Every day, every place, there was a story going on. Everyone was the main character of their own lives, but it was definitely not someone else's. Every story that goes on in every place of every day is the whole world. A person does not have elegance, does not have personal charm how to see? A simple sentence... Walk into someone else's story and you're still the main character, so this is the charm, this is the personal charm. Da Xi, Jinling City. The Sacred Emperor felt a little stifled in his heart, so he changed into the clothes of a commoner and left the palace. He first followed the route that he was used to and went to the extremely ordinary inn to buy wine. Afterwards, he carried the two jugs of wine and walked towards the direction of the stone carvings of the previous generations of Saint Kings. Along the way, he looked at the people coming and going. As long as they were walking on the same street as him, most of them would be visiting the statues of the previous Sacred Emperors. It was an honor. These people are my people. In the past, when Chen Wu Nuo thought of this, she would always have a sense of responsibility. But she didn't know when, but this sense of responsibility and pride gradually faded within his body. He felt that he might be becoming lazy, so he was more diligent in court matters. However, no matter how hard he worked, he found that this sense of responsibility and pride could not be recovered. Then, a horrifying thought appeared in his mind … Could it be because I've been a Saint King for too long? Many people get tired of doing the same thing for too long, even if it was something they loved to do. It's just like eating roasted sweet potatoes, but eating them year after year for three meals a day. Sooner or later you will see them and even smell the sweet potatoes and want to vomit. To him, this idea was undoubtedly terrifying. He walked along the street, looking at the people, looking for the pride that had once belonged to him. However, after walking for a while, he felt that he was unable to find anything. He stood in front of the statues of the Sacred Emperors from the previous generations, raising his head to look at them. "In the future, I should build my sculpture higher." he muttered. "It looks like I'm looking up to you, but I've already reached a height where I don't need to look up to you. The reason why I am humble is because you are my parents and ancestors. Apart from the blood relationship, those achievements of yours no longer count for much to me. " Chen Shuang still solemnly sprinkled some of the wine. Then, he took the remaining pot and walked over to the big stone that was once the favorite seat of the Andie Faction. He leaned against the big stone and drank the wine that wasn't worth much. "It doesn't taste good." This was the first time he threw his unfinished wine to the side. He touched the big rock beside him and said, "Even now, I still don't understand. Why do you like to drink such crude wine? With the status that I have given you, you can drink the best wine in the world. " He was stunned for a moment before realizing something. "That's why you're the head of the Ming Fa Division, and why I'm the Saint King. Of course, you know that the best wine is much better than the wine you drink, and of course, you also know that the rich clothes are more beautiful than the coarse hemp. Of course you know that the taste of power is the best, and of course you know that status brings the best enjoyment. You drank such a bad wine just to remind yourself not to forget your roots, right? " He kicked the flagon away. "But I can't." He stood up straight, "I am the ruler of this world, I am the ruler of this world, there is nothing in this world that is not mine. "Therefore, I will never be like you, the best wine, the most beautiful woman, the most luxurious clothes, and the most powerful person. That's why I am worthy of you." He turned around and walked back. "Why is Zhen talking about all this?" At this moment, he noticed that there was something strange about the people around him. Hundreds of men and women wearing ghost-masks emerged from the crowd, tall and low, men and women. These people were standing in the crowd admiring the statue, so they couldn't see anything wrong with it. But the moment they put on the Ghost Face Mask together, they had the illusion that this place was no longer a peaceful and peaceful Jinling City. It was the first time in so many years that a Sacred Emperor had been ambushed in the Great Xixi State. Not only that, but it was the most powerful Sacred Emperor known as Chen Wannuo. In the Jin'ling City, under the sculptures of past Sacred Emperors, such an absurd and bizarre matter had been set free. As a result, when the news spread, no one cared whether the Sacred Emperor Chen Wannuo was doing well or not. Instead, they thought that idiot had done something so infuriating that everyone was angered. They were not worried about what would happen to Chen Wuxiang because they knew very well that there was no one in this world who could kill him, unless he was the only one. Even the famed number one expert of the Western World, the Buddha, would not be able to kill Chen Wu-uo. They were two people destined to coexist together, because it was impossible for Chen Wannuo to kill the Buddha. Even if there were a hundred lesser heaven stage experts, they would still not have a chance to kill Chen Wuji. That was because even if he couldn't defeat the combined attacks of a hundred Lesser Heaven stage experts, he would still be able to calmly retreat. Thus, even if there were more assassins in Jinling City today, they would not be able to harm him. Standing at the top was undoubtedly lonely and lonely, but this kind of encouragement and loneliness gave him a sense of security that others couldn't hope for. Dead bodies everywhere. Chen Wu Nuo killed all the people wearing the ghost mask, then picked up the wine pot on