Chen Shaobai tried his best to comfort Qi Tian, "My handsome monkey, don't get angry because of those women. This world is so colorful, if you see red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, you also want to see black. " Qi Tian said, "Did we indulge them just now?" These words made both Andi and Chen Shaobai stop in their tracks. In fact, this was the question that Anti had been thinking about the entire time. Are those who take things from others by blackmail and deception successful because we let them? Chen Shaobai stood there lost in thought for a while. "This is a very big problem, especially … You and I had the ability not to tolerate them, if it wasn't for the fact that we were supposed to hurt the innocent. We can do it, we can get justice back. However, the situation at that time did not allow it. Many befuddled cultivators stood on their side, and once they took action, the majority of the casualties would be those with chivalrous hearts. " "But there are too many powerless people in this world, like most ordinary people. For example, when he was blackmailed, he would often think of the words "break the budget" and "avoid any disasters." But fundamentally, it is not the common sense of the people that can solve such a thing. " Qi Tian asked, "What should I rely on?" "Graveyard." Anti replied with two words. Chen Shaobai nodded, "Every country needs a strong yamen to enforce their laws and regulations." But that is basically impossible. " "Why?" "For all sorts of reasons." Chen Shaobai sighed, "For example, in a country, no matter how strong and powerful a country is, it is impossible to invest too much manpower and material resources to maintain the law and order. On one hand, and on the other, the people themselves. Many commoners felt that it did not matter, or they could only swallow their anger. Therefore, it was as difficult as ascending to heaven to seek evidence from the law enforcement office. For example, not everyone in the law enforcement office was impartial. Every day, they faced countless trivial matters, so they would become lazy. Everyone has the thought that it's better to have less trouble than to have more, but if you think about it, there's a lot more to it. " Qi Tian also sighed, "That's why the Buddhist Sect is so famous in the Western Regions." "Yes, the punishment for sin rests on the Buddhist Sect's retribution." Anti turned around to look at the direction of the voice, but he didn't know who those women were going to blackmail. They could succeed again and again, and there might be retribution, or there might not be. However, this was not something that should be entrusted to the word 'retribution' in the first place. Rather, it required everyone's opinion to change. It was not a year or two, not even a hundred or two hundred years. Chen Shaobai patted Qi Tian on the shoulder. "Let's go. There's still so much to see. Why bother?" Qi Tian said, "Your words are a form of indulgence." Chen Shaobai said, "What the hell, have you gone berserk?" Qi Tian shook his head speechlessly and walked forward mechanically, "I had originally thought that after tens of thousands of years of cultivation, I had already seen through the many evils in this world. However, the longer they lived, the more things they found themselves unable to see through. And what you can't see through the most is your hearts. Over ten thousand years ago, I thought I saw through that monk's heart, so I risked my life to help him. Later on, I cultivated in the stone shell for ten thousand years, but in reality, I wasn't sleeping. In these ten thousand years, I've thought about it many times, and I feel that I'll mature a lot. But now, it seems that I have used 10,000 years to make myself even more of an idiot. " Anxious shook his head, "Being disheartened is also a form of indulgence, a form of self-indulgence." Chen Shaobai said, "Let's go. Not far in front is the place where Xuanyuan has cultivated, the place where the Wooden Selection used to exist." Let's go over and take a look. Maybe we'll be able to get something out of it. " Qi Tian didn't seem to want to stay long in this matter. He gave a grateful smile to the two of them before walking forward with his head lowered. The three of them walked forward in silence, each with their own thoughts. No one knew how to relieve them. This place was not far from the location where Wood Selection used to exist. The three of them arrived here in less than an hour. This place looked like a huge pit, the big one couldn't even be described with the word pit, it should have been a basin instead. They were all people with excellent eyesight, but they could not see the edge of the pit. Chen Shaobai explained, "Rumor has it that during the Immortal Mortal Realm, Xuanyuan and Blue Lotus fought and did not return. When the cultivators of the Mortal Realm charged into the Xuanyuan Palace, this place was guarded by only Eternal wood. It was just a single tree, but it had slaughtered three thousand cultivators. In the end, it was still the supreme experts of the Buddhist Sect that rushed over and engaged in a fierce battle with Mo Eversnow. However, it was still impossible to harm his foundation. The supreme expert of the Buddhist Sect swore an oath, and used up seventy percent of his bloodline's power to summon the Burning Heaven Fire. Only then was he able to defeat Zou Mu. " "The selection of wood was almost completely incinerated by the karmic sinflames. This huge pit was left behind by the selection of wood after it was uprooted." Qi Tian nodded his head, "I have seen the Wood Selection." Chen Shaobai was immediately curious, "Is it really as powerful as the legends say?" Qi Tian shrugged his shoulders, "That's all …" The choice of wood lay in defense and vitality. To put it simply, if the attack power of a Great Heaven Realm cultivator, the Great Western Holy Emperor Chen Wu-Nuo or someone like the Buddha, could be described as ten thousand. But the life force of this Tree of Selection might even