Anti was still sitting on the peach tree without moving. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the tall and sturdy man opposite him. However, although this man was sturdy and had a decent appearance, he was indeed a little unflattering. If he was squatting, he should still be slightly taller than An Zheng. Anti had seen many absurd and bizarre stories in many myths and legends. One of the most popular stories in the Da Xi world was about a mountain called Chong Ming in the Western Wilderness. The mountain looked towering, but it was hollow inside. A group of dwarves that were only one meter tall lived within the mountain, but they were all extremely strong. Their arms were thicker than their legs, and each of them weighed a thousand pounds. Antenna House XSL Formatter (Evaluation) http ://www.antennahouse.com Alias Grace Page 247 The Anchorage had always been unclear about the dwarven image and fantasized about it, but after all it was just a fantasy. After seeing this man in leather armor, he felt that he had discovered a new world. "My name is Dongpo Taiyan." Dongpo Taiyan sat on top of the demon beast and held the demon beast down with one leg, as if he was sitting on a brick bed: "I don't like to beat around the bush. As a man, it's better to be straightforward and straightforward. I came here to kill you this time for only one reason. Dada Ye likes you, and I like Dada Ye. " An Zheng smiled. This Dongpo Taiyan's character was quite straightforward. If he said that he would fight a war of attrition instead of killing a war of attrition, then this person was not too bad. But fighting and killing were different. The fight was already wrong, so how could he kill them? Dongpo Taiyan seemed to be too lazy to speak as he pointed at the dispute, "Kill him. Clean up his limbs." At least thirty of his armored warriors stepped forward and drew their scimitars from their waists. Anti looked at the soldiers who were walking over and lazily said, "Since you came here for the wild, why are you getting involved with the life and death of these innocent people?" You are a man. If a man doesn't even fight for a woman by himself, doesn't that seem a little … Weak? " "All of you, stop!" Dong Po jumped down from the beast and shouted for his subordinates to stop. He then waved his hand and said, "All of you, scram to the back." He took out a large Mountain Splitter Axe from his back and said as he walked, "Although I hate you so much, what you said earlier made sense. If I kill you with my own hands and then tell Da Da Ye that I killed you, wouldn't that prove that I'm much stronger than you? When Dada Ye learns about it, he will definitely admire me even more. " Anti clapped his hands and said, "You're absolutely right." Dongpo Taiyan said loudly, "All of you stay at the back. No one is allowed to interfere." The hundreds of Steel Cavalry under his command were all well-trained, and they all retreated several hundred meters back. "I want to ask you a question." When he saw Dongpo Taiyan walking over, he said, "Are you here to kill me for your own sake or for Dongpo?" "Of course it's for the dada." "Oh." Anti sighed, "So he is an idiot, and extremely selfish. When someone like you wants to kill someone and do something evil, you don't even think about it. You don't even think about whether this is right or wrong, or who it is for. If people ask you why you want to kill them in the future, you would say the same thing. "But Dada Ye knows about this? Of course not. If you really kill me, she will bear the blame for it with you in the future, even more than you do. People would say that it was because of that woman that he had killed people. Although people would not criticize her in front of her because she was a princess. However, it's hard to avoid gossip and gossip behind your back. " Dongpo Taiyan was stunned for a moment. "What do you mean by that?" Anxiang jumped down from the peach tree. "It's meaningless. I just want to tell myself that someone like you deserves to die." "You're courting death!" Eastslope suddenly moved forward, the Splitting Mountain Axe slashing down. In terms of strength, Dongpo Taiyan was one of the best in the younger generation of the Cheng Xian Country. However, in terms of EQ, he might not even reach the level of weaning. Not all of the large families nurtured the young generation in a comprehensive manner. When doting replaced reason, it was not strange for them to nurture a descendant with terrifying power like him, but an idiot. He watched as the Splitting Mountain Axe chopped towards him, but he didn't dodge or evade. Just as the Splitting Mountain Axe was about to hack down on the head of An Zheng, An Zheng raised his hand and placed his fist accurately on the wrist of Dongpo Taiyan. After the wrist was knocked by An Tan, it would naturally bend and the Splitting Mountain Axe would fall down. The Splitting Mountain Axe was very big and heavy, and its grade was not low either. However, it seemed that Dongpo Tai Yan preferred close combat, so he didn't use the power of the Splitting Mountain Axe. Anti knocked Tai Yan's wrist on the east slope, and the axe fell behind Anti. Anti leaned forward and heavily punched Dongpo Taiyan's chest with his right fist. At the same time, the axe fell, keeping a forward stance, one leg extended back and then bent, the heel of the foot striking the ax. The axe spun in a circle before flying back in front of An Zheng. At this moment, He Zheng Tan was forced back with a punch. Before he could retract his fist, he reached out and grabbed the axe that was flying back. Anxiang's body continued to move forward as he pressed his feet against the ground. Dongpo Taiyan, on the other hand, took a punch and fell back. Anti grabbed his battle axe and followed up, chopping down with it. With a ripping sound, an over 30 centimeters long hole was cut open in front of Dongpo Taiyan. His flesh and blood turned outwards, almost tearing his abdomen open. This was the price for underestimating the enemy. He thought that he was already very strong in Che Xian Country, and that there were almost no opponents