"Can I vote for a month? Just randomly pay attention to the WeChat account of a person who knows of both beauty and talent?" There was no sense of accomplishment, only sadness. The azure light beam shot straight towards the Spirit King's chest. The blue light was so pure, so clear, and so bright. There were many powers within that blue light. One of them was to fight for his life, another was to fight for the good grandpa's Nine Revolutions Reincarnation Eye, the other was the old white-bearded man whose name was unknown, and that was the most important … It was the power of the white hair. The moment when he placed his hands on the back of An Zheng's back, the latter's left eye began to bleed. The blue light activated the Reincarnation Spear, causing the Spirit King's body to stiffen for a moment. Then, it began to retreat, one step at a time, its speed becoming faster and faster. The gates of hell were no longer the gates of hell; they had turned into the green mountain from before. The evil spirits that filled the mountains had disappeared, and what replaced them was the still-beautiful peach blossom. When the cycle of reincarnation opened, the Ghost King was nowhere to be found. After the Spirit King had disappeared, all of the bones he summoned were scattered on the ground, no longer as vicious. Behind An Zai, a person fell down. Anxious turned around, and the blood in his left eye dripped down his cheek. Zhou Dingxi, who was left with half his life, crawled over, hugging Yu white-haired's corpse and wailing. Not only did the corpse have its life force sucked out of it, it also had its weight emptied. It was as light as a ball of cotton wool. The disciples of Mount Wudang who were still alive gathered around. After the first person kneeled down, everyone kneeled down. Their heads were bowed low, facing the earth. Zhou Dingxi cried like a child, "You're not f * cking speaking, didn't you say I would leave first … Damn it, you purposefully made everyone in the world owe a life, right? " He raised his hand and said, "I will return it to you. Wait for me on the Road to River Styx." Anti grabbed Zhou Dingxi's hand and said, "Don't die, I'll try." Zhou Dingxi stared blankly for a moment. "What are you trying to do?" Anti took a deep breath and said, "There's no time to explain. He didn't use up all the energy he sent into my body. I was worried that he would die, so I left a little." His eyes hurt so much that it looked like they were about to explode, while his pale face was covered in a line of red tears. It was a shocking sight to behold. No one knew how much pain he was enduring, but he didn't care. "This reincarnation was originally not prepared for the Ghost King, but for him." Anti raised his hand and covered his right eye, "My cultivation level has been severely depleted. Although the insights he left for me are still there, I do not have enough strength. "Any of you are willing to help me and see if you can send him into the cycle of reincarnation?" "I'll do it!" Qi Tian sat down cross-legged behind An Tan and placed a hand on his back, "I would still be willing to drain my cultivation base." "Me too!" Chen Shaobai sat beside Qi Tian and also pressed a hand against his back, "Up until now, I have never truly admired anyone. Even if it's that heaven's retribution, no one would be afraid that they'd ignore me. I'm still not wholeheartedly convinced that my father is the right man in front of the heavens." "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …" But for white hair, I am convinced. There is one kind of person that is worthy of me using my entire life's worth of memories to revere. However, this kind of person cannot only live in memories. " "Me too!" Zhou Dingxi struggled forward, leaving behind a trail of blood. A hand was placed on Zhou Dingxi's shoulder, and he said in a gentle but firm tone, "People are still alive, it's not your turn to be half-dead." It was a woman, and she looked hurt. When the Ghost King left the mountain, the first person to directly attack the Ghost King was that old Daoist Wu Dang Shan, a white-haired martial uncle. The second was Zhou Dingxi, and the third was her … General Gu Jiuxi. A long distance away, another Great Xi Temple general, Zuo Jiancang, coldly snorted, "What is the use of a woman? You've completely thrown Da Xi's face away. " He waved his hand and turned around to leave. Gu Jiuxi glanced at An Zheng: "I don't know if it's enough, but if it's not, everyone should be willing to try. I want to know where you will send him when you start your reincarnation? " Anchor shook his head and said, "I have almost used up all of my reincarnation energy, but one of his insights is still there. We should have enough power, as for where I sent him, I don't know. He might succeed or he might fail, but the worst possible outcome would be death. He was dead, so there was no worst. I will return this final enlightenment to him on behalf of the world. He destroyed three hundred years of his life for the world, and I represented the world and gave him back three hundred years. " He took a deep breath and the three azure dots of light in his left eye started spinning once again. Although they were no longer as resplendent as before, their momentum was even stronger. When the three spots of light reached their limit, they formed a small blue circle. From the ring of light, a pure blue light shot out, striking right at the center of his white hair. Waves of light that were visible to the naked eye spread out in all directions from Bai Yi's body, quickly engulfing everything. The light wave continued to spread outwards, and no one knew how far it extended. It might have covered the entire immortal palace, or perhaps even more places. The pain in his left eye finally reached a level that even he could not bear. His vision went dark and he fell to the ground. Even before he fainted, he didn't know if he had succeeded or not. This was the first time that peace had opened the cycle of reincarnation, and perhaps it was also the last time. After all, his awakening in the cycle of reincarnation did not have much to do with his own strength. The ability to open the Eye of Reincarnation was the ability to do so, and what stimulated this ability was the ability to gain insights from the white hair. Security is just a leader, but not a provider of power. No one could say that they would not be able to open Rebirth again in the future. After all, he was an abnormal being with great talent that could make a majority of people jealous. It