A storm was brewing. Da Xi had been at peace for too long. Her emotions had been stirred up by an assassination that was destined to be impossible. No one knew which idiot had done such a thing. Even if they wanted to kill those old monsters that Chen Wannuo had thought of for over a hundred years, they would still have to curse them for their idiocy. Yes, who was it? Gu Jiuxi felt a headache coming on. For the past five days, she didn't have a single clue. That's right, there weren't many people who knew that the emperor had left the palace, and the few that did were her trusted subordinates. She was sure that her subordinates didn't have the guts nor the ability to do so. Even she herself couldn't summon over a hundred experts, much less her subordinates. Thus, she felt that if she went to Chen Wu-er to beg for forgiveness, she would not be able to find out. On the way back, Gu Jiuxi suddenly thought of something … Why didn't His Majesty want the people from the Sanctuary to interfere? What was this signal? The sanctuary was formed to replace the Ming Fa Division, and the person who made the most of the effort to build the sanctuary was the prince Chen Zhong Hu. Gu Jiuxi shivered. She felt a chill start to run down her spine … Did His Majesty know something? She suddenly began to admire a person, a dead person. He would have been able to find out when he beat the head of the Ming Fa Division to death, but he was already dead. Gu Jiuxi tried to think with Fang Tan's thoughts, but found that she couldn't do it, because she never understood that man. Ouyang Duo. Another name entered Gu Jiuxi's mind, the Head of the Intelligence Division of the Great Western Magical Division. According to the rumors, he was a prodigy that no intelligence in the world could detect. If he could get help from Ouyang Duo, this case might have some leads. However, all of the people in the Mantra of the Ming Clan had already been transferred to the Immortal Palace. Could it be that he was going to the Western Regions? Then, Gu Jiuxi thought of another problem … Why did the assassination of the Sacred Emperor happen after the Mentor had been transferred out? And the Emperor wouldn't let the Templar take over? Why? Gu Jiuxi stopped and asked three times in her heart why. Why wait until the Ming Fas people were transferred? Was it because the person who did it was afraid of Ming Fas? They were well aware that as long as the Mentor remained, it would be a huge threat. There was no one who could compare to the Ming Dharma Department in investigating cases, not even the sanctuary. So it seemed reasonable that they should take action after the Ming Fas people had been transferred. However, he didn't use the Cathedral because the emperor didn't trust it? As for whether he trusted or even suspected it was a heavy weapon? Gu Jiuxi felt that she was becoming more and more terrifying. Usually, she only trained in the art of military training, and then served as the guardian of the imperial palace. Although noble as a general of the Temple, he could still be regarded as the simplest general in history. She didn't socialize much, probably because of her identity as a woman, and no one was willing to interact with her. Other than the love of others, they didn't have any other interactions with each other. Speaking of which, she was the first female general in the history of the Great Xixi Temple, so this was a little outrageous. However, she knew that in terms of qualifications and strength, she wasn't enough to become a Temple General. The only reason she had such a position was because of the Saint King, Chen Wannuo. Thus, when she thought of this, she stopped in her tracks, heading towards the Imperial Palace. The Holy Emperor cared about me and trusted me. So I decided to resign my job after five days? Gu Jiuxi felt that she should go to the Western Regions and pick up Ouyang Duo from the Immortal palace ruins. She couldn't send people because she knew that if she sent people there, the people she might go to would die for no reason, or it would be Ouyang Duo who died. She was also well aware that if the king really suspected that the Sanctuary was suspecting Chen Chou, then even she herself would be in danger. Therefore, he had to travel alone without informing anyone. Gu Jiuxi immediately turned around and returned to her home. When she turned around, she didn't see Prince Charming less than a hundred meters away. He was standing in the shadows, looking at her with a gloomy expression. The palace. The Great Western Holy Emperor's radiance was too dazzling, causing others to automatically ignore it. When one thought of the palace, one would think that it was the place where the Sacred Emperor lived and drank. Very few people have such thoughts in their heads … The Divine Empress was also there. No matter if people wanted to or not, the Divine Empress was still the most important woman in the Great Xi. She was the woman that had accompanied Chen Changsheng the longest. If Chen Changsheng disliked her, disrespected her, and did not care about her, then she did not need to become the Divine Empress. The crowd was only used to forgetting the Divine Empress's existence because she was truly too low-key. Being low-key was also one of the reasons why Chen Wu Nuo cared about her. The Divine Empress had the surname of Zhangsun, and very few people already knew of her name. Those who had seen the Divine Empress all knew that she was a woman as gentle as water. Even though her appearance was young, she still looked as beautiful as a young girl. Moreover, the temperament of a mature mother was not something a woman could casually compare with. "Your Majesty, are you really suspecting me?" The eldest grandson asked with a very soft voice. On the surface, it seemed as if Chen Wannuo was a gentle and benevolent monarch, but she was very clear that he was a straightforward person. If someone were to ask something, he might not express his dissatisfaction, but he did not feel happy about it. Therefore, she directly asked, and only she dared to directly ask. "I don't doubt it." Chen Nuo smiled gently, "Because he wanted