It was just that this Eastern Slope was too excessive, so there was no point in contacting Chen Shaobai. After getting rid of an opponent who couldn't even count as a minor interlude in the road of life, the war continued. The peach forest was so large that they could only assume that it was no accident that Grisansum, the Queen of Cheshire, had sent herself to this position. It wasn't long before that person called Dongpo Taiyan arrived. Even a fool might not believe that it was a coincidence. On the other hand, An Tan wanted to see what else Grissom had prepared. As the queen of Cha Xian Country, this was definitely not her first time entering the ruins of an immortal palace, so her understanding of this place was far above dispute. Anxious, he could not help speculating that the appearance of this Dongpo Taiyan was most likely due to Grissan's arrangement. And what was the purpose of this arrangement? There were only two answers. The first was to use the hand of peace and strife to get rid of Dongpo Taiyan. Secondly, he wanted to use Dongpo Taiyan's hand to get rid of the dispute. If it is the former, although the East Slope Taiyan is a rising star in the country, it is far from enough to make the queen think that he is a threat. Therefore, the best way to get rid of Dongpo Taiyan was to get rid of him. Dongpo Taiyan was so crazy that he wanted to pursue the Da Da Da Ye. Furthermore, the clan behind Dongpo Taiyan was not small, so what about it? Dongpo Taiyan didn't meet the criteria set by Grissan for son-in-law selection, and the clans behind him couldn't afford to offend him directly. Thus, he appeared in front of them shortly after arriving at the Immortal palace. Wouldn't it be easier for Anti to get rid of Dongpo? This was not the Eastern Slope that Grisantha had his men get rid of. Naturally, the clan of the Eastern Slope would not vent their anger on Grisansan because of this. Their goal was, of course, to fight for their lives. Therefore, the two speculations of a dispute can be combined into one. Grissom was a woman who had been a queen for a long time. Of course she knew how to balance the court. The art of scheming was a required skill for her, and she had mastered it long ago. It would be even better if he killed Dongpo Taiyan and used the power of the clan backing him to get rid of it. As such, where was there any advice or hope? The reason why Da Da Nu was able to let An Tan escape from the Imperial Palace of Peacock City was entirely due to Grissan's laissez-faire. Then Grissom appeared, taking a motherly stance. What was he talking about? He just wanted to keep that necklace for now and protect Da Da Nang in the future. This necklace might become a disaster in the future. He had been in the Great Western Region for so many years to investigate this case, how many schemes and plots had he come into contact with? How many people had he encountered? He was just too upright and unyielding to be a fool. Since Grissan had brought An Zheng to this peach orchard, it was obvious that he had other arrangements. Grissom wasn't the kind of person who only made one kind of preparation. She must have thought that the East Slope was too arrogant, so he might not be able to kill her. But she definitely thought that the East Slope could. What followed next was the arrival of the person who was waiting to avenge Dongpo Taiyan. Within the peach garden, there were many paths that seemed to lead in all directions. All of them were stepped on by humans. Although the immortal palace had disappeared for tens of thousands of years, when it reappeared, it still retained a lot of its former glory. The existence of these small paths was sufficient to show that this peach forest was once a bustling place within the immortal palace. But this was just a peach orchard? Why was there used to be people coming and going? He followed one of the small paths and continued to walk forward. He then took the Good Lord out of the space and held him in the space for a while. It was about time to let the good Lord out for some fresh air. The good old man squatted on the shoulder of the dispute and surveyed his surroundings. He seemed to be filled with curiosity about this place. It had to be said that the spiritual energy in the celestial palace was very dense. Even after tens of thousands of years, the spiritual energy in the celestial palace was still much stronger than in the outside world. He began to speculate that what he had gained from cultivating for a month in the outside world could be obtained in the Immortal palace for three to five days, or even in a better place in the Immortal palace. This wasn't some kind of secret realm, but was a common occurrence within a massive immortal palace. Why did the Da Xi choose to fight the Buddha for it? Just think about it, if it was an empire that was strong to begin with, they could either place the young people that they needed to nurture in an immortal palace or place their army in an immortal palace. After a few years, his battle prowess would be greatly increased. Most importantly, there were countless treasures. The good grandpa's nose twitched slightly, then he yelled in a low voice next to An Zhenyi's ear. When An Zheng looked over, he found that the benevolent lord was looking at those peach trees. Every peach tree seemed to attract the attention of the benevolent lord. And then, the situation suddenly came to an end … The peach trees here have existed for tens of thousands of years. There was an old peach tree in the Three Purities Monastery that had survived for three thousand years. It bore fruit after hearing the sound of the voice of the heavens, causing Feng Xiu to go crazy for it. And the peach trees here? It had already been tens of thousands of years. Although they hadn't deliberately been raised, every peach tree couldn't be underestimated. Someone once said that living things only lived for a thousand years while living things only lived for ten thousand years. This meant that as long as there was something in life that could live for a thousand years, it would naturally produce its own intelligence. Even something like a rock, that could not be extinguished even after tens of thousands of years, would develop its own intelligence. Think of Qi Tian. Therefore, every peach tree here was probably very scary. Anti suddenly had a strange thought. What if all these peach trees were moved away? If they could cultivate it and wait for the peach tree to bear its fruit, everyone would eat it for a fruit. It might have an unexpected effect. Then, he couldn't help