Opening a ghost passage with one eye. To be honest, he didn't even know where the ten paper men had been sent to. He had only thought of this method in this situation, and at the same time, he also wanted to test the abilities of his left eye. Just a moment ago, he had been thinking about the reason for the changes to his eyes. After the Blood Rose Pearl's eye flew into the room, it disappeared. Was the eye that appeared in the bronze mirror the eye of the heavens? If so, then the left eye of the peaceful conflict is now the eye of the heavens, not just the eye of the heavens. A part of the ability of the Blood Cultivating Pearl had entered the left eye of the old man, as well as the ability of the old man with the white beard, which was the Yin Yang Twilight Zone. His left eye opened wide, sending the ten paper men into hell. However, this was obviously not the whole story. The three little blue fish like dots of light spinning in the eyes of Anxiang were the power of the good master. According to the rumors, once the Nine Revolutions Reincarnation's Eye reached its peak, it could open the cycle of reincarnation. He still couldn't understand why this would happen, but from a superficial point of view, it should have something to do with the Yin Yang World. These were the combination of the three powers that had changed the left eye of the dispute. However, he had just obtained this ability and his left eye was still not used to it yet. His eyes immediately began to hurt after he had opened the boundary. He closed his eyes. Before the door closed, everyone saw the ten paper men sink into a dark yellow river. However, the He River was not water, but fire. As soon as the paper man entered the river, it was immediately burnt to ashes. In the sky, the older Daoist man's expression changed, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood. "It's not worth it." The white-haired, seemingly young Daoist standing next to him shook his head slightly. "Just say that your Dao arts are too gentle." The old Daoist man gave a cold snort, "Yu Baiyi, your Daoist magic is indeed sharp and fierce, but you've injured the Heavenly Dao, so you won't even be able to protect your own life." The young Taoist did not seem to care in the slightest, "How many hundred years can a person have in his lifetime? I only need a hundred years. Within a hundred years, Tao techniques are the strongest, what else do I need? "Think about it. If you live to be five hundred years old, I will only live to be one hundred years old. Do you want to leave behind a great reputation in the Dao Sect or do you want to leave behind a great reputation for it?" He said lightly: "Zhou Dingxi has taken away your '6d' and '6d'. Let me do it." Yu Bai bent down and descended like an eagle with its wings spread wide. His sleeves fluttered, giving off an imposing air. The old Daoist standing in the clouds held his left index finger and middle finger together, and then began to mumble to himself. A moment later, the light around them blurred, as if something had disappeared. The Daoist named Yu Baiyi landed in front of An Zeng and his group. A strange light flashed in his eyes. "You are someone who is fated to be with our Dao Sect." He spoke towards An Zheng. However, after he finished saying that, he frowned slightly. After which, he laughed, "That's strange. The three of you seem to have some relationship with my Dao Sect. That stone spirit, the Six-Armored Weapon that you revealed previously was a technique from my sect. That demon, the demonic aura on your body is monstrous, and there is an evil spirit in your bones. However, you used my Dao Sect's mental cultivation method. "As for you …" His attention returned to An Zheng. "You have secrets that our Dao Sect cannot divulge to others in your eyes." He then shook his head and asked, "Why do I have secrets that cannot be told to others by your Dao Sect in my eyes?" Yu Baiyi said, "I'm not trying to explain anything to you, I'm just telling you. If the Dao Sect secret arts were to be spread out, it might cause a calamity to the world. Your eyes can open the world of yin and yang. You may not have evil intentions, but we have to guard against it. If … "If by any chance you accidentally open the Yin Yang World and let ten thousand ghosts attack you, the ones who will suffer will still be the common people of this world." "So?" Anti asked. Yu Bai answered seriously, "There are two solutions, one... You have become a disciple of my Dao Sect. I will pass on the Dao Sect's mantra to help you achieve mastery of your left eye. Secondly, I will dig out your eyes and take you away, sealed in Mount Wudang. " Anxious: "What is the Dao Sect after? If you start digging into people's eyes, I'm afraid it's not the work of some respectable sect. " Yu Bai: "Dao Sect is a orthodox sect that cultivates the world. There are many dangers in this world that you don't know about, but people of Dao Sect have been able to solve them, and they have also suffered heavy losses. You may not understand what I'm telling you. What was the greatest responsibility of a sect? The greater the sect, the greater the responsibility. That was … Protect one side. In fact, no matter how it is, there is one thing that the Dao Sect is always doing, and that is protecting. " Chen Shaobai harrumphed, "You speak in a dignified manner, but what you can do is commit all sorts of crimes." Yu Baiyi was not angry. He smiled and said, "The reason why I am able to speak to you calmly and peacefully is because you are fated to be with my Dao Sect." If it was ten years ago, I would have dug up that eye and taken it away, leaving behind a golden core. Twenty years ago, I would have killed you and taken you away with me. " Chen Shaobai said, "Do you want me to kneel down and kowtow to you, to thank you for not killing me?" Yu Baiyi said, "Whether we kill him or not is a matter for later." Anxiang said, "The eyes are mine, so it is my fortuitous chance to see if there is any change in them. As for whether I want to join your Dao Sect, that is also my freedom. If you use the excuse of protecting the world, you probably won't even believe it yourself. " Yu Bai said, "What great freedom. If it wasn't