Their expressions became serious as they said solemnly, "Senior Brother Lu Wu Chen, don't worry. We will do our best!" Kacha kacha … At that moment, a faint cracking sound could be heard from Wu Chen's body. It was as if he had expected it. With an indifferent expression, he said, "Junior brother Gao Lin's Fate Soul Stele is about to completely shatter …" … …. … …. Within the Demon Slaughtering Formation. Gao Lin, who had been sitting cross-legged the entire time, using all of his strength to investigate the mystery of the great array, suddenly froze. Traces of blood gushed out of his strange double pupil. With a 'pa' sound, it exploded! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Incomparable pain spread throughout his body. This bit of pain was nothing, but the destruction of his dual-pupil caused Gao Lin to be unable to restrain himself from letting out a shrill scream. All of his knowledge had fallen into the "dual-pupiled eye". Now that it had been destroyed, it was as if his cultivation had been crippled. This kind of incomparable heavy blow made it hard for him to remain calm. "Senior brother Gao Lin!" "Damn it, how did this happen?" When the three Mighty Heavenly Guards, who were fighting with all their might against the sword Qis from all directions, saw this, they were all shocked. When they saw Gao Lin's dual-pupiled eye being destroyed, they could not help but pinch their hearts in extreme rage. "Damn it!" That bastard had actually set up a talisman diagram within the formation that contains the meaning of 'Limitless'. The formation has undergone endless changes, causing me to sink deeper and deeper into the formation. Gao Lin's eyes were bloodshot and his face was ghastly pale, his voice tinged with fear. Everlasting! This was the highest and most mysterious inheritance of the Immortal World! Could it be … The descendant of Divine Yan Mountain? Gao Lin was overwhelmed with shock and his mind was about to fall into disarray. The reason why he was the one who'd set up the formation and not Chen Xi was because Gao Lin simply didn't believe that the target this time had any relationship with the God Transforming Mountain. "Limitless... This, this is impossible right? " "That is the Divine Transformation Mountain …" "Could it be that the Divine Yan Mountain is helping their target …" The other three were also greatly shocked. They had grown up in the Zuo Qiu Family, so they were naturally incomparably clear about the dangers of the Immortal World. How could they not be clear about the existence of all sorts of supreme mysteries? Now that Gao Lin had said the words' Limitless', it immediately caused them to think of the most mysterious and supreme legacy territory in the Three Realms. One could imagine how shocked they were. Shua shua shua! Right at this moment, the sword Qis coming from all directions became more majestic and dense, like tens of thousands of huge waves surging forward, yet also like a magnificent army with thousands of horses charging over. This attack was even more terrifying than before! "This is bad!" If this goes on, we will all die without a doubt! " "Senior brother Gao Lin, we must make a decision!" "Yes!" "The three of us will fight to the death and break a path for ourselves. I ask senior brother Gao Lin, no matter what, to pass the news of this matter on to senior 6 Dust!" The three Kong Ming Guards felt the incomparable pressure and immediately roared out in anger. They all turned to look at Gao Lin with resolute expressions. "You all..." Gao Lin opened his mouth. "Then it's decided!" One of them clenched his teeth and roared. After which, he looked at the other two and could see the other party's determination. In the next moment, an incomparably terrifying aura fluctuation suddenly emerged from the bodies of the three people. It was as if they were volcanoes that were about to explode one after another. "Don't —!" Gao Lin bellowed. However, before his voice could fade away, a heaven shaking explosion resounded in his ears. An incomparably terrifying stream of air exploded outwards like a howling hurricane. Bang! Bang! Bang! The entire Demon Subduing Slaughtering Formation shook at a great distance, producing sonic booms as it shattered, before completely disappearing with a loud bang. It was a total of three peak Xuan Immortal experts exploding themselves. Not only did the shockwaves from the explosion not break through the Demon Subduing Slaughtering Formation, it even spread in all directions, pulverizing the mountains, numbers, and living creatures within a ten thousand kilometer radius, turning them into a land of death. As for Gao Lin's figure, he was swept away by an invisible force and sent flying thousands of miles away. He knew that this was the last thing his three junior brothers would do for him before they died. "Damn it!" Gao Lin dropped to the ground, roaring angrily towards the sky. His voice was filled with endless grief and indignation that reverberated in all directions. As talents nurtured by the Zuo family, as members of the Kong Ming Guards, they had cultivated the best techniques in the Immortal World since childhood and had consumed the best immortal medicine, so they also received the cruelest of training. They were deadly weapons. They were sharp blades that were grasped in the empty hands of one of the six blazing suns, George. He had kept them in his divine treasure box all this time and had never had the chance to drink the enemy's blood to their heart's content. But now, they had lost so many of their comrades in their first mission. How could Gao Lin, who had always been proud of the Zuo family and was proud of being a member of the Kong Ming army, accept this? "Don't worry junior brothers, I, Gao Lin, will return today's grudge to the enemy a hundredfold!" Gao Lin panted as he enunciated word by word, gnashing his teeth. "Unfortunately, you won't be able to do it." At this moment, a faint voice entered Gao Lin's ears, causing him to suddenly stand up and turn his head. Although he couldn't see with his eyes, Gao Lin still had an immortal consciousness, and in an instant, a tall figure appeared within his immortal consciousness. It was precisely their target this time, Chen Xi! Seeing this, Gao Lin turned around and fled without hesitation. He appeared to be extremely decisive and did not hesitate at all. Unfortunately, when he turned around, he discovered that his escape route had been sealed off by that fierce coldness. Seeing this, his heart immediately sank, and his heart became numb. "Your companions have yet to come to rescue you. They are obviously here to guard the Cloud Light Immortal Bridge and are worried that I will take this opportunity to leave. In other words, the current you is completely alone and without any help." Chen Xi said indifferently. He was slightly surprised in his heart as well, as he never imagined that this person was actually so ruthless. To self-destruct just because he said so, he was simply like a group of freaks that didn't know life and death. "Hmph, do you think that just by killing me, you can make it to the Dao Emperor Academy? "Dream on..." As Gao Lin spoke, his right hand clenched soundlessly. "Attack!" Chen Xi had already brazenly moved out without waiting for the youth to finish speaking, and at the same time, Fiery Ice leaped up as well, slapping his palm towards Gao Lin's head. This blow had come so suddenly that Gao Lin had not expected it at all! In addition, his dual-pupiled eye had been crippled, so even if his cultivation had been crippled, he wouldn't have been able to react in time. Bang! With a dull thud, Gao Lin's head was smashed to pieces by Fiery Ice's palm, blood spurting out. Whereas Chen Xi instead extended his hand and shot out a "Great Confinement Technique," directly trapping that extremely valuable right hand!
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