Even though he felt it was strange, he didn't act rashly. He quietly withdrew from the small wooden building, then found Chen Shaobai who was waiting for him outside. The Yaksha Umbrella had a unique connection to each other, so no one could see them. However, the people who used the Yaksha Umbrella could see each other. "I feel there's something wrong with Da Xi's song." Anxious and Chen Shaobai returned to the banquet, then they spoke to each other in hushed tones. Everyone was paying attention to the singing and dancing of the banquet. Everyone was scratching their fists and drinking. No one noticed that they had left and returned. Anxiang looked around and pretended nothing had happened as he said: "I think there's a problem with Da Xi's song. This time, we may not be really grateful to the cultivators. The little monk was still unconscious, but no one treated him. Instead, the guards seemed to want to kill him at any time. Chen Shaobai immediately understood the meaning of the dispute, "You mean … Is the Six-Winged Skeleton related to Da Xi's song? " Anchor nodded: "I even suspect that the Six-Winged Skeleton was something made by Da Xi Chang Ge." Chen Shaobai pondered for a while, then said, "For some unknown reason, he came up with something like a Six-Winged Skeleton, attacking cultivators to absorb the power of cultivators …" After that, the so-called "thank you feast" was to gather all the cultivators. Only he could do that. As the City Lord, ordinary people would not reject an invitation from him. Furthermore … Only he could control the news. Why hasn't the Peacock Ming Palace sent anyone yet? It's because Da Xi Changge did not send anyone to notify Peacock City at all. " He looked at Da Xi Chang Ge who was toasting him: "The little ascetic monk can restrain those six winged skeletons, that's why Da Xi Chang Ge locked him up." Chen Shaobai sorted out his thoughts, then asked, "What do we do now?" He lowered his voice and said: "We can't just wait and see. If all of this is really caused by Da Xi Chang Ge, then these people are way too dangerous. "If the Six Winged Skeleton suddenly appears …" Before he could finish his words, there was a commotion outside and a loud sound came from the city gate. Anxious expressions changed. He had Chen Shaobai instruct everyone to prepare their defenses, and he had already dashed out. Security had raised his speed to the maximum, and by the time he finished speaking, he was already outside the City Lord's Mansion. He rushed towards the location where the loud sound came from, and before he could reach the place, he already saw smoke and dust filling the air. After passing through a street, he saw that the city gate had collapsed. The six-winged skeleton that was dozens of meters tall collapsed the city gate as it entered Floating Mist City. On the city wall, the warning horn sounded loudly, but the city gate was already broken. At this moment, the weak guards on the city wall were unable to stop the terrifying Six-Winged Skeleton. Countless casualties occurred in an instant. Knowing that something had happened, the civilians began to flee in all directions, and the scene became chaotic in an instant. Anti rushed towards the six-winged skeleton and summoned the Broken Armor Sword. However, before he could even get close, his feet suddenly trembled, and the ground under his feet suddenly cracked open. A huge skeletal hand stretched out from the crack and grabbed his ankle. An Tan reacted quickly, the Broken Army Sword in his hand slashing downwards. With a flash of sword light, his hand was cut off at the same time. The Six Winged Skeleton's other hand had already reached out and grabbed towards Anti. Anti's body was lifted up into the air, then suddenly dove down. The white bony hand grabbed the air in mid-air. Seeing An Tan swooping down, the three pairs of bone wings on the back of the six-winged skeleton immediately flipped over. Countless javelin-like objects shot out from the bone wings. An Tan brandished his sword in the air, and a long purple sword light swept out like a whip, slicing those bone spears in half. His body fell towards the head of the Six-Winged Skeleton. The Six-Winged Skeleton should be able to feel the terror of the struggle for safety. It was too late for it to dodge now. With a flip of its body in the air, the body increased its speed and suddenly charged into the mouth of the Six-Winged Skeleton. Soon after, a violet, flame-like sword light pierced out from the back of the Six-Winged Skeleton's head, piercing a hole through its tough skull. After the sword radiance pierced the skull, An Jue didn't rush out. The sword radiance spun around inside the skull of the Six-Winged Skeleton, spinning like a purple windmill. With a "pa pa" sound, the head of the Six-Winged Skeleton exploded. After that, he lifted his leg and stomped down. With a boom, the Six-Winged Skeleton could no longer withstand the force. Its two legs that had yet to crawl out from the ground bent, and its body fiercely fell to the ground. With a slash of his sword, the incomplete six-winged skeleton was cut into two halves. With a kick, the huge body of the six-winged skeleton was split open, and it continued moving forward. At the same time, most of the cultivators that were enjoying themselves in the City Lord's Mansion had already arrived. Anchor raised his head and looked into the distance. He saw the City Lord Da Xi singing... There was a bow in his hand, emitting a faint purple light. While he was in the air, his left hand grasped the bow, and his right hand made a grasping motion in the air. In that instant, he caught the five arrows that had appeared out of nowhere. It was as if a hole had been cut open in the air, and the sky was where he kept his arrows. Five arrows simultaneously landed on that large bow. Then, he pulled back his right hand, causing the bowstring to be indiscernible. However, everyone seemed to have felt the bowstring being pulled at full volume. Then the five arrows shot out at the same time, and because they were too fast, they caused the air to explode when they shot out. Five crescent-shaped waves of light shot forward at incomparable speed. As for the five light waves, they seemed to have their own intelligence