He was certain that the Dongpo Taiyan had been sent by Grissan to intercept him. It was possible that anyone who appeared in front of him now was as well, even cultivators from the Central Plains. He still had a little knowledge about the Han Hai Sect because he was very familiar with Xu Medi. Xu Medi's Blessed Paradise Palace had always been the number one sect in the southwest of the Great Xixi. Because it had been in second place for a long time, the people of the Hanhai Sect had always been resentful, but they didn't dare to provoke the people of the Blessed Paradise Palace. Everyone knew what sort of character Xu Medi had. If anyone dared to bully a female disciple of her sect, she would pursue them relentlessly, never letting go until she was dead. Therefore, when the group of people who called themselves the Great Sea Sect appeared, the peace dispute was relieved. Today should be a lively day. It wasn't just the people from the Kaiser Country who wanted to kill him. That person called Tie Shengxing was very stupid, to the point of being a complete mess. If he didn't say what he was going to do for the prince, it would be hard for Anti to guess who they were working for. Now, the idiot admitted to it. He had originally planned to see how many people would come to kill him. However, all of a sudden, he decided not to. They stopped right here in the peach orchard, waiting for them to come. Anti broke Tie Shengxing's neck and threw the corpse out. He broke off a piece of peach wood and drew a circle on the ground. It was about five meters wide. He stood in the middle of the circle and suddenly remembered the scene he had been waiting for when he was in the Fantasy city, waiting for those villains to arrive. It was very similar to what he was seeing now. "I'll be right here. You guys come and kill me." Calm and composed! Last time, An Zheng had carried a machete with countless holes in it, and had used several thousand taels of silver as bait to attract a group of thugs. This time, those people were not looking for gold, silver, or jewelry, but for the lives of others. The disciples that came with Tie Shengxing exchanged glances, but none of them dared to make a move. Even with Tie Shengxing's strength, he couldn't withstand a single blow. Of course, these people knew their own limitations. Someone took out something like a firework from his bosom and shot it into the sky. Soon, a response came from afar. Before long, at least a hundred people from the Hanhai Sect had arrived on demonic beasts. The one leading them was Situ Xiong. In the Hanhai Sect, the sect head Yang Qianfan was the most powerful. In second place was his Senior Martial Brother, Situ Daiye. Initially, the sect head of the Hanhai Sect had passed the position of sect head to his eldest disciple, Situ Daxe. Unfortunately, Situ Daxe lost the match and the position of sect head ended up in Yang Qianfan's hands. However, there were also legends that said that Yang Qianfan had won because he had treated Situ Dazheng to wine the night before the match and drugged him. And on the second day, which was already the day of the Sovereign's inheritance, he had challenged Situ Daiye in front of everyone in the sect, and had even obtained victory. In fact, no one knew what happened. However, it was said that Yang Qianfan and Situ Daxi had a good relationship with each other. At the very least, they were amiable in front of outsiders, and Situ Daxi also showed respect and obedience towards the new sect master. "This is the person?" Situ Xiong, who was sitting on the back of the demon beast, squinted his eyes and looked at An Zheng, then asked: "Where's Tie Shengxing? "Why didn't you kill this person and bring him to me?" One of his subordinates quickly came over and answered, "Tie Shengxing was killed by him." Situ Xiong's expression changed, he couldn't let his guard down. He looked at the men he had brought with him. There were many who were stronger than Tie Shengxing. "The four of you, go and kill him!" Situ Xiong loudly ordered, "Kill him and everyone can take a gold rank spirit stone!" Anti twitched his mouth in the circle, thinking to himself that his head wasn't worth much in the first place. The four experts under Situ Xiong looked at each other, then they all walked forward. In terms of strength, these four were all above Tie Shengxing. Moreover, when they usually went out to do something, they were usually able to display a greater strength when working together with the four of them. If the four of them were to work together, it wouldn't be a problem for them to deal with a youth who didn't seem to be even twenty years old. Four people surrounded them from four different directions. One of them had an iron whip, one had a long sword, one had a broadsword, and one had an iron rod. "Let's attack together. Kill him and leave as soon as possible. This place has already been noticed by others." Situ Xiong urged. The person who used the iron rod was the most impatient one. He was the first to rush over, leaping into the air and directly smashing down with the iron rod. That seemingly ordinary and unremarkable iron rod abruptly grew in size as it fell, smashing towards Anti's head like a giant pillar. "You're too small!" Anti suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled out a peach tree from the bracelet. Every single peach tree here was tens of thousands of years old and ridiculously large. Anti held onto a large tree as he swung it. The power of his cultivation base instantly filled up the entire tree, colliding head on with the iron rod. As if struck by lightning, the iron rod and the peach tree were instantly sent flying. Soon after, his body began to explode, starting with the hands holding the iron rod, his arms went from his shoulders to his head, and then his entire body. The blood mist exploded, and everyone cried out in alarm. A disciple of the Hanhai Sect said with a quivering voice, "Master Chang is at the peak of the Great Perfection Stage, yet he was killed just like that?!" "Seriously... It was terrible. I've seen uncle master Chang do it. That steel rod had the power to overturn rivers and seas, so how could it be smashed to