among the younger generation. But who was this dispute? With his current age, he would be able to easily enter the top ten even if he were to be ranked on the purple ranking of the three Academies in Great Xi Golden Tomb City! How could a small country like Che Xian compare to the Da Xi? Dongpo Taiyan's cultivation base had reached the peak of the Conviction Realm, and one of his feet had almost reached the small peak. As for the security issue, it had long since reached the Small Peak Stage, and not long ago, it had also reached the Small Peak Stage 6! The two of them weren't on the same level at all. Anxiang casually wiped off the aura of Tai Yan on the east slope of the axe, and then threw it into the blood pearl bracelet. The quality of this axe was around the eighth level of the gold grade. Although it couldn't be considered a rare treasure and there was no lack of this grade in the competition, the Army Destroyer Sword was a high-grade purple grade magic tool that had undergone limitless evolution. All of the magic tools could be used as supplements for the Broken Armor Sword. However, the grade and the quantity required were different. The starting point of the Broken Armor Sword was very high, it was already a high grade purple rank. However, if he wanted to go further, in the absence of a large amount of Astral Patterned Meteor Iron, he could only rely on absorbing and devouring other magical equipment to accumulate a little bit more. There was only one bead in the Blood Cultivating Bead that was used to fuse a magical equipment. There were already quite a few spoils of war that had been given to the Broken Army Sword. However, the level of the Broken Armor Sword was too high, making leveling it too difficult. Based on his calculations, if he were to use a Gold-grade primary rank magic tool, he would need at least two hundred pieces to have an effect. For those below the level of a gold-ranked magic tool, there was almost no effect. Even if he mixed thousands or thousands of red rank magical equipment, he might not be able to achieve that effect. The grade of this battle axe was not low. If it were fused in, it would be equivalent to ten early stage gold-rank magic tools. Dongpo Taiyan grimaced in pain. He lowered his head to look at the shocking wound on his chest. He was stunned for a moment, and then he actually cried out loud. "Damn you... You actually dare to resist?! " He said such an idiotic thing. Anti walked step by step towards Dongpo Taiyan. He lowered his head to look at the bloody man and asked, "You mean, you can only kill and not resist?" Dongpo Taiyan: "I will make you die a terrible death! How dare you … How dare you resist me. When I go back and tell my father and mother, they will tear you apart and let you know what it means to wish for death! " Anxious shook his head, "Unfortunately, you won't be able to go back." He turned his head to the side to look at the horsemen charging towards him. With a single glance, the horsemen that had been charging forward suddenly stopped and fell to the ground in unison. They crashed into an invisible wall and fell over. Before they could stand up, countless bolts of purple lightning suddenly appeared in the air and dropped down like a waterfall. Those people who had been struck by the lightning all cried out, fainting on the spot. Out of the several hundred people here, they had only taken a single look. He retracted his gaze and looked at Dongpo Taiyan. "Is there anything else you want to say?" Dongpo Taiyan shrank back. "You really want to kill me? You really dare to kill me? " He replied seriously, "Yes, I dare." "You can't kill me!" "Why?" "Because... Because my parents will not let you go. " "I don't care." Anti sighed, "At the beginning, I also thought that the Buddhist Sangha in the Western Regions was different from the Middle Kingdom. The people here have been nurtured by Buddhist scriptures for a long time, so they should be a bit more amiable. I was the one who ignored what was inherent in human nature, what is what is what is what is what is what. His palm struck down, "If I kill you, your parents will suffer so much that they will wish they were dead. But if I don't kill you, there will be more people dying of pain. In my life, I've killed people like you and people even more vicious than you. If there really is a retribution, then just come at me. " The palm descended and shattered Tai Yan's skull. Anti looked at the incomplete body and said, "If there is a Heavenly Dao but it does not enforce the law by itself, then I will enforce the law on behalf of the Heavenly Dao. If there is no Heavenly Dao, then I am the Heavenly Dao. " He turned and walked away. In the distance, Ouyang Duo, who was wearing a cloak, was watching An Zhan from a distance. His face kept changing. His eyes were full of contradiction, a pain no one could understand. After an unknown period of silence, he turned around and left. After passing through the peach forest, he found the people from the Hanhai Sect on the other side. With Situ Xiong in the lead, at least a hundred experts of the Hanhai Sect were waiting here. All of them had solemn and grim expressions on their faces. Ouyang Duo took off his cloak, walked up to Situ Xiong and looked at him. "What cultivation realm are you in?" Situ Xiong was slightly surprised, then he proudly replied, "First grade!" Ouyang Duo nodded, "Being able to reach such a level at your age is already not easy, but... You can't. Go back. There aren't many in your Hanhai Sect who can kill him. Let your master, Yang Qianfan, do it himself, or your father, Situ Daye. " Situ Xiong angrily said, "On what basis are you saying I can't do it?" Ouyang Duo: "Because you can't." Situ Xiong raised his chin and said, "I think I can." Ouyang Duo pondered for a moment and said, "If you think you can, then go. I will inform your father to collect your body." After speaking, he left, greatly angering Situ Xiong. "Let's go. I'd like to see it for myself!" Situ Xiong pointed forward and led his men as they aggressively rushed out.
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