Finally, the three of them arrived near the Immortal palace ruins. This place was bustling with noise and excitement. He didn't know if it was the Buddhist people or the Da Xi people that created it, but they actually created a Heaven Stairway. He could enter the immortal palace by following the Heaven Stairway, but … He wanted to go up, but he didn't want to be alone. Judging from the current situation, both the Buddha and the Great Xixi have been used by their respective countries. Furthermore, no matter if it was the Buddha or Da Xi, they did not try to hide this. They did not hide it at all. As for the immortal palace, it was indeed too tempting. As a result, most cultivators knew that they would be used, but they continued to advance forward. They were very clear that once they entered the immortal palace, they would have to fight to the death with the other party. This ladder was a form of mockery. Logically speaking, if this Heaven Stairway was built by Buddha, then the Da Xi family would have been destroyed long ago. If it was built by Da Xi, how could the Buddhist Kingdom not act? Because if it was created in the Buddhist Kingdom, then the reinforcements would naturally come from the Buddhist side. Could it be that the people from the Great Xi side would watch as the reinforcements from the Buddhist side continuously made their way up? Similarly, if it was created by Da Xi, the Buddha would not allow it to climb the Heaven Stairway. However, the Heaven Stairway was an existence, and there were even... As long as you pay a certain amount of fees, regardless of whether you are a cultivator from the Buddhist Kingdom, Da Xi, or a cultivator from a vassal state, prove your strength to be above the prisoner's will realm and you can still attack! So when they saw this scene, they were stunned. What the f * ck was this? The fight at the top was intense, and they were lining up to pay the money in a proper manner? But who was the owner of the money? Was it divided equally between the Buddha and the Great Xixi? If that was the case, then this mockery was truly too great. If it was true, then the two superpowers did not regard the cultivators of the subordinate states as people with dignity at all, and those cultivators continued to advance forward without dignity. Chen Shaobai shook his head. "Terrifying. Terrifying human nature." Anxiety: "Human nature has always been terrible. People who feel inferior think they are arrogant. But at some point, this humility was completely released. Furthermore, arrogant people think that they are arrogant, but they do not know that their petty methods make them even more despicable. " Chen Shaobai gave him a thumbs up. "You are a wise man." "How do we get up there?" Qi Tian was more concerned, "Last time, I wasn't in this fucking situation. I sneaked up to the Saint Lord's place, and there weren't many who could find me, and no one who could." Chen Shaobai said, "It's simple, just pay up." Qi Tian spread out her hands and said, "I don't have any money." Chen Shaobai: "Do I even need you to pay? Don't you know that you are sitting in front of An Gong who is as rich as a kingdom? " "Are you poorer than I am?" Chen Shaobai said, "That's boring. How about we be fair? You and I can use our luck to decide who will pay, a rock scissor cloth." And then Andi won. Chen Shaobai said, "There's really no justice." He got up to ask around, then angrily came back, "Fuck, unexpectedly, every person wants a Gold rank spirit stone, it's too dark!" He sat down and looked at the people lined up in the distance, "A gold rank spirit stone per person, this is crazy!" No wonder both the Buddha and the Great Xixi had tacitly agreed to split the spoils of war. This was the military expenditure of the war. The worst thing is, if we line up one by one, we might have to wait a few days. No wonder there are so many people doing small businesses, there are even places like that! " He pointed at a big tent in the distance. Pink lanterns and a curtain were hung on the tent. It looked very ambiguous. Qi Tian: "What the f * ck are you paying attention to?" Chen Shaobai asked, "Do you want to find a way to break in?" Just as he said this, a troop of at least forty to fifty people came from afar, escorting a horse carriage. Judging from the carvings on the carriage, they were from the royal family of the Kaiser Kingdom. When they were still some distance away, a person on the horse carriage waved his hand towards An Zheng and the others. Chen Xiaobai laughed out loud, "It's all thanks to you, it's your mother-in-law who has sent people to help us!" "Aaaah!" Anchor glared at him and walked towards the carriage, a bit on guard. He had come out of the Palace of Cheshire, and the queen, Grissom, could not tell how angry she was. The eunuch who beckoned to Anti was actually the eunuch whom Anti had met once but whom no one liked... Beautiful Sea. It was he who had brought An Zheng to meet Grisansan. He did not seem to have any good intentions towards An Zheng. "Master An." But this time, Mei Du Hai actually cupped his fists and bowed politely. Anxious cupped his fist in return, "May I know what business you have calling me?" Mei Du Hai laughed: "It's not that this servant has matters to attend to, but the people in the carriage. "Please get on the carriage, there is an old friend who wants to see you." Anti thought it was a tat field, so he got in the car full of guilt. However, after entering the carriage, she realized that the person in the carriage was the Queen … Grissom. Anxiety was suddenly a bit tight, but Grissom seemed fine. All the unhappiness from before seemed to have never happened. "I'm not angry." As if noticing the awkwardness of the dispute, Gesun Sang smiled and said, "I am very satisfied with your decision. I did not trap you to help you and my daughter stay longer, so I might as well help her to get to know you better. Only then will she be sure of your determination. I also admire you. There aren't many men in this world who can wholeheartedly