The mountain was not a mountain, but two doors. The peach tree was not a peach tree, but a yaksha for punishment. When he saw what was inside the door, he suddenly felt a sense of reverence. There was no way not to feel reverence. That door was the door to the Yin Yang Twin Realms. Although he wasn't sure if it was really the gate that connected the Underworld to the mortal world, this was already an extremely important passage. Perhaps, those demons and ghosts in the mortal world that did not follow the rules were all suppressed by that old Daoist man. That old Daoist was a barrier to the mortal world. He planted a mountain full of peach trees, for the world to remove many threats. Why did the people of the world say that there was a ghost and not a ghost? It was only because he was here that the world was peaceful. The old Daoist opened a door in the immortal palace. Perhaps the Underworld had already opened it, or perhaps he forcefully tore apart the Yin Yang realm. Those unruly fellows directly used the peach tree as a yaksha to punish them day and night. Anxious, Qi Tian had once said that no matter how vicious the Blue Lotus was, as strong as Xuanyuan was, one had to be respectful in front of an old Taoist. Even the Violet Jade Immortal, who disrespected the heavens and earth, disrespected ghosts and deities, had the appearance of a senior in front of this old Daoist. The old Daoist called out 'enlightenment of the Dao'. The Ghost Dao of this world was also one of the various Daos he had comprehended. In order to understand the path of ghosts, he would have to transform into the Ghost King. Anchor turned around and saw the faceless monster lying under the stream, following the stream far away. At this moment, there was a look of relief and also a look of anticipation on his face. Even now, he still didn't know who he was, whether he was a human, a ghost, or something extremely bizarre. He looked terrifying, but he had good intentions in mind. If it weren't for him, there would have been even more danger to the struggle for peace. In this world, there were many people who were like this. They seemed to be vicious, but their hearts were kind. They are misunderstood by the world to be the kind of people who are really good people even though they don't look like good people at first glance. Seeing that An Jing was in a daze, Chen Shaobai could not help but walk over and pat his shoulder. "What happened? Are your eyes alright? " He stayed silent for a while, then said seriously, "I think I'm too awesome." Chen Shaobai sized him up carefully. "We met a pervert?" Anshi narrowed his eyes and looked at Chen Shaobai. "Can you not be so despicable?" Chen Shaobai chuckled, only then did he notice that there was a change in An Zheng's left eye. Currently, the peaceful left eye did not look much different from the right one. The change in appearance from before was gradually disappearing. However, it still looked a little strange. The black eyeball was larger than normal, and there were three bright, fish-like blue things inside the black eyeball. They were still slowly rotating. And at the moment when Chen Shaobai was staring at the left eye of An Zheng Tan, An Zheng Tan saw another Chen Shaobai. The originally handsome Chen Shaobai had turned into a skeleton wearing a black robe. His face was devoid of any flesh and his eyes shone with a red light. He was tall and thin with a huge black sickle on his shoulder. Ansi was stunned for a moment, while Chen Shaobai was also stunned for a moment. "What are you looking at?" "What are you looking at?" Qi Tian came over, "There's really going to be a problem with the two of you. If this goes on, I feel like I need to have a good chat with Lil Sis Qu Liuxi and ask her about the relationship between the two of you." Chen Shaobai said, "Scram." Anxiang was very shocked in his heart. Just what was Chen Shaobai? Why did the Chen Shaobai in his left eye become like that? It had a more terrifying appearance than any evil ghost from hell, and its body was suffused with a terrifying aura of death. At this moment, they simultaneously heard someone speak. "Six Armored Nine Chapters, Heaven's Circle." It was only eight words, and the sound was not loud, but it was loud enough to hear. It was as if it had entered the ears of the three people in an instant. At this moment, Qi Tian's face suddenly changed. He grabbed the arms of An Tan and Chen Shaobai, then charged out like a bolt of lightning. His speed was already extremely fast, but it was still a bit slow. The three of them dashed forward for a short distance before colliding against something with a bang. They were all confused and fell flat on their backs. However, there was nothing in front of him. It seemed like nothing had changed. The place they collided with was still air, and there was no barrier. However, that feeling of being hit by a real mountain was not fake at all. The three people's faces had all become distorted. "What's going on?" Chen Shaobai crawled to his feet and asked, but Qi Tian's face was frighteningly pale, "An expert of the Dao Sect." With Qi Tian's previous height, how could he have run after hearing those words? Even though Qi Tian hadn't recovered his strength yet, he still hadn't run away with his full strength. There were only two rumours about the most powerful Great Heaven Level experts in the world. One was the Great Xi Holy Emperor Chen Wannuo, and the other was the Buddha of the Buddhist Sect. Although there were a few more Lesser Heaven stage experts, they wouldn't be that numerous. With Qi Tian's cultivation level, there shouldn't be many people in this world that could make him run away. "I used to …" Qi Tian seemed to be very unwilling to talk about his past. He said with a pale face, "I have cultivated under the Dao Sect before. I learned a lot of my cultivation techniques at that time. Therefore, my understanding of the Dao Sect is likely to be greater