He brought at least several hundred of the elite from the Kaiser Country to attack the Peach Blossom Garden aggressively. His name was Dongpo Taiyan, and he was the most admired young man in the family. He was honored as the future star of the Kaiser Kingdom. It was rumored that he was a genius who had gained enlightenment at the age of four. It was said that he had already entered Xumi at the age of ten. Of course, the legends might not be true. A ten year old Sumeru, even a freak or two like Da Xi might not have one or two. The children of his clan naturally had to boast a lot. Even a 30% genius would have to boast of 70%. But there was no doubt that this person was truly powerful. And what made him special was … Long, long ago, people had thought of him as a perfect match for the princess. Everyone felt the same way. He also felt the same way, but he didn't think about whether or not he had asked Da Ye about it in the past. As a result, he always referred to himself as Dada Ye's fiancé. After hearing about the dispute, how could he tolerate this person? Even if he knew that Dada Ye wouldn't be happy if he killed An Zai, he wouldn't care. Because in his eyes, if the other man he cared about died, then he would be the only one left. The fame of Dongpo Taiyan in the Country of Che Xian was probably similar to that of a person like Feng Xiuxiu in the Kingdom of Yan. He didn't know that at this moment, there were two groups of people rushing towards him. Besides Dongpo Taiyan, the other group was clearly more troublesome. The group of people who were dressed in the same uniform came from the same sect. They were quite famous in Da Xi and were called the Great Sea Sect. The Hanhai Sect was located at the southwest border of the Great Xi Empire. It was very famous in the region and was very powerful. It had always been ranked second in the local sect for many years. However, in the previous two years, the Great Sea Sect had risen to the top position in the southwest sects. This was because the once number one sect had already been dissolved. Over the years, the Hanhai Sect had been suppressed by the Clear Sky Palace. No matter how hard they tried to struggle upwards, they were too far away to reach its peak. It was not until the incident of peace that the master of the Palace, Xu Medi, ran away to settle the dispute. Later on, when Da Xi declared that the Palace had been implicated, Xu Medi left for the Western Regions. This was extremely good news to the Hanhai Sect. Although it was not a fair and honorable victory over the Clear Sky Palace, it was still their turn to be the number one position in the southwest. When a false name comes along, the person's infamy increases. One year ago, the sect head of the Hanhai Sect, Yang Qianfan, had travelled tens of thousands of miles to enter the Great Xi Empire's Jinling City and stayed in the city for more than half a year. In the past half year, he had always tried his best to come into contact with people of a higher level. Then, he understood one thing … If you want to be superior, you have to be a servant. Only by relying on a powerful backer could the Hanhai Sect truly step onto the stage of history. It just so happened that a certain prince lacked people, so much so that as long as his strength had reached a certain level, he wouldn't refuse anyone. After contacting such a powerful figure, Yang Qianfan felt that he would soon be able to rise to the top. However, a few months later, he realized that he was thinking too much and it was just too beautiful. Not to mention seeing the prince, he wouldn't even be able to see a follower of the prince. For a few months, he had nothing to do in the capital. He wanted to give away the money, but he couldn't do anything about the items that he took out. Luckily, hard work never pays off. The appearance of the Heavenly Palace's ruins in the Western Regions was an opportunity for many martial artists who relied on their powerful backers. It was not only the prince's men. Many of the great forces of the Great Xi Empire had sent out those men who were from the outer branches of the sect. Before he came to the Western Regions, Yang Qianfan thought that he would be highly valued. At the very least, the general would treat him with respect. However, he was disappointed again. The other party was too lazy to even look at him. Yesterday night, the Left Sword Hall suddenly invited the sect leaders under their command to a feast. During the banquet, a subordinate of Zuo Jiancang had inadvertently mentioned that a rising star of the Zuo family had been bullied by someone called Du Shaobai, and this Du Shaobai was even a fake name. His real name was' An Contention '. This person was in the Western Regions, and the exact news was that he was about to enter the immortal palace tomorrow. The subordinates of the Zuo Jiantang Hall sat beside Yang Qianfan and expressed their displeasure about this dispute. Isn't this too obvious? Therefore, when he received the news that An Zai had already entered the Immortal palace, Yang Qianfan immediately sent his eldest disciple, the future Sect Master of the Hanhai Sect, Situ Xiong, over with his men. Situ Xiong was a ruthless man. This was the most straightforward judgement of the people in the Hanhai Sect. A person who was ruthless to others. In the peach orchard, Chen Shaobai looked around and said with a bit of depression, "This place looks more like a date place. I don't think there will be any fortuitous encounters. Even if there are, perhaps they would have unscrupulously destroyed their good fortune." Qi Tian said, "You're so filthy." Chen Shaobai said, "Don't you understand now?" Qi Tian: "Hmph …" Chen Shaobai said, "Let's split up and look for it. I'll give this to the two of you." He took out three copper-like items and passed it to Qi Tian and An Zheng Jue, "If there's anything you want to say, just say it to the coppers. The three of you can contact each other anytime. If anything goes wrong, crush the copper coin, and the other two people holding the copper coin will be teleported over in the blink of an eye. " Anti looked at the copper coin, "So, if this is given to an ordinary person, there is no meaning in crushing this copper coin, right? Was there a hole in the brain of the person who designed these three magic tools before? " Chen Shaobai said, "You have too many things to say …" He turned around and dashed away. "I'm going to take care of myself. I'm not going to lower myself to the same level as you." Qi Tian also turned around, "I'm going to look around to see if