The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a peach blossom. The pink color came from the darkness, giving him the illusion that he had suddenly entered another world. Previously, the old ox's shadow had sent them into the Daoist manor's holy abode, but was this place really just a peach forest? As for this peach forest, why did it look so familiar? Anti looked around and found that he was the only one there. "Chen Shaobai!" Qi Tian! " Anti shouted twice, but no one answered. Anxiang walked forward slowly, keeping a vigilant watch on his surroundings. No one knew if there were any dangers lurking around. The old ox's shadow had mentioned that many experts of the Great Xi world were trapped in illusions. Looking at the date, those people had been trapped for at least nearly a year. They were probably on the verge of collapse. Once they met someone, they would immediately attack. After they walked for about a few hundred meters, the space in front of them suddenly opened up. It seemed to be an empty area. It was precisely because they saw this empty space that An Zheng's mind suddenly exploded. Wasn't this place the Peach Garden in the immortal palace? He had fought with the people from the Hanhai Sect here before, and this empty space was left behind by him after he had plucked hundreds of peach trees. It seemed that the military headquarters were flat, and the loess that had been turned over still had new traces. In other words, Qi Tian and Chen Shaobai might have been sent to the real Heavenly Passage Mansion, while he himself was sent to this peach forest. Why was this so? However, he couldn't find anyone to ask. He decided which direction to go based on this piece of empty land. Then, he turned around and walked towards the location of the old cow's thatched cottage in his memory. He did not dare to be too fast. Since it was an illusion, what he saw might not be real. After walking back a few hundred meters, Anjou suddenly stopped because he found that he had lost his way. He was a very meticulous and cautious person. His years of experience in investigating cases had given him a lot of good habits. When he first appeared in this peach forest, he had already made a mark on a peach tree. This peach tree must have suffered some sort of blow before, the shape of the tree was very strange, there was no way a dispute could be forgotten. The tree was still the same, but the mark was gone. An Tan abruptly turned his head, seemingly coming to his senses as he rushed towards that empty area. Anti clearly remembered that he had walked a total of more than 900 steps from here to that open area. He was definitely not going in the wrong direction, and even though the peach tree looked messy because it had been growing for so many years without anyone to take care of it, it was still in the queue. When he rushed over to the place according to his memory, he was shocked to find that the empty space had disappeared. There was not a single missing peach tree here, and every one of them was intact. This was more than just an illusion. These peach trees formed a huge maze. The few times he had entered the peach forest, he had specially remembered that the peach forest covered at least tens of thousands of acres. If he wanted to exit the maze on such a large area, it would be even harder than ascending to the heavens. It seemed like Chen Shaobai and Qi Tian had also been sent into the peach forest. However, because this place was constantly changing, the three of them had been separated the moment they had entered. At this moment, if he wanted to find each other, he could only rely on luck. No one knew where they were, let alone finding them. Anti remembered what the old cow had said and finally understood. The old ox said that there were many experts from the Great Xias trapped in the illusion. There were even Dao Sect descendants who had a deep understanding of the Mysterious Gate's armor. If they accidentally encountered it, they would be in danger. This carelessness originally meant that there was a danger involved. After pondering for a while, he felt that he wasn't distracted, and continued to pay attention to his surroundings. But just when he was considering what would happen if he stayed where he was, he discovered that the peach tree next to him had silently changed. Without any movement, the peach tree was no longer the peach tree from before. A frown appeared on his face. "In that case, let's open a path." Anti leaned over and hugged a peach tree. "They are all good things, I am not willing to destroy you." He raised both his arms and pulled out a peach tree with a poof. He then threw it into the bracelet, but there was no hint from Heaven's Eye. Anti was stunned for a moment. Could all these peach trees be fake? In that instant of astonishment, he realized that the tree hole in front of him was also gone. The peach tree was still in front of him, exactly the same as the one he had just pulled out. "All fake?" However, if it was fake, then he should have already felt it when he was pulling the peach tree just now. However, no matter if it was the feeling of a tentacle or the feeling of being forcefully pulled, it was all very real. With such a large peach tree, the power of one's muscles would not be enough to pull it out. Thus, one would still need to use the power of their