Anti looked at this Temple General in front of him who could be considered an acquaintance, but had almost never come into contact with him before. In his memory, Gu Jiuxi was a very confident and respectable woman. Her story in Da Xi was an inspiring legend that could move many people. "General." "I am no longer the head of the Great Western Region's Manfa Division, and I am no longer a competitor. General, there is no need for you to be so courteous." Gu Jiuxi shook her head: "The world is ignorant, and people are like clouds. The court sent a notice, and 99% of the people in the world believed that you were a traitor. The remaining 10% are the ones who understand you, Sir. If I were to say that in the face of life and death, the two people who would never betray the Great Xi and the Sacred Emperor would be the Sacred Emperor himself. The one who will be ranked second will be you. " Anxious shook his head, "Didn't I already leave Da Xi? That's why there's no absolute in this world." Gu Jiuxi: "There's absolute …" "Even after you leave Da Xi, you still won't betray her." Security dispute: "Yes." Gu Jiuxi slightly frowned: "Why?" "Perhaps the term 'betrayal' isn't accurate. It's just that the current me no longer has any ties with Da Xi." Gu Jiuxi suddenly understood: "Understood, if it was me, I'm afraid it would be even more intense than you." Thinking about it, if I were to devote half my life to Da Xi, I would have paid all of my money. However, in the end, I was plotted to death by a traitor, and Da Xi even announced to the world that I was betraying the country … Not to mention the country, even if my own mother treated me like this, I would not go back. " "So, why did you come to see me?" Gu Jiuxi: "I originally wanted to advise you to go back, but now I don't want to. He had to change his position and think about everything, put himself in another position. After thinking about it, he would switch to his own body and ask if he could do it. If you can't even do it yourself, then you don't need to force others to do it. " This was the first time that they had met face to face with Gu Jiuxi. Initially, he had some respect for Gu Jiuxi, but after their conversation, he realized that this was truly a rare woman with a calm heart. In the whole world, this kind of woman was extremely rare. In the entire world, such a man was as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns. Gu Jiuxi asked: "Master, what is your next plan?" Anxious: "Traveling around the world, doing what you wanted to do but could not do." Gu Jiuxi stayed silent for a while before saying, "Actually, I came here secretly to the immortal palace. "Originally, I wanted to find out who that man Ouyang Duo is and help me investigate a case. But now that I've met him, I have a presumptuous request. Could you please help me analyze one matter?" Anxious nodded his head, "Go ahead." Gu Jiuxi briefly recounted the matter of Chen Wuxiang's attack, then recounted some of her own speculations. This included Prince Chen Zhong, the Templar that had just been established less than two years ago, and the Mage's Division that was already weaker than before. Hearing that, An Zheng's face changed as he frowned, "The Saint King was assassinated? No matter how you looked at it, it sounded like a joke … But when we think about it more carefully, it's no longer a joke. " Gu Jiuxi quickly asked: "Did sire think of something?" "It's impossible for you to not think of such a simple matter. You just don't dare to admit it, right?" Gu Jiuxi stayed silent for a while before letting out a long sigh of relief, "Right now, this matter has already spread far and wide in Da Xi. In just a few dozen days, almost everyone in Da Xi has heard about the attack on the Saint King. Everyone was furious and wanted to know who the mastermind was. The citizens wouldn't think that the assassination itself isn't logical … " "I was wondering why he gave it to you." Gu Jiuxi shook her head: "I don't know either." A terrible thought appeared in the mind of the dispute, but there was no evidence. It was just speculation, so it was hard for him to say it out loud. Imagine... The Great Western Holy Emperor had made a huge move this time. Even though his own son, Chen Chonglou, was the one who made the breakthrough, the ones that suffered the greatest losses were still those large clans. They were speculating that once Chen Wu-Nuo took action, at least a third of the people in the Holy Court would be eliminated. Almost a third of the main families of the Great Xiaxi city would be implicated as well. Once Chen Zhong was convicted of conspiring against him, none of his accomplices would be able to escape. Their entire family would be exterminated. When that time came, would the remaining two-thirds be completely cleaned? Everyone felt threatened. No matter how confident Chen Wu-Nuo was, he still wouldn't dare to completely replace the blood of the people from the Holy Court. A third of the people here had already reached their limit. If more than half of them were to arrive, the great Xi Empire would surely fall into chaos. Chen Wu-er wanted to replace one-third of his family and people, how could he pacify the remaining two-thirds? These big families were all tangled up with each other, and there was basically nothing that they didn't link up with. Thus, Chen Wannuo had to make himself look like the one who had suffered the most. There were three bottom lines that he could not touch. Firstly, it was his position as the Saint King, secondly, it was his woman, and thirdly, it was the poor house of that great world. Since the position of the Sacred Emperor couldn't be touched, then since the road to the end of the world was a secret, the only person who could move against it would be his own woman. But was it possible for Chen Wu Nuo to implicate the eldest grandson in this matter? Impossible. Giving this case to Gu Jiuxi was a conspiracy. When that time came, Chen Wuuo could openly tell those people that Gu Jiuxi had uncovered this case. In order to comfort the remaining people, Gu Jiuxi would inevitably become a sacrifice. I have