Gu Jiuxi was a woman, a very beautiful woman, but definitely not a vase. If it was simply because the Great Western Holy Emperor admired her, she wouldn't be able to sit still in her position as the general of the Temple. No matter which faction it was, there was no room for trash in the Great Western Region's Holy Court. Perhaps there had always been an illusion among the people that those who were greedy were useless were useless. In fact, if they were really useless and easy to deal with, how did they start to be corrupt? If the commoners were to use the common sense of the commoners to distinguish between the loyal officials and the adulterers, then it was certain that the side of the adulterers was much more powerful than the side of the loyal officials. Gu Jiuxi was a very capable woman. It was just that it had been too long since she had to think. Life was always the same every day. It was so simple and straightforward that one did not need to think about it. The Sacred Emperor suddenly gave her an extremely mind-boggling job, which was why she felt like her head was so big. Some people say that the capable have more work to do, but in reality, it's just a bullsh * t remark … Those who were able would definitely not work hard, while those who were able would use people. Gu Jiuxi immediately thought of Head of the Intelligence Division of the Bright Magic Division, Ouyang Duo, and immediately made her decision. She didn't want to tell anyone, so she secretly went to the ruins of the Western Regions. With her cultivation level, it wouldn't take long for her to go back and forth with all her strength. She would be able to do it within half a month. But no matter how strong Gu Jiuxi was, she wasn't an old fox. The moment she left Jinling City, her men also set off. Immortal palace ruins. Chen Shaobai suddenly thought of something and narrowed his eyes to look at An Zheng, "Why do I keep having the feeling that something big is going to happen to Da Xi? Why was it that for no reason at all, the remaining people were all transferred to the immortal palace? Was there someone who didn't want them to stay in Nanjing to get in the way, or was it someone who wanted to kill them all in the immortal palace? Or was it trying to think in the best direction … Someone let them go for the purpose of protecting them? " "However, whether it's the first, second or third place, they all mean that something big is about to happen to Da Xi. If it's third place, then this matter is a bit too big to be true. " Security had already thought of this problem, so he shook his head: "Maybe... It's protection, right? " Chen Shaobai pouted, "Always acting deep." He took a look at Qi Tian, who was squatting on the slope and chewing on a peach that came from who knows where, and asked, "Monkey Bro, where are we going later?" Qi Tian turned around and glanced at An Zheng. "I was thinking about something. There's actually a secret realm called the Heavenly Passage of the Dao Mansion in the hut Old Ox lives in. It was personally made by that white-bearded old Daoist. Back then, the only ones who entered were the three overpowered Immortal Emperors. If we can find the Heavenly Passage of the Dao Palace, we might have some fortuitous encounters. " Chen Shaobai said, "Why didn't you say so earlier!" Qi Tian said, "It's been more than ten thousand years, big brother. How about you casually remind me of what happened ten thousand years ago? Let me see." Chen Shaobai smiled in embarrassment, "You are a handsome guy with a face so young that it made people overlook your age." Qi Tian said, "If you don't have a fake expression when you say that, then I will take it seriously." The two of them looked at Andi together, "What about that black-faced guy?" Anson pulled himself out of his thoughts, stood up and stretched his body, "Let's go. Since we have nothing better to do, let's go and try our luck." With regards to the Mentor … It has nothing to do with me. I was no longer the head of the Ming Fas, and they were no longer my men. It's a good thing for them to be far away from me. " Chen Shaobai laughed, "Why didn't you think of it that way earlier? You are just tired of living, worrying about everything." If you want to interfere in those matters, that's fine. Everyone will help you manage those matters. This kind of thing feels great, but how good is it to be a bad guy! However, no one wants you to get involved with the things you did in the Da Xi family. You are no longer someone from the Da Xi family. You are no longer the same you were before. Although I know it's hard to forget the past, you can't just fall in and not come out, right? " Anti: "You talk too much." Chen Shaobai said, "Fuck, let's go, Monkey Bro. This bastard doesn't know who's the good guy." Qi Tian giggled, "We won't leave, we have to leave together." The three of them left this run-down hall and headed towards the hut where they had met the old cyan ox. The three of them chatted along the way and wasted no more time. Actually, they had already agreed that after shooting a shot at the Immortal palace, they would have everyone contend for a place in the Immortal palace and then go to the Golden Top Kingdom to try their luck at the Great Thunderpool Temple. After a long detour, the dangers would probably be over. Then, he would return to Yan State to find Qu Liuxi and the others and reunite with them. Qi Tian led the two of them for almost an hour, but they still did not reach there. Then, he squatted on a big tree branch and scratched his head, "Did I remember wrongly? I've walked this path dozens of times, how can I remember wrongly? " "You can still remember incorrectly after walking for dozens of times?" Chen Shaobai looked up at him from under the tree with a look of contempt, "Monkey Bro, can you be more reliable? If you say anything more, that would be over ten thousand years ago. I don't think it's an excuse. " Qi Tian said, "Let me recall, I remember that we will arrive after this mountain. However, the