Chen Shaobai and Jian San went out to discuss some matters. He didn't know what it was, but he had avoided the conflict with Qi Tian and the little monk. Everyone had their own secrets, so there was no reason why they should not ask about it. This wooden box would change once a person entered the space. Its shape would change according to the person's will. Currently, it looked like a normal sand grain. Would a sand grain attract other people's attention in the desert? The most delightful thing about this space was that it could be used to observe the situation outside at any time. Ordinary space magic tools that did not have this function were completely sealed off. It was hard for people outside to sense the existence of space, and people inside could not see what was happening outside. This wooden box was called Big Mustard, why Chen Shaobai couldn't explain it. On one side of the space, there was a large wall that looked like a light wave. It was so clear that one could see what was going on outside. Qi Tian squatted there, taking out a peach from who knows where, gnawing on it as he looked outside at the Floating Mist City. Although this monkey didn't look that reliable, his chivalry was very strong. Only the two people left in the room is An Zheng and the little monk, An Zheng asked, "I still don't know what the title of Young Master is …" According to what I know, ascetic monks like Young Master are all people who train hard on the road at the same time. The little monk looked a little better, but his face was still very white. He leaned on the bed and smiled bitterly: "I have no choice but to learn my magic. My sect is no longer here, and I am the only one left. That's why I am traveling alone. Before Master's death, she had taught me that only by experiencing the world's suffering and evils would one be able to cultivate to perfection, so she had never dared to stop. " He glanced at Anti, then continued, "Is there anything else you want to ask?" Anshi nodded, "I... Even though he wasn't a doctor, he had a rough understanding of medicine. Just now, when I was checking my young master's pulse, I realized that there's something wrong with my young master … " Without a choice, Wu Yi said, "I know what you are talking about … When I was four years old, I was adopted by my master and entered the sect. At that time, there were four martial uncles and thirty-six martial brothers in the sect. His master had the Heaven's Eyes, and could see many things that people could not. However, he did not want to be involved in the matters of the martial arts world, so his name was not in the martial arts world. There was only one belief in his master's life, and that was … He used his own suffering to relieve the suffering of the masses. Master said that the disciples of the Buddhist Sect should have the heart to help the world. At that time, the hearts of the people in the world had evil thoughts, and evil thoughts had karmic retribution. However, if retribution comes and the people suffer, and their families suffer, it would truly be a tragic sight to behold. " "Thus, he said that this is the value of the existence of an ascetic monk. The heavens were fair, bestowing and seizing everything was the same. If people had evil thoughts, then the heavens would naturally punish them. But... Those with many evil thoughts were usually the masters of their families, the pillars that stood at the top of their families. If the retribution was on the family's pillar, then the family would be ruined. So Master said, this evil fruit, let us ascetics bear it. The more we suffer, the more crimes we commit for the world to see each other. " He sighed in his heart. Without a choice, he said, "All my life, Master has stuck to his faith, never touching anything gold or silver, never eating a full meal. He always said he hoped he could bear more, more. However, his Master never harmed anyone, but was instead harmed by someone. It was because his eyes could see things that others could not see. Even though he never asked about the martial arts world, he still brought trouble upon himself. I was only nine years old. After that, I am the only one left in the sect. " Anxious, he could not resist asking, "Why?" Wu Yi said, "Master once again passed by the home of an extraordinary person, coincidentally, that great person walked out of the house. At that time, his Master only took a glance, but he was able to see through the cause and effect. If it was someone else, it would have been fine, but that person's cultivation is so profound that he would actually be able to detect it, so … " He sighed, "If only I had left with master and the others that day." He didn't know what to say to comfort her. Things like this were way too tragic. His master was able to see through the Eye of Karma, which was not something he had cultivated, but something he was born with. He just saw the disgraceful past of a big shot and the entire temple was destroyed. Thinking of this, An Tan suddenly had a thought. In the Buddhist lands of the Western Regions, the Buddhist sect was an extremely important place. Even the smallest of temples would be respected there. Furthermore, the power of the Buddhist Sect was beyond imagination. Even if a small temple was destroyed, the Buddhist Sect would definitely not let this matter rest. Then how did this so-called big shot manage to make the Buddhist Sect not pursue the matter? Unless … The back of this dispute turned cold. Wu You smiled as if he had seen through the thoughts of competition. He shook his head and said, "I have no way to deal with the matters of the past. Master, Martial Uncle, Senior Martial Brother all died. I am the only one left, and only I can inherit Master's faith. At that time, I was young, and I only wanted to follow Master's instructions. Thus, he had attempted to use his own body to replace the evil of others. However, he had accidentally been severely injured. From then on, his heart meridian had been damaged, and he had already lost half his life. Later on, I met a cultivator who used talisman paper to draw life for me. That is why you felt that the Yin energy in my body was rather heavy. Because