already killed my own woman, what more do you want me to do? This was one of them. I have already killed my own women, this is the trust and respect I have for the rest of you! This was the second. He felt chills down his spine … Because he understood Chen Wu-Nuo, he knew that he could do such a thing. A person who had been sitting on the throne of the Sacred Emperor for a long time, for the sake of his ruling position, there was nothing he couldn't accomplish. The reason for the change in blood was to let the newcomers enter the Holy Court and always respect them. It was to give more people a chance. The remaining two-thirds was for the bigger picture. After the Blood Transformation was successful, it might be another hundred years or even hundreds of years before another great Blood Transformation occurred. A Saint King with an almost unlimited lifespan was just too terrifying. Anti looked at Gu Jiuxi and after being silent for a long time, he couldn't help but ask: "You … Have you considered leaving Da Xi? " Gu Jiuxi was slightly startled: "No." Anti said, "This matter is extremely dangerous to you. If you really have no intention of leaving Da Xi, then there is only one way …" At the very least, you can't be too light. Actually, you're smart enough to not need me to point out a lot of things, and once I do, your trust and faith might disappear, which is even more of a blow. "Moreover, you and him …" Anti words did not continue to say, but he made a gesture and said, "Thank you for coming to see me, and thank you for addressing me as the head of the table. "Go back, don't look for Ouyang Duo, and don't investigate this case again. The best way is to keep yourself out of this mess." Gu Jiuxi took a deep breath, stood up and cupped her fists: "Thank you lord for your guidance, but … I don't believe he would do that to me. " Anxious didn't say anything, but she did know. Anti shook his head and did not speak: "I am about to leave the immortal palace, that's all I can think of, say a few more words … And Ouyang Duo is not to be trusted. I suspect that he has some sort of close connection with Chen Zhong Hu. If you ask him to investigate a case, you might end up harming yourself. Chen Zhong Hu was not an idiot, he had already predicted that his father would treat him as a sacrifice. No one is willing to be a sacrifice, so they will fight back. " "But he is still a son, an official. The initial stage of his struggle isn't to hit the nail on the head and go straight to his father. Rather, it's you." Gu Jiuxi nodded: "Thanks, then I'll take my leave." "En!" He didn't say anything else. After Gu Jiuxi left the big mustard space, his whole body was actually floating, as if he had just been drained of energy. The sun in the sky was so bright and warm, but her heart was so cold. In truth, how could she not have thought of this herself? She wasn't an idiot, and there were many things she really didn't dare to face. She kept telling herself that the reason he wanted her to investigate this case was because he trusted her and valued her greatly. Gu Jiuxi took a deep breath, but it couldn't ease the clot in her chest. She turned around and saw that the ugly stone spirit and the young man who seemed to be infatuated with her had both left. For some reason, Gu Jiuxi suddenly felt that the whole world was gray, so she subconsciously looked around. Gray walls, grey trees and flowers, grey ground, grey sky. She looked down at herself, gray clothes, gray skin. As for the two people who were gradually leaving, they were colourful. Gu Jiuxi felt that she had lost something in that moment, but she didn't take that step forward. She turned around and walked in another direction. Inside the palace, a masked man dressed in a black robe walked to the side of the Left Sword Hall. It seems that Your Highness wants to play something big this time. " The Left Sword Hall's frown was as deep as a ravine, "I don't understand why His Highness made such a decision. We obviously haven't revealed anything yet. If it started off like this, wouldn't it be equivalent to admitting defeat? Who are our opponents? It was the Great Western Holy Emperor, the invincible person in this world. From the very beginning, Your Highness didn't want to overthrow the Holy Emperor, so why have you become so anxious now? " The masked guy seemed to smile, "You don't plan to overthrow the Sacred Emperor? Well, maybe so. The prince is an idealist. What he wants to create is a big environment. However, he was now a victim. Whether or not he was planning it, his father was already planning it. Do you know how not to sacrifice yourself? " Zuo Jiancai didn't say anything. The masked man said, "You can show off your strength for the Sacred Emperor to see. The victim can choose anyone, but not the prince. It was just to change the blood, why did he have to start from the prince? If the Sacred Emperor were to see just how much power the Prince had, he would naturally reconsider. Do you think that the Sacred Emperor doesn't know that the Prince isn't rebellious? He only needs a sacrifice, and can be a prince or his other children. " Zuo Jiancang said, "I think it's wrong." Mask guy: "Where's the right one …" Now is the time for us to show our strength. Gu Jiuxi is just a victim, just like us. Therefore … Let her sacrifice herself first. " He turned around and looked outside, "Next, the Ming Fa division will be next." Left Sword Hall: "Why did you do that? Gu Jiuxi is one of His Majesty's men, so the Bright Magic Division being transferred to the Immortal Palace is obviously because His Majesty wants to preserve the remaining people of the Bright Magic Division. The masked guy: "You'll know in the future." He turned around and left. "Actually, you know very well what I mean by victim." Zuo JianTang's expression changed, "You are not trying to protect your highness, you are trying to push your highness into a pit of fire!" As the masked man walked, he said, "You think about it for yourself. In any case, as long as it's not you and me who are in the fire pit, it's fine."
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