When Anxiang caught the little monk, the little monk raised his finger and pointed at the backyard with an extremely tiny movement. At the same time, City Lord Da Xi Chang Ge who was fighting with the Six Winged Skeleton in the city also rushed back and landed at the place where the black light had disappeared. However, Da Xi Chang Ge turned around and disappeared. No one knew where he had gone to. After he disappeared, the black light also disappeared. The little monk pointed to the other side before fainting once again. Anxious grasped the little monk's pulse, even his pulse was weak, faintly discernible. He had overdrawn his life force, so much so that he could die at any moment. If Qu Liuxi was by his side right now, it would be easy for her to help him with his diagnosis. However, even though there were some medicinal pills concocted by Qiuxi in An Tan's hands, he was ultimately unable to treat her completely. There was no time to ponder over such matters. He took out a pill from his storage space and stuffed it into the little monk's mouth. Then, with luck, he helped him swallow it down. Qu Liuxi's gold-rank pill was unparalleled in this world. Its purity and efficacy were both at the pinnacle of gold-rank medicinal pills. In addition, the damage to the human body had also been reduced to the limit. Under the heavens, those with greater talent than Qu Liuxi might not even be born yet. The effects of the pill were excellent. Not long after the little monk swallowed it, his face regained some color and his breath calmed down. However, his body was still weak and envious. He had continuously overdrawn his life force, so it was impossible for one or two pills to make up for it. At most, the pills that An Tan gave him would only help him strengthen his body. After a few more minutes, the little monk slowly woke up. After opening his eyes, he gave a grateful look to An Zheng. "Thank you …" You've already saved me twice. " He shook his head, "Yet you saved the entire Floating Mist City twice." The little monk struggled to stand up, but there was no strength left in his body. He looked around, wondering what kind of disaster would befall him if he left him in the City Lord's Mansion. It would be better to take him to a safe place to compete with the price. Very quickly, Chen Shaobai and Qi Tian also rushed over. Upon seeing that the little monk was fine, they both let out a sigh of relief. Qi Tian sighed, "I have never had any good impression of people from the Buddhist Sect, but little master, you deserve my bow." He clasped his hands together and bowed. The little monk wanted to stop him, but he couldn't. Anxious and the three of them had a discussion, the City Lord's Mansion is definitely not a place to stay for long. No matter what, City Lord Da Xi Chang Ge's performance was a bit too strange. The sudden appearance just happened to be when the black light flashed in the backyard. Then he disappeared again, and the black light was gone. Not long after the black light disappeared, all of the Six-Winged Skulls became dispirited. Currently, cultivators were still killing the six-winged skeletons that had lost their ability to resist. There weren't many people in the City Lord's Mansion, so they took the opportunity to leave the Floating Mist City. Chen Shaobai said, "It's not good for us to leave like this. No one knows the origins of those Six-Winged Skeletons. If we don't investigate this matter thoroughly, I won't be able to leave in peace." This time, the Six-Winged Skeleton's attack on Floating Mist City caused at least ten thousand people to die, and most were ordinary citizens who had no way to protect themselves. "If we don't get rid of this mess, we will be sinners." Qi Tian replied, "If I hadn't seen you say those words, I would have thought that you were just saying them peacefully." Anxiang said, "Let's find a safe place for now and treat this young master's injuries. He's too weak right now, and he's in danger at any time." "I have a place." He rummaged through his personal space and found a wooden box, "This is one of the gifts my father gave me. This thing cannot attack or defend, so no matter how you look at it, it is basically useless. However, as long as there was one good thing about it, it would be that it would be able to perfectly cover up everyone's presence. Even a Lesser Heaven stage expert might not be able to detect it. Let's just wait outside the Floating Mist City. If the Six Winged Skeleton comes back, we can still help. " He opened the wooden box and with a flash of white light, the four of them entered a space. Space magic tools were usually made at relatively high prices and sold at outrageously high prices. However, they were actually not very useful in the first place. The reason why the price of this kind of magical equipment was so outrageous was because it satisfied the desires of some people. For example, for those who held high positions and amassed countless wealth, where would they put these things? If there was a wooden box like Chen Shaobai, it would be difficult for even a lesser celestial stage expert to detect it, much less those ordinary cultivators investigating the case. Even without evidence, there was no way to do it. After entering the space, even Qi Tian couldn't help but exclaim, "This magic tool is truly priceless." Qi Tian had a lot of experience, so there weren't many things that could make him praise them. The space inside the wooden box was so large, it was somewhat outrageous … After entering the space, one would find himself in a green field that was at least four to five miles away. Just a single glance was enough to make one feel at ease. The grass was smooth and green, making people want to sing out loud. And in the distance, there was a manor built from white stone. The scale was even more shocking. White stone walls, white stone bridges, white stone buildings, with green grass and the walls covered with vines and dotted with flowers, it looked very beautiful. On the roof of the tallest castle, there was a large, fiery red flag gently fluttering in the breeze. Even from afar, one could see a black word on the flag … Chen. Qi Tian replied, "I already knew that your family must be rich, but I didn't expect you to be this rich. Not to mention anything else, even if this space tool were to use a peak Purple-Gold grade attack or defense, it wouldn't change. This is still a peaceful and prosperous world, if it is chaotic, we will not even exchange it for a small country. " Qi Tian wasn't exaggerating at all. If this was a chaotic world, this small wooden box would be like a paradise. A place that even a cultivator of the lesser celestial stage would be unable to find, a place where he could live in seclusion with his family. It couldn't be more perfect. This place was big enough. Behind the manor, there was a beautiful looking small mountain. Below the mountain, there was a clear river that finally merged into a small lake. The waters of the lake could be used for fishing. It was as calm as the surface of a mirror. The pavilion, the fishing boat, everything was there. Halfway up the mountain, there was a house built according to the size of the mountain. Although it was not as big as the manor, the scenery was even more beautiful. Imagine living in that house halfway up the mountain, with its huge French windows, and the scenery of the lake and the river outside. It was such a beautiful and picturesque life. "That old man of mine was a well-known man back then. It's not hard to understand that he has some good things in his hands." Furthermore, he once held a high position. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was one of the ten most powerful people in the world back then. " After saying that, Chen Shaobai glanced at An Zheng, "Oh, you were once one of the ten most powerful people in the world. On the surface, you appear to only have three thousand subordinates, but if you were to ascend to the top, the number of people willing to fight alongside you might be countless." Anti was too lazy to pay attention to him, carrying the little monk into the manor. On the way, the little monk fainted again, only waking up after settling down at the manor. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he said was, "How many people were killed when the Six-winged Skeleton attacked Floating Mist City? When you said it earlier, I didn't hear it clearly. " "I'm afraid there are more than ten thousand commoners," replied the envoy. The little monk's expression changed and a look of pain and compassion appeared in his eyes. After a moment, tears of blood began to flow from his eyes. "Young master!" Chen Shaobai quickly came over and supported him, "You … You don't have to be too sad, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. " Tears of blood flowed down from the two cheeks of the little monk. His already pale face was shocking to behold, and he gave off a feeling that caused people to shudder. He just sat there without saying a word, but everyone could feel the sorrow in his heart. "If I …" The little monk opened his mouth, but nothing else came out. An Tan patted his shoulder, not knowing what to say. "If my body was better, I should be able to save them. Even if he could not save so many cultivators, he could still save many ordinary people. And in this world, the people that should be saved the most were the ordinary people. For cultivators, to a greater or lesser degree, everyone is guilty. " The little monk shook his head and wiped the blood off his face, "But what about the people? No matter who stood at the top, their mouths full of righteousness and morality, their mouths full of compassion, it was still the people that were suffering. In this world, many disasters should fall on those sinners. Although ordinary people all have their own crimes, most of them can be redeemed. " Chen Shaobai knew that all the words of the Buddhist Sect were like this, so he didn't pay much attention to it. He seemed to have thought of something. At this time, a hissing sound came from outside and a chariot descended from the sky. It was one of Chen Xiaoyao's sword slaves … Sword Three. He was a benevolent looking old man, but when he made his move, it was sharp and domineering, shocking everyone. As soon as Jian San came in, he greeted everyone and then said to Chen Xiaobai, "Young master, I found out a bit about the matter you asked me to investigate earlier. That person called Da Xi Chang Ge is indeed not simple. " "When the Six-Winged Skeleton appeared in the city, Jian San wanted to help as well. I told him to check on the background of this man, Da Xi and Chang Ge." Swordthree said, "On the surface, this person appears to be a nominal disciple of the Buddhist Sect. But I just found out that he has a mysterious relationship with the Peacock Ming Palace. I sneaked into his study and found some correspondence with someone from the Peacock Ming Palace. I could vaguely tell that this person was related to the previous generation of the Venerable One from the Peacock Ming Palace, which is also known as the Peacock Ming Wang. I speculate that he is the disciple of the previous generation's Peacock King, and he is also the only male disciple. From the contents of the letter, if not for the appearance of Xu Medi, he might have even been able to enter the Peacock Ming Palace and become the first man of the Peacock Ming Palace to ever be known as King Ming. " "That's why he became the city lord of the nearest city, Peacock City." Qi Tian slapped his forehead and said, "I thought of something …" Xu Medi suddenly appeared and was chosen as the new heir to the Wise King by the Palace of Peacock. Therefore, Da Xi Chang Ge must be a bit dissatisfied. He had brought out these Six-Winged Skeletons to take revenge on the Peacock Ming Palace. He deliberately chose not to report his loss, causing great losses to the Peacock Ming Palace. " Anti nodded slightly, "There are some points, but you can't make an arbitrary decision." The little monk looked at everyone and hesitated to speak. At the same time, outside the Misty City, not far from where they had disappeared, Da Xi Chang Ge looked around with his bow in his hand with a cold expression: "Where did he go?"
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