than yours. "That was a Dao Sect spell just now. We can't get out now." He reached out his hand as if he had touched something. It looked like it was just air, but he couldn't move his hand any further. Chen Shaobai said, "Just don't believe in evil!" He extended his hand, and a black sickle appeared in his palm. Holding the scythe with both hands, Chen Shaobai quickly stepped forward and swung both his arms. The scythe drew a black trail in the air as it hacked out. Without making a sound, Chen Shaobai's body was sent flying backwards. Qi Tian quickly moved forward, and at the same time, he raised his hand to bite his finger and flicked. At the same time, the iron rod appeared in his hand. When he swung the iron bar, the drop of blood fell on top of it. The iron rod turned red in an instant and then swept out. In an instant, a layer of shadow appeared in front of Chen Shaobai, who was sent flying backwards. If not for Qi Tian having smeared his own blood on the metal rod, he would not have been able to tell that there was someone chasing after him. Qi Tian grabbed Chen Shaobai and threw him out, then he swung his iron rod and shouted, "Six-Rank weapon, scatter!" The blood on his iron rod began to flow and form runes. After a flash of red light from the runes, the phantoms gradually became clearer. When An Zheng and Chen Shaobai saw it clearly, their faces immediately changed … After Chen Shaobai was sent flying, there were actually three paper men chasing after him. The white paper man didn't even have the outline of its facial features. However, these three paper men made Qi Tian feel as if he was facing a great enemy. There were three paper men, one carrying a sword, one holding a horsetail whisk, and one holding something round in her hand. It was unknown what it was. "Why is there a stone essence spirit that is related to our Dao Sect?" The voice came from the sky and a few people in dark Daoist robes stood in the clouds. If one did not look carefully, it really was a white cloud. However, they had seen a lot of people, and they could tell that it was a cotton wool magic item. Or was it a piece of clothing? There were a total of six people up there, and two of them looked quite old. The one on the left looked white without a beard. He looked young, but he had a head full of white hair. The one on the right looked to be in his fifties. His hair and beard were shiny black. He looked to be in good spirits, but his face was full of wrinkles. The two of them stood side by side, with two young daoists standing behind them. Both of them were around fourteen or fifteen years old. Anti did not recognize them, but he recognized that daoist robe. Da Xi, the Daoist of Mount Wudang. "Why did you trap us?" Chen Shaobai pointed with the black sickle in his hand. The older man frowned, "Evil beings still dare to be presumptuous. You have too much demon aura on you, so you are obviously not of my race. A monster, a stone essence, a … "People who are unable to see through us, what are you doing in my Dao Sect's ancestor's place of seclusion?" Chen Shaobai hated people calling him a demon the most. He raised his eyebrows and said, "This is not your house, so why can't I come? I'm here, and you have to explain to me why I'm here?" The old Daoist wrinkled his brow, "Evil is evil, heaven and earth cannot tolerate it." He pointed downwards with his finger, and the three unmoving paper men immediately rushed towards Chen Shaobai. Chen Shaobai was infuriated. It was one thing to be unable to see them, but now, how could he be afraid of three paper men? He swung his black sickle horizontally and cut three paper men into two with a 'shua' sound. The three paper men were divided into six sections. However, they instantly turned into six paper men and surrounded Chen Xiaolian at the same time. The three paper men, who had nothing in their hands, were even faster. Before Chen Shaobi's scythe could be retracted, the three paper men had already rushed to his side. One of them grabbed Chen Shaobai from behind and pulled him back, while the other grabbed Chen Shaobai's legs and lifted him up. The remaining one reached under Chen Shaobai and used both of his hands to support Chen Shaobai's back. Chen Shaobai was lifted up by the three paper men in an inconceivably fast speed. At this moment, the person holding the sword descended from the sky and stood on Chen Shaobai's abdomen. He gripped his sword with both hands and fiercely stabbed it into Chen Shaobai's chest! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The 30 Holy Fish's Scales flew over and knocked away the four paper men. Due to the fact that the paper man had been split into two, An Zheng didn't dare to cut it down again. Instead, he was sent flying. However, there was still a change. The four people on the paper instantly turned into eight. They were exactly the same, standing there and "watching" them fight peacefully. They had no facial features, but they looked extremely sinister. "Stubborn fool." The older Daoist shook his head slowly, "You must have some plan in mind while my Dao Sect's ancestor was in seclusion. Perhaps you may have taken away my Dao Sect's secret trove. Everything here doesn't belong to you. I hope you put it down. If that's not possible, then I will have to help you put it down. " The ten paper men surrounded the three of them. This kind of person who could not be killed was especially troublesome. Anti suddenly closed his right eye and the black eyeball in his left eye quickly grew larger. The three blue, fish-like spots of light started to spin rapidly. Everyone felt as if they were in a trance. When they looked again, a door appeared in front of them. It was pitch-black inside the door. An irresistible suction force came from the inside and sucked the ten paper men in. He felt a slight pain in his left eye, but the power behind that look was appalling!
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