[Everyone has the time to pay attention to my WeChat official account: A person who knows both beauty and talent. Now, it is being updated. When the number of people in the public chat reaches a certain level, he can post his original work. You can also leave a message on the official account. I'll write whoever you want to see. What I want to write the most right now … Du is thin.] Carrying that gigantic black sickle, Chen Shaobai walked forward while grumbling depressingly, "Damn it, I'm not going to kill you yet." He turned his head to look at An Tan. "You too, it was way too early to stop us. None of those bastards can hit us, so why are you stopping us? Those women are obviously plotting against us to borrow a knife to kill. If they knew how powerful we are, they might not dare to do so. "But since you've already made your move, can't you wait for us to kill that damned bastard before stopping?" Anti: "Who told you to just let it go? It was not a sin to beat or to kill those cultivators. However, that Korean cultivator called Zhu must not be let off the hook. " Chen Shaobai grumbled, "If you hadn't said so earlier, we would have already left. The immortal palace is so big, where can we find it?" If that grandson was deliberately hiding, it would be too difficult to find him. " "You seem to have forgotten what I used to do." Anti took out a small porcelain bottle from his storage space and shook it: "This is the standard item used by the people from the Ming Magic Division to investigate the matter. It is called the Tracer Potion." It was actually very simple. He just needed to add a little medicinal liquid from the Wine Immortal Grass and it would be colorless and tasteless. Just now when you were fighting, I threw some of it onto that Zhu Rong's clothes. Even if he didn't use his cultivation, he wouldn't be able to feel it. As long as he's still in the immortal palace, we'll definitely be able to find him. " "F * ck, I love you so much!" Chen Shaobai threw himself over and hugged her. Qi Tian had also recovered quite a bit from his earlier anger. Perhaps it was due to the words' the world is your enemy and you are the world's enemy, 'that caused him to feel the warmth between friends, so he looked much better. "The two of you will be in trouble sooner or later like this." Chen Shaobai loosened his grip on the matter, "Unfortunately, Falling Flower's intent is merciless." Security dispute: "Scram, scram, scram as far as you can..." Let's sneak around and go back. That guy won't be too far away. Normally, these kinds of people were very cunning and would hide near the place where the incident occurred to observe the situation. When people woke up and couldn't find him, they would think that he had run away. But in reality, he is just watching not too far away, waiting for people to leave before he comes out. " He raised the porcelain bottle, and a green light shone from the direction where he had come from. "See that? It's still moving in that direction." The three of them went back and hid in the shadows, waiting for the crowd to disperse. Actually, everyone was no fool. They were just filled with righteous indignation. Once the bloodlust subsided and the smell of blood emerged in their minds, it would not be difficult for them to calm down and think of all the suspicious areas. The crowd looked at each other, then let out a long sigh. Some people tried to figure out whether or not they had been tricked, but no one wanted to admit it. The people he knew carried the wounded away, and very quickly, only a few incomplete corpses remained. In that dilapidated palace, many people pulled up their pants, looking at the last woman they strangled to death, a sneer hung on the corners of their mouths, "Bringing you guys so much trouble, the value you can use has already been used up." He took out a mask from the space tool he carried with him and instantly changed his appearance. He looked like an extremely boorish man. It looked very different from the fat and white of his body from before. If he were to change his clothes, no one would notice it. However, just as he was about to change his clothes, he heard a light cough from the other side of the hall. Many Zhu Yi raised his head and saw the guy with the huge black sickle on his shoulder standing there, looking at him with a face full of ridicule. "What are you doing …" He asked subconsciously, then asked again, "Did you recognize the wrong person?" Chen Shaobai poked his sickle into the ground, "Do you think I would recognize the wrong person? Not to mention wearing a mask, even if you changed your face, I would still recognize you. There's a smell about you that I hate, and you can't get away from no matter where you go. " Many of Zhu turned around and wanted to leave, but they saw that Stone Monkey, who had already recovered, was standing on the other side of the hall. Qi Tian didn't seem to be angry anymore. On the contrary, he seemed to be happy about it. He stood at the back door of the hall with the iron rod in hand, turned the iron rod around a few times and then poked it into the ground, "You want to leave through the back door? "Sorry, we don't open the back door." The front door was blocked, and the back door was also blocked. Many of Zhu had just witnessed An Zheng's attack and knew that if they fought a one versus one battle, there was still a small chance they would be able to escape. However, if it was a one versus one battle, they would not have even the slightest chance of escaping. He smiled and said, "My two sirs, you saw it too. I know I was wrong and have already taken revenge for you by killing these bitches. I was also forced into a daze for a short period of time. Besides, I had discovered my mistake in time and corrected it at once. As you can see, I am a man of exceptional chivalry. If I keep these women, I don't know who else I'll be harming in the future, so I've already killed them all. "This matter shall end here …" He turned around and bowed deeply to Qi Tian, "I've let down this hero. I apologize to you." These words sounded sincere, but so was the courtesy. However, the