focus on dealing with a girl. "My daughter is not that lucky, but I will not target you because of this. Otherwise, wouldn't I be an unconscious ruler?" It was only then that Anti was finally relieved. So it was all done by Grisanuman for Da Da Nang to see. Grissom continued, "I know your determination, and I know that you will not be with Dada, so I let you go. Otherwise, do you think Da tat Ye can give you that pendant? " Anti immediately took out the pendant. "This should be returned to you." Grissom shook his head. "There are only three of these things. One is in my hands, one is in Dachau's hands, and the other is in reserve. Keep the one in your hand. I have already given the spare one to Da tat Nang. If you keep it, you might be able to help in the future. Do you know why I came? I just want to send you all into the immortal palace. If you don't go out and adventure for a bit, then you naturally won't leave. "However, I have a condition." Anxious nodded his head, "Please speak." Grissom said, "These three pendants are made of the same material and are closely related. Our country is too small to withstand the storm. It looked better now, but once the war really began, no one knew if Che Xian Guo would be able to hold on by then. I'm worried about the mountains and rivers, but what I'm more worried about is the lands and the land. Therefore, there is only one reason for you to keep this necklace... If one day, Da Da Ye encounters some danger, and I … If there is nothing I can do, I ask you to help her. Your locket can travel through the enchantment that we have set up and can be found by following the guidance of the locket. " The expression on An Zheng's face changed, "Your Majesty..." Grissom waved his hand to stop the dispute, and she continued, "You know very well that you are a person standing on a high ground. You have a wider horizon than most people. If the war really started, the Karma Country would definitely be destroyed. I'm already someone in this department, and I can't even get out. Because the Immortal Palace Ruins are in the Kaixian Country, there are countless people behind us that I cannot afford to offend pointing their knives at my back. Therefore, I must walk at the front. But I can lose this country, I can lose my life, but I cannot lose my daughter. " Anxious stood up, clasping his hands together in salute once more, "I will!" Grissom laughed and said with a face full of relief, "I knew you would, otherwise I wouldn't have chosen you. Although I am not a qualified mother, a qualified king, but people can still see a bit about me. You are someone worth entrusting, and above all, you are an outsider. In the Kindness Kingdom, the only person that we trust is actually Da Xi Chang Ge. "But …" She paused and said no more, "Well, let's not talk about anything else. I am very pleased that you can agree. Now, I will send you all directly to the immortal palace. It doesn't matter if you have obtained what you want, you must leave within ten days. This is because ten days from now, there might be a big change. When something happens to me... I'll leave Da Da Ye to you. " "I will, and you will be fine." Gleeson laughed, "How is it up to you and me to decide? "Let's go." After she finished speaking, she ordered Mei Du Hai to invite Qi Tian and Chen Xiao Bai over, and they got into the carriage together. Qi Tian was still alright, as soon as Chen Shaobai got on the car, he knew that the other party was the queen of the Kindness Kingdom. Furthermore, she was so beautiful, yet he looked a little shy. The carriage rose into the air, rising directly into the skies. Under the Heaven Stairway, a few people looked up at the carriage with dark expressions. "Hurry and report to the Sect Leader, that person has already gone up!" "Yes sir!" Ten minutes later, the carriage stopped at the entrance of the immortal palace. No one knew what kind of ingenious design it was, but every time it was used in a different place. The last time he came, it was at the South Heaven Gate. This time, he appeared outside a large peach orchard. It was unknown whether the Immortal Palace Ruins were actually active, or if Grisansan had intentionally brought them to a relatively quiet place. "You can go now. Remember, you only have ten days. Ten days later, the immortal palace would no longer be like this. At that time, everyone would be in danger. With your strength, you won't be able to protect yourselves here. " "I'll remember it!" Anti and the others bade farewell to Grissan and walked towards the depths of the peach orchard. Looking at the figure of An Zheng's back, Qu Sang Sang mumbled to himself, "I hope I'm not mistaken. Da Da Ye is too pure and simple. No matter who I hand over, I won't be able to feel at ease. He's an outsider, and he's in debt to the heavens. I hope he can always protect her. "" … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … "That's right. If it wasn't for that, would that person still be alive?" Gleason didn't say anything as he turned around and got into the carriage. As Chen Shaobai walked, he said, "Your mother-in-law looks like a nice person. Why did you reject her?" Once Dada Ye inherits the throne, you will be the king's man in the future! " Security dispute: "F * ck off." They chatted as they searched for a way out. At the same time, about ten miles away from them, a group of people riding black lizard-like demonic beasts pounced over. They were wearing the same clothes, obviously from the same sect. The person in the lead was a young man who appeared to be in his twenties. His eyes were cold and his face was quite handsome. On the other side, an army dressed in the armor of the Kaiser Kingdom soldiers were also charging over. The cavalrymen rode on the back of a bear-headed wolf-body demonic beast. At least a few hundred people were also rapidly approaching the peach orchard. The person in the lead was also a young man. He had a square face, a full beard, and a face full of anger.
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