As Situ Xiong saw An Tan step out from the circle, he subconsciously stepped backwards. Perhaps he had felt his master's fear, the demonic beast he was sitting on couldn't help but take a step back. Do you want to come in? What right do you have to let me in and I'll go in and I'll let you out and you'll come out? I'll come out. It was that simple. Anti stood around twenty meters away from Situ Xiong and looked at the person in front of him, "I heard someone call you Senior Situ …. According to what I know, there is a person with the surname 'Situ' after 'Situ' in the Great Sea Sect. His son from your age? " Situ Xiong was stunned for a moment, "What do you mean?" "Nothing much, just to confirm your identity." Anxiang said, "Fourteen years ago, the Da Xi Ming Magic Division investigated the extermination of an ox family from the southwest. At that time, the blame was already placed on your Hanhai Sect. Unfortunately, in the end, there was no evidence to get away with it. After that, the Ming Fa Division did not give up on their investigation. Strangely enough, almost every one of you from the Hanhai Sect had evidence of an alibi. I once heard a friend mention it, and he was puzzled. It wasn't until a while ago that I realized. " He looked into Situ Xiong's eyes and said, "It's actually very simple. It's just that at that time, the Ming Fa Si's people were stuck inside the bull's horn and couldn't come out." At that time, the one with the greatest suspicion was your father, Situ Daye. But because it happened to be at the time the Niu Family was exterminated, Situ Datong had been a guest at Skydark Palace. "Even the people from the Clear Sky Palace had to testify, so it seems like there is no suspicion at all." "Don't slander me!" Situ Xiong said angrily, "Don't think that just because you have a strong cultivation that you can spout nonsense. Our Han Hai Sect is now a member of the Great Xi Empire. Even if I am unable to kill you, there will still be someone who wants justice from you. " "You are also a fool." He continued, "If my guess is correct, the current Sect Leader of the Hanhai Sect is not Yang Qianzhang, is he? Back then, Yang Qianfan defeated your father in public and then became the Sect Leader. With your father's personality, how could he not take revenge? How could he swallow his anger? And the method he used to kill Yang Qianfan was probably no different from the method he used to exterminate the Niu Family. Do you have an uncle, or an uncle? " Situ Xiong's eyes filled with fear and he began to retreat, "What is the meaning of saying all this?" "The Niu family has always done good deeds, and the villagers nearby all admire them. The reason why their clan was destroyed is because they obtained a very amazing thing. " Anxiang said, "Situ Daxing actually has a twin brother, but the other twin brother has never appeared from the start." Not to mention outsiders, even the people from the Hanhai Sect don't know about it. I'm guessing that even Yang Qianfan doesn't know about this. Even Yang Qianfan is certain that the incident with the Niu family wasn't done by Situ Daxing. " "The laws of the land may not govern you, but I can." Situ Xiong turned around and said, "The people of the Great Xixi will not let you off." "And I will not let you go now." Anxiang had only taken one step forward, but one step had already passed behind Situ Xiong. His speed was much faster than the demonic beast Situ Xiong was sitting on. Situ Xiong seemed to feel the threat from behind him and he punched behind him with all his might. However, when the punch was thrown out, he discovered that there was nothing behind him. While he was still in shock, he had already grabbed the beast's neck and pulled it off its back. This demon beast was called the pentagonal dragon. Actually, it had nothing to do with dragons. This was because it looked like a flood dragon that was mentioned by the people. In other words, it was a demon beast that resembled a crocodile in the river, so it was also called a dragon. The pentagonal dragon had the head of a crocodile, but its four limbs were like that of a deer, and it ran incredibly fast. The most obvious sign was a row of five upright horns on top of its head. These five horns were very hard, each was about thirty centimeters tall, and incomparably sharp. Anti extended his left hand and grabbed Situ Xiong's neck while his right hand grabbed a horn from the pentagonal dragon. At the same time he grabbed Situ Xiong from the back of the demonic beast, he also plucked off a pentagonal dragon's horn. He then pierced through Situ Xiong's lower abdomen. "Even if your people from the Hanhai Sect die, not a single one of them will be falsely accused." The Five Horned Dragon and Situ Xiong wailed at the same time, the sound sending chills down everyone's spines. But it was clear that there was no point in stopping. His left hand continued to grip Situ Xiong's neck while his right hand slapped the head of the pentagonal dragon. The dragon gave a muffled grunt as it fell, no longer able to run. Anti took the chance to pull out another horn with his right hand and stabbed it into Situ Xiong's chest with a 'pu' sound. His right hand did not stop moving. He pulled out a spike and did not even have a second to go from attacking to stopping. Those with low cultivation base could not even see what had happened. Only when they let go of Situ Xiong's corpse did they discover that Situ Xiong's body had been pierced by five horns. The longest needle pierced Situ Xiong's chest and went straight through his body. The sharp horn stuck out from his back and blood flowed down along the horn. A purple light flashed in his eyes as he turned around. Those cultivators that were at the Xumi Stage were instantly exterminated. These people were far from being able to enter the immortal palace based on their strength. However, in order to become more powerful, they had brought almost all of their disciples who were in the Xumi realm with them. There were roughly four to five hundred people who had entered the immortal palace. This