As he followed the stream upwards, he intentionally kept his distance from it. He didn't know if the strange person he saw just now was a human, or perhaps a demon beast. Although at that moment, that thing did not attack the dispute, but everything here would not have any kind intentions. On the way, he realized that the good master was getting more and more listless. He couldn't sense what had happened to the good master and was worried that something might have happened to him. After walking for more than ten minutes, he put the good master back into the space to rest. And just before, when he had gotten lost in the peach forest. The stars in the Good Master's eyes flowed, forming a Milky Way that no one could see. In the blink of an eye, he was already dozens of miles away. And the place where the milky way was leading was exactly the same mountain that He Tan was now heading to. What was in the mountain, was the Milky Way still there? Although the mountain wasn't too far away, it still took them at least two hours to reach the foot of the mountain. And the peach forest went all the way up the mountain, and Andi found that even halfway up the mountain it was the same pink. Although the peach blossoms were beautiful, but walking all the way here, with eyes like this, it was hard to not feel disgust. Standing at the foot of the mountain, An Zheng's attention was focused on the peach-colored patch of gray that covered the halfway point of the mountain. In the hut. As if a voice were guiding the struggle, it seemed to him that he had to go to the hut. There was actually a small path on the mountain. After walking for a few hundred meters or so, the mountain became steep. And the surrounding peach trees, every peach tree made An Zheng's heart shiver. Every peach tree here was different from the ones below, because every peach tree was bound to the spirits of the dead. Some had lost half of their heads, some were completely twisted, some had a large hole in their chest, some had an empty stomach, some lacked arms, and some only had half their bodies left. These vengeful spirits were bound to the peach tree by some strange force. No matter how much they struggled, they couldn't break free. Even though they did not make a sound, they could feel as if their heads were about to explode. This was no paradise, but hell. As they walked up the mountain, they saw at least a few thousand peach trees. Every peach tree had this type of vengeful spirit. The missing person was a vengeful spirit on a peach tree. In the end, the number of ghosts bound on a peach tree was enough to make one's scalp tingle. When An Zheng passed by a peach tree, the branches of the peach tree were filled with Hanged Ghost. They stuck out their tongues and even stretched out their hands in an attempt to catch An Zheng. When he finally arrived outside the thatched cottage, he saw that the door was open. He stood outside and called out, "Is there anyone here?" No one replied to his question. It seemed as if there was a gust of wind blowing through the hut. The half-open wooden door creaked, and then it opened even wider. The room was pitch black. The open wooden door was like the gaping maw of a demonic beast, waiting for An Tan's attack to penetrate it. He had experienced many dangers before, and had chased down countless evil beings in the past. However, he didn't have much contact with such monsters. Once upon a time, Anti had believed that there was no such thing as a ghost. There were only those who practiced demonic arts and had a bad mindset. But now, even though he knew that this was an illusion, he still started to doubt his earlier affirmation. The door was shaking slightly, as if it was waving at Andi. After a long period of silence, he finally decided to take a look inside. Even now, they did not encounter Chen Shaobai and the others. It was unknown if they had encountered some sort of danger. If anything in this room was the control of this illusion, then they had to go in. Anti summoned all thirty Holy Fish Scales and pointed his finger forward. His Heaven's Eyes flew out of the Blood Bead bracelet and into the thatched cottage. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] This was because when he walked a short distance away, he could tell that this hut was the same one that the old Cyan Bull had been guarding for a long time. It was rumored that the white-bearded old Daoist that lived in this thatched cottage was the world's Dao Sect's ancestor. The power sealed within this environment was the negation of him by the old Daoist on his path of cultivation. No one knew how powerful this energy was. What makes the dispute even more worried is … After his Heaven's Eyes flew into the thatched cottage, it was like a stone sinking into the ocean. No message came back. There was no point in trying to summon back the Sky Eye. Heaven's Eye had lost contact, as if it had disappeared without a trace. He took a deep breath, and in his left palm, the power of the Violet Electricity and the Crimson Sun began to fuse together. A miniature version of the Nine Dipper Thunder coiled around his palm, ready to explode at any moment. His right hand gripped the Broken Army Sword tightly. