Stunning Edge - C289

"Isn't it? Young Master, you have to choose one. I have also seen how much Young Master Leng and Young Master Feng have done for you. But Young Master, what about you to them? " Jean looked deeply at Qi Ao Shuang, and slowly said these words in a low voice. It was so low that only the two of them could hear it. Jonathan and Ditans followed from afar, and did not immediately catch up. Yes, these two people gave their all to Miss, Miss must like one of them, right? The Miss should respond to their wishes. However, Jean had never thought about it, nor did he have any intention to receive a response from Qi Ao Shuang. She had never thought of what Qi Ao Shuang would reward her with. Qi Ao Shuang stood in place, raised her head to look at the sky, and suddenly revealed a shallow smile. "Jean, I've already made the choice." "Huh?" Jean was stunned, he stood in place and looked at the smiling Qi Ao Shuang, and for a moment, he did not know what to think. "Let's go, Jean." Qi Ao Shuang smiled faintly and did not continue. Jean came back to reality and followed her silently. The young mistress' choice was his choice … No matter what choice the Miss chose, he had no objections. The two of them walked forward, and Jonathan and Ditans slowly caught up. "Um, Qi Ao Shuang, I didn't mean to say that, I didn't mean that either..." Jonathan caught up and said awkwardly. "I don't mind that. Let's go. Is there anything else today? " Qi Ao Shuang turned his head to look at the somewhat apprehensive Jonathan and asked with a bland smile. "It's basically fine. It was the same with the Cauldron Gathering of the Four Cities. "After it's over, we can go back to school. It'll be so boring." Jonathan said, bored out of his mind. "This time, it should be the Heavenly Treasures City's champion." Ditans's emotionless voice floated over. "Tsk, if you participate in the Treasure Heaven City competition, would you get first place?" Jonathan curled his lips and said. "There's no need." Ditans spat out. "I really don't understand you. That brother-in-law of yours has begged you a few times already, but you've always refused. In any case, he's your brother-in-law. " Jonathan muttered. He clearly could not understand what Ditans was thinking at all. Ditans's face was cold and detached, and did not continue speaking with Jonathan's words. After Qi Ao Shuang heard these words, he understood clearly in his heart. Ditans was indeed a heartless person, and was also a dangerous person … The group returned to their residence. The moment they entered the door, they were greeted by a group of people. More than one. "Master Ditans." "Young Master." Two people with dignified clothing welcomed Jonathan and Ditans respectively. "What are you doing here? Didn't this old man say that he won't bother about me recently? " Jonathan said to the person in front of him with a frown. "Young master, this time, the lord has something to discuss with you. This is the lord's letter to you." The person respectfully took out a letter and handed it over to Jonathan. Jonathan suspiciously looked at the person in front of him, and then looked at the letter in his hands, and finally received it and quickly opened it up. Ditans took the letter and read it. The person who delivered the letter was Ditans's sister. Qi Ao Shuang nodded and followed Jean inside. "Impossible!" "Don't try to trick me." Suddenly, as Qi Ao Shuang had just taken a few steps forward, he heard Jonathan's excited voice that sounded as if his tail had been stepped on. "Go back and tell my sister that I won't think about it." In the next moment, Ditans's cold voice faintly came over. Qi Ao Shuang puzzledly turned his head around, and saw Jonathan's excited and furious look, as well as Ditans's cold and indifferent expression. "What does the recruitment of Bethany have to do with me? "I'm not interested. Go, go, go back and tell the old man that I'm not interested. In the future, don't bother me with this sort of thing." Jonathan impatiently waved his hand to chase away the person before him who wanted to say something, then walked towards Qi Ao Shuang while breathing out cold air through his nose. Ditans silently followed behind, leaving the two who came to deliver the letter to each other. Bethany Groom? Qi Ao Shuang was startled. Suddenly, she remembered that Bethany was the daughter of the city governor of Jadeite City. It wasn't strange for them to be able to recruit members for the ceremony, so it was normal for them to try to win over more members. Bethany, however, was Weinns's sweetheart. It would be fine if Bethany had no feelings for Wynes, but the two of them loved each other. Just based on this, Qi Ao Shuang wouldn't agree to Bethany marrying someone else. "When is the engagement ceremony? "Where is it?" Qi Ao Shuang looked at the furious Jonathan and asked. "You want to go?" Don't go, the character of that Besefini girl isn't suitable for you. " Jonathan thought that Qi Ao Shuang was interested in Bethany and immediately advised, "That girl is too stubborn, you won't be able to handle her." "Qi Ao Shuang?" Ditans also walked over and asked with a low and deep voice. "No, I'm not interested in her. It's my roommate, Wynes. " Qi Ao Shuang thought about it, then decided to speak the truth. Jonathan was someone who could be trusted, but