After An Tan and Chen Shaobai rushed over, they froze. Seeing this scene, the two of them were speechless. There were four or five female cultivators standing across from Qi Tian. The oldest seemed to be around forty years old, while the youngest was around sixteen to seventeen years old. They should all be from the same sect, so they scolded Qi Tian in unison. Qi Tian's face turned red, and his neck turned red. He didn't even have the strength to fight back. With his current strength, he could see that the women in front of him weren't strong enough to speak and their cultivation should not be high enough. At most, they could only barely enter the Realm of Conviction and were barely qualified to enter the immortal palace. As for the youngest among them, he reckoned that they didn't even have the ability to enter the prison, so he didn't know how they managed to do it. Judging from the way they spoke, they were probably Korean. As the two countries crossed paths, a small part of South Korea was bordering the Yan State, which was also considered one of the neighbouring countries. The people of Korea had always been proud of their noble ways of speaking, but now, these shrew women were scolding people in a different way. After listening for a while, they seemed to understand the meaning of the dispute. It should be that Qi Tian had found some treasure, and just as she was about to take it out, the women shouted for help. Qi Tian was warm-hearted, so they hurried over to help. As a result, when they arrived at the place, they discovered that they had been tricked. Those women were in no danger at all. When he returned, the treasures he found had already been taken away by those few female accomplices. Qi Tian was furious, so he chased after him. Those women were not afraid of him, so after testing him out, they felt that Qi Tian did not dare to do anything to the woman, so they became more and more angry. They had been chasing each other the whole way to get back what they wanted, but the scoldings of those girls were getting worse and worse. The moment Chen Shaobai saw them, his expression changed. His eyes were filled with anger. "I know them, they claim to be disciples of the Korean Celestial Maiden Sect, and call themselves fairies. However, all of them were sinister and cunning. The last time I came, it was the same fate. A few girls begged for help, and I rushed over, only to find them sitting there like nothing had happened while they ate the melon seeds. I know I've been tricked. When I go back and look, the things I found were taken away by their accomplices. " Chen Shaobai said angrily, "I tried to argue with them, but the result was the same and they got scolded along the way." Anxious sighed, "Looks like he's still a habitual offender." "What did you find?" Qi Tian said, "It's nothing much, it's a small object with the power of the thunder spirit. I want to be useful to you so I might as well take it off. In the end, they were tricked away and won't admit anything. " The oldest of the girls said, "What are you talking about, keep your mouth clean. You're the liar." A grown man fighting with us for things, if you can't snatch it then come and scold, you have no shame. It wasn't easy for us weak girls to get into the immortal palace, and it wasn't easy for us to find some good stuff with our own abilities, but you shameless ones have to snatch it away! " More and more people heard his shout and stopped to watch. Seeing that there are a lot of people, the woman suddenly burst into tears: "Warriors, please help us judge the situation. This ugly man covets the beauty of our female disciples and has already harassed us all along the way. If we weren't united and supported each other along the way, I don't know if he would have snatched that female disciple away to vent his lust for beasts. Now, he's trying to rob us again. Why is this person so evil? I beg everyone to be the judge, such a person should be sent to hell! " Qi Tianwei's face turned pale, "I clearly saw that thing. You guys asked me for help, and I immediately rushed over to save you guys, but you guys lied to me!" "Bullshit!" The woman held onto her waist and said, "We have so many people and we still need you to save us? Moreover, everyone in this immortal palace is a chivalrous person. Besides you, ugly bastard, who would make things difficult for us? "Everyone, please help me. This ugly monster has been harassing us for several days already!" Qi Tian said: "I just entered the immortal palace today! That thing is mine! " The group of women began to curse, and all of them were filled with righteous indignation. There were even a few who were crying their heart out. A fat, tall cultivator beside him said angrily, "How can a man do such a dirty thing? I am a Korean monk many, can not sit back and do nothing. I am determined to interfere in today's matters. I shall give you a word of advice, don't bring about any more disgrace to yourself. " Qi Tian was furious, "I am not lying! It's them who are lying! " There were also people whispering, "These women are simply scum. They do evil deeds based on the fact that they are women. They have been lying quite often in the Immortal palace these past few days." "Who cares. It's none of our business anyway. We just want to watch the show." Some of them were confused by the miserable wails of those women, pointing their fingers at Qi Tian and condemning her. An Zheng frowned. There was nothing more to be said about this matter. First of all, there was no evidence that it was found by Qi Tian. When Qi Tian found it, a woman ran over to ask for help. When this happened, most cultivators would help her. After all, the immortal palace was divided into two factions. One was the Central Plains cultivator while the other was a Buddhist cultivator. Even if they were people of the two great sects, they wouldn't fight unless there was a direct confrontation. Everyone was