Grissan's eyes flashed with a complicated look, and his goodwill towards the dispute seemed to have come to an abrupt end. She was the Queen of Che Xian Country. Currently, Che Xian Country and the other countries in the Central Plains were enemies, so even if she was the Duke of Yan Country, she would only view them as enemies that were bigger than ordinary people. Being able to treat her with kindness was already her bottom line, but since she refused, it made her feel like she was a joke. But she was the king, and the king had to maintain his poise at all times. Grissom walked back to the throne and sat down, watching the struggle with a smile on his face. "I've said before that I'm a mother first, so I have to talk about Da Da Ye first." The change in her self-proclaimed attitude was precisely this change in her attitude. Previously, he called himself "I", then it was "I", now it is "I" … Anxiety had been with the world's most powerful monarch for many years, so how could he not understand the meaning behind Gesun Sang's change in attitude? But this was the kind of person who would never back down on things he did not approve of. "Your Majesty, let's talk about the Floating Mist City now." "Although I am just a passerby in the Kingdom of Cha Xian, but as a cultivator, I also have the duty to do my best to protect the common people. Floating Mist City is now … " Before he could finish his words, Grissom waved his hand to stop him, "You also said that you are just a passerby for the Kaiser. The matter of the Floating Mist City is the national affair of our country. Even if you were just an ordinary cultivator of the Central Plains, you had no right to question them. Moreover, you are the Duke of Yan Country, so it doesn't seem appropriate for you to interfere. There is no need to say anything else. Even though the relationship between the Cheshire Kingdom and the Yan Kingdom is not friendly, but I will still treat you with hospitality. Stay in Peacock City and I will arrange for some people to accompany you. " "Your Majesty, you mean you want to imprison me?" Grissaman shook his head. "You are an esteemed guest, so of course I will treat you with respect. You are indeed unsuitable to meddle in the matters of the Misty City. The rules of a family, if you were to explain it clearly, it would be … This is our family matter, and you are an outsider, so there is no need for you to interfere. We have heard of Da Xi Chang Ge's report. We have given the authority to handle this matter to Da Xi Chang Ge. " Anxiang said: "But I suspect that this matter has something to do with Da Xi Chang Ge." Da Xi Chang Ge's expression changed. He looked at An Tan and said: "Duke An, it seems that you are irresponsible to speak like this. I have treated you with respect in the Misty City, why are you slandering me? " Before Anti could say anything else, Grissom waved his hand: "Da Xi, quickly go back to Floating Mist City and handle this matter as per my orders. We have already sent people to inform the peacock palace that Duke Ming is currently cultivating in seclusion, but there will also be a special person to accompany you. No matter who they are, as long as the Ming Palace makes a move, there will naturally be no repercussions. " Anxious turned around, "Then I'll take my leave as well." "I said that you would stay in Peacock City." Grissom pointed forward, and a transparent bubble suddenly appeared and wrapped itself around the dispute. He had not expected Grissom to be so strong, and he did not even have time to react before he had succeeded. He tried to use the scroll that Chen Shaobai had given him to teleport away, but that bubble was a powerful seal. A small enchantment barrier was useless against him. A purple light appeared in his hands, the power of thunder about to erupt. "I advise you not to act rashly. Do you really think you can escape?" Even if you can escape, can your friends in the Misty City do so easily? Do not think that a small space can really hide you. You don't know the Kenzhou, you don't know me, and you don't know Da Xi … "I urge you to stay in Peacock City honestly." After saying this, Grissom stood up and left. The struggle for safety had never been threatened by anyone before. He crossed his arms, the power of pure yang and purple lightning fusing together as the power of nine heavenly thunder appeared once again. However, that bubble had incomparable flexibility. The Nine Heavens Thunder Technique directly caused the bubble to deform. However, the bubble grew a lot longer and more distorted, but it did not break open. He had no idea how this thing could be so tough. Da Xi Chang Ge walked over to the side of An Tan. After a moment of silence, he sighed: "I advise you to listen to His Majesty and stay in Peacock City for the time being. I will take care of the matters in Misty City, even though I don't know why you don't trust me … Of course, I don't need to explain anything to you. I am the master of the Misty City, and the safety of everyone in the city is my duty. "I'm leaving now. I hope we can meet again in the future and have a drink." He turned around and walked away, staring at the back of the person in a daze. A few minutes later, four eunuchs dressed in black silk clothing walked out, each of them wearing a special kind of gloves. The four of them surrounded An Lai and raised the bubble at the same time. No matter how he attacked, he was unable to break through the bubble. He could only watch helplessly as the four eunuchs carried him out of the hall. Judging from the tenacity