moment he possessed them, two green lights shot out from his body. One in front and one behind, they shot toward Qi Tian and Chen Shaobai. In the moment of this unforeseen event, many Zhu Teng rose into the air and flew towards the hole in the roof. His strength was already at the Small Circle. He was already strong, and his sudden activation was so fast that others would not be able to react in time. But just as he was about to rush out, half of his body was outside the roof of the grand hall and the other half was inside the grand hall. He saw a young man with a bright smile waiting there, holding what looked like a large palm-leaf fan. Although he didn't know what it was, he immediately felt a heaviness from it. The feeling was extremely clear. Because this weight had actually landed on his head. Anti who was standing on the main hall held a large piece of Holy Fish Scale in his hand. He waited until many of Zhu Gang's scales had burrowed out, and then viciously slapped it down. The enlarged scales of the Holy Fish were like a giant millstone. One could only imagine how ruthless and heavy they were. Many of Zhu's bodies fell down like cannonballs, smashing a huge crater on the hard ground of the hall with a bang. Smoke and broken rocks flew out, flying everywhere like bullets and striking everywhere. Many of Zhu struggled to get out of the pit, but before he could adjust himself, the sickle came out of the smoke and accurately found his thigh. Then the scythe went in and hooked itself around his leg like a hook. He did not dare to struggle with all his might, because the sickle was much sharper than the hook. If he were to struggle, his leg would instantly be chopped off. Chen Shaobai used his sickle to pull a lot of Zhu Chi out of the hole, then swung it in a circle to throw him out. In the end, many of Zhu's thighs did not escape the fate of being cut open. As they flew through the air, they were drenched in blood. He flew towards Qi Tian. Qi Tian picked up the big stick, looking like his big stick was filled with hunger and thirst. Seeing that many of them were flying over, he smashed his staff into the back of many of them. Many of the leaves curved over like cooked prawns, but they only bent backwards. One could imagine how painful this would be. Even if he didn't die, he would probably never be able to stand up again. But he hadn't flown far before he descended from the roof. The palm-leaf fan of the scales of the sacred fish swung up again, and with a bang, it landed on many of Zhu's bodies, once again sending him flying back. Qi Tian turned the iron rod a few times and waited for Zhu Fei to return. Then, the iron rod viciously smashed down. Time flew by as the iron rod smashed heavily into the neck of Zhu Chi, breaking it with a loud crack. The giant head looked on helplessly as it was almost knocked flying. Chen Shaobai walked over and picked him up with a handful of Zhu's ankles, then shook him. Many of Zhu's magic tools fell off. There were quite a few good items. Chen Shaobai casually threw a lot of money out, picked up a space tool and forcibly erased the restrictions on the space tool. Then, he fell down … He pulled out a large amount of items with a crashing sound. The quality of the items was all different. He used his foot to split the items into three parts, one for big and two for small. "The bigger part goes to Qi Tian while the smaller one goes to us." Anxiang: "Fair!" Qi Tian: "I don't want it." Chen Shaobai said, "If you don't want it, then just give it to me." He turned around to look and saw that many of them had already been smashed into meat paste by Qi Tian's pole. Qi Tian's expression turned slightly better as he spoke in this tone. The three of them packed up their belongings and prepared to leave. But just as they were about to leave, they heard a strange sound, as if something was tearing through the air. Hearing this voice, An Zheng's face changed. "Ming Fa Si!" He said three words directly. No one was more familiar with the sound than he was with the sound of the golden flute worn by the man whom the Ming Fas had determined to capture at the beginning of the operation. It was something similar to a golden whistle. It hung on the clothes, and every time it moved, it would emit a special sound. As soon as this voice appeared, it proved that Ming Fa Si was arresting people, and the others also retreated. When Ming Fa Si was in his prime, this kind of voice scared many people out of their wits. "Who is it?" Seeing the strange look on An Zheng's face, he shook his head and said, "You guys wait for me." He walked out of the hall and stood at the door to take a look outside. At this moment, at least sixty-four of them had already decided to surround the hall. Everyone took out their weapons and formed a standard formation. They were still trained to do these things, and they were trained to do them before the struggle. "You just killed someone?" The leader of the group, Ming Fa Si, asked coldly with a resolute expression. "I'm Ming Ming Ming, the head of the Division for Operations. You guys need to come back with me for an investigation." When An Zheng saw Zhuang Ming Ming Ming Ming, his heart shook. He had once been a high-spirited young man, but now his temples had turned white. When Anxiang had left, Zhuang Mingming was the one who had been chosen to succeed the Division Chief. However, at that time, the operations division was run by the two brothers, Chen Siqian and Chen Wangliang. It was said that those two brothers were now acting as the first representative. However, the Ming Fa division was not as powerful as they were before, and they basically had no power. "Does this place belong to you, Da Xi?" Chen Shaobai said behind An Zheng. Zhuang Ming Ming Ming pointed behind him, "Among those who have died, there are the people of Da Xi Empire." "Wait." At this moment, another person rushed over from the distance. That person was extremely familiar with the area … Ouyang Duo, Head of the Intelligence Division of the Great Xixi Magical Beast Division.
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