there was half a life, not mine. " Actually, the reason why An Zheng asked was because he thought of the words of the middle-aged man who had previously fought with all his might against the Six-winged Skeleton outside Floating Mist City. He said that his son felt that the little monk was rather strange because his eyes could see things that others couldn't. Since it was too late to ask any more questions, he decided to let Wu Tan rest longer. Then, he walked out of the room. Qi Tian waved to An Zheng. After An Tan passed by, he saw Da Xi Chang Ge rushing out of the Floating Mist City, looking for something. He held a battle bow in his hand, looking like he was about to attack at any moment. Moreover, his face was somewhat pale and his eyes were cold. It seemed that he was extremely angry. "There's something wrong with this person. He arrived not long after we entered this space." Qi Tian said, "Chen Shaobai said that this person is related to those six-winged skeletons. I didn't believe him at first, but now it seems like it's related to him. How about I go out and kill him? " Security dispute: "No." He turned around and looked at the other side of the room, "Take care of that little monk. Don't let him out. And don't let him out of your sight. I'll be back in about two days. No matter what happens, don't let him leave this place. " Qi Tian asked, "Where are you going?" Anti replied: "I will go to Peacock City and check this Da Xi Chang Ge's background. If the reason why he controlled the Six-Winged Skeletons was so that he could take revenge on the Peacock Ming Palace, then this person would be a great evildoer. Heaven's Face, I will not tolerate it. " Anxiang and Chen Shaobai said their goodbyes. Chen Shaobai wanted to follow, but Anxiang told him to stay behind to prevent the Six-Winged Skeleton from reappearing. Furthermore, since Da Xi Chang Ge was the disciple of the previous generation's Emperor of the Peacock Plains, then his power must be terrifying. If he found out where the space was, he could protect that little monk with Chen Shaobai's help. Chen Shaobai thought about it for a moment, then handed over his Yaksha Mother Umbrella to An Zheng. "Be careful in everything you do." He then took out another scroll, "This thing belongs to Northern Fur. It is quite useful. However, this scroll's grade is a little low, so it can only be used once. Furthermore, it's more than 500 miles away. This place is less than 500 miles away from the Peacock Ming Palace. You can come back at any time if you use a scroll. "Don't try to be brave in the face of danger, run as you please." Anxious: "Understood, Mom." Chen Shaobai glared at him and scolded him, "Scram!" After leaving the space, he rushed towards Peacock City. A distance of several hundred miles was nothing to him. However, since they were under the control of the Floating Mist City, they didn't dare to fight too fast for fear of attracting Da Xi Ming's attention. He held the yaksha umbrella and left for a hundred miles before increasing his speed to the limit. The moment the day came to an end, they had already arrived outside Peacock City. As the city gates were about to close, he noticed that a portrait of himself was taped to one side of the gates. He quickly stepped forward and tore off the portrait. Immediately, a few soldiers from the Kaiser Kingdom rushed over. Anti pointed at the portrait and then pointed at his face, and the soldiers immediately became friendly. In less than an hour, the dispute was already in the palace of Peacock City. This was a very large room. The room was filled with sandalwood. The smell was slightly heavy, but it was enough to make one's heart calm down. Anti stood by the window and looked out at the magnificent palace building. He was thinking about Da Xi Chang Ge and that little monk. The imperial palace of the Kaiser Kingdom was very big. Although it was not as big as the Da Xi palace, it was much bigger compared to the Yan Kingdom. The door creaked open, followed by the sound of hurried footsteps. Just as Anxian was about to turn around and speak, a fragrant scent wafted over. That slightly petite and pretty girl Dapeng Ye hung on the side of An Zheng Tan like a koala: "I knew you would come back to find me!" Anxious, "Cough, cough …" Dada Ye only just realized that he really was a bit too excited. He quickly got down from An Tan's body and tidied up his clothes. It was still that pure and cute outfit, that short skirt down to her thighs, that pair of beautiful legs that was so white that it could dazzle people's eyes, that smile that was full of vitality, and those dimples that were still adorable. "I knew it, I knew it!" Dada Ye waved his little fist. "Mother said that I must have seen the wrong person, but I know that I definitely did not see the wrong person. When I was in the immortal palace, I was sure that I did not see wrong this time. " She was so excited that she spoke incoherently. The last time they met, she told Anti that her family was very special, her brothers and sisters were all … There was no masculine person, which was why An Zheng thought he was only curious about him for a moment. She just didn't expect that she would actually be moved. So, suddenly, there was an additional feeling of guilt, because he really couldn't accept the reality of the situation. "Your Highness …" "This time, I've come …" Da Da Ye said, "You must have come this time for me, right?!" Just as Anxious was about to explain, his expression darkened. "Can't you not tell me? Can you please let me have some fun? " There really was something wrong with the communication between An Tan and the girls. If he was a person with flowery words, then he could naturally resolve this kind of awkwardness. However, his personality was too straightforward, and he couldn't lie like that without changing his expression … Thus, he could only stand there awkwardly, not knowing what to say. Da Da Ye looked into An Zai's eyes. After a moment of silence, he sighed. "I knew it. Actually, you didn't come to find me …" At this moment, An Zheng heard the heartbreaking voice of the young girl.
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