Chapter 504. It is no longer his time At this moment, no one could be sure why he had chosen Floating Mist City and targeted Da Xi Chang Ge. And he, when Da Xi Chang Ge was about to pay a heavy price, he chose to tell the truth and commit suicide. Did he succeed? No one could be sure. Is he a good man? Of course not, because he killed a lot of innocent people. Perhaps this was also why he chose to stay in the Misty City. With his strength, he could already create a greater massacre in the Peacock City, so why was it the Misty City? He said I was a man of both worlds. That year, I did something wrong. I should have committed suicide to apologize, but no one avenged my master. I cannot die. That's why I left the half of my heart in the Spiritual World, and the half that belongs to a human being is already dead. With no choice in his arms, the feeling of being surrounded by a pile of corpses was very complicated. No choice is not a good person, that is for sure. Another good man without a choice, that was relative. Da Xi Chang Ge watched as An Tan carried the corpse and left through the crowd towards an unknown place. No one noticed the glimmer in his eyes. It was a very complicated emotion … There was helplessness, there was fear, there was bitterness, and there was even more grief. But why was he sad? Da Xi Chang Ge raised his hand and placed it on his chest. The corner of his mouth twisted as if he was in pain. That's right, that little monk had just exploded his remaining heart like that. Perhaps there was no one else in this world who was as psychic as him. There had always been a variety of legends regarding the Spiritual World, but no one had actually come into contact with it. Perhaps, even Wu You was an illusion? Anxiang buried Wu Yutang in the sea of sand outside the Piaomiao City. When he turned around, he saw countless people. They were standing there with complicated expressions on their faces. Some of them may have believed the words of Wu Ju, or they may have just been waiting for the peaceful departure and digging up the body of Wu Ju to vent their anger. That was because the people who died that day might have been their family members. If they lost a family member without a choice, wouldn't they be the same? However, if a person died, they wouldn't be allowed to destroy a corpse. Over there was a field of quicksand. Anti had buried Unopposable in it, but the Unopposable would not stay in this place forever. Da Xi Chang Ge walked to the side of An Tan. After a long silence, he said: "Tell me, did he choose to do this thing when you appeared, intentionally or not?" Anti turned around and looked at Da Xi Chang Ge's eyes. He asked: "Tell me, did he choose to do this thing against you in Floating Mist City on purpose or not?" The two of them looked at each other, speechless. After a long while, Da Xi Chang Ge exhaled a long breath: "Anyway, this matter ends here. My master is no longer the King of the Peacock Plains. Even if Wu You's words were true, no one could pursue this matter any longer. However, I still firmly believe that there are many good people in this world, and many good things. " Anxious said: "But this one person, will affect a lot of people. The speed of a good thing's spread was definitely not as fast as a bad thing's spread. Perhaps this was just the beginning. The death without a choice had at least made the citizens of Floating Mist City start to suspect the former exalted Duke Ming. By the time the doubt appeared, Wu Zhu had already succeeded. He is an evil person. The scariest thing is that people will sympathize with this evil person. " Da Xi asked: "How about you?" Anti shook his head and did not answer. "Where are you going next?" Da Xi Chang Ge asked An Tan: "Although I don't know how you managed to escape, but I am sure it has something to do with your highness. I can't blame you for saving you, because it's wishful thinking, and you have no obligation or duty to accept it. On the contrary, I think you are a responsible person. " "I'm leaving now. I didn't plan to come to Floating Mist City. If it wasn't for the lack of options, we might have already infiltrated the Immortal palace ruins, so there might be some extraordinary harvests." Da Xi Chang Ge smiled: "Good luck." Anti: "Thank you." Da Xi Chang Ge turned around and walked away. With heavy steps, the people from the Mayor's mansion started to disperse the crowd. Sha Hai gradually quieted down. Under the scorching sun, there were only the shadows of Qi Tian, Chen Xiaobai, and An Zheng. As for Chen Shaobai, he squatted on top of a sand dune and frowned as he watched Da Xi's departing figure. Anti walked up to her and asked, "What are you looking at?" Chen Shaobai pointed at Da Xi Chang Ge: "Look, isn't he weird?" When he looked over, there was no sign of Da Xi Chang Ge. Perhaps he was in a trance for a moment, or perhaps it was because he had spent too much time under the scorching sun that his vision was blurry. In such a desert, under the scorching sun, it was hard to avoid having problems with the eyes. Therefore, when An Tan rubbed his eyes and looked again, he didn't find anything abnormal. He looked at Chen Shaobai, who was looking at him. "Forget it." Chen Shaobai stood up. "This is not our story." He nodded and replied, "I've never been one." Qi Tian walked over while scratching his hair and curled his lips, "What are you two doing crazy again? It seemed very deep and thoughtful. Speaking of which, the two of you are also not as old as a fraction of my age, so don't make an expression as if you can see through the world. " Chen Shaobai laughed and hugged Qi Tian's shoulders. "I really fucking envy you for living so long and you're still so stupid. Sometimes, being silly is really a good thing. " Qi Tian asked, "What do you mean?" Chen Shaobai said, "I want to drink, are you coming with me?" He and Qi Tian looked