for my Dao Sect protecting you, where else would you get your freedom from?" "Because of your protection, you are allowed to rob me?" Yu Bai shook his head. "I don't get it. I don't want to say anything anymore. Or the other two … First, I'll take you under my wing. Second, I dug out your eyes. " Anti: "Second, you dig." Yu Bai sighed, "I really wanted to guide you in your cultivation, but..." He turned his head to look at Zhou Dingxi who was in the sky, "My life is not going to end soon, so let me take responsibility for this evil thing." This child is fated to be with the Dao Sect. After I dig out his eyes, you will bring them back to Mount Wudang with you. I will dig out my own left eye and give it back to him. I will ask Master to change his eyes and suppress that left eye at the foot of Mount Wudang. That is the door to the Yin Yang Twin Realms. Once opened, there will be endless calamities arising. " Zhou Dingxi shook his head, "What does your death have to do with me? It doesn't matter if I keep my eyes. This is the reincarnation cycle of the heavens, and the people do not know what the Dao Sect has done for them. They only know how to enjoy themselves. Yu Baiyi, if you die, just die. Don't give me the responsibility. " Yu Bai laughed. "So you care about me too." After he said that, he turned to look at Anxious, then cupped his fists and bowed, "I have committed many offenses. I am willing to explain everything because I know that no one is willing to listen to his explanation, so I might as well just leave it at that. However, the Dao Sect never did evil. Whether you believe it or not, I will take that eye with me. I took your left eye and gave you my left eye. " Then, he pointed a finger at the sky. "Arise!" One word. An Zheng's body suddenly stiffened. Following that, a huge pressure fell from the sky onto his shoulders. With his current level of strength, even with his powerful physique, he still could not withstand the power of that blow. It was as if a hundred thousand mountains suddenly fell upon his body. No matter how strong he was or how powerful his cultivation was, he could not withstand the weight of those mountains. Boom! Suddenly, the ground under the feet of the dispute started to sink. His legs sank into the ground in an instant, all the way down to his knees. He slightly moved his neck forward, and the pressure from his back caused his bones to emit waves of cracking sounds. "Get lost!" Chen Shaobai and Qi Tian attacked at the same time, the scythe and iron rod striking towards the white haired man from the left and right. "Soldier!" Yu Bai said another word. His tone was still very light, but the mood of the word before and after was different. The first word was thick and steady. The second word, killing intent was extremely heavy. With just a single word, it was difficult for anyone to take even a single step. With the word "soldier", both Chen Shaobai and Qi Tian were sent flying backwards at the same time. Two golden-armored Empyrean Gods suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked Chen Shaobai and Qi Tian respectively. The two golden-armored Empyrean Gods were terrifyingly powerful. Given their power, they were actually forced to retreat backwards and forwards. No matter how they attacked, those two golden-armored Empyrean Gods seemed to have been created by the stone. With their lives trapped, Qi Tian and Chen Shaobai were completely unable to come to his rescue. They didn't even have the ability to protect themselves. With a "pu" sound, Yu Bai spat out a mouthful of blood. He slowly raised his hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth, and then walked step by step towards An Zai. Soldier was a tactic. They were all borrowing strength from the heavens. It was the might of the heavens. You are very talented and the Dao Sect is fated to meet you. I knew it would be too vicious to talk about, but I had to do it. I will not only compensate you with a left eye, but I will also gather all of the insights that I have gained from the Dao Sect into that left eye and give it to you together. I never apologize for doing things because I've never done anything wrong. However, in recent days, even though there has been compensation, I still have to apologize … " He walked forward step by step. With each step, his footprints were very deep. He coughed as he walked, and spat out blood as he walked, "This is really troublesome … This was a supreme dao technique, and its power was truly terrifying. But precisely because of this terrifying power, even I am unable to withstand it. If I were to cultivate normally, based on my own calculations, I should have a lifespan of 370 years. However, if I were to cultivate the Nine Secret Words and borrow the might of the heavens and earth, I might not even be able to live past a hundred years. Tomorrow is my birthday, I am ninety-nine years old … That guy who looks older than me behind me, ha-ha … Actually, it was my junior apprentice-brother. For example, you have to be fifteen years late to enter the school. " "He said that people only want what they lack. I wanted to live a few more years, so I let myself look younger. Unfortunately, my hair is white. What did I just say... This is the last time I will use the Nine Secret Words to borrow the power of the heavens and earth. I don't have a disciple. Therefore, regardless of whether you are willing or not, if you change my eyes, you will obtain my true inheritance. This is forcing others to accept it, but I feel very satisfied … Because I saw in you the same thing that I saw in you, the same pursuit. " Yu Bai's footsteps became heavier as he coughed out blood with every step. "This is too troublesome …" After much difficulty, he walked up to Andi and raised his right hand. His index finger and middle finger were bent, like hooks, as he reached out to grab Andi's left eye. "It will hurt, it will hate me, but it will pass eventually. I gave you my life in your left eye. You can also know what the Dao Sect has done to protect the common people. You don't know how terrible your eye is, I know. I can't let anything happen... "I'm sorry." His finger descended.
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