the floor and took a sip. Not too long after, a large number of experts from the various forces and armies began to gather. Temple General Gu Jiuxi was the only woman amongst all the Temple Generals, but she was the fastest. Because she was on duty in the imperial palace today, she knew that the Sacred Emperor had already left. Thus, when something happened on the side of Statue Mountain, she arrived faster than anyone else. But when she arrived, the stench of blood had dispersed. She was certain that it wouldn't even take a minute for the Holy Emperor to kill these assassins. "Your Majesty, your subject is guilty." Gu Jiuxi fell to her knees. Chen Wannuo took a sip of his wine, "The assassin was sent by you?" Gu Jiuxi: "This subject doesn't dare to die." She shuddered with fear. Chen Wu Nuo laughed, "Since the assassin was not sent by you, what crime do you have?" Gu Jiuxi: "… The savior arrived late. " "Bullsh * t, I don't need anyone to save me." He handed the wine jug to Gu Jiuxi. Gu Jiuxi stared blankly for a moment before she took it and was at a loss as to what to do. "Haaargh!" "Yes sir!" Without any hesitation, Gu Jiuxi picked up the wine jug and gulped down a large mouthful. She put down the jug, and the wine trickled down her delicate chin. "Finish it." Chen Wannuo faintly said two words. Gu Jiuxi was stunned once again. Then she held the jug of wine with both hands, raised her head and drank up all the remaining wine in one breath. A burning sensation spread from her throat all the way to her stomach, and then her whole body seemed to start burning. The first thing she felt was her face. "Is it good?" "Delicious!" "Bullsh * t. This wine doesn't taste good." Chen Wu Nuo stood up. The Saint King that had said something as vulgar as farting was actually a Saint King that Gu Jiuxi had never seen before. In her opinion, the Saint King had always been graceful and elegant. There was no man in the world who could match him. It was precisely because of this that Gu Jiuxi didn't think that it was unrefined to say anything rude to the Sacred Emperor. "Go investigate." Chen Wu Nuo stood up straight, as though she was a little tired: "There is no need for the sanctuary to intervene in this matter, the Mana Temple has already been transferred to the immortal palace, so you will be the one to investigate. "In the army, all the elites under the command of the Temple Generals can be deployed as long as you trust them. Whoever disagrees with this decision will be dealt with by you, and we will make sure of that." "This official has never investigated a case before." "Who told you to be the first to arrive?" Chen Wu-er waved his hand, "Go on, arrange for people to collect the corpses. The commoners will be afraid when they see it. This matter will not be too hard to investigate, because there aren't many people who know that I will leave the palace today. " He turned around and walked a few steps before stopping, "Do you know why I asked you to look into this? Is it really because you were the first to arrive? " Gu Jiuxi: "… "I don't know." Chen Wu-Nuo shook his head, "Actually, you know that I didn't use you because you were the first to arrive, but because I care about you and trust you." With that, Chen Wu-Nuo left, and Gu Jiuxi's shoulders trembled violently. "I care about you." These four words were like thunder in Gu Jiuxi's mind, striking her nerves time and time again. She felt as if she would collapse in the next second. Her happiness came too suddenly, causing her to feel dizzy and unable to stand up even if she wanted to. She didn't know how much time had passed before she was barely able to calm down. However, when he looked again, there was no trace of the Saint King. She was a woman, and as long as she was a woman, there was nothing in this world that could stop Chen Wu-er from saying the four words' I care about you '. Within the palace, the Grand Hall. Chen Wannuo, who had changed into the attire of a Saint King, calmly sat on his throne, looking down at the kneeling crowd. His face was calm, his eyes were calm, and not a single hint of anger could be seen. The people kneeling below were silent, no one dared to breathe loudly. Everyone was well aware of the consequences of this incident. In broad daylight, in Jinling City, there was actually someone who dared to assassinate the Emperor. Although the person who did this was undoubtedly a retard, this sort of retarded matter might cause the blood of Jinling City to flow like a river. "No one wants to say anything?" Chen Wu-Nuo raised his hand and pointed to the people below, "Look, I am the servant of the humerus. Look at my descendants. Look, all the pillars of Da Xi are here. Every time I ascend to the palace, I actually feel a sense of pride. With so many talented people being my subjects, I feel comforted in my heart. Any one of you will be a border envoy, a heroic figure in the martial arts world. However, I am a little disappointed today … "Why don't any of you have the guts to stand up and say I did it?" Before the people below could react, Chen Wannuo stood up and said, "I know, how could I not know? Of course it wasn't you guys. You are all subjects that I trust. How could you do such an outrageous thing? However, the innocence was not given by others, but proved by oneself. I'll give you all a month to prove your innocence. " He turned around and left the hall, "I suddenly don't want to see you guys anymore, before you guys are innocent." He said such a chilling sentence and left. When everyone raised their heads, they seemed to see a waterfall of blood gushing down from the throne. The blood had soaked everyone's clothes. They struggled in the lake of blood, but no one came out. Prince Chen Zhong Hu's face was terrifyingly pale, and he suddenly had the illusion that doomsday had arrived. He didn't send the killer, he wasn't that stupid. Then who could it be?
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