An Lai suddenly had an illusion. He seemed to see an incomparably huge warrior in the distance. Even if all the powers in the world were to gather together, it would still be impossible to overthrow him. Therefore, this giant was extremely confident. He was sure that no one could threaten his position. However, one day, without any forewarning, the giant fell. No one attacked him, no one wanted to surpass him. He just suddenly fell down. Perhaps only the giant himself knew why he had fallen. He was not old, nor was he ill, and he still looked strong. Anti shook his head and told himself not to think anymore. Would it be possible for Da Xi to fall? I'm afraid not. It was a country that had a foundation that was even more stable than the Cang Man Mountain. Unless a natural disaster that destroyed the world occurred, it was impossible for a monster like Da Xi to fall. From the bottom of his heart, He Wei really didn't want Da Xi to fall. It was because of the fall of Da Xi. Wasn't the one who died an ordinary citizen? He had the ability to make things difficult for himself. Even if he truly became a traitor, with his exceptional cultivation, he could still easily make a comeback. Besides, it was because of his exceptional cultivation base that it was impossible for him to turn his back on his loved ones. But in the end, he still chose to stay. It was impossible for him to save Da Xi, but he had to try his best to save those people from the Ming Fa Si. They were not flags, and they were not abandoned. They were living people. Having emerged from the Mustard Space, he decided to have a serious chat with Qi Tian and Chen Shaobai. "Two things." Anti said, "First, I want you to do me a favor. It had been a long time since he went back to Yan Country. He didn't know how Lil 'Liu and co. had used it, nor did he know what had happened to Xiao Qi Dao. Help me go back and take a look at their situation. If they need help, you can stay behind to help them. " "The second item, I want to keep." Chen Shaobai was stunned. "Are you f * cking an idiot?" Anshi nodded his head. "I guess so." Chen Shaobai instantly choked, he didn't know what to say. Qi Tian patted Chen Shaobai on the shoulder, "I knew he wouldn't leave, those people from Ming Fa Si are his old subordinates, he can't just watch as those old subordinates of his die." Chen Shaobai said, "But this is something that you can't do anything about. With your cultivation level …" No, no, no, don't say it's yours. Even if we include Qi Tian and I, what can the three of us do? As far as I know, among the Great Xi's Templar Generals in the Immortal palace, excluding the Gu Jiuxi who met you before, there are at least two more. One was the Left Sword Hall, the other was Su Su. For these two, not to mention the three of us combined, even if there were thirty of us combined, we wouldn't be a match for them. " "I'll go see them and ask them to leave the immortal palace. I don't want anything to do with Da Xi anymore." Chen Shaobai said, "You are such a fucking idiot. Would those people from the Ming Fas believe you? Will they listen to you? " "We have to give it a try." Qi Tian stopped Chen Shaobai, who still wanted to say something, "I think that's the way it is. Since he just wants to go and persuade those people from the Ming Fa Empire, then let him go. In any case, if it's just persuading people, it won't take long. You and I will go. After persuading them to leave immediately, they shouldn't even wait a second longer. " Qi Tian turned around and looked at An Zheng. "If I hadn't been so willful back then, that monk might not have died." "I understand, so the two of you just wait for me there." Anxious, he pointed to the front. In front of them was an enormous sculpture that was at least a thousand meters tall. The sculpture looked extremely majestic. It was so huge, yet there was not the slightest bit of perfunctory detail in it. It truly was not easy to carve. Qi Tian wanted to say something, but An Tan shook his head, "I don't know the story between you and that monk, but I do know that if you go with me, I might implicate you. So wait for me at the statue. I'll be back soon. That's right, I felt a little cocky the last time I saw this sculpture. Which one was this Blue Lotus Xuanyuan Zi? " "Violet Moonflower." Qi Tian replied, "He carved it himself." Security debate was stunned: "Self... You gave yourself a statue? " Qi Tian said, "Zi Luo is a madman. She is unrestrained and unrestrained. One day he suddenly remembered something, and suddenly sat up on the throne in the great hall, sleeping and sleeping, and said that my current status should be very, very high. His subordinates looked confused, but they still had to answer truthfully. That's right, it must be very high. In this world, there are only a few people who could be on par with you. Violet says, "Well, I'll have to make myself a statue." "And then he did it. No one was going to get involved." Qi Tian said with a strange expression, "And this is not the end. He took seven years to finish making this statue. If I think about it, I might go and carve for half a year. On the day he was finished, he kowtowed to his statue and said that he thanked you for all your efforts. " It was like a joke, but suddenly there was respect. Chen Shaobai said, "Wait until I'm awesome, I'll do the same." Anti patted them on the shoulder and said, "Wait for me. Later, let's call Skinny Du and find a mountain that no one has been to and carve half of it into our appearance. There must be a mahjong table in the middle. " Qi Tian: "…" Anti: "Let's go, wait for me to come back!" After he had finished speaking, he rushed in the direction he came from and disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye. Chen Shaobai looked in the direction of the disappearance of the dispute. After a moment of silence, he asked, "Are we really just going to