Chen Shaobai continued to walk as he asked Anti, "When you were at Da Xi, you were considered a great man. Logically speaking, you should have been like a great army that could shoot thousands of arrows to meet powerful people. "When we returned to Da Xi this time, did we not meet those brothers who went through life and death together?" Anti: "See you." He closed his eyes and the image of the Ming Fa Si standing neatly in front of the prison van appeared in his mind. At that time, if not for Chen Shaobai holding onto him, he might have already died on that street. "I mean go to the Ming Fas." When Chen Shaobai saw the expression on An Zheng's face, he knew that he was thinking of something. He patted He An's shoulder and said, "It can also be considered a form of farewell." Anxious smiled, "Where is there a farewell? There are some in the past that would never be able to say goodbye." Chen Shaobai said, "Nonsense, isn't this your second life?" "That's true." When it came to the Bright Magic Division, An Zheng Tan had no choice but to think of the hidden trouble in his heart. Even now, he still could not figure out who was still carrying out the Ming Fa Si's plan. And this person, what sort of connection did he have with the Prince's heavy weapon? He knew that he might have already been exposed and that danger could arrive at any moment now. Maybe it was Chen Zhong, maybe it was the person who secretly executed the future plans of the Mage Department, maybe it was someone of a higher level … Chen Wu-Nuo's people. For the time being, he did not plan to return to the Yan Kingdom to see Qu Liuxi and the others precisely because of this worry. As a friend, An Tan had told Chen Shaobai about his worries, and Chen Shaobai had analyzed it for him as well. But because he didn't know much about Ming Fa Si, Chen Shaobai didn't say anything. "Are you still worried about the future plans of the Ming Fas?" Chen Shaobai asked. Anshi nodded her head, "That was my beginning. If it really wasn't the end, then up until now, those youngsters are already terrifying people. They had received the harshest and coldest nurture from the Ming Fas, and they had mastered all sorts of skills. If these people were used by others, it would be a disaster. And I, am the culprit. " Chen Shaobai said, "You're still like that. No matter what happens, you like to place the blame on yourself." At that time, you already explicitly forbade this matter, but it wasn't prohibited. Does it have anything to do with you? " "Yes, if I look closely, I might find something." Chen Shaobai said, "Alright, alright. Anyway, this matter has almost nothing to do with you now." You are no longer in Daxi, you are now in Kagang. This time, just treat it as a sightseeing trip, okay? " Since he didn't want to cause Chen Shaobai to feel stifled because of his own matter, he smiled and said, "This isn't about sightseeing. sightseeing isn't about that." Chen Whitesnow: "You're the only one that can be blamed for this. You're the kind of person who leads people wherever they go to get into trouble." This was a quiet place, but now that you've arrived, something big is about to happen. I think you're a disaster. You really should rethink yourself. " Qi Tian said from below, "Can the two of you come down to chat? My shoulders are sore. " Chen Shaobai looked at An Zheng and said, "It's all Brother Monkey's fault. He carried us all the way here. Why don't we go down and rest?" Anxious nodded his head, "Alright." Qi Tian: "…" They continued to advance towards the Immortal palace ruins. The distance between them wasn't that far, but this time, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. Right now, the ones in charge of the Immortal Palace ruins were the people from the Great Lei Chi Temple and the Peacock Ming Palace. Although Da Xi's experts also occupied a position among them, it was obviously not as big as the Buddhist Sect's people. At this moment, the situation within the immortal palace was very complicated. Even though the Great Thunderpool Temple and the Peacock Ming Palace belonged to the same buddhist faith, they still might not be of the same mind. The war had yet to begin, so it hadn't reached the state level yet in the Immortal palace. Even if someone from the Great Xi Empire was born in the military, they wouldn't reveal that they were part of the Great Xi Empire's military. Instead, they would steal territory under the banner of some sect. The Great Thunderpool Temple and the Peacock Ming Palace obviously didn't need it, because they were sects themselves. As long as they had not reached the level of a national war, then that was a matter of the martial arts world. Even though Da Xi and the Golden Top Kingdom had already declared their hostility, they wouldn't start a full-scale war unless they had no other choice. Since it was a matter of the martial arts world, everyone had a share. So until now, there were still an endless stream of martial artists who wanted to secretly enter the immortal palace to try their luck. As a matter of fact, both the Great Xi and the Buddhist Kingdom were encouraging their cultivators to fight for their country in the immortal palace. As such, in the ruins of the immortal palace, a group of powerful and grand cultivators were like thugs fighting for territory, causing rivers of blood to flow every day. And these powerful figures, in order to express their unofficial position, even wanted to reveal their identity as martial artists before taking action. Actually, it was quite laughable. Within the Immortal palace ruins, in a palace hall that was almost half collapsed. A middle-aged man wearing a purple robe stood with his hands behind his back, looking down with a cold expression. He didn't have the armor that symbolized the highest status in the military, which made him somewhat unaccustomed to it. This was the first time he had returned in so many years. Although it was only a pretense to act with his status as a Jiang Hu guest, it still made him feel