Anxiang could not help but laugh, "So, in the eyes of you people, being able to enjoy the happiness of heaven is actually also a good thing. Then, when you destroyed the entire Niu Family, did you not think that you would have retribution one day? " Situ Daxe's face seemed as if it was covered with a human mask. His tone was heavy, but there was no hint of sadness in his expression. No matter how he looked at it, his face was stiff and expressionless. That pair of eyes was especially frightening, like the eyes of a dead fish, staring straight at someone. He stared at Anti and replied, "Where is the karma? It's just who is stronger and who is weaker." If my son Situ Xiong is stronger than you, then is your retribution correct? Besides, why should I care about the thoughts of others? If I kill others, others will not be able to kill me. " Anshi nodded. "So? What are you waiting for? " "I'm waiting for your friend." Anxious frowned, he understood Situ Daxian's meaning. Situ great Ye said, "If you have any method to call for help then use it as soon as possible. I'm not in a hurry." He knew the meaning behind Situ Datong's words. He wanted to seek his help. Situ Datong wanted him to ask for help in order to kill even more people. After waiting for a long time and seeing that there was no response, Situ Daxe could not help but feel a little regretful. "If there is no one to accompany you on your journey to the Yellow Springs, you will feel lonely." An Zheng smiled, "You and your son will be traveling together on the Road to River Styx. I don't think you'll be alone." Situ Datong pointed to the sky and said, "I've said that I admire your courage. However, your current arrogance is not out of bravery, but because you're an idiot." A black hole appeared in the sky, and time and space seemed to distort. A very strange sound appeared. It sounded like the hiss of some demon beast, so sharp that it caused one's ears to explode. That feeling was as if the sound had turned into a knife and drilled into his body. Even his skin was about to be cut off inch by inch. A beam of black light dropped down from the black hole. It was so fast that no one could react. Even with An Ran's reflexes and movement speed, he was actually unable to dodge it. The moment the black light covered An Zheng's body, his expression changed. Control? A huge rodent-like black demon beast drilled out from the black hole. Its head alone was larger than a normal human's. This thing's … The eyes were so round that they looked as if they had been painted on them. Its eyes were not black and white, but a spiral pattern. The moment it emerged from the black hole, the thread pattern in its eye began to spin as it watched the struggle. Slow! He wanted to resist, but he realized that his speed was indescribably slow. If the average adult man's reflexes and speed were ten, there might be thousands or even tens of thousands. Therefore, when a normal person wanted to fight for peace, they might not even be able to see the shadow of a struggle for peace when it moved at its fastest speed. However, when he was about to make a move, he was shocked to discover that his speed had slowed down to almost the same level as an ordinary person's. Fighting with an opponent who could possibly be at the peak of the Great Perfection Stage was already a certain death sentence. However, the enemy had reduced the speed at which he could survive, so it was a disaster for him. Speed had always been one of the abilities that made one proud of himself. Not to mention the fact that he already had a cultivation base that was deeper and more tyrannical than ordinary cultivators of the same level, and even if his was on par with ordinary cultivators of the same level, his speed was sufficient to put him in an invincible position. His speed was fast, so he made the first move. With the same strength, the other side didn't even have a chance to react before winning. Now, whether it was in terms of power, cultivation level, or speed, the enemy was much stronger than him. That black rodent-like demon beast flew down from the sky and landed beside Situ Daxing with a loud 'boom'. It seemed to be at least a meter long, and there was a layer of needle-like needles on its body. They looked like rats, but their noses were like anteater's. There was even a ten thousand rune pattern on his forehead. It was unknown whether it was naturally or artificially carved. The demonic beast standing next to Situ Daxe actually had a very demonic and harmonious feeling. "Do you know how lowly and ignorant you are?" Situ Daye shook his head, "If I were willing, you wouldn't even have the ability to lift your hand. I don't even need to do anything, it's just my pet. With such a huge gap between us, you were actually able to boast so shamelessly! If you aren't an idiot, then what are you? Let me give you another word of advice. You won't be able to do it yourself, so please ask for help. Let your friends come and save you. Anti laughed coldly, "My friends all have to live for a thousand years." Situ Datong patted the body of the demonic beast, "This is a Time Beast. You might not even have heard of it. With your age and experience, there are many things you haven't seen before. This thing was not from the Central Plains, nor was it from the Western Regions. It came from an isolated island outside the South Sea. Time-beasts didn't have much ability, they could only control time. Right now, your attacking speed has been suppressed by 99% because I still want to give you a decent way to die and let your friends come and save you. " After he patted the beast, the beast shot out a dark purple sphere that looked like both mist and solid matter. He instinctively wanted to dodge, but his body was simply unable to keep up with his reaction. His brain had already given out instructions, but his