He watched as An Zheng's life force surged out like a tide, while that hand of the eye seemed to carry an unstoppable magic that made it impossible for him to break free. But right at that moment, a soft cat's cry sounded in An Tan's ears. That voice seemed to come from the depths of An Zheng's heart. After a soft cry, He Zheng's consciousness suddenly came to its senses. Soon after, a small galaxy appeared in front of them. Countless tiny but extremely bright stars entered the space between An Zai and that eye. The densely packed stars circled around An Zai for a while, then suddenly all rushed into the copper mirror. In just a moment, a mournful cry rang out from the copper mirror. The red hook like dot in the eye started to spin rapidly but stopped very soon. The sparkling stars were like countless attacking soldiers as they quickly occupied all the red dots. Then the red dot turned into a sky-blue color. Suddenly, a flame appeared on the hand that had grabbed He Tan by the neck. The withered hand quickly began to burn, and the crackling sounds were as if it was frying something. In just a short moment, the hand had been burnt to ashes, leaving only the greyish white bones. However, it was clear that the hand did not intend to give up. It was still tightly clutching on to the neck. The flames burned even more fiercely, and a few seconds later, the hand was riddled with holes. Then he could see countless stars come out of the hole in his hand and go in. A few seconds later, the hand turned to ash and fell to the ground. The copper mirror fell to the ground with a clatter, but there seemed to be some sort of tight rope between the copper mirror and the struggle for peace. When the copper mirror fell, An Zheng's body couldn't help but bend down and almost fell to his knees. He bent over and continued staring at the copper mirror. Crack * The copper mirror suddenly cracked open. Soon after, the eye flew out from the inside and went into the left eye of An Zheng's. In an instant, he felt like his eyes had gone blind. That scorching pain immediately spread throughout his entire body from his eyes, and his body began to tremble violently. The feeling of the fire burning in his eye sockets sent shivers down one's spine. A person who had never experienced such pain was unable to experience it and could not imagine it. Even with their perseverance, they were almost unable to endure it. Beads of sweat the size of soybeans covered his forehead and his clothes were drenched. Pain, the pain of being pierced in the heart and corroding the bones. His legs trembled, and he finally couldn't hold on any longer and knelt down. He grabbed his head with both hands and rolled on the ground. He clenched his teeth to hold back the moan from coming out. However, due to the intense pain, An Zai's body was curled up into a ball. No one could help him; he was the only one in the little room. Outside the door, the faceless monster that did not know what it was collapsed to the ground in fear, not daring to attack the door again. The door only had a frame and no door, but it just couldn't get in. Unable to persevere any longer, the pain made him faint to death. When he woke up, his body felt an unprecedented cold. It was like being splashed with water and thrown into an ice cave, leaving him no one to rely on. There was nothing to keep warm, and the cold was seeping out of the body. The source of the cold was in his left eye. Anti subconsciously raised his hand and touched his tightly shut left eye. Then, he saw that his hand was stained with bright red blood. His left eye was still bleeding, half of his face was covered with blood, and even his clothes were wet. Although the pain had lessened somewhat, he was still unable to open his left eye. It was as if something was trying to crawl out from under his eyelids, or as if countless tiny knives were slicing his eyelids. He struggled to stand up against the wall and looked around the room with his right eye. Apart from the broken meridians, there were no other changes. He often turned around to take a look. However, when he did so, the faceless monster that was still waiting outside immediately shrank back in fear and began to tremble. Anti thought that his bloodied face scared it, so he didn't think much about it. He squatted down, picked up the half-bronze mirror with trembling hands, and looked at it. In the mirror, he was simply another person. His entire face was deathly pale, as white as a sheet of white paper. The left side of his face was covered in blood, and from his left eye, blood was still flowing out. He could not stop it at all. He didn't know what was going on with his left eye, and there was nothing he could do even if he wanted to apply the medicine. He suddenly remembered that he had previously sent the Blood Cultivating Orb into the house, but now, no matter if it was the outer or the inner room, there was no sign of the Heaven's Eyes. Anti was silent for a while, then suddenly understood something. The eye in the bronze mirror must be the Heaven's Eye. He didn't know what kind of monster was sealed in the copper mirror, but it had used it the moment the Heaven's Eyes had entered. Although he didn't feel the Heaven's Eyes, he also didn't feel any danger. The Heaven's Eyes became the eye that the monster saw An Zheng fight with. The reason why he could not escape was because the Heaven's Eyes and him shared the same origin, so he could not escape at all. What was a star? It was the good Lord's Nine Revolutions Reincarnation's Eye that had helped him. When the good grandpa was in the peach forest at the foot of the mountain, he should have already discovered the strangeness of this thatched cottage. In the moment that the peace struggle met with danger, this power appeared and helped it break free. Heaven's Eye must have sensed that he was about to escape, so he rushed out. In the end, he entered the left eye of the safe haven. Anxious confirmed that his left eye was finished. He thought about how one eye was going to be pretty ugly in the future, but at least his life was saved, right? This was the price he had to pay for his recklessness. He clearly knew that there must be something strange in the room. But why? Anxious, he couldn't help but ask himself. He knew that there was definitely something strange in the room, so why did he still enter? He recalled that it was definitely not because of his curiosity. He was no longer a man who could not control his curiosity. His mind was