When An Zai saw the person from the Ming Fa Si, he could not help but think of that masked man's appearance. "You don't know who I am. I can tell you that I was once a member of the Ming Fas. But you would never know who I am. I know you, I know what you're best at. How can you tell who I am if you can't even see my eyes? I will appear in front of you, as a member of the Mentor, but you do not know who I am. Doubt will grow in your heart, and doubt will make a person crazy. " Anti shook his head, letting himself out of his thoughts. "I am from the Ming Fas." Ouyang Duo walked up to An Tan and seriously said, "I have investigated everything just now, although you killed for a reason, but you still need someone to come back with us and take a statement." Anti frowned slightly and said, "You only need to write down a statement?" Ouyang Duo nodded, "Yes." Anxiang shook his head. "This doesn't seem to be the Minfa Division that I know of. According to what I know, Minfa Division has always been open and upright when capturing people, and would never use underhanded tactics or lies or bluff. You said that I could just make a statement and leave, that's not the way the Ming Dharma Division does things. " Ouyang Duo turned around, looked at Zhuang Mingming and said, "You go back first, I will handle this man." Zhuang Mingxun: "Senior Ouyang, this doesn't seem to be in accordance with the rules." Ouyang Duo smiled helplessly and said, "What do you think the Holy Court is doing by sending the last of our manpower into the palace?" Zhuang Ming Ming Ming said, "According to the law of the Great Xixi, protect the people of the Great Xixi." Ouyang Duo shook his head, whispered in Zhuang Mingming's ear, "No, to get rid of us. Earlier, when we stopped the prison cart in Jinling City, Prince Chen Zhong intended to capture all of the people from the Ming Fa division in one fell swoop. But because we didn't do anything out of line in the end, they didn't succeed. Following that, the Holy Court transferred us all into the Immortal palace. So the Immortal palace needs us to enforce the law? "This is a place outside of Da Xi. We don't have the authority to enforce the law." Zhuang Ming Ming's expression changed, his heart was a little sad. In the past, why would the Great Western Region's Law Enforcement Department care about where they were? Did they have the authority to enforce the law? "The Holy Hall's meaning is obvious. They want us to be completely annihilated in the Immortal Palace. As long as we get into trouble, they will find a reason to attack us. " He patted Zhuang Mingming's shoulder and said, "Let's take our brothers back first. I'll handle this matter." Zhuang Mingxun heaved a long sigh, bid his subordinates farewell and left. Ouyang Duo smiled at An Tan, "Sir, can I have a word with you?" Anxious: "They are my friends, friends who have nothing to say. If you have anything to say, just say it. " Ouyang Duo nodded, "Well, then, you can talk in front of a gentleman. It wasn't a big deal, I just wanted to tell you something … The Ming Fa Division of the Great Xi Empire was ordered to enforce the law in the immortal palace. No matter what you do in the future, don't target the Great Xi people. This time, I can pretend that nothing happened and not next time. The reason for this is because the Department of Public Law is a yamen that upholds law and order, and you are indeed only there to kill in self-defense. I hope that we will not meet again in the future. " For some reason, An Tan felt that his last sentence was very profound. "Who is this?" "You don't sound like an honest man," Chen said, looking at Ouyang Duo's back. He should be your old subordinate? " Anchor nodded. "Yes, my old subordinates." "How do you feel about seeing it again?" "Meet …" "It's better to reminisce." Anxious turned around, "Let's go." Five hundred meters away from him, the masked man in black robes put down the clairvoyant in his hands, and revealed a cold smile. Not long after that, Ouyang Duo arrived at his side with an ugly expression on his face. The masked man looked at Ouyang Duo's face and sneered, "It seems that you are really a nostalgic person, are you still unwilling to do anything to him?" Ouyang Duo said, "I just don't understand, why do you insist on attacking him?" If he really is the first lord to be reborn, since he has already started a new life, then it doesn't have anything to do with us anymore. If he wasn't the first lord reborn, he would naturally have nothing to do with us. " The masked man said, "You really aren't someone who can accomplish great things." Ouyang Duo: "Did we really do the right thing?" The masked guy: "Do you still remember why we did this back then?" Ouyang Duo: "Because of the first lord." The masked man turned around and stared into Ouyang Duo's eyes, "You are right, it is because of the first lord. What did the first lord pursue in his life? It was an orderly world. But his method was wrong! According to his method, it would at most be a piece of peace, not the world. His methods looked swift and decisive, threatening, but he had very little control over them. The true nobles did not care about him at all. And why was he plotted against? Wasn't it because it touched the interests of those influential nobles? To put it more bluntly, we are not Chen Zhong Hu's people, we are just using each other. " "What if, one day, all the powerful people in the Great Western Divine Court belong to us?" He looked at Ouyang Duo and said, "Then, isn't it easy to change the world?" Ouyang Duo: "I always felt like I was dreaming." The masked man said coldly, "Don't forget that you were more active than me in the beginning. Although I was the one who found you back then, that was because you were much more decisive than you are now. After