trying to ask for money, so for the time being, they could be considered to have nothing to do. However, women had a natural advantage in this sort of thing. No matter how much Qi Tian tried to refute, in the eyes of the onlookers, those who thought Qi Tian was in the wrong were still the majority. A woman's pitiful crying could arouse a man's desire to protect her. Qi Tian was also born ugly, so his situation was very bad. Anxiang patted Qi Tian's shoulder, "What do you plan to do? If you don't plan on giving up, we will definitely help you get it back. It doesn't matter if it's something you want to give me, or someone else's, or if it's something you want to keep for yourself. It doesn't matter. Just what you think. We are your friends, you decide, we will help you. " Chen Shaobai said, "If it's me, let's just forget it. There are really some losses that are not worth it." These women were so black that they could be said to be white, while those that were rotten could be said to be good. A third of an inch was a huge headache. Forget it, let's not bother with them. If these old masters were to act so shamelessly like this, I would have already carried my blade to kill them. " Qi Tian stood there with a serious expression, "What happened to women? A woman can act like a scoundrel? No, that thing is mine, and I have to get it back. This is my character, mine is mine. If they are wrong, then they are wrong, and want to apologize to me. " An Di nodded. "Alright, then we'll let them apologize." The woman in the lead suddenly sat down on the ground and cried out, "Is there still justice in this world? We are weak, so we might as well gather enough things to enter the immortal palace. We just want to come in and try our luck." We know that we are weak and we are women. How would we dare to provoke others? If we were not this unreasonable, wouldn't we have been beaten to death long ago? " "This monkey-faced guy is a villain. Everyone should not believe his instructions. You can't leave either. If you leave, I'm afraid we will be viciously attacked by him. Look, his helpers have also come. "These rascals are acting so tyrannically in the immortal palace. I wonder how many more have been killed?" Chen Shaobai flew into a rage, "You stinking woman, can you shut your mouth!? When did we start acting so arrogantly?! " The woman pretended to be frightened and retreated. "Look, he's scolding so fiercely." As more and more people gathered in the crowd, the number of people accusing Qi Tianan of competing with them also increased. The women were sobbing and crying. They had already won the sympathy of others. No matter what they said now, there wouldn't be many people who would believe them. The more people scolded them, the more excited the women got and the harder they cried. In the end, he even said something about secretly following them around all day and peeking at them while they showered and went to the toilet. If it wasn't for the fact that they didn't dare to split up, Qi Tian would have long ago made a move on them. Qi Tian was so stubborn that his heart ached, and his face was terrifyingly pale from anger. However, he just stood there, saying time and time again, "The thing is mine, I'm not lying. Return the thing to me, apologize." But his words, without any weight, had long been drowned in the denunciation of him. The tall and fat cultivator who had spoken before said, "I said, today's matter will be under your control. You can either scram, or your master will personally kill you." He walked up to the woman and said, "Don't worry, I'm also Korean. I won't ignore you." The woman hugged Zhu Zhu's thighs and cried out in gratitude. It was truly pitiful. Chen Shaobai was so angry that he was at a loss for words. His brothers bickered but could not utter a single word at this moment. He pulled Qi Tian to leave, but Qi Tian still stood there stubbornly, saying a few words back and forth, "I didn't lie, the thing is mine so I want it back. Apologize to me." Anti sighed. This was clearly not being reasonable, right? In the end, it was Qi Tian's behavior that angered more and more cultivators, and the number of people who wanted to take action also increased. Although these people were foolish, they still possessed the heart of a chivalrous hero. If they were to fight, then the one to be hurt would not be someone with the heart of a chivalrous hero. With no other choice, he could only drag Qi Tian along with him. As soon as they left, the women thanked them profusely. The majority of the people had already left, leaving behind the person called Zhu Duoduo and his subordinates who were still standing there, staring at them with hostility. Qi Tian was still talking to himself, obviously mad. Chen Shaobai walked back with Qi Tian in his arms. "Forget it, like I said before, if it's a few men, I'll cripple them." He turned around and saw that the older woman had stood up and snuggled up to the cultivator named Zhu, sneering at Chen Shaobai. Seeing Chen Shaobai turn his head, she even secretly reached out her hand and made a gesture with her thumb. Chen Shaobai was so angry that he nearly vomited blood. However, when he thought about how he could not be understood no matter what he said, he immediately felt discouraged. Qi Tian said as he walked, "Why, why do you think? Just because they're women? " Anti said, "Yes, it's because they are women." Qi Tian: "If they do this, sooner or later they will suffer a loss." "That's right, but they're getting something now." Chen Shaobai let out a long sigh, "Let's go, let's go. We don't want to stay here even a minute longer. Let's hurry up and go as far away as we can. We should avoid them the next time we meet them, alright?" You still think for them, it doesn't matter whether they suffer losses or not! " Anti said, "It's just a pity that those young girls followed the wrong Master."
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