His eyes gradually turned red, a terrifying red. Perhaps it was only at this moment that he remembered that he was not a person, but rather a naturally unruly Stone Monkey. The previous him killing was incalculable. If it wasn't for the monk constantly saying that he was killing him, how could he have cared so much about it today? "I'm not human." He held the iron rod in his hand. Qi Tian turned around and looked at the people who were cursing him and even wanted to kill him, "You guys are right to say that I am not a human. I am not human, so why do I have to care about what you people think? " Chen Shaobai was shocked, "Qi Tian, don't!" When the older woman saw Qi Tian's weapon in her hand, she immediately stood up and screamed, "Everyone, quickly take a look! This criminal has finally revealed his true form! He's about to kill!" Qi Tian's eyes turned cold, "Yeah, I'm going to kill someone. Back then, that monk said that I was too bloodthirsty and he was willing to give half of his life in exchange for my peace of mind. Monks are good monks, but monkeys are never good monkeys. Murder? From you. " The iron rod fell. The woman wailed, "Save me!" At least a dozen of them made their move, and all kinds of magical equipment were used to greet Qi Tian. But under the iron rod, no one could stop him. With the sword in front of him, the sword shattered. With the saber in front of him, it shattered. All kinds of magic tools were scattered around, and the person holding the magic tool fell to the ground. Even though Qi Tian was enraged to the extreme, he still didn't kill the innocent. No one knew who the monk he was talking about was, and no one knew how much of an impact it had on him. Under the iron rod, the girl's body was smashed to smithereens. It had transformed into its original form, the Solitary Heaven, which looked so fierce and murderous. The Stone Monkey with a body full of crimson red fur held onto its iron rod as it stood in the middle of the crowd. Who cares about what people say or fear, who cares about how their lives are in danger? "All of you deserve to die." Qi Tian's red eyes swept across everyone. "All of you can't differentiate between right from wrong. You think you have a chivalrous heart to do chivalrous things, in fact, you are the accomplices of the wicked. Today's mistakes are not your fault. However, if I do not teach you a lesson that you will never forget for the rest of your lives, you will still do something wrong in the future. " "Kill this demon beast!" "No wonder he did such an infuriating thing. So it turns out to be a demonic beast!" "It's a man transformed by a demon beast. He's finally revealed his true form. Everyone attack together and kill him!" The onlookers were encouraged by the female disciples' shouts, and quite a few people rushed towards Qi Tian. Dark clouds suddenly covered the sky. Following that, countless bolts of light descended from the clouds, forming a curtain of lightning. All of the cultivators that were charging over were struck by the purple lightning and fell to the ground. Cultivators at the Confinement Realm were simply unable to withstand the power of these lightning bolts. Dozens of people were lying there moaning, their bodies trembling from the electric current. The man called Zhu was the most aggressive. He bypassed the area covered by the clouds and rushed towards Qi Tian, "Kill this monster!" "You're on the same side as those women!" Chen Shaobai swept over from afar, the gigantic black sickle in his hand swept horizontally. The blade light that was as black as ink flew out, and the dozen cultivators that were charging over were immediately chopped in half from the waist up. Chen Shaobai didn't really have to worry about that. In fact, there were many similarities between his character and Qi Tian's. If they really angered him, then the Heavenly Emperor wouldn't be afraid. The black sickle splashed out a crescent-shaped black ink. Wherever the black light passed by, people would immediately be split into two. "There is no justice in this world. You have to rely on yourself to establish it." He looked handsome and gentle, but he moved. Like a tiger in a flock of sheep. In front of Chen Shaobai, those imprisoned cultivators were as helpless as sheep. The black scythe swept horizontally, and all that was left was a floor of wreckage. The person who had been cut in half at the waist was still alive, rolling on the ground while wailing in pain. "Die!" Chen Shaobai rose up into the air, and his sickle swept across the sky once again. This time, the sweep was very different from the previous one. The sweeping black light suddenly dispersed in mid-air, shooting out like a storm. The dispersing black light was like a drop of ink. The cultivators in front had no time to dodge at all. At least dozens of them were hit by the ink-like power of their cultivation base. The ink drop didn't seem to be big, but its strength was astonishing. It knocked the person who was hit flying backward. A cultivator in his forties flew backwards more than ten meters before heavily crashing into the ground. He struggled to stand up and discovered that he did not seem to have suffered much injury. However, just as he was about to use his cultivation base to continue rushing forward, he suddenly felt a stifling sensation in his heart. Soon after, all of his cultivation base's strength was blocked off. The power from the previous ink droplet had entered his body, then quickly corroded his own cultivation base. If we use an analogy, it would be … The power of his Cultivation base was white water, and once the ink droplets entered, even a single drop, they would quickly be stained black. A terrifying power of assimilation. This cultivator did his best to prevent Chen Shaobai's power from corroding his own cultivation base. However, the more power he used, the faster the power of his cultivation base eroded away. Like a ferocious beast, it quickly pounced into his dantian's Qi Sea. Boom! * A bloody mist exploded in the cultivator's dantian's