Anchor opened the food box, but there was no food inside. There was only a letter and a pendant. The pendant looked like a pure gold key, very delicate and small. When he finished reading the letter, he felt as if his heart had been cut by a knife, and he knew that this was exactly how he felt, and that it was heavier than his own. Anti stood up and bowed towards the direction of Da Da Ye's departure. "I will come back. I will return your locket to you, and you will definitely have someone suitable for you in the future." Anti grabbed the pendant and rushed out. The pendant and all of the barrier bubbles were the same element, so it was easy to pass through. He dashed out of the city, unleashing his speed to the maximum. Misty City Da Xi's song had only left for a short while. He did not know why a legend had started to spread in the city. Furthermore, this legend spread throughout the entire Floating Mist City at an extremely fast speed, and everyone was aware of it. When he returned to Floating Mist City, it was already packed outside the City Lord's Mansion. Many people gathered here and shouted for him to come out and give an explanation. Explain? Da Xi Chang Ge suddenly felt sad. "City Lord!" Laido, his most trusted subordinate, said urgently, "I don't know who spread the rumors outside that those Six-Winged Skulls were created by you. Right now, the news of the whole Floating Mist City is spread, and the scariest thing is that those stupid people actually believed it! " Da Xi Chang Ge sat down on the chair somewhat dejectedly: "Have you found that monk?" Laido shook his head. "No, I don't know where!" It's all because of those people from the Central Plains. If it wasn't for them, the situation wouldn't have ended up like this. " Da Xi sighed and said: "This is heaven's will …" He got up. "I am going out to face my people. These things must be made clear." Laito said, "Those people were only egged on. Don't be too angry, my lord. In my opinion, the culprits are the little monk and the few cultivators from the Central Plains. If we find them and kill them all, there will be no future troubles. " Just as Da Xi was about to say something, the people outside suddenly shouted loudly. Furthermore, many people began to charge into the City Lord's Mansion. The guards were ordered not to attack the commoners, and even the gates were slammed open. People rushed in like a tidal wave and soon filled the entire City Lord's Mansion. When Da Xi had walked out of the door, a lot of people had already gathered outside. All of them seemed to be filled with righteous indignation as they stared angrily at Da Xi Chang Ge. "You liar!" "You are not only a liar, you are also a devil! We have loved and supported you so much all these years, but what about you?! Is our life just a means for you to vent your anger?! " "Why do you need to raise so many Six-Winged Skulls!" Da Xi Chang Ge said: "I have nothing to do with those six winged skeletons. Do you really believe in others' provocation that easily? What I have done in the past few years in the Misty City could not be compared to what others have said? If I really wanted to do that, why wait till now? " "Stop lying! We already know! Because you are unable to become the successor of the Peacock Ming Palace, you hold a grudge in your heart! It seems like the choice that Duke Ming made was right. If we were to pass on the position of Duke Ming to someone like you, who has ill intentions, sooner or later, we would meet with calamity. Someone like you is not qualified to be the City Lord of Floating Mist City! " "Kill him!" Someone shouted, but no one moved. The person who shouted for him to be killed looked at him with a silly look, and that person knew that his shout was wrong … Da Xi Chang Ge's strength was obvious to all. How could a motley crowd like them kill him? "Tell him to scram!" The man immediately changed his words. "Tell him to scram!" The cheers from the crowd were getting louder and louder. "You are not fit to be the city lord of Floating Mist City. Your heart is black! You are not worthy to be the disciple of Duke Ming, you are not worthy to be a citizen of the Kindred! Get the hell out of the Floating Mist City, get the hell out of the country of carts! If you still want some shame, kill yourself! " "Suicide!" "Suicide! Suicide! Suicide! Suicide! "Suicide!" The wild shouts swept through the area like a tidal wave. Da Xi Chang Ge's face was pale as sheet as he asked: "Who exactly did you hear to be so stubborn? I have already taken Peacock City to meet His Majesty, and have also invited the High Monk of the Peacock Ming Palace over. Very soon, we will find out the truth! " "We don't believe you!" Suddenly, a path opened up in the crowd and a thin and small person walked in. He was wearing a clean and new monastic robe, and he looked a lot cleaner and more refreshing. He held a bowl in his left hand and a string of buddhist beads in his right. His clothes were new, his shoes were new, his socks were new, from head to toe. But he was an ascetic, why should he change his clothes? Wu You's face was still very white, so white that it was outrageous. His eyes were red and bloodshot. "I told them, I told them. They may not believe others, but they will believe me. Do you know why? Because what I did made them feel believable. I burned my life to save them, twice. So why should they doubt what I said? Everyone knew that I didn't have to lie. Firstly, I saved them with my life. Second, I am an ascetic. " When Wu You spoke, his expression was very calm, and his eyes were also very calm. He raised his hand to his mouth and swallowed a mouthful of blood. "Do you feel helpless and angry? Furthermore … Unable to vent? " Da Xi Chang Ge looked at Wu You and looked at him viciously. Wu You also looked at him, his expression as calm as ever. "Yes, that's the way it is, that's the way it is. Many years ago, when I saw my master die and my martial uncles and senior brothers die, the person who killed them was still sitting on the high throne, enjoying the worship of everyone. I should be looking at you with the same eyes as you right