cultivation. The consumption was real, so why was the peach tree fake? "Heaven's Eye!" With a cry, the blood-red pearl flew up into the air and floated in front of Anti. "Let's see what kind of place this is." A layer of faint red light scattered out from his Heaven's Eye, quickly covering a large area. Moments later, Heaven's Eye's voice appeared in An Zaiyan's mind, but it was only two simple words. "Tao Lin." With a sigh, He Wei retracted his Heaven's Eyes. Then, he took out the Good Master who was still sleeping, rubbed his little head and said, "Don't sleep anymore, I'm trapped here. See how we can get out of here." The good grandpa unwillingly opened his eyes and looked. Then, as if he had suddenly regained his spirit, he stood up straight and trembled as he looked around. After about two minutes, the good master raised his beautiful little paw and pointed to the left. "I knew you were the best." The good grandpa looked at him with disdain. However, he didn't seem to be sleepy anymore as he continued to survey his surroundings. After walking for a few hundred meters, they stopped in shock again. This was the place where he had entered the peach orchard. He saw that the peach tree had a strange shape and there was a mark that he had left on it. He had returned to the starting point, but the starting point was also in the peach forest. Anxious asked, "Good Master, how do we proceed?" At this time, the good sir unconsciously stood up. All of his hair looked a bit stiff, and his tail was completely straight. He didn't know if it was because he saw something terrifying that he frightened, or because of some other reason. The stars in its eyes flowed faster and faster. Anxious to the extreme, the benevolent master's state of mind seemed too strange. However, after a few minutes, the benevolent old man's taut nerves suddenly relaxed, as if he had just fought against some powerful enemy. The whole cat looked a bit listless, but it relaxed a bit. He didn't know what the Good Master had just experienced, but he could feel his fatigue. It was as if he had just experienced a fierce battle, and all his energy had been used up in just a few minutes. Following the direction that the good master had pointed to, An Tan walked for about half an hour. The surroundings looked like they had never encountered anything before, so the He Zheng's mood gradually became better. As long as they were places that he had never been before, at least he wouldn't be walking around in circles. Then he heard the sound of water. It was very light, but he was sure he hadn't misheard it. He rushed in that direction, and after another three or four minutes, he reached the end of the forest. In front of him was a small stream, but it was not very wide. The stream was so clear that one could see the bottom. Not far away, he saw a person sitting in a daze as he stared at the stream. He was rather skinny, with long hair and a shawl covering his body. His clothes looked tattered, so he couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. Anti coughed and wanted to ask where he was. That person slowly turned his head back, and then his head exploded at that moment. This person had no face. His face was flat, like an eggshell. It would not be so smooth if someone had cut off its facial features. It really was like a huge egg on its neck. There was nothing, but he could clearly feel that this person was looking at him. Suddenly, a sharp wailing sound rang out from that person's body. The sound was so ear-piercing that it nearly pierced through one's eardrums in an instant. That person suddenly stood up, as if he was greatly frightened, and dived head first into the stream. The stream was very shallow, but it was only a few centimeters deep. However, that person had dove into it and disappeared. The stream was still clear enough to see the clean pebbles below, but the person had disappeared without a trace. Anti lowered his head to look and discovered that the hair on the benevolent elder's body stood up once again. The stars in his eyes moved once more, as if he was about to face a great enemy. What the hell was this place! The stream was like a dividing line, with the peach grove behind An Zheng, and the peach grove opposite the stream. Following the direction of the stream, he seemed to be able to see a tall mountain. He searched through his memories and found that the outline of the mountain was somewhat familiar to him, but he could not recall where he had seen it before. Looking downstream, he couldn't see the end of the river. The stream went straight down, and there were peach trees on both sides. Anxiang asked Kindness where Kindness should go. Kindness raised its little paws and pointed upstream. There was no other way to settle this dispute, so he could only follow the benevolent grandfather's directions and advance towards the mountain. He didn't dare to travel that fast. No one knew what the freak he met was. Just as he was about to head towards the mountain, the strange man who had previously dived into the stream appeared once again. He slowly stuck his head out of the stream without making any sound. His long, wet hair fell on his shoulders, and his face, devoid of anything, seemed to be looking at the back of a man who was struggling with himself.
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