He thought that he might never forget it. That day, at the foot of the mountain, there was a middle-aged Daoist with a wrinkled face who had died laughing. Countless paper men separated from his body, holding hands as they rushed towards the army under the Ghost King's command. If it was just to deal with those evil spirits, then the paper people who filled the sky were undoubtedly their worst nightmare. However, the person he had to deal with was the Spirit King. The Ghost King was the Dao Sect's ancestor's self at a certain time. "Six Armored Nine Chapters, Heaven's Circle." The same words came out of different people's mouths. Suddenly, the densely packed paper men all flew back. Each paper man turned into a sharp blade that cut at Zhou Dingxi's body. In just a few moments, he was badly mutilated. To tell the truth, a second ago, whether it was An Zai, Chen Shaobai, or Qi Tian, they all hated these two hypocritical Daoist. However, the moment the Spirit King appeared, the two Daoists immediately rushed forward without hesitation. Perhaps, this is what they themselves said … Duty. Zhou Dingxi smiled bitterly and said to his white hair, "Unexpectedly, I will die in front of a short-lived ghost like you …" Goodbye, my... "Senior apprentice-brother." Yu Baiyi turned around, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, and looked at the Spirit King, "Don't worry, I won't be much later than you. "If there is also a seat for you and me in the Underworld, we can just work together like this." He turned and walked forward. "Let me go!" Yu Bai almost forgot, only then did he remember to release the restraint for the struggle for peace. He then brought his middle finger together and slightly shook it. The feeling of being pressed down by a hundred thousand mountains immediately disappeared. An Tan's body soared into the air, and he pointed his finger forward. Thirty Holy Fish Scales burst out from his body, forming a complete protective circle around him. The paper men that were flying back clattered against the scales of the Holy Fish, making it hard to cut through. Halfway up the mountain, the green robed Ghost King raised his head and looked at An Zheng. The moment he raised his head, the hair that was originally hanging down to cover half his face slipped apart, revealing the left side of his face … The eye sockets were empty except for a black hole. "Give me back my eyes." "No," he said. "Even your life is taken away." The Spirit King seemed to be silent for a moment before pointing forward. Countless wraiths soared up from the mountain and pounced towards Anti. An Tan took a deep breath, his left hand was filled with purple lightning and his right hand was glowing red. Both of his hands were raised high into the air. The power of his two hands merged in midair, as a blazing ball of purple light surrounded him. At this moment, the simulacrum of the God of Heaven appeared behind him once more. What was different from before was that this time, the phantom image of the God of Heaven appeared more solid, with a shield in one hand. The purple light surrounding An Tan's body suddenly exploded. It was as if the sky had exploded into the most gorgeous firework in the world. [Divine Lightning Heavenly Stance]! Streams of Nine Astral Thunder came crashing down from the body of He Zheng, the scene was extremely shocking. And when Yu Baiyi saw An Tan use this move, his originally pale face turned red from excitement. His eyes were filled with disbelief: "This … "How is this possible?!" Under the effects of the Divine Lightning, those wraiths had nowhere to go. The purple light began to spread out like the tide, quickly covering half of the mountain. Those evil spirits were directly killed, never to reincarnate. The power of the Divine Lightning Heavenly sign was too domineering, even the Great Western Holy Emperor called it a forbidden technique. Even when he mentioned it several times, he could not create such a powerful technique. Of course, the killing power of Chen Wu-uo was much stronger than the security struggles of that era, but that was only because of his invincible Greater Heaven stage cultivation base. The reason why the Divine Lightning Heavenly sign was called a forbidden technique was because at that time, with a cultivation base at the peak of the lesser celestial stage, one could release power that was close to the Greater Heaven stage. At least half of the evil spirits on the mountain were killed by the Heavenly Thunder Conquest, but a black trigram diagram appeared above the Ghost King's head. When the Heavenly Thunder Conquest descended, the trigram diagram started to spin, blocking the Heavenly Thunder Conquest's power. As for the Eight Trigram Diagram, its power was very strong and he could control a greater range of power, but he clearly didn't intend to do that. The deaths of those wraiths seemed to have nothing to do with him. "Who the f * ck is this guy!" Zhou Dingxi, who was being protected by the thirty Holy Fish Scales, couldn't care less about the blood and gore on his body as he yelled at Yu Bai. Yu Bai shook his head, his eyes still full of disbelief: "I …" "I don't know." At this moment, the Spirit King suddenly raised its hand and pressed down. Then the whole earth began to shake, and smoke and dust rose up from the ground and filled the air between the heaven and earth like a thick fog. The earth began to crack open, and countless hands stretched out from the cracks and began to crawl on the ground. In just a short moment, countless malevolent and horrifying looking skeletons and half-rotted corpses crawled out from the ground. The most terrifying thing was … these corpses were all cultivators, and powerful experts at that! Why were so many evil spirits locked in this immortal palace? Why were there so many powerful corpses in this immortal palace? The battle of Immortals. Many years ago, the cultivators of the Mortal Realm fought