but curse himself … What are you thinking! Just do it directly! In any case, there was a lot of space in the Blood Cultivating Bead bracelet. Even if they couldn't move all the peach trees away, at least a few hundred would still be fine. Thus, when all those who entered the immortal palace were either frantically searching for treasures or fighting to the death, they were slowly uprooting trees. He held the trunk of a peach tree with both hands and exerted strength into his legs. His body rose up and the ground seemed to shake a little. Then, the roots of the peach tree brought up a bulge on the ground. Anti held onto the tree and swayed a few times. He actually had a bit of a sense of accomplishment. One, two, three, four … Other kinds of happiness. In just half an hour, an open space within a hundred meters was cleared out. He pulled up those huge intertwined peach trees one by one and placed them in the herb garden of the bracelet. The good grandpa was squatting on a mound of dirt not far away, shouting loudly as if he was cheering for the peace. It surprisingly sat down in a very human-like manner. Its two beautiful front paws slapped against each other, creating a very rhythmic feeling. In one breath, he had killed 108 of them. It looked as if the ground around them had been bombarded with bombs. Every one of them was filled with holes. Even after pulling out so many of them, he still didn't feel tired. Instead, he felt a sense of relief, as if all the muscles and tendons in his body had been pulled apart. He was preparing to sprint towards the second one hundred vines, but at this moment, a person rushed over from the distance. The man landed on a peach tree and looked at the dispute After a glance, he suddenly realized something and began to pull the tree out as well. Anson was stunned for a moment before he asked, "What are you doing?" The cultivator retorted, "What are you doing?" Anti: "I'm pulling out the tree." The cultivator said, "I'm also pulling out trees." Anxiang: "But why did you come to pull up the tree when you saw me pulling up the tree?" The cultivator said, "But why can't I pull out the tree just because I saw you pull out the tree?" Anti: "..." That cultivator spent a lot of effort to pull none of them out, but he did not choose to give up. Instead, he ran to the top and shouted, "Brothers, quickly come over here. Let's pull up the trees together!" This voice was quite useful. Not long after, dozens of people arrived. Judging from their clothing, they were from the same sect. The simple and honest point of this group of people was that they didn't ask why they had to pull out the trees, but instead, they started to attack together. The more people there were, the stronger their strength would be. To think that they would be able to pull one out of the tree. Then, the group of people started to cheer and work even harder. When he saw that he was trying to steal something from me, he began to speed up. The group of people on the other side pulled one tree after another as he pulled himself out one by one. Right at this moment, a roar of a demonic beast suddenly came from the distance. Following that, a large banner flew over from that direction, and with a 'dou' sound, it stabbed into the ground. The banner suddenly unfurled with the words "Hanhai Sect" written on it. "The rest of you retreat as soon as the Hanhai Sect arrives!" Dozens of dark blue uniformed men rode demon beasts and rushed over, stopping beside the banner. The person in the lead first pointed at the cultivators who were pulling out the trees. "Put down what you have in your hands and scram immediately." The cultivator that had appeared earlier stood up. "On what basis?" A cultivator from the Hanhai Sect suddenly made his move. His body shot forward like lightning, and before the cultivator could even react, a fist smashed into his lower abdomen. This punch was aimed at killing people, and it was aimed at the vital parts of his body. Everyone knew how important the dantian's Qi Sea was to cultivators. If they were to strike the dantian's Qi Sea so heavily, even if they were lucky enough to not die, their cultivation would probably be crippled as well. The punch directly sent the cultivator flying, causing him to spurt out a large mouthful of blood. Even if he was still alive, it would be difficult for him to cultivate after his dantian's Qi Sea had been heavily injured. Anti frowned slightly as he held onto the large tree that had just been pulled down and looked at the people from the Hanhai Sect. "Scram!" The cultivator from the Hanhai Sect looked at the cultivator from the other sect and said loudly, "I am Tie Shengxing from the Hanhai Sect. If you guys are unwilling, you can come and find me at any time. No one is allowed to snatch the item that the Hanhai Sect has asked for. No one is allowed to get close to the territory the Hanhai Sect has claimed. I say again, get out of my way. If you force me to attack again, it will not be as simple as crippling your cultivation. " "You guys are bullies!" Someone shouted, "What a useless person!" Killing intent flashed in Tie Shengxing's eyes. He sneered and said, "I'm just bullying you, what's wrong? If you want to bully someone, then you must have the strength to bully others. If you want to be bullied, then you must have the awareness to be bullied. What did you just say? Relying on power? " He moved his body and suddenly appeared in front of that cultivator, then he grabbed him by the neck. "Let me tell you what reality is, you're right, I'm just relying on my own power. The Hanhai Sect belongs to His Highness the Prince. What we want is what His Highness wants. The people we want to kill are the people His Highness wants to kill. So even if I kill you now, do you think that someone will avenge you, or speak up for you? " The man's face was red from trying to speak, but he was unable to do so. With a "pa" sound, Tie Shengxing felt his vision go black, and then he felt someone grab him by the throat. Anti grabbed Tie Shengxing's neck and slowly lifted him up: "Let him go." Tie Shengxing didn't even see how the fight was going to proceed, but he didn't dare to resist. He immediately let the cultivator go. Anti looked Tie Shengxing in the eye and said, "I wouldn't speak so much like you." With a crack, Tie Shengxing's neck was broken by An Zheng. He threw the corpse to the side, then turned around to look at the man from the Hanhai Sect and crooked his finger: "Come, let me see how a dog will bite a person."
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