you were promoted to head of Intelligence, people started to change. I know that Fang Zheng is a person who easily affects others. He has that charm. But don't forget, what you did was to betray him … If that kid, An Zai, really has the memory of a fight, then do you think he will let you go if he knows that the future plans of the Ming Fa Si are still being carried out and that you are one of the implementers? " Ouyang Duo: "What does it matter if you let me go or not? Didn't you say that we're not doing it for ourselves? " "Of course not for myself!" The masked guy suddenly turned around and grabbed Ouyang Duo's neck, lifting him up with one arm, "Fang Duo is only a loser, he doesn't have the qualifications to be compared with you and me. His style was out of date and did not suit the future at all. Our plan is the most perfect one. As long as you believe in this, then you should not doubt my decision. " Ouyang Duo coughed and his face turned blue. The masked guy put Ouyang Duo down, and after a moment of silence, he said, "I know it's hard for you to get rid of him yourself, isn't it the same for me? But isn't this a test? If we can even kill him, what else can stop us? " Ouyang Duo's voice didn't even change as he calmed down, "I'm not one of those children who were brainwashed by you. Is it necessary for you to tell me this?" The masked guy seemed to be stunned, and then he turned his head. "Ouyang Duo, do you know why I came to find you?" "Got it." "Because I can help you," said Ouyang Duo. The masked man nodded his head, "You're right. Although you just entered the Ming Fa Si not long ago, I know that your future achievements will not be low. You are the best candidate for the head of the Information Division. That's why I promoted you when you were nothing. But now, you seem to have gradually lost something that made me care about you. " Ouyang Duo: "You want to kill me?" The masked guy shook his head. "No, I don't have many comrades. I don't want to lose one of them." He waved his hand, "Forget it, if you really don't want to go, I'll get someone to do it. The future plans of the Ming Fas were divided into five parts: support, support, main force, order, and the Invisible People. The support and support are trained by you, so it's time to use them. Let them keep an eye on the dispute. I'll send someone to kill him. The total annihilation of the Hanhai Sect made people somewhat fearful of the security dispute. It was not necessarily a good thing for those martial artists. However … There are too many people who want to kill him. " The masked man turned around and continued, "I won't force you to kill him personally, but I don't want to see you betray me either. "Like I said, I don't have many comrades. I hope you won't force me." Ouyang Duo stood there watching the masked man leave, his face constantly changing. At the same time, in a relatively well-preserved hall in the celestial palace, the masked man was also there! No one could be sure if the masked man beside Ouyang Duo was real or if the masked man in this hall was real. "General." The masked man looked towards the Temple General Zuo Jian Tang, "This person seems to be a little troublesome. If the Devil Sect's people appear, it won't be easy to deal with them." The whole of the Hanhai Sect had been destroyed with just one word from the Devil Sect. Furthermore, the current Devil Sect is no longer as powerful as it was before. Zuo Jiancang said, "I told you at that time not to provoke him." The masked guy shrugged his shoulders. It's boring to be an opponent who's not on the same level as me. Only when the opponent's level was high enough would it be fun. Does the General know who wants to kill Anti the most? " "Who?" "I remember that the son of Prince Qinguang, Chen Chunen, was the grandson of the Sacred Emperor when he was young. If … I'm saying that if An Zang were to accidentally be killed by Chen Chengmu, would the Devil Sect dare to make a move on the grandson of the Saint King? "Or perhaps, if, I'm saying, if the grandson of the Sacred Emperor were to be killed, then no matter if it's the Devil Sect or the Buddha, the Sacred Emperor would probably be buried a thousand miles away if he gets angry." Zuo Jiantang's expression changed drastically, "You're too insidious!" The masked man laughed, "Could it be that General has forgotten that our goal is to overthrow the Sacred Emperor? Thus, the death of a grandson of the Sacred Emperor … It's not a bad thing, is it? " Zuo Jian Tang stood there in silence for a long time, "I'll just pretend you never mentioned this to me. I don't know anything about it." The masked guy laughed even louder, "You really are afraid of things. I really don't know where you got the courage to stand together with Chen Zhong Hu. You actually dare to have the thought of overthrowing the Sacred Emperor, but you don't dare to even touch his grandson. " Zuo Jiancang: "Don't challenge my bottom line anymore. I promise you, if you say another word, I'll kill you." The masked man shrugged and turned to leave. After exiting the door of the hall, the masked man stretched out his arms. As he unfurled his black robe, the bright red image of the sun on it also unfurled. The black robe and the bright sun formed a stark contrast. "Ride on a tall song, step on a cloud, and walk for thousands of miles without leaving a trace. The original heart, for the world, the mind embroidered the world. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Hahaha, it's just a joke. Everyone else is the same, how can there be a higher position? " He was singing a strange song, with a hint of bleakness in his voice. Zuo Jian Tang turned around to look at the man who had already left, and his mouth twitched, "Madman!"
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