Situ Datong's strength was much greater than An Conqueror's. One was a super powerhouse close to the peak of the peak of the Great Perfection realm, while the other was at the sixth level of the Small Perfection realm. The disparity between the two wasn't something that any talent could make up for. However, he still didn't choose to ask for help because he knew that even if Qi Tian came, he might not be able to win. Not for any other reason, but because of the beasts. Time-beasts had no other abilities, but they were at the peak of the gold grade. Nearly a purple rank God Beast was their ability to control everything. The only difference was the timing. To an opponent whose cultivation base was inferior to Situ Daxing's, the time limit for the control of a time beast would be increased by an unlimited amount of time. As for cultivators at a higher level than Situ Datong, time beasts would also be controlled, but the amount of time they spent would be relatively reduced. Even when facing a lesser celestial, the time beast would still be able to control itself. However, after reaching this level, it would no longer be a question of time. There would also be a question of probability. This probability depended on the type of cultivator. If a cultivator's attack was weaker than his defense, then it was very likely that he would be temporarily controlled by the Time Beast. This was because the Time Beast's speed was faster than any cultivator of the lesser celestial stage. Even if he was at the peak of the Lesser Heaven stage, the speed at which he had to struggle would not necessarily exceed that of the time beast. The time beast was like a valiant warrior unafraid of death. No matter what level the opponent was at, it would attack and control them. Although the probability of being controlled was now pitifully small at the peak of the former state of peaceful strife, it still could not be ruled out. Thus, with their current level of strength, there was no way they could defeat Situ Datong. Qi Tian had recovered quite a bit, but his cultivation was only at the peak of the Great Perfection realm. It was impossible to tell what grade he was at. In a head-on clash with Situ Daxi, it was much more likely that Qi Tian would win. But with the addition of the time beasts, Qi Tian's chances of winning were almost zero. This was because Qi Tian was a person with extraordinary offensive power. His defensive power relied on his tough body. In terms of mental defense, however, he could not hold against time beasts. And the most terrifying thing about time beasts was that they could still evolve. The most powerful evolution state of a Time Beast was that of a Primal Divine Beast. In other words, the highest grade one could reach was around the second grade of the Purple Rank. Once the time beasts had evolved to such an extent, then the power of control would undoubtedly be terrifying. Against an opponent of the same level, the chances of controlling a time beast were very high. Facing a low level opponent, he even caused the opponent to fall into a deep sleep. However, the beast woke up at this time. Even though its body was still unable to break free, this clearly showed the strength of the beast. Situ Datong was infuriated. He had given up on his previous thoughts and couldn't wait any longer. He immediately wanted to kill An Lai. However, the second time he attacked, his movements suddenly slowed down. But it was too slow. However, this was the best time for a dispute. In the moment that Situ Daxi slowed down, the shackles that bound the two of them suddenly disappeared. Now that he had regained his speed, the dispute was like a cannonball that shot out in front of Situ Datong, smashing a fist into his chest. The strength of this punch was powerful enough to split even a ten thousand year old mischievous stone into pieces. However, Situ Daxe's cultivation was at the peak of the Great Perfection Stage, and also close to the peak. For cultivators at this level, their physical bodies were already terrifyingly tough. Honestly speaking, with the cultivation base of a Level 6 Warrior, it was impossible for An Zheng to destroy his physical body. This was the huge gap between their realms. There was no way he would be able to break it just because he was a genius. Although it was impossible to break through this attack, Situ Daxi's body was still sent flying backwards. Anxiang was already certain that this fist of his couldn't possibly injure Situ Daxi. What he wanted was time. This fist left Situ Datong with no time to care about anything else. He could only defend. At this moment, the chance of winning the dispute would arrive. At some point, the good master cat had appeared in front of the time beast. The time beast was huge, like a huge mouse. It looked ferocious and terrifying. There was a layer of spikes that looked like a hedgehog on the outside of its body, preventing people from getting close to it. Generally speaking, this kind of demon beast with a weak attack power that was a complete mess always had this kind of extraordinary defensive power, and time beasts were the same. Its ability to resist was very strong, and not only in its physical body, but also in its mind. Therefore, once a time beast recognized itself as its master, it would be very difficult for it to be taken away by someone else. Previously, the