environment around us is different." He looked around and realized that even the shape of the mountain was different. "Could it be that I went in the wrong direction? But I've really walked this road dozens of times. In the past, coming to the immortal palace was as simple as strolling in one's own garden. I have a good relationship with the old Cyan Bull, and he often turned a blind eye to allow me into the hut to steal the white bearded old Daoist's immortal pills. " "That's not right!" Qi Tian suddenly realized something, "We seem to have arrived at a place, it's just that there's a change here." He saw a bare spot at the bottom of the grassy slope. It was only a few meters in size, and everywhere else was lush green. Only this place was bare except for the yellow soil. Qi Tianyi flew over and stood there in a daze, "This is where the old cow is. Where are the huts and fences? Why is everything gone?" He followed her to take a look, and then his face changed. This was probably the place where he met the old cow, who was standing guard over the thatched cottage in the fencing area. He had eaten all the grass in the vicinity, so he didn't want to go too far. "Nothing." Qi Tian frowned, "When the old cow was taken away, the thatched cottage was still there, the fence was still there, everything was still there. But now … Why did this happen? "The mountains are no longer the mountains, the grasslands are still the grasslands …" He suddenly understood something. "Are we in a chaotic space?" Neither the enmity nor the enmity could be understood by Chen Xiaobai. Qi Tian continued, "When Old Ox was taken away, those people from Da Xi must have continued to search this place. In order to protect the heavenly passage, the old cow must have triggered something, which was why the environment here was almost completely different. "When the old cow was taken away, the people of the Da Xi sect clearly came. They are the descendants of the white-bearded old Daoist. They might have been able to discover the secret of the Heavenly Passage, or they might have triggered something." Chen Shaobai said, "Looks like we came too late. There's nothing here anymore." At this moment, a shadow appeared in front of the three of them. It was pitch black, as if some ghost was about to emerge from the Underworld. The three of them immediately took precautions, but that thing didn't seem to have any malicious intent. "Old cow?!" Qi Tian could tell that the shadow was actually the old Cyan Bull, and his expression immediately changed. "It's me." The mysterious man opened his mouth and spoke. It was the old cyan bull's voice. If you came a little later, then the power of your cultivation would have dissipated. At that time, in order to not be discovered by them, he didn't dare to leave behind too much power, only a small amount. Monkey, you are really used to being careless. Did you not think that I would definitely leave something behind? " Qi Tian said vexedly, "I'm an idiot." Old Cow: "You have been like this for a long time... My time is limited, so I won't waste any more time. The useless disciples of Dao Sect with the white beard had come over and wanted to take away his belongings. However, how could their insignificant cultivation experience succeed? I triggered the illusion of the Heavenly Passage Mansion. They are still trapped in the illusion and can't come out. But he hadn't used this illusion for tens of thousands of years, so he didn't have enough spirit energy. I'll send you in. You should quickly take away the things left behind by the white bearded man in the Heavenly Passage and not fall into their hands. Once they get their hands on those things, I'm afraid it will be a huge disaster. " "What's so amazing?" Qi Tian asked curiously. "White bearded …" The other one. " The old cow sighed. "You know, the white beard has been looking for something all his life. During this process, he constantly denied himself. It could be said that the person who founded the Dao Sect was no longer the same person as he was later on. And in this process, he, who had abandoned himself, was still terrifyingly strong. Without the power of the soul, once released, he would become a demon. "The people from the Dao Sect think that they are able to control this kind of power. They are overestimating themselves." Qi Tian: "The other one with the white beard? The self who doesn't have a soul? " "Everyone has a process of ascension. White Beard's ascension wasn't due to the help of others, but due to him comprehending the Heavenly Dao time and time again. Therefore, he kept removing the dregs from his body time and time again. You also knew how terrifying the cultivation level of the white beard was. Even if the items he removed had 1% of his strength, it would still be terrifying, let alone more than 1%. This power was sealed within a gourd by the white beard, and is within the estate-world. " A golden light flashed from the old ox's shadow. "I'll send you in directly. However, you may meet people from the Great Xixi Dao Sect or someone else. Just be careful." Qi Tian nodded, "Old Cow, just wait for us. Sooner or later, we will go to the Da Xi to rescue you." Old Cow: "What's the use of telling me this? I'm not the original body that was taken away, even if you told me, he wouldn't know … But I believe you, and there's one thing you'll remember. Old Ox can seal himself, can live for tens of thousands of years, even if those people from the Da Xi world were stronger, they wouldn't be able to touch me. Therefore, you all don't have to be in such a hurry to save me. Wait until you all can rely on your own powers to wash away all the monsters and ghosts in the world, then you all can go back. " With these words, the old bull's body became even more pale and weak. After a moment, they only felt their vision darken. When the light appeared again, they were already in the midst of a peach forest. Peach trees. Peach trees again.
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