death by that fellow? " The three people who were originally walking forward suddenly stopped in their tracks. Their cultivation bases were very low, and they had been smashed into meat paste with iron rods. If they rushed forward, they would most likely end up in the same situation. The three of them turned to look at Situ Xiong at the same time and discovered that Situ Xiong's expression was abnormally ugly. Situ Xiong loudly shouted, "If you retreat before the battle, then be careful of the sect rules!" The remaining three people looked at each other again with the same intention in their eyes. Since he was going to die anyway, he might as well go all out. "Let's attack together!" With a shout from his sword, he slashed out. A sword ray more than ten meters long flew out from his longsword, slashing straight towards Anti's head like a rainbow. At the same time as he made his move, he also used the broadsword from behind. The broadsword swept out and a thick crescent-shaped saber light chopped out, directly aiming at An Zheng's waist. The one using the iron whip threw the iron whip in his hand up and then formed a seal with his hands. When his hands were done forming the hand seals, the iron whip also fell down. He caught the whip with both hands and fiercely stabbed it into the ground. At the same time, countless steel spears emerged from the ground under An Tan's feet. The three of them attacked at the same time, and they had a tacit understanding with each other. Naturally, it was no small matter. However, the great disparity in strength was not something that could be filled in with a tacit understanding. It was not a small ravine, but a great canyon. Anti held onto the tree and shook it violently, causing countless peach tree leaves to fly out like a snowflake. However, when the peach tree leaf landed, the cultivator with the sword only had a skeleton left. Each peach leaf was like the sharpest blade. After sweeping through it like a snowstorm, cultivators who used longswords would not have any time to defend. The blade sliced through layer after layer. In the blink of an eye, a person's flesh and blood was sliced off. As Anti swung the tree, he lifted up his left foot and stomped down fiercely! Under this kick, the ground trembled. Those steel spears that had pierced out from under the feet of the struggle for peace seemed as if they had been pushed back by an incomparably large and heavy mountain. The steel spear broke and was pushed back. As for the steel spears that were pushed back, they were thrust out from under the feet of those who used iron whips. That cultivator still didn't know what had happened. A steel spear had pierced through his crotch and pierced through his skull. His entire body had been nailed there. There was only one person left who used a broadsword. That crescent-shaped saber light arrived in a flash. Anxious put his right hand on the tree and grabbed it with his left hand. However, if the enemy were to attack, it would be fine. However, it was a blade light. However, An Tan seemed to have gone silly as he directly grabbed towards the incoming blade light. It was as if there was magic in the palm of An Zheng's hand. He actually managed to grab the blade light. Then, with a flick of his wrist, the blade light circled around An Tan and flew back. After learning from the mistakes of the past, cultivators that wielded broad sabers had already taken precautions. Seeing that his saber light had returned, he left to avoid it and just in time to slash out another strike to block it. But after his saber light was caught by An Tan, it was swung back. Its strength and speed were more than double from before! He wanted to react, but he couldn't! An enormous crescent-shaped saber light flashed across, sweeping across the cultivator's waist. Because the saber light was too fast, not a single speck of blood appeared, and that cultivator even maintained his position of concealment. After taking another step back, his upper body and lower body were suddenly cut off. Blood began to spray out, and the thick and bloody internal organs in his stomach started to spill out. After running out for a step, his body separated. The lower half of his body was immediately dyed red from the spill of blood. Anti extended his hand and grabbed. All three magic tools flew back. He casually threw them into the Blood Cultivating Bead bracelet and fed himself the Broken Armor Sword. These three magic tools could not be considered good stuff, so feeding them to the Broken Armor Sword was still better than nothing. In an instant, the four experts of the Hanhai Sect were all killed. They didn't even manage to touch An Zai's clothes. Situ Xiong's expression was ugly to the extreme. He finally understood why that person would say that he was no match for someone like him. He could have killed his four men, but he definitely couldn't do it as easily as he had done it. His four men hadn't killed him, but rather, he had run into his own head and committed suicide. But at this moment, Situ Xiong couldn't back down. He sat on top of the demonic beast and began to ponder. What should he do? "Are you coming or not?" Anti pointed at the circle he drew and said, "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Since you're here to kill me, why hesitate?" Situ Xiong turned around to look at his men, "If anyone kills him, I'll give them four Gold rank spirit stones!" Four gold grade spirit stones was indeed very attractive, but it was not as important as his own life. The remaining people couldn't even be compared to the previous dead, and they were even of an even younger generation. It was alright for them to follow the seniors of their sect and show off their might, but how could they expect them to kill them? Situ Xiong's face alternated between green and white. He didn't want to lose face and could only point at the struggle and say, "If you let me in, then I'll go in? Why should I listen to you? Who knows if there's anything weird in your circle. If I let you out, will you come out?! " Anxious stepped forward, "Come out." Situ Xiong: "…" That doesn't seem to be the case.
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