At that time, he could only use a forbidden technique like the Divine Lightning Heavenly Art three times at most, and its power naturally couldn't be compared to the power he had now. In the current struggle for power, if the price was not taken into consideration, one could use Divine Lightning Heavenly Marks four times, but the power would be weaker and weaker each time. Those wraiths were better off, but the corpses were too scary. An Tan rushed forward, the Broken Army Sword in his hand slashing out a bolt of purple lightning, chopping apart the surrounding white hair's corpse. Yu Baiyi's complexion turned worse and worse, and he began to vomit more and more blood. He was already at the end of his life and was extremely weak. By the time he dug out the Eye of the Ghost King, he was already exhausted. At this moment, if he were to forcefully exert his cultivation realm, the speed at which his body decayed would be increased. He was on the verge of collapsing. "Before I die, I just want to ask you one thing …" Yu Bai said, "To the end …" "Who is it?" He shook his head. "Rest by the side. You won't die." He grabbed Yu Bai and threw him out, "Monkey Bro, catch!" Qi Tian smashed a bone with his iron rod and leapt into the air to grab onto his white hair, "If you can't hit him, then rest at the back. What are you trying to do!" Yu white hair was suddenly moved, and his eyes became slightly moist. "F * ck, there's too much of it." Chen Shaobai rushed to An Tan's side, "There are people everywhere. I don't even know how many people were killed in the Immortal Mortal Realm. Why does it feel like there are no end to it?" Especially that Ghost King, he isn't someone we can fight against. "Don't even mention me, I'm afraid that experts at this level will need the strength of a Small Heaven stage expert to deal with them." Struggle: "He's getting weaker." As he fought, he said, "It looks like he is unrivalled in strength, but the reason why he tore open the door to the Underworld was because he had a premonition that he would really die. In my left eye is the power that the old white-bearded Taoist had sealed away, which is also the fundamental reason for the Ghost King's survival. The more time it takes for this power to leave him, the weaker it becomes. " "It seems like Old Ox is not only waiting for that old Taoist's return, but also for this Ghost King. However, the people of Da Xi did not know the reason. They forcefully took the old cow away, so the Ghost King was no longer able to suppress it. " Qi Tianfei returned, "You were chosen by Old Cow, he just wants you to take away the Ghost King's power." Security dispute: "No matter what, hold on!" Chen Shaobai said, "Of course, I'm going to start a massacre!" A huge black devil phantom suddenly appeared behind him, wielding the same sickle as him. A man and a devil once again slaughtered their way into the skeleton. Soon, a large swath of the skeleton was swept away. However, at this moment, an incomplete celestial bone that was emitting a white light charged towards him. With a raise of its hand, it unleashed a forbidden level attack. Chen Shaobai and the shadow of the Black Demon raised their scythes in defense at the same time, but were still sent flying. He spat out a mouthful of blood, gritted his teeth and stood up, "Fuck, I can't beat him!" Qi Tian screamed and his body suddenly swelled up, returning to its original shape. The stone monkey with long red fur charged towards the immortal bone and started to fight back. That immortal bone used to be incredibly powerful; it was at least at the Greater Heaven stage. Even though it had been dead for 10,000 years, it was still very strong. Qi Tian and the skeleton exchanged punches, which caused the sky to crack and the ground to crack. While Anti was in the middle of fighting, his left eye suddenly felt a pain. It was as if his eyeball was being pulled by some kind of force and was about to fly out. "Chen Shaobai!" Anti shouted, "Come and protect me! I know how to kill him!" Chen Shaobai immediately flew over and knocked over all the corpses that had arrived in front of An Zheng. However, the Spirit King's goal was obviously to fight for his life. Countless corpses rushed towards the fight for his life, and he was the center of the battlefield. At this time, the most senior Taoist in the Wu Dang Mountain had already died in battle, while the heavily injured Yu Bai and Zhou Dingxi had the highest seniority. The two of them knew what the situation was, so they shouted at the same time for the disciples of Mount Wudang to protect them. The Daoists swarmed over. Although they did not know what was going on, they did not hesitate to carry out the orders. Very quickly, a protective layer had formed around An Xin's body. At least forty to fifty Daoists had formed a circle around Chen Shaobai to protect him from the onslaught of the skeletons. An Tan sat down cross-legged and closed his left eye, "The Ghost King's power is rapidly depleting, so he didn't dare to act rashly. He could only order the skeletons to attack. The longer we hang on, the weaker he gets. However, as long as my eyes fly back, his strength will immediately return to its peak. At that time, not to mention us, even the true lesser celestial cultivators would not be able to do anything. " Chen Shaobai said, "Then you better keep an eye out for me. I'll keep an eye out for you then!" The black sickle swept by and broke the skeleton that was in front of it. "I really think he looks very much like a person. If those eyes belong to him, I think it would be better than bringing them back to Mount Wudang." That power belongs to him and it's better than sealing it. " Zhou Dingxi looked at the white-haired man who was on the verge of death, "You're about to f * cking die, do you know that? Shut your mouth and help me heal my injuries!" Yu Bai laughed, his white teeth bleeding, "I originally had a hundred years of lifespan, but until tomorrow, I only have ninety-nine... Do you know why I suddenly reached my end a year earlier? Because … Yesterday, I forcefully cultivated the last word of the Nine Secret Words. Or perhaps it's because I have a premonition, so I want to finish it … But I still overestimated myself. Even if I managed to cultivate it, my body wouldn't be able to hold on. " "You're a fucking