Anxious looked at Chen Xiaoyao and said, "Previously when I was fighting with Chen Wu Nuo, I was injured, but this time I came out to try to be brave …" Is there anything wrong? " Chen Xiaoyao said, "If you care more, you can die?" If I don't show off, you'll be bullied to death, and I won't be able to show my face. " Anti: "Looks like you're okay …" Chen Xiaoyao: "I don't even care about such a small, unimportant character. You, on the other hand, have been too ostentatious lately. Words that show off too much … You have to be able to do it yourself. I don't mind showing my prowess. Why can't I do it? However, someone like you, who can't even defeat a mere Great Perfection Stage cultivator, would be embarrassed to show off. " "A mere Great Perfection?" Chen Xiaoyao: "Of course …" He turned around and looked at the time beast, "This thing can still be used, but its grade is a little low." Compared to your cat, it's on a completely different level. "So it's useless for you to keep it, I'm going to have my birthday in a few days …" Anti: "Take it." Chen Xiaoyao said, "Can't you speak properly? Even if I don't have the appearance of a master, you should still have the appearance of a disciple. " Anxiang: "Please give this congratulatory gift to Master, I wish Master good luck like the East China Sea." Chen Xiaoyao said, "Be good." Then, he really took away the time beast. He looked around and said, "There are still a lot of people who want to bully you, but they all know how to weigh themselves. You are just too lonely … I'm talking about being too lonely. I'm talking about you wanting to shoulder everything by yourself, not wanting to implicate others. With your strength, you obviously aren't a match for that guy just now. But if we join hands with Qi Tian, Xiao Bai, and the other two, we may still be able to fight. " Anxious smiled and said, "This is my way of minimizing the damage." Chen Xiao sighed, "Whatever, since you have such a personality, there's nothing to advise you on. The Hanhai Sect has ceased to exist from today onwards. This is also my attitude towards Da Xi. Da Xi was very big, the biggest in the world. However, if I, Chen Xiaoyao, or the people of Da Xi, want to move, I'll have to see if I have the ability or not. I don't have many opponents in this world that I can face. Chen Wu-Nuo, Buddha, that old Daoist from Mount Wudang who has disappeared for many years, and another fellow with a sword hidden in his umbrella count for half. Since there are only these three and a half people in this world, you can change your way of doing things in the future. " "Of course it's good for you to be awesome, but the people don't think much of a person. It's not only him who thinks a person is awesome. There are a lot of people around him, like me. The reason I'm standing here today and casually getting rid of Situ Daxi is to let the world clearly see just how much weight you have. " He turned around and prepared to leave. "Actually, boasting includes saying who my master is." Anxious: "Come on, I said my master is Chen Xiaoyao, who knows who you are." As Chen Xiaoyao walked, he said, "You can add two words in front of the three words' Chen Xiaoyao '… Demon Lord. " "If I do that, I'm afraid I'll be killed even faster." Chen Xiaoyao paused for a moment, and then nodded seriously: "Un … What you say is not unreasonable. Walking in the martial arts world and mentioning my name may not be a good thing, but the word 'Demon Marshall' is indeed something that dies much faster. " Anxious: "Take it slow, I won't send you off. Happy Birthday." Chen Xiaoyao said, "Ah, I'll accept it." Then it disappeared. He looked at the place where Chen Xiaoyao had disappeared without a trace and his line of sight did not leave for a long time. To be honest, it was a good feeling. Regardless of whether it was his previous life or this life, there were very few people who would protect him. He was the one who protected others. However, no matter how strong a person was, there would always be times where they would feel helpless. At this time, a person with the identity of a master appeared. It was truly touching. There was an ancient saying, "A master for a day, a father for life." At this moment, a person eagerly ran over from the distance. His forehead was covered in sweat as he said, "Let's fight for peace. Look at what I've found." Chen Shaobai was waving something in his hand as he ran towards An Zheng. When he saw Chen Shaobai coming over, he could not help but smile. This fellow seemed to be very shrewd, but sometimes, he was no different from a child. "Isn't it just a piece of Lingzhi?" An Tan said in disdain. Chen Whitesnow's face immediately darkened. "What do you know …" Let me ask you, what does an ordinary lingzhi grow on? " "Most of them are Wood Lingzhi." "You're right, but this one is different." "What's different?" "This is a Wooden Ganoderma that grows on an extraordinary piece of wood …" "You can die now." "Listen to me." Chen Shaobai boasted, "I can tell that you don't understand at a glance. Do you know what kind of wood is the most overpowered in this immortal palace?" Anson casually took out a large peach tree from his Blood Bead bracelet and shook it. "This?" Chen Shaobai was shocked when he saw him holding up a tree. "Are you sick …" Forget it, I'm not going to lower myself to a childish level like you. Within this immortal palace, there are a few things that are extremely powerful. Not to mention you and me, even the truly powerful cultivators would feel their legs go soft if they saw those treasures. Azure Lotus's Blue Lotus, Violet Moonflower's Violet Carrot … there was no need to say these things, but they had to be said. No matter if it's the Blue Lotus or the Violet Carrot, what is the