aura sea, and a bloody hole appeared in his lower abdomen. The blood that spurted out was black, and with a groan, he staggered and fell to the ground. Although it seemed that he hadn't died yet, he probably wouldn't have another chance to cultivate in this lifetime. He wasn't the only one who suffered the same fate as everyone else. As a result, the scene was exceptionally spectacular and tragic. Dozens of people were sent flying backwards. Then, they all stood up at the same time, their stomachs exploding and the blood they spurted was black. With Chen Shaobai's murderous intent in his heart, he did not care about what was right or wrong. Moreover, he had been holding back his anger and had wanted to make his move a long time ago. Previously, when he was falsely accused by those women, he wanted to attack, but his anger was like a flood that could burst out at any time. This time, the dam could no longer hold him back and it roared furiously. When the women saw how fierce they were, they looked at each other and dragged their clothes into the crowd. As for the cultivators that they used to charge forward, this was the same as a group fight between ordinary people. Once he unleashed his primordial flames, he would no longer care if he was right or wrong. The plump cultivator named Zhu who seemed to be tall was constantly shouting, encouraging the others to rush forward while he stood there motionlessly. Seeing how Qi Tian and Chen Shaobai were murdering each other, he also started to shrink back. All the people that rushed over were knocked over the moment they approached the waterfall. "Qi Tian!" As he controlled the waterfall, he rushed over to Qi Tian to stop him, "Don't kill anyone else, these people have only been used by others. No matter how many you kill, it will be useless. Qi Tian immediately broke free from the dispute and said, "You saw it too, I only came because I heard the cry for help. I didn't want to come, even though I knew it was the women calling for help, but I did. It's because that monk once told me that I need to have a kind heart to resolve my murderous heart. I asked him how he could be kind, and he said that doing good, regardless of size, over a long period of time, would give birth to good. Although I hate him, and even hate him a little, but I always remember what he said. "But they are really going too far. The good intentions in my heart have already disappeared, and only the killing intent remains." "If the kindness in your heart is not there, why are you going easy on me?" Qi Tian: "I just don't think they deserve to die." "That's a kind heart!" "Don't worry about me!" Qi Tian said loudly, "You saw it too, because I had such a face and such a body, everyone in the world was my enemy!" Anti also shouted loudly, "You have good intentions in your heart. If the entire world is your enemy, I will be the enemy of the entire world!" Qi Tian's shoulders suddenly trembled. He looked at An Tan, and the killing intent in his eyes suddenly disappeared. He held the iron rod and stood there in a daze, watching the conflict unfold. Soon, his eyes became moist. Anti held onto Qi Tian's arm. "They are wrong, you are right. However, if they continued to kill like this, then even if you recalled from that day onwards, you would still suffer. You've already killed the woman, so let's end this matter here. There are many other things that we have to do in the immortal palace. " Qi Tian's mind was only filled with the line, "If the world is your enemy, then I will be." He thought back to a very, very long time ago, that seemingly weak and yet extremely tenacious monk. The monk said, "Qi Tian, I know how kind you are. They call you ugly because they have nothing else to compare to you. They can only tease you with your looks. However, their true appearance is not what their faces look like. Some people's appearances are like peach blossoms, but their hearts are like snakes and scorpions. They are all devils. " But everyone was against me. I understand you, I understand you, they are against you, they are my enemies. His shoulders were still shaking. Although the monk's appearance was a bit faded, when it was combined with An Zai's appearance, it made him feel a bit absent-minded for a moment. The iron rod in his hand fell to the ground with a clang, tears flowing uncontrollably from his eyes. After calling out to Chen Shaobai, the two of them carried Qi Tian away while the rest of the people behind them roared in anger. In a dilapidated hall a few hundred meters away from the battlefield, the women carefully looked outside. Their eyes were filled with fear. They turned around and saw Zhu Chi walking in and hurriedly ran over: "Senior, our Master is already dead. From now on, you will be the only ones to take care of us." Many of them sneered, "Your reputations are already bad. Although those idiotic cultivators have yet to react, they will soon understand what's going on. If I bring you along in the future, won't I destroy myself? " After pausing for a moment, he said, "But I can't bear to see all of you being left without anyone to rely on since then, but you two also don't have anything to do with me …" How about this, leave all of the treasures you've obtained in my custody, it can be considered a form of trust between each other. If you are willing to give it to me, then follow me from now on. Since we won't be able to stay in the immortal palace anymore, we can still go somewhere else, right? " The girls looked at each other. Although they were unwilling, they still took out all the treasures they had and gave them to Zhu Chi. Many of Zhu's eyes lit up when he saw the treasures in front of him. He immediately put them away. "What an idiot …" He drew his long blade. "You've harmed so many people. Today, I'll kill you all. Do you think I'm still acting on behalf of the heavens?" With a single slash, he decapitated a girl. Within the dilapidated great hall, the sound of wailing rushed up to the sky.
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