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] [Next Chapter] He had never been a timid person, but everything that had happened today was too strange. Entering the room, it was so dark that people had the urge to turn around and run away. The outer room was like a small drawing room. There was only a row of chairs in the room, and from the chairs, He Tan could feel the same aura as the peach trees outside. Apart from the chairs, there was a long table in the north wall facing the door. There were a few things on the table, a fruit dish, and of course only peaches. On the left side of the plate was a white porcelain bowl, and inside the bowl, there was actually white rice that was emitting steam. To the right of the peaches was a plate of meat, though no one could tell what it was. In addition to these three items, there was also an incense burner. Inside the incense burner, there were three joss sticks burning, and smoke was still rising from them. Above the table, a painting was taped to the wall. When Anti saw the painting, he practically swung his sword out. It depicted a mountain. Below the mountain was a small stream. Next to the stream sat a petite person. His long hair draped over his shoulders, making it hard to tell if he was a man or a woman. He had seen this person before he had arrived at the stream. Fortunately, it was just a painting. Just as he was about to enter the room to take a look at the situation, a gust of wind blew in from behind him, causing the painting on the wall to tremble slightly. Then, the person on the painting turned around. Even under the cover of his long hair, he could still clearly see his face, but no matter what, He Tan could still feel a pair of terrifying eyes staring straight at him. It still seemed to be laughing. Anti took a deep breath and told himself to calm down. The good news is that the thing can't get off the top of the painting. The furnishings outside were very simple. After carefully looking at these items, he decided to immediately enter the inner room. If there was nothing of importance inside, then he would leave immediately. Just as he was about to step into the room, he felt someone tug on his sleeve. He turned around and saw nothing. Lowering his head, he saw that that thing had actually come down! Lying on the ground like a fish, he raised his empty face to "watch" the conflict. One of its pale-white hands stretched out from its sleeve, grabbing the sleeve of the dispute, pulling it again and again. If he had been a little more timid, he would have been scared to death by now. That thing came down soundlessly. Even with An Jue's cultivation level, he was still level 6, yet he didn't notice it at all. Furthermore, there was a defensive formation formed by the thirty Holy Fish Scales outside of the body of Anti, so how the f * ck was it able to enter?! Creak creak creak. It seemed to be talking to a dispute. Anti shook his head. "I don't know what you're going to say. What are you trying to do?" That thing seemed to become restless, and it started to pull on Anfey's sleeves forcefully. However, it seemed to be unable to stand up, and could only lie on the ground, so its strength was not great. However, this thing had a hook like thing on its finger that could not be shaken off even if it was caught within the clothes of An Zheng. However, at this moment, they relaxed a little. It seemed that this thing wasn't much of a threat, just that it seemed a bit too terrifying. Anti took a step forward and prepared to enter the room. As if seeing that An Tan was about to enter, the creature started to go crazy. Its originally smooth eggshell like face suddenly contorted, seemingly as if something was about to drench itself out. With a sudden flick of his wrist, An Tan threw the thing out. A tear appeared on his sleeve. Anti immediately turned around and entered the room. He then felt a surge of violent energy seemingly erupting behind him. The door between the inner room and the outer room was like a layer of enchantment. The creature lunged forward and twisted against the invisible door. However, there was nothing obstructing him when he walked in. It was just a door frame, and there was no door panel. An invisible layer isolated that thing from the outside and kept it inside. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws, appearing to be very angry. No matter what, it was still a good thing that it could not come in. When he turned around, he found that the furnishings in the room were even simpler than the ones outside. There was only one kang, and beside the kang was a chair and a wooden table. The kang was covered in dust, and there was a thick layer of dust on the mat. Then, noticing the peculiar appearance of the dust, he walked over to take a look. There was a shallow mark on the dust, as if someone had been sitting here for a while. There was a bronze mirror on the table, the only thing in the room. The walls were also gray, and so was the mirror. Nothing could be seen. He then walked over to the copper mirror and picked it up. Then, he used his sleeve to wipe the dust off the bronze mirror. He looked into the copper mirror. Suddenly, a hand reached out of the mirror and grabbed the neck of An Zheng. In a split-second, it became difficult for him to breathe. The hand was green in color, similar to a dried corpse, but incredibly powerful. After the struggle, the hand in the bronze mirror pulled the struggle forward, unable to stop it. It was getting harder and harder to breathe, and his face was turning purple. A red light flashed in the bronze mirror and an eyeball appeared. There was only one eyeball. It was an indescribable eyeball. The black color occupied the most important part of the eyeball, and there were a few red, hook-like spots coiled around it. If she was just looking, she didn't feel much fear, but Anti felt that death was in those eyes. That hand wasn't trying to drag the struggle into the bronze mirror, it was just trying to grab it. The release of life force from the contending body to the outside was the power of life. A pale green light floated out from An Zai's body and drilled into the copper mirror like a tidal wave. That eye seemed to have turned into a bloody mouth, greedily absorbing An Zai's life force. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" With a loud roar, An Zheng struggled to get out of the room. But no matter how he struggled, no matter how he resisted, his life force still flowed out like a tide, unstoppable.
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