body wasn't able to carry them out in time as the black and purple mass of fog slammed into Anti. It was as if a giant millstone had slapped down on An Zheng's body. He suddenly leaned back. Under the immense pressure, his body seemed to be on the verge of breaking apart. The sound of bones being crushed was so loud that his skin felt like it was being torn apart. However, after this huge force passed, he realized that he wasn't injured at all. After a careful examination of his body, he realized that even his willpower had started to slow down. His body, which had been lowered to the speed of an ordinary person, turned stiff. He raised his hand, as if moving slowly. His brain began to be unable to keep up and his eyes started to become cloudy. Situ Daxe, who was standing opposite of him, continued, "It's impossible for you to defeat me. Even though you've killed my child, I'm still a senior in the martial arts world and won't bully you. So I'm giving you a chance to ask for help. Do you have friends and family nearby? Contact them and have them come and save you. " He wanted to shake his head, but his head was incredibly heavy. Situ Datong continued, "Please ask for help …" Ask for help … "Please ask for help …" The look in Anti's eyes became increasingly confused, and he began to repeat the same words as Situ Daxei, "I can't beat you, so I have to ask for help. "Only by begging for help can I survive …" The corners of Situ Datong's lips curled up, his eyes full of pride. He continued, "Ask for help. Contact all your friends that you can contact. They will all come to save you." Anti followed and said, "Contact them and have them come to save me … "But I …" He knew that his opponent was finished, even if his opponent was a talented youth. He forcefully endured the pain of losing his son, not wanting to simply kill An Lai to fight for his life. He wanted to kill all the friends that he could find, even if that wasn't enough to dispel his hatred, it was still better than killing only one person. The look in his eyes gradually became confused, his expression became stiff and lifeless, his limbs petrified. All of this was within his control. Just one more second and he felt that if one more second passed, he would be able to plead for help. He was certain that it was impossible for someone like Anti to not have any helpers at his side. Thus, he only needed to wait a second before he could take his revenge. A second would pass. However, he found that he was wrong. Blood dripped from the corner of An Zheng's mouth, but his eyes gradually regained their clarity. Bite the tip of his tongue? Bite your lips? Situ Datong was stunned. Such a simple and slight pain was something that no time beast could escape control of. There was only one Time Beast, but it could become a Gold rank demon beast, or even be close to the peak of the Gold rank. He wasn't too far away from a Violet rank God Beast. Such powerful control, even a cultivator at the peak of the Great Perfection would find it hard to resist, let alone a young man like An Zai. The power of a time beast matched its master's strength. Situ Dazye firmly believed that as long as he entered the lesser celestial stage, cultivators of the same level or higher would not be a match for him. With the timing beast's control, the opponent would instantly lose the ability to resist. Even if it was just for a second, it was enough for a cultivator at the lesser celestial stage to control it. How could that youth, who didn't seem to be very powerful, be able to struggle free from his control? "Very strong." Anya broke into a wide grin. His mouth was filled with blood, and his white teeth had traces of scarlet blood on them. He looked a bit terrifying. "This must be what you took from the Niu Family back then, right?" He took a deep breath. Even though his body had not fully recovered, he had at least regained consciousness. "The Niu family's industry is very large, especially maritime transport. The southwest border of Da Xi was the vast South Sea. Niu family's fleet found the beast on a lone island in the South Sea. "After you received the news, you immediately annihilated the entire Niu Family and stole the time beast." With great difficulty, He Tan raised his hand. The speed was as slow as a wooden puppet. He raised his hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth, then looked at Situ Daxi and said, "Although saying this has the intention of admitting defeat, I must still tell you that you won't succeed. There are many people who want to control my thoughts, and those who can control my thoughts will never appear. " "Then die!" Situ Datong's patience had already reached its limit. He had never encountered such a tenacious youth before. Therefore, he did not plan to wait any longer. He took a step forward, and arrived in front of the struggle for peace. Andi tried to respond, but it seemed like he had no power at all. Situ Datong's palm struck towards the chest of An Zai. Just as his palm was about to touch An Zai's body, 30 scales of Saint Fish spontaneously flew out and blocked the path in front of him. His body was still under the control of the Time Beast, but he did not have any magical equipment! The scales of the Sacred Fish might be the best defensive magic tool in the world, and even if it were to face a cultivator at the Great Perfection, it wouldn't be broken. The defensive power of the thirty Holy Fish Scales combined and helped An Zheng block the attack. However, the difference was too great. Anti's body flew backwards like a kite with its string cut, knocking down several large trees. "Let's see how many times you can block me!" Situ Datong flew into a rage as he strode forward to chase after An Zheng. However, just as he took a step forward, his speed suddenly slowed!
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