There were many strong experts in this world, and many sects were announcing to the outside world that they were protecting the human world. Yu Whitey was also saying this, but the words he said weren't very pleasant to hear. Perhaps he was never a good talker. The first apology in his life had been addressed to Andi, but only because he wanted to dig out the latter's eyes. Confining the struggle for peace, blocking Chen Shaobai and Qi Tian, he only used two words for the [Nine Secret Words]. However, he himself was at the point where he was about to run out of oil. His white hair was something that he could not change even if he wanted to. He said it was my birthday tomorrow and I was only one day away from ninety-nine. I had calculated for myself that I should have three hundred and seventy years, but I didn't want to waste three hundred and seventy years. If the things that I can do add up to less than a hundred years, then I will live only a hundred years, and the remaining two hundred and seventy years will be a waste. Therefore, I used two hundred and seventy years of my life to borrow the power of nine words from the heavens. An Xin could not move, but for some reason, he suddenly no longer hated this white-haired Daoist. His name was Yu white-haired. It was unknown whether he had changed it later or whether his parents had just named it. The people from the Dao Sect were not as harsh and strict as the people from the Buddhist Sect. The disciples from the Dao Sect had a Daoist title, but they did not need to forget their own names. This was the first time he had heard of the name 'Yu Baiyi', 'Yu Baiyi', and many of the famous Taoists of the Three Purities Monastery of the Wudang Mountain '. However, he could feel that even in the Three Purities Temple, Yu Bai was a very, very impressive person. Actually, there was a legend in the Three Purities Monastery. A disciple once could not help but ask whether this matter was true or not. But Spiritual Master Zhang did not say anything and no one replied. The story is … Ninety years ago, Taoist Master Zhang traveled the world and found a small village in a place called the Great Meng Mountain. There were only 120 to 130 people in this village. Most of them had the same surname, Liu. In this village, there were only two families with different surnames. One of them had the surname Yu and the other had the surname Bai. This family of widows with the surname Yu and this family of widows with the surname Bai might be a good match for the jokers, but in an era like this, they were just two poor people. The day that Daoist Master Zhang arrived at the Great Meng Mountain village was the day that Bai family's woman gave birth. She was a widow, but she had a baby. No one knew who the father was. The village was already shrouded in a layer of haze. The day the child was born, it completely exploded. Many women crowded in front of the door, wanting to burn the women and children of the Bai Clan. The men stood at the back, none of them daring to speak. There were those who took pleasure in his misfortune, while there were those who remained silent. The women blocked the front door, grabbed the Bai woman who had just given birth to the baby and cut her own umbilical cord, and demanded to know who the father of the child was. The men stayed behind, some gloating, some silent. However, no one dared to stop him. They were afraid that the crime of adultery with the widow would fall on their heads. But no matter how those women pressed, she just wouldn't tell them. Finally the women panicked and wanted to take the children out and burn them. At this moment, the Yu Clan man stood out and said that the child was mine, you can't burn him to death. The small mountain village immediately erupted into chaos. The men heaved a sigh of relief, and the women also quietly let out a sigh of relief. Then, they all unanimously targeted the man, woman, and child. In the end, the Village Chief decided to expel these three people from the village. People like them were not fit to live here. The man from the Yu Clan didn't say a word. He packed his things, then took a simple and crude wheelbarrow and left the village while pushing a woman from the Bai Clan who carried a child. Halfway down the hill, some kind village man brought some eggs or some cloth. The woman from the Bai Clan also didn't say a word. She had thrown away everything that was on the wheelbarrow. At the foot of the mountain, the man from the Yu Clan asked the woman from the Bai Clan, "Who is the child's father?" The woman from the Bai Clan shook her head. "I don't know." The Yu Family man froze, then let out a long sigh: "It's so bitter on you … "Yeah, how do you know who the father is?" The woman from the Bai Clan cried as she laughed, "But I know that the father of my child is not you, so why did you come forward? What does it have to do with you? " The man from the Yu family also laughed. "That's a child, a life." The Bai Clan woman still asked: "A life, this child is a rotten life, just like me. You are different, you are a good person, it is not worth it for you to do so. " The Yu Family man shook his head, "Forget it. I'll just stay there anyways." It was just digging in the ground or fishing in the water. There were two more mouths to eat. I've eaten alone for many years and it's not fragrant. " The woman stopped talking. At the foot of the mountain, on a small path. Daoist Master Zhang stood there, waiting for them, then bowed deeply. The Daoist's status in the Great Xi was extremely high, so the Yu family and the Bai family's women quickly greeted him. Dao Master Zhang shook his head and said, "I salute, not to you, but to this child. In the future, there would be many people who owed this child their lives. I thank him on their behalf, because many people, be it in the future, the present, or the past, cannot learn to say thank you and take it for granted that they are still alive. " Then, Daoist Master Zhang didn't say anything and just walked with them for three days straight. Three days later, Spiritual Master Zhang said that it rained heavily for three days after they left the Great Meng Mountain. The mountain slid down and the village was almost razed to the ground. After the Bai Clan woman heard this, she wailed and struggled to get up. She knelt on the unicycle and kowtowed, repeatedly saying that the heavens had eyes. The man from the Yu family also cried, saying it back and forth … She just wanted to live, she just wanted to live, she just wanted to live … "The child should be with the mother when it is born," said Zhang. "He wants to take the child away but does not dare to go against the heavens. Therefore, he