[I wish everyone a happy New Year. This blessing is not too late. There is still half an hour left before the first day of the new year ends.] Then, what he wanted to say was that he almost broke off on the first day of the new year. He wanted to clarify his own thoughts … Even though it was only a single note, he still shamelessly asked for a new year's crescent vote. The more, the better. Clasping his hands in a bow, he covered his face and escaped …] He did not act because he knew that the masked guy in front of him was not a real person. He was a devil, a devil that hid himself. In this world, there were two types of villains. The first was to be domineering and to be afraid that others would not know that he was an evil person. Treat doing evil as an accomplishment and enjoy doing evil, but such a person is not really scary. What was truly scary was the second kind of person who did evil … Hiding villains. For example, Cheng Zhong. The terrible thing about people like Chen Zhong Hu was that the first kind of evil people were all his henchmen, his knives. And this time, the masked guy that appeared in front of them could be said to be the same type of person as Chen Zhong Bing, but he had a lot more savagery than Chen Zhong Zi. He was very confident, terrifyingly confident. He had set up a trap for An Zheng. It was very obvious, but there was no way for him to avoid it. The masked man said that before long, the Ming Fas people would appear one by one in front of the struggle for peace. Among these people was the masked guy. But what if he couldn't be sure who he was? The best thing seemed to be to avoid it, to avoid it, to avoid all the people in the Mentor. However, this was not an option at all, because there were some troubles that could not be avoided. As for security, it was never a person who would run away when faced with danger. He began to wonder why this man was so sure that he would not be able to tell who he was. Whether it was people from Che Xian Country or Da Xi Country … He had always had his own attitude. After killing someone, he had squatted on the ground and fed a Demonic Beast core to the good master. Afterwards, he had carried the good master up and looked at the peach leaves falling from the distance, his expression gradually becoming tranquil. In the clouds, a monk wearing a golden monastic robe put his palms together. The young monk behind him asked, "Master, why are you doing this?" The monk called Master didn't look that old, but cultivators couldn't really tell his age from his appearance. He stood there and looked at the dispute below, muttering to himself, "The Xuan Yuan said that this youth has an intelligence root. Do you know what it is?" "Destined by Buddha?" "What is Buddha's Blessings?" "Yes …" The young monk shook his head. "I don't know. Is he referring to a kind-hearted person?" "It's one-sided." The monk in the golden cassock said: "Buddha has more than one side, persuading people to be kind is the foundation, do not think too much, but also not must abstain from killing. When this young man was feeding the cat, he was like a Bodhisattva, lowering his eyebrows, and when he kills people, he glares at them furiously. He kills those who deserve to be killed and does good deeds in the sect; this is the fate of Buddha. " The young monk asked, "Then Master, can he join my Buddhist Sect?" The monk shook his head. "He can't." Brook was stunned, "Why? Since Master said that he has the buddhist luck, why can't he join the buddhist faith? " The Buddhist monk sighed, "His remembrance was too heavy, no matter what it was, it was too heavy." After saying that, he turned around and left, stepping on a Seven Treasures Lotus Platform. The little monk stood at the side of the lotus throne and could not help but turn back and glance at An Zheng: "Master, was that person the reason why Senior Brother Xuan Ting was punished by Buddha to think about this?" "You are wrong," said the monk. "It is not the fault of others that the Xuan Court is wrong, but it is his own fault. He had tried to carry the karma of his predecessors. This was because he had interfered with the matters of the heavens, so he was wrong. Everyone has their own past and future. If you view the past of others as your own past, and then persist in being lost in it, then you will fall into the demonic path. Even I feel ashamed of myself for your Senior Brother Xuan Ting's high perception and talent. However, he just has to stay in the Buddhist sect but his heart is in the mortal world, I'm afraid he won't be able to think much about it even if he faces the wall. " The young monk seemed to understand but did not dare to ask. Anti was standing in the peach forest with the good grandfather in his arms. When he turned around to leave, he discovered a person standing on the peach tree in the distance. That person was dressed in white and looked like an immortal. This white robe was even made of a daoist robe, giving off an ethereal feeling. He just stood there and looked at the struggle, as if it was the strangest person in the world. "I thought you'd be here." Anxious said. The white-clothed youth smiled like the spring wind of March. There were many beautiful young men in this world, and this young man was one of them. Back in Yan Guo, he was said to be second in terms of talent, but in terms of grace, he was first. But in reality, whether it was talent or demeanor, he was slightly stronger than that Su fella. However, he was unwilling to show off and liked to walk alone in the dark. If he wasn't strong, he would win and he wouldn't act rashly. His name is Feng Xiuxiu. "Just because of this peach forest?" Feng Xiu retorted. Anxious nodded his head, "It's all because of this peach forest." Feng Xiu's smile became even brighter. "When I was in Yan Nation, whether it was the people in the Supreme Dao Court or the people outside, they all said that I was very complicated. However, you always look at me in the simplest way. Or perhaps I didn't even know that you, who I think should be my enemy, are my soulmate. " Anxious, he replied, "I don't dare to say so. I'm afraid the Dao is still different." Feng Xiu Nu shook his head as if he didn't want to waste anymore time on these words. He looked at An