lunatic." At the same time. The Spirit King walked down the mountain. Amidst the wave of corpses, he took large strides forward. The Spirit King pointed forward, "Kill." With a loud roar, a few extremely huge demon beast skeletons rushed towards the direction of An Tan. When they were alive, they must have been extremely terrifying. Qi Tian, who had spent a great deal of effort to turn over half of the immortal bones, saw the demon beast skeleton rushing towards him. He let out a roar and his body suddenly grew larger. He then rushed forward horizontally and used his shoulder to knock over one of the demon beasts. However, the skeletons of two more gigantic demonic beasts rushed towards him. They were like two giant tanks, unstoppable and unstoppable. "Everyone listen!" Zhou Dingxi suddenly flew up and shouted loudly, "This young man is the Spirit King's weakness. As long as he does not die, the Spirit King will die. If this youth died and the Ghost King's strength recovered to its peak, it would be a calamity. This is war, and you and I are the ones who stand at the front to stop it. Everyone protect this youngster, he has a way to get rid of the Spirit King! " The scattered fighting cultivators did not have time to think about anything else as they all rushed over. The defensive layer surrounding the dispute had turned from a first layer to two layers, then three layers, then four layers. Everyone's face was filled with fear, but there was also determination on their faces. He bit his lips tightly as a voice loudly shouted in his heart, "Faster, even faster!" His eyes were in so much pain that it felt like his head was about to explode. The power of the Spirit King was constantly being pulled outwards. The surrounding demon beast corpses and cultivators were holding back all of the cultivators. The Spirit King could concentrate on dealing with the conflict, and even though the two of them were still far away, the Spirit King's power was so great that it was almost impossible to defend against. The left eye was bulging as if it were about to burst out from under the eyelid. As for An Tan, she was quickly reading the information that was in her eyes. This was the power left behind by the white-bearded Daoist. He had to have made certain arrangements. A few hundred meters long gigantic demon beast carcass charged towards An Tan. The outermost layer of defense was instantly destroyed by the impact. In front of this demon beast remains, a cultivator at the level of the Imprisoning Desire was completely powerless. The first layer was broken through in less than a second. The second layer was also broken through, and the third layer followed right after. Chen Shaobai took a deep breath and turned around to look at An Zheng. "Brother, don't forget about me." Then, he rushed toward the demonic beast while the Giant Demon phantom behind him also rushed out. Chen Shaobai collided heavily with the demonic beast, and was sent flying backward. In the middle of the air, his aura seemed to have been cut off. On the distant mountain, the expression on the face of the Great Western Temple's general, Zuo Jiancang, kept changing. He knew that he was no match for the Spirit King. Once the Spirit King's attention was drawn to him, he would die without a doubt. That old Daoist from the Wu Dang Mountain had cultivation base that was even higher than his, wouldn't he just be killed in one strike?! Chen Shaobai was unable to withstand it; neither were the cultivators of Mount Wudang, who were in the last defensive perimeter. When that demon beast was alive, it had already reached the Immortal Realm. Even though it was just a skeleton, it still continued to act like a tyrant. [Blade of Massacre]! A soft shout! Although she didn't know what had happened, she didn't hesitate at all. Suddenly, a blade that was almost longer than her appeared in her hand. The blade's shape was strange, slightly curved, with a wide front and narrow back, with a dragon-like protrusion on the back. Her speed was extremely fast, to the point where almost no one could see her clearly. She had already arrived in front of the demonic beast. Nineteen Murderous Strikes! The Blade of Massacre slashed the body of the demonic beast nineteen times. Gu Jiuxi's posture was like a dance, giving off a unique sense of beauty. After nineteen slashes, the gigantic skeleton of the demonic beast collapsed. The Spirit King's eyes turned cold, pointing forward with one hand: "Fight!" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Gu Jiuxi was sent flying by a strong force that suddenly came. She spat out a mouthful of blood in midair. After landing on the ground, she struggled a few times before finding it hard to stand up again. He took a deep breath and said, "Master said that the world owes me a life, and I don't know why. Today, I suddenly know. " He looked at An Zheng. "Are you really him?" It doesn't matter whether you are or not … "I will give you the sealed power within my body. Those eyes are the power left behind by the Dao Sect's ancestor. You must open it!" He let out a roar, then clapped his hands on the back of Anti. In a split-second, an indescribable power surged into the body of Anti. All those who were fighting in the frontlines were in the front of the formation! There were only these nine words in the mind of this dispute. There was nothing else. That was actually not much of a power. Yu Baiyi was already out of energy, so how could he have any power? This was his enlightenment of the Nine Word Mantra during the ninety-nine years he had spent in the Dao Sect's secret treasure trove! The sealed power in the left eye of the Ancestral Immortal was roused. The left eye of the Ancestral Immortal suddenly opened! [Samsara Daos]! Not only was the power sealed, but there was also the power of the Nine Reincarnation Eyes, as well as the power of the Blood Strengthening Pearl, Heaven's Eyes. At this moment, the three types of energy completely merged. The three azure dots of light quickly rotated in his left eye, then converged at one point, right in the middle of his left eye. A blue light shot straight out from his left eye. In an instant, even the Spirit King didn't have time to react before the blue light bombarded his body. Activating Samsara!
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