deeply moved. In Da Xi, although there were many cultivators, and there were many experts at the peak of the small realm, just the mention of his name was enough to make most cultivators tremble in fear. His name was Zuo Jian Tang. A man wearing a black robe and a mask stood beside him. The mask was a red vortex pattern, but it only revealed his right eye. Not long ago, this man had observed the conflict from a close distance, and was inextricably linked to the Head of the Intelligence Division, Ouyang Duo. "Are you sure?" Zuo Jiancang turned to look at the masked man. Although his voice sounded calm, the masked man could still hear the shock and fear that Zuo Jiancang was trying to suppress. He was one of the top three people in the Left Sword Hall, and was ranked within the top three in terms of offensive power. However, when he mentioned that name, he couldn't help but feel some fear. Even if he only mentioned that name, he was still unable to truly remain calm. "I'm sure." The masked man replied, "If we allow this person to continue living, it will definitely not be a good thing for the general. The general also knew how highly the Sacred Emperor valued this person. If His Majesty found out that this brat was the reincarnation of Fang Zheng, then His Majesty would definitely send someone over right away. "At that time, if we want to get rid of this person, it would be as difficult as ascending to heaven." Zuo Jiantang mumbled to himself, "It's as difficult as ascending to heaven? You are wrong. As a cultivator, it is not difficult for you to ascend to the heavens. The hard part is how to face the one in the sky. " The person he was referring to was of course the Great Western Holy Emperor, Chen Wannuo. The masked man said, "That plan is too big. It is so big that even if we think about it ourselves, we would feel fear and shock. Therefore, if this plan were to be leaked out, you, me, and so many people would definitely suffer the consequences. His Majesty had never been a benevolent and righteous king, as the people praised him. He would never be reluctant to kill people. If we start killing people, the blood will be enough to dye a city red. " He emphasized on his words, "At the very least, you could paint a city as big as Peacock City in the Kingdom of Che red." Zuo Jian Tang replied, "You don't have to say, since I was involved in this matter back then, I knew what the consequences would be." You don't have to act as if you're on equal footing with me. You're not worthy. It's just because you hold that secret. Otherwise, what qualifications do you have to stand in front of me and speak? " The words were hurtful, but the masked guy didn't seem to care at all. He only narrowed his eyes slightly and seemed to be smiling. "General, there is no need to constantly emphasize one's status." "You want to die?" Zuo Jiantang turned around abruptly and looked at the masked guy with cold eyes. The masked man laughed. "You dare to kill him?" He laughed proudly, "Not to mention you, even the master behind you, the prince, who thinks of himself as a Saint King all the time, probably won't dare to kill me so easily. In a sense, my weight is heavier than yours, General. Don't you understand? That's right, you are a Temple General with countless under your command. But both you and His Royal Highness know very well that soldiers are under your command, but soldiers are not your soldiers. No matter how many troops you have under your command, the Saint King only needed to say a few words to make everything under your control disappear. Are the soldiers going to listen to you, or to His Majesty? "So, you're still inferior to me. I have my own power, but you don't." "Humph!" Zuo Jian Tang snorted but didn't say anything else. The masked man laughed, his tone becoming gentler. "Actually, you and I are both low-level people who work for people. All he hoped for was a little fame in the future and to create a little capital for his descendants. Although you are already a general of the Temple, you still have six leaders of the five armies on your side. With your experience and prestige, general, I am afraid that you will never be able to advance another step in your life. " "Just say what you want to say." "I mean, since we're already on this boat, we should definitely do things to the best of our abilities." "But even if he's the reincarnation of Fang Zheng, he might not remember what happened earlier." "I'm not afraid of ten thousand, but I'm afraid of one." The masked man said, "General, if he remembers anything, with his temper, what would he do if he knew that the Ming Fa Si's future plans are continuing?" "At that time, the life and death of the general will no longer be a matter of your family …" "My men are not to be casually attacked. The moment they do, it will be exposed." "If I'm not mistaken, the general actually has a secret army under his command, right? In the past, the crown prince had asked you to personally train it, but you didn't use it at all. Although there weren't many of them, they were all elites. Everyone in the future plans of the Ming Fa Si had their own position, in the future, there would be a bloody storm in the holy abbey. And your men are only assassins. " "No way!" The expression on Zuo Jiantang's face changed. "Without your highness' consent, no one from the Flying Tiger Camp can move you. How about this, a junior of my family was injured by that An Zheng in the Three Academies. I will meet with the sect masters in the Immortal Palace later on and casually say that I am very angry. Those people will know what to do, of course. " The masked man laughed. "I knew that the general would have a way." He turned around. "Then I'll be waiting for the general's good news." Zuo Jian Tang turned around and looked at the masked guy's back, "You were once the most important subordinate of him." The masked guy's shoulder suddenly trembled. "Human …" It's always going to change. "
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