was unknown how much time had passed when An Zheng woke up. However, he noticed that his surroundings had changed. There was no one around him. He was lying on a patch of green grass. The faint fragrance of the wild flowers wafted into his nose, relaxing him. There was a faint sound of water not far away, but it sounded very soft and pleasant. When An Tan sat up, he felt pain everywhere, especially in his left eye. Although it was a bit worse than before, if it was any ordinary person, they might not be able to endure this pain for a long time and would even feel like dying. When he sat up, he realized that there was a beautiful mountain not far away from him. At the foot of the mountain, there seemed to be wisps of smoke rising into the air. Anti looked carefully at the mountain, and discovered that it looked similar to the mountain he saw in the Immortal palace. Could it be that he didn't actually leave, but that the person who left was someone else? Who had he given this path of rebirth to when he forcefully activated it previously? At that moment, he felt himself falling into a state of fear. He wasn't afraid of death, he was afraid that he had brought himself to an unknown place, or another world, or even a certain period of time. If that was the case, he might not be able to see Qu Liuxi, Du, and Gu Qiuye anymore. He decided to ask what was going on. Just as he was about to go to somewhere where there was a house to ask about the situation, he saw a few people coming from afar. A simple and honest looking farmer with swarthy skin was pushing a unicycle towards them. He seemed to be wounded and was bleeding profusely. When he walked up to the man, he discovered that most of his injuries were on his back. Each and every one of them was shocking. He must have been protecting something, so he used his arms to protect the person he wanted to protect, and his back became the shield of the person he wanted to protect. There was a young woman on the wheelbarrow. She was very beautiful, and her clothes were very shabby. She looked pale and pale. It was like he had just recovered from a serious illness, but it also seemed like he was overly sad. Strangely, an old Daoist man wearing a green robe and a white beard silently followed the unicycle. He did not know the story of Yu Baiyi, nor the legend of Mount Wudang, so he did not know what was going on or what was going on. "Excuse me, where is this?" Anti politely asked. The dark skinned man, whose wound was still bleeding, stopped. He grimaced in pain, but he still gave a simple and honest smile, "This is the Great Meng Mountain. If you want to enter the mountain, keep walking in the direction behind me. If you're going to Junshui City, you should be travelling with me. "Looking at your clothes, you should be a young master from a rich family. I'm afraid you won't be able to find your companions after coming out to hunt." He took out some medicine from his magic tool and handed it to the man. "If you don't treat your wound soon, it will worsen." The white-bearded old Daoist snorted, but didn't try to stop him. "You, an old white-bearded Taoist, look like a cultivator. Why don't you help him?" The white-bearded old Daoist was also angry, "Why did you help him? He was the one who made a fool of himself. Why should he take the blame for the evil deeds of those men in the village? He was beaten. Serves him right. " The man chuckled. "Yes, yes, yes, it's my fault." The white-bearded old Daoist watched as An Tan applied the medicine. "Even if he's stupid and suffering for others, in the end, he's still a fool and not a scoundrel." The old Daoist said, "I look down on fools the most." He sighed, "I am also a fool." He thought to himself, This old man is really sick. "You are the one who is sick." The white-bearded old Daoist glared at him, then raised his head to look at the skies. "What do you mean, three days?" The white-bearded old Daoist said, "What has it got to do with you? But I don't mind telling you … There's a little kid surnamed Zhang from Dao Sect who is preparing to take this little brat away, and this brat might kill a part of me when he grows up in the future … So I beat up that kid surnamed Zhang and threw him into the ditch at the bottom of the mountain. I don't plan on letting that kid surnamed Zhang take the kid away. " "What do you mean?" The white-bearded old Daoist sighed. "You are also a fool and a bastard." Anti: "If I didn't see your beard go white, do you believe that I would beat you up?!" The white-bearded old Daoist said, "Young man, don't boast. You can't beat me up right now … It's time. This child has been with you for three days. I'm going to take him away. The boy had a lifespan of three hundred and seventy years, but his confidant had lost three hundred years of his own foolishness. I let him down, the kid surnamed Zhang doesn't know what the heavens' law is, so I can only extend his life for at most 30 years … Thirty years is useless, I am prepared to extend his life by three hundred years, and let him become an old monster who can live for six hundred years. " "You are!" The white-bearded old Daoist puffed his beard and glared. "I am not!" I am... Forget it, what does it have to do with you? Go on, go on, go on and be your unparalleled saint. I'll go too, I'll redeem myself. " He picked up the child and said, "Yu Bai, this name is very ugly … From today onwards, you will change your name to six hundred, much better than any white hair. " Anti laughed as tears streamed down his face. He pursed his lips and said, "This name is even uglier." The white-bearded old Daoist glared at him. "Then what do you call beautiful!" Anti: "Then it's called pretty." The white-bearded old Daoist was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud. "Then let's call it pretty. In the future, the person he will hate the name for is not me, but you." The white-bearded old Daoist looked at the man and woman, "There is an ancient tomb on Mount South, and within this tomb, there is a well. If you take a sip of water from the well, you can age thirty. You are all fools. A fool should live for a few more years... Because idiots don't harm people. " With that, the white-bearded old Daoist rose into the air. In midair, he raised his finger and pointed at his left eye. "It still hurts." Anti: "I'm in more pain than you." The old Daoist laughed loudly, "Serves you right, it hurts so much that it kills you... Boy with the surname An … "Thank you very much."
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