Tan and asked, "I just don't understand, why do you have enemies wherever you go? When you were in the Yan Kingdom, you knocked over many people's rice bowls, so it was only natural for someone to want to kill you. However, in this Che Xian Country, in the Immortal Palace, you do not seem to be able to topple others. " Anxious said seriously, "Believe me, I've done much more than you have ever seen to knock someone else out of their job." "Then you really are an evil person." Anti: "In the eyes of the wicked, I am indeed an evil person." "Are you saying that I'm an evil person?" Anxious: "If you can still think of yourself as a person, I will be Amitabha." Feng Xiu raised him, "I trained myself, even when I was in the Yan Kingdom's fixed city, I rarely fought with others. After I left the Yan Kingdom, I had even more of a focus on cultivation. How could I have any problems? What right do you have to say that I'm not human?" Anxiety: "No words, no words..." "I'm still talking about you. The people who wanted to kill you were really all kinds of people from the Kindness Kingdom and the people from the Da Xi Empire. I didn't come out just now because I wanted to see if a few monks would come out later to kill you as well." Anxious shrugged his shoulders, "You Taoist, I've never seen you that didn't want to kill me." "You saved my life." He pointed to his heart, "At first, I thought that by relying on my perseverance and my Dao Origin, I could make those three thousand years old peach trees on Mount Wudang choose me. In the end, the old peach tree reminisced about old times very much. It didn't like me, only the Daoist from the Three Purities Monastery. If I lose, I lose. Therefore, he travelled to the Western Regions and searched for a dried up branch to use as his life essence. However, you know that a dried up branch is a dried up branch. Do you know what the next step is? " He replied, "Destroy." "There are many peach trees here, and they are much older than the old peach tree in Mount Wudang. I've been searching here to see if I can replace life. However, the peach tree did not have a Dao Origin, so it could not bear the Dao Fruit. It's still all in vain. " Anti frowned slightly: "You still want to go to Mount Wudang?" "I have to go, so I just came out to give you a word of advice..." Don't steal all the peach trees here, leave me a few to continue cultivating. Although there was no Dao Origin Dao Fruit, in the end, it was still a ten-thousand-year-old peach tree, and their fate was the same. I am cultivating here and it is not a problem for others. I don't see any fighting or killing. I will not listen to your lies. Leave a few peach trees to save my life again. " Anxious said, "I'll be leaving then." "Thank you, thank you. If you want to leave, then go quickly. The smell of blood is too strong." Anxious: "When others kill me, you just sit back and do nothing. Is this how you repay the kindness of saving your life?" "I will not kill you once in the future..." No, twice. " Anxious turned around, "So that's really the case." Feng Xiuxiu didn't know what Anxian meant by that. After all, only Anxious had seen the worry in the depths of his heart. Even now, they still could not understand why their biggest concern was not Chen Zhong Hu, but rather Feng Xiu. Even though such an elegant youth who seemed to be a godlike person was a bit paranoid, in the end, he was unable to tell that there were evil thoughts running through his head. Feng Xiu watched An Zheng leave before shaking his head with a bitter smile. "Why be so wary of me, like how you guard against your enemies?" Anti walked a few steps away and stopped in his tracks. "It's obviously you. Take precautions against me like you take precautions against your enemies." Feng Xiu's expression changed. He lowered his eyebrows, narrowed his eyes, and asked himself, "Really?" Yes. After An Tan left, Xiuxiu stood on the peach tree branch for a long time as well. Perhaps it was a reminder from An Zheng, or perhaps he already had a feeling in his heart that he was just unwilling to admit it. He had really been on guard against the conflict. He had observed it from the shadows for a long time, and envied those who stood beside it and chatted and laughed with him. For example, thin Du, for example, or anyone in the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect, or even that monkey. After An Tan left the peach forest, he seemed to be aimlessly walking. He did not leave quickly, and he soon forgot about the matter of Feng Xiu-liu. Although he was very worried about her, she did not seem to be a threat to him. The biggest threat now was the masked guy. The mask was covering his eyes, and he had used something to blind him, so he had not been able to tell who it was. However, he knew that the masked guy wouldn't appear too far the next time. He was a self-confident, perverted person. He believed that he was playing a game of arms, so he was somewhat impatient. Then tear your mask apart. There was a man wearing a Daoist robe in front of them. Whether it was real or fake, most sects in the Central Plains would more or less say that they were connected to the Dao Sect. According to the rumors, the true forms of cultivation came from the Dao Sect, and it was even older than the Buddhist Sect. This person wearing the Daoist robe was not a Daoist priest, because his Daoist robe was only made into the style of a Daoist robe. He looked to be around forty years old. His eyes were cold and arrogant, and there was a murderous look on his face. "You also came to kill me?" Anti asked. The middle-aged man nodded his head, "He's indeed here to kill you." Anti: "Alright then. If it's convenient, then say it out loud. Why did you come to kill me?" The middle-aged man pointed behind him, "Not long ago, you just killed a young man in the peach forest. Perhaps in the future, he would have an endless future. Even if he didn't, he would still marry and have his own children, and continue the family line. But I can't now. You killed him, and all my fantasies come to an end. There is no longer the glorious doings of fantasy, and no longer the heavenly joy of fantasy. " He said, "My name is Situ Daye."
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