Niu Family people thought that this item was unknown, and they also didn't know how to train and order it. Thus, they hadn't acknowledged it as their master, which was why Situ Datong had taken it away from them. In the early days, Situ Daxing had witnessed the might of an outdated beast, so he knew what the abilities of a time beast were. After exterminating the entire Niu Family, he immediately began to recognize time beasts as his masters. Unless he died, there was little chance of making the Time Beast betray him. However, if a person could not, the good grandpa could. That was actually a very shocking scene. A five meter large rodent-like demonic beast, facing the cute and delicate Little Cat and the kind grandpa, it had an overwhelming advantage no matter what. However, when the stars in the benevolent master's eyes began to circulate, this demon beast that seemed very fierce became like a mouse that had actually seen a cat. The good master's rank was laid out there. It was the highest quality purple rank demon beast. Although this level of good-natured old man's abilities really did not match, no one could change it. The good old man squatted there and raised his head to look into the eyes of the beast. He mewled. The sound was neither harsh nor loud, but the time beast was very scared and could not help but back off. It was just like when he tamed the Jade-Eyed Golden Eyes Beast. The good grandpa's taming of the time beast was unreasonably domineering. What is a Jade-Eyed Golden Eyes Beast? That was a terrifying existence that was ranked second to the good master in terms of treasure hunting, the Nine Reincarnation Eye. However, in front of the good master, it was still not as obedient as if it was a cat. Such a short period of time was more than enough for him. He struggled free from the control of the Time Beast, and then smashed Situ Dazye with his fist, sending him flying backwards. At this time, the blood bead bracelet on his wrist lit up. "Give me back my strength first!" He tried to contact Chen Xiaoyao. But there was no response at all. This was definitely not good news for him. Even though the good master had temporarily controlled the time beasts, with his current level, it was still a little difficult for him. The time he had to control the time beasts was not very long. And with An Jue's current cultivation, it was impossible for him to defeat Situ Daiye. At this time, the only hope he had was to get the other half of his cultivation strength back from Chen Xiao Yao. However … Chen Xiaoyao was in closed door cultivation. After the match with Chen Wu-Nuo last time, Chen Xiaoyao's injuries had worsened, so he could only close up and cultivate. This was truly a bad luck. Anti lifted his hand to wipe away the blood at the corners of his mouth. Then, he rushed towards Situ Daxu once more. Since there was nothing to rely on, he could only rely on himself. Even though he knew that he was no match for Ye Xiwen, he still wouldn't lower his head. Situ Datong turned to glare at the Time Beast. The Time Beast let out an aggrieved cry, as if it was trying to defend itself. "What do I need you for?!" Situ Daiye cursed in anger. He turned around and stretched out his hand, just in time to block An Zheng's fist. However, An Zai's left fist blocked it. The Broken Army Sword suddenly appeared in his right hand and slashed upwards. Situ Daxe's speed hadn't even recovered yet when his body was nearly cut open. A burst of cultivation power came from his body as the boundless power caused An Zai to be thrown backwards. He couldn't beat them, he really couldn't. Even if one was unable to find a worthy opponent at the same age as them, they still had no chance of winning against a powerful opponent like Situ Daxe. Even though he had the Broken Army Sword and Sacred Fish Scales and other purple-ranked divine artifacts, he was still unable to defeat them. The difference in realms was too great. He had to be at least at the eighth or ninth level of the Grand Perfection Stage, and he could sense that there were close to ten realms within the Grand Perfection Stage … The energy and blood of An Tan, who was pushed back, surged, but he still clenched his teeth and rushed forward. There was no way to retreat at this time. If he retreated, he would die even faster. The opponent's strength was enough to easily catch up to him, and if he were to entrust his own back to the enemy, then death would happen in an instant. The only hope for the peace struggle was that the kind grandpa would be able to control the time beasts a little longer. That way, he would be able to hold on for a little longer with the help of the Holy Fish's Scales. But does insistence make sense? "Really." A voice suddenly sounded. "It's been so long, I really don't feel like a master at all, right?" When the second time he was sent flying, a warm palm appeared behind his back and caught him. Anxious, he suddenly turned his head and saw Chen Xiaoyao's face with a somewhat devilish charm. Chen Xiaoyao was a very complicated person, but one thing was very simple … That was his attraction. Although he looked like a middle-aged man in his forties, to women, he was definitely someone who would kill anyone of his age. Those young girls that had just recently opened their hearts were really too easily mesmerized by a man like him. He caught up