firm and unyielding. But he came in anyway, as if something had been calling to him all along, and the voice was in the middle of the struggle. Now that the voice had disappeared, Anxious gave a bitter smile … His left eye had also disappeared. His body trembled as he walked out. His steps were incomparably heavy. It was as if all his energy had been drained from his body. He felt drowsy and on the verge of collapse. He held on to the door frame, and the faceless creature flinched again, but did not run away. "Sorry." Anti closed his left eye and smiled apologetically at it, "So you wanted to stop me from coming in, right? I didn't understand your good intentions. I apologize, I misunderstood you. " The faceless monster seemed to be about to say something, but it had no facial features. It had no way to express itself, not even an expression. However, he could feel it. He wanted to tell himself that this place was too dangerous, so he had to leave quickly. Using the Broken Army Sword as a walking stick, he left the house with great difficulty, step by step. He turned around and saw the faceless monster following behind him like a fish. It had hands and feet, but it couldn't walk. Anti knew that it had no ill intentions and should only be worried about him. Hence, he smiled in good will and continued to stagger forward. When he left the courtyard, he felt a change behind his back. He turned around and saw a fire suddenly erupting from the thatched cottage, which quickly engulfed the entire hut. The fire spread out from the thatched cottage and quickly set the wattled fencing on fire. The fence that was filled with roses was instantly engulfed by the sea of fire. Anti quickened his pace and left. When he went down the mountain, he passed by the peach forest. It seemed like he could see the ghosts even more clearly. They all seemed terrified and distorted. When they came up the mountain, they were all ferocious and terrifying, as if they would break free from the peach tree at any moment and grab An Zheng to tear him into pieces. But when Anti went down the mountain, they seemed to be completely frightened by something, curling up, and some even letting out whining sounds. He no longer had the mind to care about these ghosts and wanted to quickly leave this place. Although his steps were unsteady, the speed at which he descended the mountain was much faster than when he first arrived at the foot of the mountain. As he walked, he took out a pill from his bracelet and swallowed it, in case the wound on his left eye worsened. When he reached the foot of the mountain, he felt someone tugging at his back. He turned around and saw the faceless monster pulling at his sleeve. The faceless monster gestured for An Tan to head towards the stream. After a moment of silence, An Tan asked, "You want me to wash my wounds?" The faceless monster nodded its head vigorously and went over. It squatted down by the stream and tried to wash its face. At this moment, a voice called out from behind him. Anti turned his head to look and discovered that it was Chen Shaobai and Qi Tian who were rushing over from afar. Their clothes were torn and stained with blood. It was obvious that they had just experienced a fierce battle. Looking at how breathless they were, they knew how troublesome their opponents were. "Anxious, why are you here!" Before Chen Shaobai could finish his words, he saw An Tan's bloody face and left eye. "Ah! "What's wrong with you!" Chen Shaobai quickly rushed over to support An Zheng, then turned around to look around: "Who is it! "Who the f * ck is that!?" Anhua stopped him, "It was my own carelessness … Are you guys okay? It seems like you're fighting someone? " Chen Shaobai's voice became teary, "Look at yourself, you're still in the mood to ask if we're fighting … Are you in pain? " Qi Tian also rushed over and after looking at it, his expression changed. "What's going on? Why have you only separated for so long? Your eyes are already like that." Anti smiled and shook his head to make himself look more relaxed, "It's nothing, I just lost an eye. I'll wash my face first. We'll talk later. " Only at this moment did Anti notice that the Faceless Monster had disappeared. It must have been because of fear after seeing Chen Shaobai and the others coming over that he had dived into the stream. Anti knew that the thing was very timid and did not reveal itself. "How did you find me?" Anti asked. Chen Shaobai said, "When we meet people like Da Xi who are trapped in this illusion, we would start running without a fight. Luckily, we ran really fast, or we would have been surrounded." Those people had been trapped for so long that even their mentality had changed. They fought as if they were crazy. Not just us, but their own people. If I get trapped again, I'm afraid it won't be long before they kill each other. " Anti held the water in his hands and washed his face. He felt that the water in the stream was extremely cool and refreshing, as if it was the best elixir in the world. Even the pain in his eyes had been alleviated. He began to wash his left eye with water, and the pain lessened with each contact. Then he saw the faceless creature lying at the bottom of the stream, looking at him and smiling. Smile? Anti couldn't help but stare blankly for a moment. Didn't the faceless monster have no facial features? There was nothing at all. Could it be that he was hallucinating? How could it be smiling? Anti shook his head and tried to look again. He found that the faceless monster was smiling at him. It was a young man who looked like a symbol. He was delicate and pretty, with good looks and a sunny smile. The faceless monster raised its finger to point at its left eye and then laughed. The struggle for peace suddenly woke up … His left eye was not blind. He subconsciously closed his left eye, but what he saw with his right eye was still that faceless monster. He closed his right eye and saw a smiling handsome youth in his left eye. The youngster waved towards An Zheng, then he followed the stream and left. An Tan abruptly stood up and turned around to look at the mountain behind him. Red flashed in his left eye, and then he saw that the mountain was not a mountain at all, but two large doors. The door was black, the one on the left had the word ghost, and the one on the right had the word human. Anti didn't know what that meant, but he felt that his left eye was looking at another world.
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