similarity between the two? " "What?" "Life items are all plants, you idiot." Chen Shaobai answered with a look of disdain, "So, the most impressive thing in this immortal palace isn't some magical equipment, such as gold, silver, copper, or iron, but plants." Xuanyuan Po was known as the cultivator of the sword for his entire life, but in reality, his lifeblood was also a plant, called 'choice'. It was the choice that a good bird chose to live on. Do you think what the ancients said about a good bird choosing a tree to sleep in was a good bird choosing a good tree to sleep in? "No, no, no, choosing a tree actually refers to a tree." This was the first time he had heard of such a thing. He nodded, "Continue." Chen Shaobai said, "You really are a waste. You don't know anything about the legends of immortals." Good birds choose trees to live on, and good birds choose trees to live on. A good bird was a bird. It was the favorite pet of the Immortal Emperor Xuan Yuan. Its name was the good bird. According to the legends, a good bird could spread its wings for hundreds of miles. Even a divine beast like the phoenix could only submit to it when it saw it. As for the Tree Selection System, it was a tall tree that could not be seen at the edge, and the place where Xuanyuan had once cultivated was above that tree. "Rumor has it that when Xuanyuan Yun first started cultivating, he discovered a divine tree in Mount Kunlun. It was used to select trees to view and comprehend the Dao." Anxious: "In other words, the lingzhi root in your hand grew out of a selected tree?" "To be exact, it is a dry branch of the tree. On Emperor Xuanyuan's day, he had decided to choose Mu to help him. Thus, he moved Mu Zongshi into the Immortal palace. After the Great Immortal War, the trees were destroyed and the roots burned. It was said that it was caused by an expert from the Buddhist Sect who invited the Burning Heaven Fire. The dead branch I came across should be the little one left over from the selection of trees. "Although it has already died, its spirit energy is still inside. This Lingzhi is absorbing the spirit energy from the branches, and it contains Xuanyuan Yan's initial comprehension of cultivation. Don't you think that's amazing?" "Not awesome." Anxious curled his lips, "I still have to say that it's useless for me to comprehend the insights of others." Chen Whitesnow: "Scram, of course there's no use in trying to gain insights. But do you know how many good things this thing can be sold for? I'm willing to bet that someone is willing to use a Purple grade divine tool to trade with you. " [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Chen Shaobai said, "Let's make a bet. We'll go to the Great Xixi next time. We'll set up a department in your little friend's house to sell this thing. See how many people will come." Anxious, "Wouldn't that be harming Tantai Che?" Chen Shaobai said, "That's true, even the Ching Shrine might be destroyed because of this." As he was speaking, a light suddenly flashed on the Blood Cultivation Bead's bracelet, and the Wood Selecting Ganoderma in Chen Shaobai's hand disappeared with a swoosh. Chen Shaobai looked at his empty hand, then looked at the beads of blood, "You are going too far …" Anti: "It's not me..." He quickly looked at the bracelet and found that the Lingzhi was really there. However, no matter how hard he tried to summon it, it was useless. He looked at Chen Shaobai with some embarrassment, "Why don't I go back and snatch a purple-rank divine artifact to compensate you? If you fly in that Lingzhi, you won't be coming out by yourself." Chen Shaobai asked, "What exactly is in your blood-refined bead bracelet that could cause the Wooden Ganoderma to fly in and not come out?" Anti: "It's a small piece of dirt... Rumor has it that it's called the Swelling Earth. " Chen Shaobai's face contorted, his eyes were as big as a cow's egg, "What did you say? Swelling Earth? That is an ancient divine artifact. " Anchi nodded. "You seem to be right. Your lingzhi root is stuck in the soil." Just as he was speaking, a light flashed on the Blood Cultivating Bead's bracelet, and Heaven's Eyes's voice appeared in An Zang's mind, "We shall select the Wooden Ganoderma as our divine object. Its grade is unknown, but it will automatically be planted in the Swelling Earth, where it will coexist. Wood Spirit Ganoderma had the medicinal effect of Purple Grade Divine Pill, the leveling up of Blood Cultivation Beads, and the value of all medicines in the medicinal fields had increased to Gold Grade Five, possessing the medicinal effect of refining aurous pellets directly. As the Swelling Earth absorbed the medicinal properties of the Lingzhi, it began to recover its original ability. Right now, it is only at one in ten thousand. " "One in ten thousand, what does that mean?" Is one in ten thousand interesting? He shrugged his shoulders. In any case, he wouldn't be able to get out. He could only apologetically smile at Chen Shaobai, "I owe you a Purple Divine Artifact. If you want it, you can tell me. I'll find it for you!" "I need to find a notebook so that you won't forget to brag about my past." Just as he finished his sentence, he heard Qi Tian's voice: "Where's my helper! "Fuck, just you wait, wait for my helpers to come and teach you a lesson!" An Tan and Chen Shaobai glanced at each other, thinking to themselves, Qi Tian, how could he have been forced to such a state? This doesn't seem like Qi Tian's personality. Qi Tian was always the kind of person who would fight as he pleased. If he couldn't beat anyone, then run. Why would he call for help? With questions in their minds, the two of them dashed towards the source of the voice.
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