with the dispute, then took a step forward. "I've always been thinking, are all the masters in the world as shameless as I am? After thinking about it, I wasn't your master before, so I absorbed your blood energy. I absorbed your cultivation power. He didn't wait for Anti to speak. "If you dare to say that you're wrong, then you can do it yourself." Anti opened his mouth and swallowed the words that were on the tip of his tongue. Chen Xiao sighed, "What? There's nothing else to say? " Anti: "I would rather die than lie, so I can only remain silent." Chen Xiaoyao said, "Even if you're afraid of death, you still say it with such backbone. It truly isn't easy." He patted An Tan's shoulder and walked forward step by step, "Although my injuries have yet to recover, although I really don't want to bother with the matters of the martial arts world anymore, although this master of mine is really unqualified, but …" When others beat up my disciple and my disciple got beaten up, I did it unrestrainedly. I felt that my disciple should have been tempered to this extent. Now that you want to kill him, you need to ask me. " He had only taken a single step forwards and he was already in front of Situ Daxing. The two of them stood facing each other, each breathing in and out. "Did you ask me?" he asked. Situ great Ye's face turned white with fright. Chen Xiaoyao said, "I know that other than you, there are also some people watching from the shadows around this time." Initially, it was inevitable that the younger generation martial arts practitioners would stumble and suffer losses because their cultivation base was not high enough. But with so many people preparing all kinds of methods to kill a child like him, don't you think you're too shameless? "Remember what I said here today..." As he spoke these words, he had at least neutralized Situ Daiye 3000 times. Even a cultivator close to the peak of the Great Perfection would only take three thousand strikes in an instant. Chen Xiaoyao completely ignored Situ Daye's attack. It was so strong that there was no reason for him to do so. It was as if he was waiting for Situ Daxing to lose all courage as he reached out his hand and grabbed him by the neck, "Whoever dares to touch my disciple, I will destroy their entire family. "That's not enough. From top to bottom, I will not spare anyone who is related to you." He contemptuously looked at Situ Daxe's purple face that was struggling so hard, "Weren't you also asking him to help just now? You want to get rid of everything in one fell swoop, don't you? "Now that I'm here, I'm his biggest helper. I'll see if you can beat me up or not." With one hand, he lifted Situ Daxi up and slammed him down. With a peng sound, he stuffed Situ Daxi's head into a rock. Situ Daxi's head was stuffed inside, his body was facing downwards, and both of his legs were still violently kicking. "What a disgusting cultivation method." Chen Xiaoyao was a thousand feet away. His left hand grabbed onto Situ Daye's left ankle, and his right hand grabbed onto Situ Daye's right ankle. Then, he fiercely pulled to both sides, "Get out here right now!" With a ripping sound, a living person was cut into two halves. However, there wasn't any scene of blood dripping down. The two identical Situ Dahei had appeared in Chen Xiaoyao's hands. The two Grand Sisters didn't look any different. Even if one looked at them, they wouldn't be able to see any difference. However, the only difference now was that one was wearing clothes, while the other was not. "Twin brothers, cultivate the twin techniques." Chen Xiaoyao raised Situ Daxi on the left and threw him onto the ground. Then, he kicked him away. He then threw the one on the right into the air. It was roughly a hundred meters long. Then, he opened his palm and clenched it. Situ Daxing, who was in the sky, exploded with a bang, filling the air with a bloody mist. Then, he turned around to look at the Situ Daiye that he had kicked flying away. He reached out a hand to grab him, and Situ Daiye was grabbed by a giant invisible hand. It was like a small mouse that had been grabbed by a big hand, screaming and struggling wildly. "You want to kill my disciple, so you're the first person in the world that I'm warning of. There is nothing good or evil about me, but I believe in you. Of course I mean what I say. " As he pressed down his hand, Situ Daye couldn't help but kneel there. "Like I said, whoever wants to kill him, I'll annihilate his door and let you clearly see whether you can die or not." At this moment, more than a dozen figures flew over like lightning. Strangely enough, everyone was holding what looked like a huge net in their hands, which was filled with a lot of human heads. "Reporting to High Lord, kill all disciples of the Hanhai Sect in the Immortal Palace!" Chen Xiaoyao replied, "How can we only enter the Immortal Palace? I said that I would destroy his entire clan." You guys go to the Hanhai Sect, and leave no one alive. " "Yes sir!" The dozen or so figures disappeared in an instant, leaving behind a floor full of heads. Chen Xiao Yao looked at Situ Daxi and said, "Now you can die." And then, Situ Datong died. His body exploded like a fog of blood. Chen Xiaoyao turned around and asked Andi, "How is it? Is today's master returning strength?" Anti: "..."
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