kind of aura was indeed very strong, and it was able to intimidate quite a few people. Because only those in the prison state could enter the immortal palace, people would think that the Hanhai Sect was a powerful sect with around four to five hundred prisoners in the prison state. It's just a bluff. With a single glance, the lives of a hundred people died. The group of cultivators who had been pulling the tree out with him were all taken aback, and could not help but back off in fear. "If you continue, you will only be stealing a tree. You will not die for your crimes." Those people didn't dare to stay any longer. They turned around and ran away. He looked at the dead bodies on the ground and then casually waved his hand. A wave of energy flowed out and swept all the corpses far away, piling them up in a pile. He even had the mood to count how many people there were before writing them down. Almost all of the members of the Hanhai Sect had been killed, and the remaining few who were still alive were also piled up in piles of corpses, moaning in pain. They ignored the dispute and continued to pull the tree out … In just a short ten minutes, he had pulled out several dozen more trees. The space inside the Blood Cultivating Bead was ridiculously large. Before and after, there were over two hundred trees. Furthermore, each tree was so big that there were actually quite a few places to use them. This was only the storage space of one of the beads, which was comparable to Chen Shaobai's wooden box. Then, he cupped his fist and bowed towards the distance: "No matter which senior planted the tree, don't worry, I won't burn the peach tree as firewood. I will feed it well …" As he was talking to himself, a person appeared in the distance like a ghost. The man was wearing a gray cloth gown, but there was a faint glow to it. When Anti saw this piece of clothing, he was slightly stunned, because he recognized this piece of clothing. Something from the Great Xi Ming Fa Si. Back then, one of the reasons why the Intelligence Division of the Great Western Region's Mantra Department was so powerful was because the other department of the Mantra Division was a little too powerful. That was the Logistics Division. The Logistics Division had a group of freaks who developed many powerful magical artifacts. This shirt was called 'Suyi Sui'. The clothes could be changed according to the environment of the outside world. As long as the user injected his power into the clothes, it would be sufficient. Since this person was wearing such a thing, his identity was self-evident. "Are you not planning to hide it?" Anti looked at the man and asked. This person looked to be of medium height and was slightly shorter than An Zheng. He was only about 1.75 meters. He was neither fat nor thin. Judging from his physique, he was very well-built. There was nothing wrong with him at all. He wore a red mask with a swirl pattern that almost completely covered his face, revealing only his right eye. That eye stared fixedly at the struggle, as if it was a demon who was about to take his life. "You sure are lucky." The masked man's voice was extremely hoarse, making it impossible for An Zheng to tell who he was from his voice. The masked guy obviously didn't want Anti to know who he was, so he purposely changed his voice. Moreover, even the exposed right eye seemed to have something on it, as if it was covered by a layer of mist. "You know me." Anti said these four words. The masked man laughed like an owl. It was extremely ear-piercing. "Of course I'm familiar with you. You were once the head of the Ming Fa Division in the Da Xi Empire, and I firmly believe that you alone can maintain the arrogance of righteousness. You always think everyone else is a potential criminal and only you are innocent. A person like you, even now you haven't died, you can only say that the heavens are blind. " The masked guy watched on with interest as the expression on An Zheng's face changed, "Do you really want to know who I am? Yes, I am a member of the Mentor's Division, as you think. Besides, I also worked for you in the past. However, I didn't come to kill you this time because I'm more interested in seeing you play around like a prey. "Think about it. Once such a powerful person was a plaything in my palm. Wouldn't it be boring if I let you die early on?" "Are you that confident that I can't kill you?" The masked guy started laughing again, laughing to the point where his hair was standing on end. "You want to kill me? Ha ha-ha ha … You can't kill me because I'm not a person, but a ghost. " When he said the word "ghost," his voice was icy cold. Anxious slightly creased his brows, "They are only playing tricks on me. Since they are my subordinates, they should know what attitude I have towards my enemies." "I know, I always knew." The masked guy spoke with exaggerated body movements, seemingly very happy. "It's because I know what kind of person you are that I want to continue playing. Tired you to death, slowly, slowly. And even if you die, you won't know who I am. Not only will I appear on my own, but I will also let the remaining Ming Fas people appear one by one in front of you. For someone to appear without a mask, I'll let you guess who I am. " He laughed proudly, "When you see a bunch of your former subordinates, what will you do? You'll be suspicious of all of them... Ha ha-ha ha … I really want to see what it is like to have a rift between you and the people of the Ming Fas, and you suspect each other and end up killing each other. You'll kill them one by one, because you can't stop your suspicions. And most of the people you are silly to are innocent. I feel sorry for them in advance. " "If you don't kill... Then the person who will appear next to you in the future might be me. " The masked guy retreated and his figure gradually faded. "I will become the devil by your side. I have the ability to kill all your friends and women by your side." One by one, one by one … Just you wait, I'll be back soon. "
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