against the cruel rule of the immortal palace. It just so happened that Xuanyuan and Qing Lian, one of the three emperors of the Immortal Palace, had made their move. Currently, the majority of the corpses that they saw were cultivators or demon beasts from the Mortal Realm, while the other portion were … Immortal! Qi Tian shook his head and sighed, "It's time for retribution." Chen Shaobai acknowledged, "That's right, retribution is coming …" When the immortal palace appeared, it became the battlefield between the Buddhist Kingdom and the Great Xixi. After all, wasn't it due to greed? This time, even if Da Xi and the Buddhist Kingdom joined forces, they would most likely be annihilated. Those corpses were once powerful cultivators. Even though they have already died for ten thousand years and their power is inferior to that of the past, they are still terrifying. " "One of them is an Immortal." Qi Tian's expression was extremely unsightly as he said, "Even if it's just an immortal bone, we are still no match for it." Chen Shaobai said, "Even if you aren't an opponent, you still have to fight!" He waved his black scythe and rushed forward. Qi Tian cursed in a low voice. "They're all f * cking idiots." Then he rushed forward with his iron rod. At the same time, even though they didn't know what had happened, more cultivators still rushed over. The first to arrive was the Da Xi cultivators who had been trapped here for almost a year. A portion of them were Daoist from Mount Wudang. A very old Daoist fell to his knees and cried towards the Spirit King, "Ancestor, I beg of you to look into it!" Zhou Dingxi who was covered in blood rushed over and pulled the old Daoist up, "Martial Uncle, what's the use of begging him now? He is no longer the Patriarch of our Dao Sect, but the Ghost King! " The old Daoist stood up with a resolute expression, "He is the Spirit King, but he is also my Dao Sect's patriarch. As the disciples of the Dao Sect, we should salute. After the salutation, you will be the enemy. " He swung both of his hands backward. As his sleeves fluttered, a phantom image that was many times bigger than his original body flew out. It was so big that it instantly filled the entire world. The old Daoist turned into a giant as he raised his foot and stomped towards the Spirit King, "The descendant of the Wudang Mountain's Dao Sect shall follow the teachings of the ancestor and protect the world from evil! If I am a disciple, then follow me to defeat demons and exterminate devils! " "Yes sir!" All of the Daoists present, regardless of whether they were from the Three Purities Monastery or not, acknowledged the order and charged towards the Ghost King's army that was spread throughout the mountains and plains. Those corpses were all very powerful. Fortunately, they had been dead for more than ten thousand years, and their strength was far weaker than before. Among them, the Mortal Realm cultivators had the largest amount of wreckage, but they were also the easiest to deal with. Most terrifying of all were the few Immortal bones within. Even ten thousand years later, that immortal bone would still not be easily broken. Even if a peak Gold rank magic tool were to hit the immortal bone, it would not even have a white mark. The old Daoist man who was called Martial Uncle by Zhou Dingxi said loudly, "If this is the beginning of the apocalypse, then the disciples of my Dao Sect will die in front of everyone." "Wudang Mountain is indestructible, the mortal world is indestructible!" "Wudang Mountain will not be destroyed!" The mortal world is indestructible! " The Dao Sect disciples rushed over and fought in the sea of blood and corpses. The old Daoist turned into a thousand-meter-tall giant and stomped his foot towards the ghost king who was halfway up the mountain. This old Daoist man was the junior apprentice-brother of Daoist Master Zhang of Mount Wudang, and had lived for countless years. At this moment, he was determined to die. He knew who the Ghost King was more clearly than anyone, and he knew it better than anyone else. The Ghost King knew the Dao Sect better than anyone else in their sect. The cultivation techniques that they knew, the Spirit King was more adept than them. And most of them were created by the Spirit King himself! "If I were to die in place of peace in this world, I would be the first to die." The old Daoist stepped on the ground and then stabbed downwards with one hand. As his fingers came together, an illusory sword shot towards the Spirit King like thunder from the ninth heaven. At the same time, Yu Bai also rushed up and said a single word. "Soldier!" Hundreds of golden-armored Empyrean Gods charged towards the Ghost King. "Soldier!" The Ghost King also lightly said one word, but it was just a repeat. In the blink of an eye, however, all of the golden-armored Empyrean Gods exploded, as though countless fireworks had been set off. From the time it appeared to its demise, it did not even have a second to spare. But this short second added a few more tragedies to the war. As the word "Spirit King" left his mouth, the sword in his hand suddenly collapsed. Countless fragments fell down like falling stars. There were countless meteors, and it was unknown how many cultivators were killed or how many corpses were destroyed. He didn't seem to care about anyone's life or death at all. A moment later, the shattered remnants of the stars formed a sword, which landed in the hands of the Spirit King. He raised his single eye to look at the old Daoist. His tone was very light, but it was filled with contempt. "Too weak. You've lost my face." He raised his sword with one hand and swung it. The old Daoist drew eight trigram formations, but he was still unable to block the sword's attack. The sword pierced through his chest, causing the old Daoist man's body to sway for a moment before falling down from the sky.
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