of the bubble, Grissom's cultivation base was at least at the middle stage of the Great Perfection Stage. Against such an opponent, even if he were to challenge the heavens, he still wouldn't be able to easily defeat him. Ten minutes later, the dispute was settled within a spatial enchantment. This was a huge barrier that covered an area of at least three to four miles. Although it was not as big as Chen Shaobai's, it was still impossible to find much. Before the dispute broke out, he had heard that the Buddhist Sect's methods of creating space tools and barriers were very powerful. Many of the most powerful space tools were created by the Buddhist Sect. Even Master Huo used some Buddhist methods to create the Heaven Defying Seal. Outside the spirit formation was an enormous bubble. After An Zheng was sent into the enchantment, the bubble outside his body disappeared. He tried to attack the large bubble outside the barrier, but to no avail. At this moment, an apologetic Da Ye came in from outside the barrier. It was obvious that someone had pushed him in. The moment she entered, the enchantment closed up once more. Dada Ye was like a child who had done something wrong as he walked in front of An Zheng's face. His eyes were filled with guilt and uneasiness. She looked at him, wanting to say something a few times, but she held it back. She didn't know what to say. She was afraid that the dispute wouldn't believe her at all. "I don't blame you." "I know, it has nothing to do with you." Dada Ye also laughed, but he wasn't happy. She held a food box in her hand and carefully placed it beside An Tan. "I … The food I cooked for you. Although I am not aware of this matter, she is my mother. Even if I am not aware of what my mother has done, I will still bear the consequences. I know you will hate me, hate my mother. In the future, when you leave, you will never come back. But I want... Even if she didn't, you wouldn't have come back, would you? This time, you came back for the matters in Floating Mist City, it has nothing to do with me … So even though I know this isn't right, I can't help but think this … Mother General, you are sealed here. Actually, I feel a bit happy in my heart, because this will allow you to stay for a longer period of time. " An Tan smiled but didn't say anything. Tat Tak Tak sat beside him and bent his knees. He placed his hands on his knees and rested his face against his knees as he looked at him, "But I don't want to make you unhappy. Don't worry, I will go to my mother and ask her to let you go as soon as possible. Mother won't really kill you. She's just angry. " "I know that's not fair to you, but there are some things that really can't be forced together." She was smiling, but her smile was especially bitter. It seemed that she did not want to endure the heartlessness in her tone, so she changed the topic: "Also, you should trust Uncle Da Xi. I knew him as well as I knew my mother. He is a good person and would never do anything that would harm the world. " "People may change." Da Da Ye's face darkened. "That's right, people can change … But will you change? From beginning to end, you persevere. You only have your fiancée in your heart. You say that people change, but you? " Once again, the dispute fell into silence. There was nothing more to say. Yeah, people change depending on who they are. Da Da Ye looked at the silent dispute between the two of them. The sadness in his eyes grew stronger and stronger. Anti knew that this was definitely a deep, deep, and serious damage to Dada. However, there was one thing that they understood clearly. If they tried to play dumb now, it would be even more harmful to her. Thus, she might as well cut it off completely from the start. To her, this would only harm her for a short period of time. However, to her, breaking a lotus root would only harm her for a lifetime. "Rest. I'll go and persuade my mother." Da Ta Ye stood up and walked a few steps before turning back to look at An Tan. "The food I made for you, remember to eat it." Andi nodded and waved goodbye. When he left, his footsteps were especially heavy. It was no longer as light as it was before, as if it was a butterfly dancing among the flowers. It was an injury to her and a growth, and perhaps she wouldn't be so heartbroken in the future when she experienced the same or other injuries. But the hope was that such a simple girl would never be harmed. Da Da Ye left. He walked very slowly, turning back three times with each step. He didn't know what she was reluctant to part with, or why there was so much nostalgia in her eyes. He shook his head and heaved a long sigh. He looked at the box of food that Dada had left behind and felt that at least he could live up to his efforts. He wanted her to see that he had eaten, and that might be a comfort to her. He opened the box and was shocked. There was nothing in the food box at all, only a piece of paper. There was something underneath the paper. He picked up the paper and looked at it. There were a few words on it. "I know you don't belong to me. I've only come to see you because I want to see you a few more times. There is a pendant in the food box. That was given to me by my mother, and I can travel through any of the enchantments she created. My mother created a lot of enchantment spaces for me, so I'm what she cares about the most. Now that I have left it for you, you can leave. Go find your friend, your … Fiancée. Argument, goodbye, we'll never see each other again. "
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