be several million or even several tens of millions. Even if you beat it to death, you might not necessarily be able to kill it. Besides, its defense is so freakishly strong. Considering its current cultivation base, a full-powered strike from a Lesser Heaven stage expert might not even be able to break through its defenses. Chen Shaobai was flabbergasted. "Such a monster, even what you say is true?" Qi Tian said, "There is no absolute in everything. There is no doubt that the wood one chooses has high defense and strong vitality. However, no matter how strong Wood Selection was, it wouldn't be able to block a single strike from the Violet Tulip. If the Green Lotus could sweep the world, then the power of the wind could change the appearance of the mountains and rivers. Xuanyuan Po's sword qi rotated over and over, one sword could break through ten thousand miles, his sword qi could shatter mountains and rivers. "But neither of these two would dare to fight her head on." Chen Shaobai asked, "Then where's Violet Tulip?" "It doesn't make sense to be strong." Qi Tian shrugged his shoulders, "Your cultivation technique is heaven defying, he will destroy it with one punch. You have a profound cultivation base that allows you to comprehend the Heavens and Earth, and yet he destroyed you with a single punch. In short, no matter how strong you are, if he were to punch us, we will be fine. " "But." Qi Tian changed the topic, "The weakness of Violet Tulip is that she looks too much on her mood. When he was in his best condition, a single punch would be able to destroy the Green Lotus Xuanyuan. When he was in a bad state, it would be shameful to send a punch out. However, such a distinction is still something that ordinary cultivators would find difficult to overcome. Even Chen Wu-uo and Buddha, who were at their peak condition back then, could turn into dust with a single punch, no matter how bad their condition is. " Chen Shaobai yearned for it in his heart, "As expected, the ancestor of our family is the most awesome." Qi Tian: "…" The three of them spoke as they searched aimlessly. If they could find some treasure or a lucky chance, it would be great, but if they couldn't, they wouldn't be so dejected. In any case, they didn't have any special purpose in coming this time. Chen Shaotian and the other two were just there to accompany them in this dispute. If it weren't for the fact that they were worried that he would bring trouble upon returning to the Swallow Country, they would have already rushed back for peace. It was at this moment that a cry for help suddenly sounded out from afar. The sound was miserable to the extreme, almost to the point of breaking one's throat. They looked at each other and saw doubt and hesitation in each other's eyes. After all, he had never heard this voice before. However, the faces of Qi Tian and Chen Shaobai were somewhat ugly. That was because the sound of someone begging for help was still fresh in their minds … It was from the women. After a moment of silence, Qi Tian gritted his teeth and said, "Damn, I still can't hold it in." He turned around and pounced towards that direction, his speed surprisingly fast. Anxiang and Chen Shaobai were afraid that he would suffer another loss, so they chased after him. Everyone knew how dirty the women's minds were. If Qi Tian were to encounter any traps due to their previous conflicts, with his personality, he would definitely be at a disadvantage. When He Tan and the rest arrived, they were startled by what they saw in front of their eyes. Those girls were lying on the ground, their clothes were all messed up, and they looked like they had suffered a great loss. Qi Tian was squatting beside one of the women and asking if they needed help. However, right at that moment, the woman whose clothes were almost all torn suddenly grabbed Qi Tian's arm and shouted, "Someone come quickly, help!" At the same time, the other women who had been lying limply on the ground also got up and ran over to surround Qi Tian, trying to grab hold of him without letting go. Not long after, that fat cultivator from Korea, whose name was Zhu, angrily led a group of people over. It seemed to be at least a hundred people. As for the other women, they brought their men over from a further place. That was the scene everyone saw … Qi Tian was caught by a few nearly naked women, who were crazily tearing, biting and crying for help. Qi Tian was confused at first, but then he realized that he had been tricked again. The older woman, who was the leader, sat down on the ground and wailed, "I just left for a short while and you, a beast, dare to do this kind of thing to my female disciple? They are still children, how can you do such a thing! How do you want them to meet people in the future?! " Qi Tian stood there in a daze, "I didn't do anything. I heard the call for help and came over." One of the women shouted, "You demon! It was you who forced us to call for help. No matter how much we beg you, you ignore us. If we kneel down and beg you, you won't let us go either! " Another woman cried out, "You beast!" The older woman stood up abruptly, pointed at Qi Tian with a trembling hand and said, "What right does such a person have to live in this world? We were already harassing him. Although we were on full guard, in the end, we were still viciously attacked by him. They are all the same to me, how will they live on in the future? "Everyone, I beg you to uphold justice for me and for my disciples!" The crowd had already become irritable, and many people's anger had almost reached outside their bodies. Countless people began to move forward as they stared ferociously at Qi Tian, their eyes filled with killing intent. Qi Tian suddenly understood, and he shook his head: "So you guys wanted to kill me. You've set a trap for me to get rid of me, and you thought I'd take revenge on you. Why are your hearts so vicious? " His eyes began to turn red, a bloodthirsty red.
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