as they each accurately found a six-winged skeleton! What was even more terrifying was that out of the five arrows, five had been killed. The five arrows all hit the heart area of the Six-Winged Skeleton, not the head. Next, the five arrows exploded at almost the same time at the chest area of the fallen Six-Winged Skeleton. Four or five of its ribs were broken. The moment his chest was ripped open, the Six-Winged Skeleton seemed to have lost its life. Chen Shaobai rushed to the side of An Tan and saw this scene: "It seems a little strange. If Da Xi Changge is the mastermind, then he doesn't need to do this." An Di nodded. "I'm also a bit confused. Why is that?" Chen Shaobai said, "Even you, who made a living from investigating the case back then, could not figure it out, much less me." If Da Xi Chang Ge was the main culprit, there was no need to kill five Six-Winged Skeletons in one go. "He could have completely suppressed his cultivation and pretended to be very hardworking, but in reality, he's just watching helplessly as the Six-winged Skeleton took away the power of his cultivation." Anti said, "I just thought of a question …" These Six-Winged Skulls were so powerful the moment they appeared. Clearly, they had absorbed some sort of power. So, if it's Da Xi Chang Ge, then it's impossible for Da Xi Chang Ge to not be exposed. He needs to keep killing people in order to feed these six winged skeletons. " Chen Shaobai: "But you can't say it like that. We don't know each other's intentions, but we are more at a loss now. There's definitely something wrong with Da Xi Chang Ge, but it might not be the problem that we're thinking about. " "Okay. Let's get rid of these Six-Winged Skulls first." He rushed towards one of the Six-Winged Skeletons, while Chen Shaobai clenched his teeth and dashed towards the next one. However, this time, the Six-Winged Skeleton was a bit different. Only the first one had come out from the desert near the city wall, and then it had destroyed the city gate. The remaining Six-Winged Skeletons had all drilled out from underground, so they were very scattered. When he looked back, the city had already become a purgatory. Countless commoners had been killed, and cultivators were dying in large numbers as well. Although there were many cultivators here, very few of them were able to reach the Small Success Realm. Even a cultivator in the prison realm could only protect themselves. People in the lower stages of the prison realm simply didn't have the ability to kill a six-winged skeleton. An Lai suddenly thought of something and his face changed. He shouted towards Chen Xiaobai, then rushed towards the City Lord's Mansion. Although Chen Shaobai did not know what was going on, he still rushed out together with An Tan. On the way, An Tan killed a six-winged skeleton. When he arrived outside the City Lord's Mansion, he discovered that the City Lord's Mansion had already been breached. Four to five huge six-winged skeletons rushed in. The City Lord's Mansion was filled with corpses, including many women. An Tan's eyes turned red as he rushed in and killed a six-winged skeleton. Chen Shaobai followed closely behind him and rushed to the backyard in one breath. At this moment, the small wooden building collapsed. The dozens of guards guarding outside were all dead. A six-winged skeleton was rummaging through something. Everywhere the massive body passed, the buildings were razed to the ground. Its feet were stepping on a guard, and the guard's lower body would not die even if it was stepped on for a short period of time. The Six-Winged Skeleton continued to search through the ruins. One thick beam after another was swept to the side. Amidst the dust and dust, that thing looked extremely fierce. Anti rushed over and used his sword to slash down on the back of the six winged skeleton, directly cutting off its spine. The Six-Winged Skeleton let out a mournful cry, turned its head and threw a punch at Anti's head. Since his spine was broken, he had borrowed the strength of the falling punch to strike with even more astonishing power. "The little monk might have already been killed!" Anti shouted. Only then did Chen Shaobai react, and he directly rushed towards the rubble in search of her. This time, the target of the Six-Winged Skeleton was the little monk. Perhaps they knew that the little monk could restrain them, so they were trying to attack from the east. They moved everyone to the city gates, and the rest raided the Mayor's mansion. Chen Shaobai rummaged through the ruins for a while, then shouted angrily, "Impossible!" But right at this moment, from afar, in the backyard of the City Lord's Mansion, the monk that looked like he was on the verge of collapse walked over step by step. Due to exhaustion, he was unable to lift his arms. His steps seemed incredibly heavy. But even so, he kept one hand on the alms bowl, the other on the beads, his feet almost touching the ground. He raised his head with much difficulty and looked into the distance, before chanting a Buddhist prayer. He sat down with his legs crossed and slowly rose into the air. Behind him, a golden roulette formed from Sanskrit's inscriptions appeared. Countless dense Sanskrit characters flickered, bringing with them a solemn Buddhist light. "You will die!" Chen Shaobai shouted and was about to rush over, but the little monk had already flown up. He sat cross-legged in the sky as a golden light flashed. Countless chants flew out from his back, quickly flying towards those Six-Winged Skulls that were wreaking havoc. In a split-second, those Six-Winged Skeletons seemed to have been hit by a acupoint, and all of them stiffened, unable to move. However, the young monk only lasted a few seconds before he fell from the sky. Anxious rushed over to hug him, the young monk opened his eyes, his eyes filled with gratitude. Then he raised his hand with difficulty and pointed at the backyard of the City Lord's Mansion, as if there was something he wanted to say. When he turned his head to look, he saw a black light flashing in the backyard. Immediately after, City Lord Da Xi Ming fell from the sky and landed on the spot where the black light was shining.
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