didn't say anything. Mother accompanied the child for three days, and the child also accompanied the mother for three days. The woman from the Bai Clan looked at the Yu Clan man and the man from the Yu Clan said, "Make it your own." The woman nodded and knelt again. "Thank you, immortal elder." Daoist Master Zhang shook his head and said, "This child has a lifespan of 370 years. In the future, he will have to suffer a loss of 300 years. He only has 70 years left to live. I took him away and took away your happiness. I will compensate him with thirty years of my life. " Women don't understand, men don't believe. In this world, there were countless great cultivators who could live for hundreds of years. However, no matter how you looked at him, this child didn't seem like someone who had a lifespan of over three hundred years. But since the real person said so, they listened. Dao Master Zhang took the child away, and when he looked back, the woman's hair immediately turned white. As to whether this story was true or false, Mr. Zhang never commented on it. However, Yu Bai was a very special person in Mount Wudang. He was never restricted by the rules. He could come and go however he wanted. Someone asked Daoist Master Zhang, "Why is it that he can break the rules like this?" Taoist Zhang replied... In the future, there would be many people who would owe him their lives. He had the qualifications to live without any restrictions, and he could do whatever he wanted. Not just me, no one could restrain him. Even if the Great Western Holy Emperor wanted to restrain him, I wouldn't agree. As a result, there was the present white hair, in the Wudang Mountain did not like the white hair. In the entire Wu Dang Mountain, there was only one Junior Brother, Zhou Dingxi, who had been running around with him since he was young. Up to the point where, no matter how others mocked him, he didn't care, just continued following behind. Immortal Palace With each step Yu Bai took, he staggered forward. He walked up to Andi with guilt in his eyes. "I'm sorry." However, these three words had the deepest meaning. He raised his hand and brought his forefinger and middle finger together like a spoon, digging towards the left eye. Anson watched helplessly as the man's finger came towards him, but he just couldn't move. It was just a single word, but it had already trapped An Zheng completely. At this moment, both Qi Tian and Chen Shaobai were subdued by the golden warriors, and they were pressed to the ground, unable to move. His fingers almost touched An Zai's eyes, and then the world changed color. Yu Bai's expression changed as he abruptly turned around. The mountain they had been standing on suddenly collapsed. He had climbed that mountain and entered that thatched cottage, so he knew the place of cultivation of that unknown white-bearded old Daoist. The power he was suppressing was in his left eye. And this power, was the power of the Spirit King. Back then, when the white-bearded Daoist wanted to comprehend the dao of the world, he also had to protect the mortal world. That was why he turned into a ghost king and suppressed all the evil spirits in the world. He had bound all the evil spirits inside the mountain gate with the peach tree, which was his magic tool. The person sealed in the copper mirror was actually himself from that period of time. The mountain collapsed, and Anti saw the door appear once again. When He Tan left the mountain, he saw the door was closed. Those evil spirits were all sucked inside the door, returning to hell. The passageway between the human world and hell could be considered closed. But now, with the mountains crumbling and the earth cracking, the door opened again. On the mountain, countless evil spirits roared. The peach trees that had been covering the mountain were all devoured by the ghost flames, turning them into ashes. A young man dressed in an azure robe slowly walked out of the myriad ghosts. He didn't seem to have any kind of eerie aura. However, the surrounding ghosts and evildoers were extremely respectful before him, as if they were their king. The green-robed young man carried a sword on his back and a horsetail whisk in his left hand. He wore cloth shoes embroidered with a ghost head. This attire was obviously the attire of the Daoist from Dao Sect, but this aura did not resemble that of a Daoist's. "Ghost King!" In the air, Zhou Dingxi's face was pale, he gritted his teeth and ordered: "The four of you leave quickly, looking for me, Wu Dai. Just say that the Ghost Gate has opened and the Ghost King has descended, and all members of the Wudang Mountain Dao Sect will have the responsibility to defend against the Ghost King. This is no longer an immortal palace, but a hell. " The four daoists did not want to leave. With a wave of Zhou Ding Liu's hand, the four daoists flew backwards. "If you don't want me to die quickly, go call for reinforcements!" The four daoists were so scared that their faces turned pale. They turned and walked away like the wind. "Six Armored Nine Chapters, Heaven's Circle!" Zhou Dingxi made a hand seal with his hands and pushed it forward, causing a vast and unrestrained force to slant forward. The heaven and earth shook. Zhou Dingxi had spent his entire life trying to create a barrier that could seal the entire mountain. His life force quickly disappeared, and his hair instantly turned white. The wrinkles on his face increased. Countless densely packed paper men split out from his body, as if they were endless. The pieces of paper rushed forward hand in hand, forming layers of white waves. They tried to stop the countless evil spirits that were rushing down from the mountain, forming a barrier and sealing the gates of hell again. However, his strength alone was obviously not enough. "Six Armored Nine Chapters, Heaven's Circle." The same eight words were spoken by the Green Robed Ghost King sitting on the mountain. He looked so young that his black hair fell over half his face. The robe he was wearing was made of Taoist robes, but the eight trigram diagram on the robe looked extremely strange. Zhou Dingxi was finished after he said the same words. All the paper men flew back, turning into blades in midair, slashing down on Zhou Dingxi's body. In just a moment, he had turned into a bloody mess. Zhou Dingxi laughed bitterly, and under the endless slicing, he even turned around to look at Yu white-haired man, "Unexpectedly, I will die before you, a short-lived ghost." He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at the Ghost King descending the mountain. "Don't worry, I won't be much later than you."
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