now. "No, it should be even deeper than you." He looked into Da Xi Chang Ge's eyes: "You know what I'm talking about, right?" Da Xi Chang Ge shook his head: "I don't know." Wu You smiled, but his smile was filled with sorrow: "Then let me tell you … My master has buddhist eyes and can see through the sins of others. He can see how many crimes there are in a person with a single glance. The ghosts were floating behind those who had committed crimes. Those who have committed crimes do not know about this. These ghosts have been following them around day and night just to find an opportunity to kill him for revenge. " "My master, on the other hand, is a man who has always believed that suffering on his own can save more people from disaster. However, he was unfortunate. One day, he attended a buddhist event at the Peacock Ming Palace. He inadvertently glanced at your great master, the previous generation's Peacock King. "He saw his crime career, and in order to obtain the position of the Peacock King, he killed several of his fellow disciples." "My master was terrified and left Peacock City overnight. He knew that he would definitely find trouble. After racking his brains for an entire night, he felt that only with his death could he save his junior brothers and disciples. That's why he decided to commit suicide. Before he died, he asked me to deliver a letter to the Peacock Plains Palace and hand it to him. But... "I was stupid. At that time, I was nine years old and I didn't know how serious the situation was. Halfway through, I wanted to play and lost the letter." "I know that I've caused trouble, but I don't dare to admit it. I wandered around outside for a few days before daring to return to the temple. But by the time I got back, they were all dead. Not a single person remained. " He looked into Da Xi Chang Ge's eyes: "Now you know what happened right? I want to tell someone who killed my master and everyone else. But would anyone believe me? One was a young monk spouting nonsense, the other was the highly respected Duke Ming. Do you know why no one would pursue the matter of a temple being exterminated here? Because Duke Ming said that my master had been possessed by a demon and had killed all of her disciples and junior brothers. He pushed the blame to my master, and everyone believed him. " Wu You raised his hand and pointed at Da Xi Chang Ge: "Just like now, although I was the one who summoned the Six-Winged Skeleton and killed so many ordinary people, but because I saved them twice, they are all willing to believe my words and not believe your excuses." After saying that, everyone was stunned. "Burn him to death!" It was unknown who shouted first, but it immediately resonated with everyone. The shouts of burning him rose and fell, even louder than the previous waves. But there was no change in his expression, no anger in his eyes. He slowly untied his clothes, revealing his chest. There was a shocking wound on his chest. The wound was not closed, so it was possible to see that he was only left with half a heart. "I should have died a long time ago, but my sect only had me left. How could I die? Master, I am the only one who can avenge them... I lost the letter, I deserve to die, but I can't die yet, I have to be punished. I have the Psychic's Heart, which can be split into two halves. Half of it belongs to the spirit realm, while the other half belongs to the human realm. I made a mistake in the human world, so I cut off my own half of the heart. I kept this half of Psychic Soul just so that I could live on and seek justice for my master and the others. I have cultivated for ten years, and can finally use my spirit to summon demons. " He smiled bitterly. "Sad? I am only a Buddhist disciple, but I can summon demons. " He put on his clothes. "Master said that the ascetic monk exists to reduce the disaster of the world. Suffering with our bodies to free the world. I don't know why it's us, why we have to suffer. But I will do whatever Master says. I have trained hard for ten years and have never violated Master's teachings. Even though I am already determined to die, I still follow the path of cultivation. But I'm wearing a new dress today... This new dress is for myself. " "I really, really... I wanted to wear a beautiful new dress a long time ago. " He smiled, but this time, it was a smile of relief. "I know that I can't kill Duke Ming, and I don't want to kill him either. He treasured his reputation so much that it was more cruel to let the world know what sort of person he was than to kill him. This is what revenge is all about. Master said that when cultivating, one should put down their grudges … Sorry, old man, I … He couldn't let it go. I think Master will definitely blame me, even if I have already done what I have done so that the world will know what Duke Ming has done. " His body slowly floated in the air, emitting a golden light. "I know that I have sinned unforgivably, that I have killed so many innocent people in order to achieve my goals, and that after my death I will go to hell. I regret it, but I will do it anyway. Because this was the only way to uncover the name of Duke Ming. "After I die, my fleshly body will be trampled by you as you wish." He sat cross-legged in the air, solemnly placing the alms bowl and buddhist beads on his lap, his hands clasped together. "Master …" This disciple should not be able to see you two. You are in heaven, and I am going to hell. So, please forgive this disciple for wearing a new set of clothes today. " He closed his eyes, and suddenly his heart exploded. The remaining half of his heart immediately turned into a mist of blood. Then, his body fell straight down from the middle of the heart. The crowd scattered in all directions, fearing that they would be drenched in blood. A sense of security swept over from the distance as he held Wu Zongzi in his arms. No choice, no choice … Isn't it that there is no other choice? Wu You narrowed his eyes as he looked at An Zheng, smiling with blood on his face: "Thank you, but I'm sorry …" You can't save me a third time. "
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