over at An Zheng, and realized that An Zheng was still standing on the sand dune, staring in the direction of Misty City. He was holding a wineskin in his hand, and was taking big gulps from it. Half of the large bag of wine had been drunk, while the rest scattered on the sand. "Let's go to the waves!" Anxious looked back and shouted, Chen Shaobai nodded with a smile, "Waves in a storm!" The three of them put their arms around each other's shoulders and headed southwest. That was the direction of the immortal palace. Although he didn't know if he could enter, the matter of the Floating Mist City was already over. They did not belong to the Kaiser, they did not belong to this story. To the Floating Mist City, to Da Xi and Changge, the three of them were just passersby. Floating Mist City, City Lord's Mansion. Da Xi Chang Ge sat in front of his desk in a daze. There were two things on the table in front of him … A string of buddhist beads and a bowl. He picked up the teapot and filled the bowl with water, wanting to take a sip. Then his expression stiffened, and his eyes filled with confusion and fear. He lowered his head and looked at the reflection of his face in the bowl. Why so young? Why was he so pale? He looked out the window, his hands shaking. One hundred and sixty miles outside the city, An Xin asked Qi Tian, "Brother Monkey, you said that you've lived for so long. In that seemingly limitless life of yours, is there a woman that has tempted your heart?" Qi Tian waved his hand, "How could I have the time to care so much!" Chen Shaobai asked, "Brother Monkey, then in that life of yours that was almost framed, is there a man that you care about?" Monkey was stunned for a moment. A hint of sadness appeared in his eyes. He smiled and turned his head away from them. After a long while, he nodded. "Yes." "Ah?" "Who is it?" "One … "You detestable monk." He grabbed a handful of sand and tossed it away. It was like grabbing a handful of memories and throwing it away. Chen Shaobai said, "If you can't control the sand, why don't you just flaunt it?" Qi Tian said, "Scram …" A few hundred meters away, two people were lying on a sand dune. The two men wore a strange cloak, the color of which would change as the environment changed. Although the distance was only a few hundred meters, they were not worried that they would be discovered. This cloak perfectly imitated the terrain and environment; even if one was standing beside them, they would not notice the two people lying under their feet. Moreover, the cloak had other functions, one of which was to isolate the user's aura and ensure that it would not be discovered. The other was that the voices would be hidden, and only those who wore the same cloaks would be able to hear each other. One of them wore a mask, a very strange mask that looked like a whirlpool. The mask was red, like a whirlpool in the sea of learning. The whirlpool was located in the right eye, and only the right eye could be seen. He kept staring at them, unblinking. That look was very complicated, so complex that no one could understand it. Perhaps even he couldn't understand it. "That young man, is he really the first lord?" The middle-aged man that was lying beside the masked man asked. He looked like a very ordinary man without any special characteristics. He wasn't handsome nor was he tall. This was definitely not a face that a girl could remember just by looking at it. No matter where such a person appeared, no one would pay particular attention to him. However, he was a terrifying person. Once, the entire Great Western Magical Beast Sect knew how terrifying he was. He had single-handedly turned the information system of the Ming Fa Division into the Ming Fa Division's most powerful weapon. Without him, many of the operations of the Division would not have been successful. His name is Ouyang Duo. The masked guy lying beside him nodded his head. "That's right … Doesn't look like it, does it? But he was. He is the first man we once respected as a spiritual leader, but look what he has become. If you are not ruthless enough, then you are no longer our first lord. " "But what shall I do?" asked Ouyang Duo. After all, he is our first lord. " The masked guy's voice suddenly became serious, "If I say no, then he isn't! The first lord was already dead. If he was dead, then he was dead. That is a fact that cannot be changed. No one believes that this youth is the first lord. " Ouyang Duo: "What you said is not true. No one believes that he is not." The masked guy sneered, "So? Are you going to go and meet him? Kneel down in front of him and cry? And then you tell him what you've done, and see if he forgives you? Ouyang Duo, you don't have to be so childish. From that day onwards, you were already destined to embark on a road of no return. " Ouyang Duo said with a taunting tone, "What? Are you blaming me?" The masked man laughed, "I don't blame you, and don't blame me. Even though I was the one who brought you there, you wouldn't listen to me if you weren't greedy, if you weren't. No matter what I say, you wouldn't listen to me. "Don't forget how terrible your eyes were when I first mentioned it to you." Ouyang Duo was stunned, and a look of remorse appeared on his face. "I really should have killed you." The masked man laughed. "There is only one person in this world who can bring the Ming Fa Si back to life, and only one person who can make everyone feel the Ming Fa Si's terror once again. Let those who framed the Ming Fas, those who despised the Ming Fas, those who wished to trample on the Ming Fas, be filled with fear of the Ming Fas again. That person was me, not a dispute. " He stood up. "Let's go, the Mentor is no longer the Mentor of Fang, much less the Mentor of An, but yours. The era of quarrels is over, and now comes the era of Ouyang Duo. "
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