wait for him like this?" Qi Tian: "Isn't your umbrella still with you?" Chen Shaobai laughed, "No wonder people describe a person as smart, they say monkey spirit." Qi Tian said, "Scram …" As he sped along, his mind was filled with thoughts of how he was supposed to appear in front of the people from the Ming Fas. If he rushed over and told them to leave, who would listen to him? This was truly a headache. Not long ago, when the Ghost King went down the mountain, he used Divine Lightning Heavenly Stance. However, it was still very different from the Divine Lightning Heavenly Stance from before. At that time, the people present, such as Gu Jiuxi, might have had their suspicions, but those who weren't present might not have believed it. In order to not expose himself, An Tan wore the mask Zhong Jiuge had given him back then. He was still young, but more handsome and less masculine. He asked around and found the temporary residences of the Ming Fa Si's people. He planned to check out the surroundings first. It was a huge abandoned house, and it took up a huge amount of space. Most of the houses had collapsed, and not many could live here. This place was controlled by Da Xi, so no one from the Buddhist Kingdom could be seen. However, due to Da Xi's control, people might not trust each other, and they might not be united. This was because in this large area, there were still hundreds of cultivators from small countries. An Tan found a nearby place to sit down and condescendingly looked down at the large mansion. Not too long after, a loud noise could be heard from the distance as a troop of elite riders with at least a thousand elite riders approached. The riders were mounted on demonic beasts that were much faster than war horses. With a single glance, An Tan could tell that this troop was from the Flying Leopard Army, one of the three cavalry of the Great Xixi Tiger and Leopard Wolf. The scale of Da Xi's army was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Among them, the ones with the strongest fighting strength were the elites under the command of the Temple Generals, the tigers, leopards, and wolves, as well as the bears, among the infantry. These six armies did not belong to any of the Templar Generals. They were the elites of the permanent army of the Great Western Kingdom. The generals that led these armies were not fixed ones, but were personally appointed by the Sacred Emperor. These six armies were more than enough to sweep through the surrounding hundred small countries. The flying panther army was the fastest among all the tigers and leopards, and the beasts they were riding on were all four-winged Thunder Leopards. If they were to go all out, it would take at most a month from the immortal palace to the Great Xixi Golden Tomb City. From the looks of it, they were at least a cavalry unit of the Charging Battalion, numbering around 1200 people. After the cavalry soldiers had arrived, they quickly surrounded the courtyard. All the weapons with immense destructive power were also prepared. Clearly, they were not here for a conversation, but for a massacre. An Tan's expression changed. He stood up from a high vantage point and rushed over. Who would have thought that Chen Zhong Hu had completely given up on his pride and did not hide anything at all. He actually ordered the Da Xi's most elite army to attack the Ming Fa division's people. It was very clear how terrifying the army, especially the elite forces of the Da Xi Empire, was. The strength of individual cultivators was much higher than those cavalry soldiers. Once they fought, they would be minced into meat paste in the blink of an eye by the cavalry soldiers. However, there was no other choice in the dispute. All he could think about was whether he could save one or the other. At this moment, Ming Fa Si's men all rushed out and gathered in the courtyard before quickly setting up their defenses. Clearly, they were prepared as well. Everyone was moving very quickly. "The men of the Prophet are at his command." As he was rushing down the stairs, An Tan heard a loud voice say, "Your Majesty's dictum is that the people of Ming Fa have rendered meritorious services, but those meritorious services have not been enough. It's a heinous crime for you to surround the prison van in Jinling and try to rebel. Considering that you were loyal to Da Xi in the past and did some things for your people, I'll give you a decent death. "If we don't kill you in the Great Xixi, after you all die, we will announce it to the world, saying that you all died in battle in the immortal palace in order to protect the Great Xixi …" He could no longer bear to continue listening to the rest of his words. His body was trembling from anger. However, just as he was about to rush over, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of him and drew a circle. There was no time for An Tan to react. He heavily crashed into that circle, and his body was stretched taut. His four limbs were all bound tightly by an invisible force. The masked guy appeared in front of An Tan, his eyes narrowed, "I expected you to come, but I didn't expect you to be so stupid after dying once. The people of the Ming Fas add up to less weight than you, so you did not come to accompany them in death, but they came to accompany you in death. Since they were going to accompany him in death, then no matter what, they should at least be accompanied in death to some extent. Therefore … I thought of a game. " With a wave of his hand, that circle bound An Tan and flew away, heading towards a tall tower in the distance. "I'll give you all a bloody chance to meet each other. After that, you'll all embrace each other and die with tears in your eyes. Truly touching." The masked man laughed, his voice was as unpleasant as an owl's cry. "I saw that your deaths were worth it."
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