there are any more peaches here …" Anti: "..." In the blink of an eye, there was only peace to fight. Fortunately, the peach orchard didn't seem to be a battlefield. Without Da Xi cultivators, there were no Buddhist cultivators. It should be a place that was explored to confirm there was nothing good before giving up on. Chen Shaobai said he was going to look for treasures, while Qi Tian said he was going to look for peaches. From the looks of the environment, it seemed like Qi Tian's goal was more solid … Anxiang walked forward alone, looking left and right absent-mindedly. He was looking at the peach trees, but he didn't care about them at all. All he could think about was the future plans of the Ming Fas, all sorts of things, all connected together and without any leads. He decided not to walk any further and randomly chose a very thick and horizontal branch from a large peach tree to sit on. He then reorganized the thoughts in his mind. More than ten years ago, Chen found a peaceful dispute to propose the future plans of the Ming Dharma Division. At that time, Chen Zhong's words had clearly echoed in An Zheng's mind. At that time, it could also be said that security had brought the Mantra Division to its peak, and the relationship between Chen Zhong and security was the closest. It was in the study room of the Ming Law Department. Chen Zhong Zi fiddled with a hickory nut in his hand, and after a moment of silence, he said, "There's something I wanted to talk to you about for a long time. Do you know why I found you when you were just a small enforcer?" It was not a coincidence, but I deliberately sought you out. " An Tan put down the scroll in his hands, and squinted at Chen Zhongji, "It seems like there's a conspiracy." Chen Zhong Armament is a very charismatic person, he can always affect many people around him, especially those he has interacted with, he would always mention a little about it … That was persuasive. He was someone who could make others work hard for him just by relying on his eloquence. "Of course, and it's very big." Chen Zhong Hu sat down across from An Zheng and put down the pecan in his hand. This was a form of respect for the person he was talking to. He looked into Anti's eyes and said, "Why did you join the Ming Fa division?" An Tan was stunned for a moment. He hadn't expected Chen Chong to ask such a question. Chen Zhong Hu did not wait for An Zheng's answer, and gave his own answer: "You are different from others. If others join the Ming Fa Si, it could be said that they want to help out justice. Of course, that is your plan as well, but the difference between you and them is that your heart desires even more. Of course, what you want is not only justice, but to make the world innocent. But how hard would it be to do that? This was not a matter of a day or two, nor was it a matter of a year or two. A long-term plan was needed. And the day I touched you, I was actually preparing this plan. " "What are you trying to say?" Chen Zhong Hu said: "Let me give you a hypothesis …" If, from this moment onwards, we give our all to cultivate a group of young people, a group of extremely talented youths. And fifteen, twenty years later? I am a prince, and I have many resources that only the royal family can have. You are the head of the Ming Fas, and you can keep these young people from going astray. You and I will work together. Suppose after twenty years, these young people become the pillars that we can rely on? " He waved his hand to indicate that An Tan should remain silent, then continued, "I know that you trust His Majesty, and he is my father. No one knows him better than me, and I trust him more than you do. Royal Father is the best emperor ever, no doubt about it. However, no matter how good an emperor was, it was impossible for him to control the entire situation. It was just a beautiful lie. People still seek physical enjoyment and spiritual pleasure, which is why so many people who are in high positions are so corrupt. " "Actually, what royal father wants to do is not completely voluntary. He was counting on the officials to be honest with him? That's bullshit. But if... Twenty years later, all the young people that we have groomed have entered the Holy Court and hold important positions in the yamen. Thirty years later, forty years later, what would the imperial government be like? At that time, they will completely change Da Xi. " Anxious's eyes lit up, but he quickly shook his head. "No, this is forming a alliance." "No!" Chen Chonglou stood up and said, "This is for the world. If we are doing this for ourselves, then of course it is to form an alliance. But if we are doing this for the common people of the world, then how can we be considered to be working for profit? " He was silent for a long time. "I know what your ideal is, and you also know what my ideal is. Our ideals do not contradict each other. " There was still silence. Chen Zhong Hu said, "How about this, you assign someone you trust to manage this, starting with the young man who is collecting the geniuses." Even if we do not plan on doing this in the future, wouldn't it be a good thing for Ming Fa Si to gather a group of geniuses like you to join him? " Anti let out a long sigh, "That's fine too … "I'll leave this to Wei Ping." Chen Zhong Yuan frowned: "Wei Ping?" "The Chief of the Operations Division?" "I trust this person." Chen Zhong Hu said: "Up to you, I am just making a suggestion." I will not interfere in this matter. Whether it is choosing a person or nurturing them, it is up to you to do so. You can tell me who you want me to help. This is a matter of your understanding, and I will never interfere. " Anti took a look of gratitude at Chen Zhong Hu and nodded his head. Peach garden. Anson fiercely shook his head, letting his thoughts drift away from the past. That face of Chen Zhong Hu was still on his mind. That was his most trusted brother, but he was now an irreconcilable enemy. "Sure enough, he's here!" A few people flew by in the distance, and one of them blew something like a flute. Immediately afterwards, smoke and dust rose up in the distance, and a group of elite cavalry soldiers pounced over. The leader of the group looked rather majestic, typical of the men of the Western Regions. He sat on the back of a ferocious looking demon beast and narrowed his eyes as he looked at An Tan. "Dada Ye has taken a fancy to a pretty boy. This really disappoints me." He used his pinky finger to point at An Zheng and ticked, "Get over here."
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