to replace me in the first place. There is nothing to doubt. However, he was not the one who assassinated me. " "En!" The eldest grandson replied, "Although my heart is a bit … But he really would not do such an outrageous thing. He's only trying to make you think he's a qualified successor. " "My performance also made him feel like he was a qualified successor." The Zhangsun was slightly stunned. "Could it be His Majesty?" "No." Chen Wu-er's smile was still as gentle as before, but his following words were incomparably cold: "I only made him feel that I am certain that he is a qualified successor, but right now, I do not need a successor. Do you know why I just sit back and do nothing about it? Because I have to let my sons, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have their own sense of existence. I can't make them go crazy because they can't wait. I can only make them feel like they have a chance. " When Chen Wu-er said these words, his expression did not change at all, and he was not worried that there would be any bad consequences. This was because the woman in front of him was the woman he trusted the most. She would never betray him. Her gaze was somewhat sorrowful. Actually, Chen Zhong Hu was not her child, but even so, she felt that Chen Zhong Zi was not actually a bad child. Even if Chen Zhong Zi wasn't a child anymore, it was still possible that they were still children in the eyes of their parents. "But Your Majesty …" Then why the case? Not letting the Templar interfere was an obvious signal. Everyone would think, Your Majesty, you're suspecting something. So they will automatically draw a clear line between themselves and themselves. " "That's what they should do." "Your Majesty, why is that?" The eldest grandson felt like he was about to suffocate. "Do we really have to get rid of that artifact?" "He's just a …" "He is my son, but he is only a companion in my life. I can give him his place and his dignity, but he can't do too much. Whatever I want to give him, I will naturally give it to him. I won't give it to them. If they want to use this method to steal it, then there can only be one outcome. " "You don't know much about the item, because you don't like to come in contact with people outside. Do you know who the person I trust the most in the last thirty years is? " "It's Fang Zheng." "That's right." Chen Wu Nuo raised his head and looked at the eldest grandson's face. "But the artifact had planned to kill him …" Because the implement is my child, I can't let anyone know about it. Even if I die, I have to give Fang the reputation of a traitor. However, the truth is, a subject of great use to the country is much more meaningful to me than a son of mine. If it wasn't for this blood relationship, would I have forgiven him? "I endured it because everyone has left the stage of history and it was about time for Fang Zheng to leave." "But the worst thing that can't be done is to feel that your chance is coming." The Zhangsun Empress said, "But I really don't have any thoughts of killing you." "Yeah." "That's because he doesn't have the ability. If he did, he might have already made his move." Chen Wu-Nuo stood up, walked to the window and opened it, "Don't you understand?" The eldest grandson understood, so his heart felt as if it had been cut by a knife. His entire being felt as if he had fallen into a cave of ice. Her shoulders couldn't help but shiver. She felt so cold that it was hard to resist. But that was her husband, the one she had to support. "Da Xi has been at peace for too long. Can you remember when was the last time Da Xi fought?" Chen Wu Nuo turned to look at his wife, "Not to mention you, I almost can't remember. A country that seemed to be flourishing and peaceful, just that it looked so beautiful, but was actually on the verge of decay. Why? Because those Humble Class children could not see any hope. Whether it was the important positions in the Glory Court or the big cities below, they were all under the control of the great families. Without war, those Humble Class offspring could not find a chance. That's why I want to start a war and let them train on the battlefield to grow. Great waves are searching for gold, and after the war, the rest will be the pillars of the country in the future. " "The Orc is my son, and I can only sacrifice him. Because this case would eventually fall to him. When the time comes, we will implicate a large group of people. My goal is … A third of the people in the Court were going to die because of the conspiracy. A clan that was too powerful would be destroyed by a third. Without this case, what would I do? I have always condoned them and never paid any attention to them. I have always pretended to be blind in order to wait. " "When the time is right, it will naturally be done. The Holy See couldn't always be in the hands of those old family powers. They needed to change their blood. I only sacrificed a son to destroy a third of the Da Xi family, then I can cultivate a new family. And these newly ascended families will be loyal to me for at least two hundred years. After two hundred years, we can just change our blood. " He turned to look at his wife, "I can't move, and I can't move. "Therefore, I must replace my subordinates one by one so that they will be respectful to me from beginning to end." The Divine Empress shook her head, and tears silently rolled down her face. Chen Wu Nuo walked to her side and put her arm around her shoulders, "That's why I never wanted you to be involved in court affairs. It's too cold, too heartless, it's not suitable for you. If you feel that the smell of blood is too strong, you should go out and relax. I had someone to build a new Little An Palace in the southwest wind of Xiushan. It was specially built for you. " After saying this, Chen Wu-Nuo turned to leave. The Zhangsun Divine Empress couldn't help but ask, "But you just said, the person who sent people to assassinate you wasn't an artefact." "It really wasn't him." Chen Wu-Nuo's footsteps paused for a second, then he continued to walk forward, "It's me."
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