Ditans wouldn't be so bored to meddle in this matter. "Oh. "This way ~ ~" Jonathan rubbed his chin as he thought. Hearing that, Ditans did not say anymore. "Who's Wynes? Is he the illegitimate son of the previous city lord of Nine Heavens City?" Suddenly, Jonathan lowered his voice and asked. Qi Ao Shuang raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked at Jonathan without saying a word. "Don't look at me like that, I don't even know this much." Jonathan said smugly. "Yes, so …" Qi Ao Shuang frowned slightly. "Hehe, come, I'm interested in this kind of thing. "I've succeeded in getting rid of my own people." Jonathan smiled and waved at Qi Ao Shuang, "Come, let's talk in detail." Ditans glanced at Jonathan, but did not say a word, and turned back to his own room. "Even if the sky falls, he would not care. I really don't know what he cares about." Jonathan looked at Ditans's back and shrugged helplessly, "Maybe the one I care about is myself? Isn't such a person lonely? " "He is very afraid of loneliness." Suddenly, Jean indifferently said these words. "What?" Jonathan looked at Jean with widened eyes but Jean had a calm expression, as if the words just now were not from him. How do you know he's afraid of loneliness? " But Jean did not say anything, he just stood quietly behind Qi Ao Shuang. Jonathan pursed his lips, looking at Jean at the side, he did not understand why Jean would suddenly say such a thing. "Jonathan, do you have a way to deal with Bethany?" Qi Ao Shuang said. "Nope." Jonathan's face turned serious. Qi Ao Shuang pursed his lips and was about to say something, when he laughed: "Right now, there is no other way. Let's go, I have long disliked the current Nine Heavens City Lord. " However, a trace of worry surfaced in Qi Ao Shuang's heart. The current Master of Nine Heavens City was Ditans's brother-in-law in name. Would there be any trouble in dealing with this matter? Jonathan hugged Qi Ao Shuang's shoulders, and dragged him into his own room. Jean's burning gaze naturally stopped on Jonathan's hands again. Out of the corner of his eyes, Jonathan saw Jean's fiery gaze. Why were the eyes of this servant like this? After entering Jonathan's room, Jonathan sat casually at the side. After the door was closed, Jonathan casually threw out a barrier and looked at Qi Ao Shuang with a smile: "Qi Ao Shuang, why do you want to help Wei Ans?" "He's my friend." Qi Ao Shuang sat down and said indifferently. "Am I your friend?" Jonathan suddenly retracted his smile and asked. Qi Ao Shuang nodded. Jonathan smiled at Qi Ao Shuang. It was all in words. "Alright, then I'll help you with that. Actually, it was very simple. He could just kill the current city lord of Nine Heavens City. The Old City Lord's men will support Wynes. When the time comes, marrying Bethany will be much simpler. " Jonathan's words were exceptionally simple and straightforward. Qi Ao Shuang was startled, then slightly frowned: "How is the City Lord's strength?" "Tsk, I can cut him like a watermelon. He's a f * * k! " Jonathan coldly snorted, "Killing him is also good, our family has long had a grudge with him." Qi Ao Shuang went silent, and thought about Ditans's little nephew, who was also the son of the City Lord of Nine Heavens City. His parents must have been responsible for his character at such a young age. His mother had spoiled him, so what about his father? From this, it seemed that the City Lord was not a person of good character. "He is Ditans's brother-in-law …" Qi Ao Shuang faintly said. "Just don't let Ditans know. When he finds out that we killed the mayor, he won't care. Because they were already dead, there was no way they could be resurrected. He was someone who could calculate anything. In his heart, everything had a price. You and he have a far greater friendship than a dead man. " Jonathan had studied with Ditans for many years, so she understood his personality very well. Although Qi Ao Shuang understood what Jonathan meant, his heart was still chilled. Ditans, Ditans, he is such a person … "So, let me help you get rid of that idiot City Lord." "Heh heh …" Jonathan said casually, but a cold, bloodthirsty glint flashed past his eyes. Qi Ao Shuang was startled, and yet a little dazed. Kill the city lord of Nine Heavens City? You really want to do this? "That idiot City Lord is actually very perverted. He has a way to secretly kill him." Jonathan laughed. "Huh?" Qi Ao Shuang was a little doubtful. "Our family's information is the fastest and most accurate in this world. We all know the color of Jade City Lord's underwear. Not to mention the fact that the city lord of Nine Heavens City was a decent man, but he was actually a pervert. The woman he loves happens to have a good relationship with my family. " Jonathan said as he shook his head. It was only then that Qi Ao Shuang found out that Jonathan's family actually did this. "I'm only responsible for helping you get rid of him. As for the rest, you can do it yourself. including helping your friend get the seat of the city lord. " Jonathan frowned, "I hate troublesome matters. You know, if this man knew Wynes's current strength, he would have killed him. "It would be better if you struck first." Was it better to make the first move? Qi Ao Shuang started to ponder.
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