Perhaps he thought that they were lucky enough to meet, but the mayor of Floating Mist City, Da Xi Chang Ge had accompanied them since they had entered the city. Basically, he had entrusted his men with the entertaining of the other guests. Most of the people were gathered in the yard and were chatting. Da Xi and Long Ge were leading them through the front yard and into the study in the backyard. "This is your Central Plains tea." Da Xi Chang Ge asked the servant to make some tea and personally handed it to An Tan: "Although the merchant from Central Plains who sold me the tea said that it was a new tea this year, I know that it was all a lie. The journey from the Da Xi to the Che Xian Country was thousands of miles long. Furthermore, the journey was very hot, and most of the roads were not easy to traverse. It was impossible for new tea from that year to be brought over. But precisely because of the existence of these merchants, we can enjoy these things that come from the Central Plains. " He pointed to the cup. "Tea, including this teacup." In the Buddhist kingdoms of the Western Regions, wealthy families usually used silverware. Only the noble houses could use porcelain that had been trafficked from the Central Plains. "City Lord, if you have any orders, feel free to speak out." In fact, it was obvious that there was something on Da Xi Chang Ge's mind. Da Xi Chang Ge ought to not know about the identity of An Zheng. Even if he knew that An Tan was only the duke of a small country in Yan Guo, Da Xi Chang Ge did not have anything to ask of him. And now, Da Xi Chang Ge's obvious move to befriend him was very strange. "Sigh …" Da Xi Chang Ge glanced at them and hesitated to speak. "Although we are outsiders, we are indebted to the City Lord's hospitality. If there is anything that can be of help, feel free to tell me. " "This …" Da Xi Chang Ge remained silent for a while and then said somewhat awkwardly: "Actually … Let me show you this. " He turned around and picked up a scroll from the desk. He handed it over to Anti, who opened it and took a look at it. Then, he was stunned. The scroll was a painting, and the painting was none other than him … The painting was meticulously crafted. Even the friends who weren't familiar with peaceful conflicts could tell at a glance that the person in the painting was a peaceful person, let alone himself. "This is?" Anti looked at Da Xi Chang Ge and asked: "Why does the mayor have my portrait?" Da Xi sang: "This is from the palace..." A few months ago, a total of 320 of these portraits were sent out from the Peacock City Palace. Each of these portraits was sent to a large city under the rule of the Kaiser Kingdom, and the Mayor personally took care of it. The Palace has strictly ordered that if you discover the person in the portrait, you must return to Peacock City. " Chen Shaobai sighed, "I didn't expect you to be a wanted criminal." It was originally a joke, but Da Xi Ming's expression changed. He quickly shook his head: "No, no, no, of course I'm not a wanted criminal. Although, in this short period of time, our Kindred and you Central Plains people have been unhappy, because of the Immortal Palace Ruins, both sides have made a huge move. Even the Golden Crown Nation's Great Thunderpond Temple had long stationed experts within the immortal palace and had ordered a strict investigation on every cultivator that came from there. But I can guarantee that you and your friends will be honored guests of our Kindness. " Anxious, he could not resist asking, "Why?" Da Xi said: "It seems that you have really forgotten …" When the Immortal palace first appeared, you saved a girl in the Immortal palace. Her name was Da Da Ye … She is the princess and future king of our Kindness. " Only then did An Jue come to his senses, and the cute little loli's appearance involuntarily appeared in his mind. Tat tat tat, princess of the Kaiser. To tell the truth, if not for this trip back to the Kaiser Kingdom, the dispute might have already put this girl in the corner of his mind. With An Xin's memory, she wouldn't forget it very quickly, but she definitely wouldn't think of it on purpose. When he heard Da Xi's long song about Da Tan Wu getting people to draw only portraits to spread throughout the country, he was indeed a little shocked. At that time, he didn't think that the girl called Da Da Ye really liked him. She was just curious about that strange man. Only now did he realize that he was wrong. Girls at that age always have their own stubbornness, and what they decide often takes a long time to change. Moreover, this change was not something that could be changed by others. It was a change that required time to complete. For a moment, An Zheng was at a loss for words. Da Xi Chang Ge could see the awkwardness of the dispute, he smiled and said: "We can push this matter back for now. Today, I would like to thank all of you for helping the Floating Mist City when it is in danger. And I think the Six-Winged Skulls will probably make a comeback, so it's necessary to investigate this matter thoroughly. I have already sent people to rush to Peacock City as fast as possible to report this to the king and the great monk from the Peacock Plains. " Anchor nodded his head, "We were merely passing by. In my opinion, any cultivator would help out under those circumstances." Da Xi Chang Ge obviously did not want to let the atmosphere become cold. He also felt that the matter regarding the princess was somewhat ridiculous. It was just that a little girl's heart was moved by it, there wouldn't be any results in the future. Moreover, although the king had promised the princess that she would search the country for a dispute, the king had only done so because he was sure she would not find one. However, who would have thought that the person who should have left would return? As the City Lord of the closest city to Peacock City, of course, the King trusted Da Xi Chang Ge deeply. He was very smart. He knew that even though the princess desperately wanted to find this person, the king might not really want to find this person. Of course, if the princess insisted on being married to this man, the king would not obstruct her. Because the succession to the position of King in Kagang is very special … The king was a woman, so the choice of men was, of course, just her own interest. Once a prince or something like that was born, he would be conferred the title of an idler, but the Grand Princess would likely inherit the throne in the future. However, it didn't really matter who the Grand Princess's father was. "Let's go drink." Da Xi and An Tan stood up: "I can't say that I am rich, but I want as much wine as I can. I have already sent people to bring all the good wine in the city. Thank you for your help in Floating Mist City. Tonight, we shall get drunk. " When Qi Tian heard that they were only drinking, his interest was piqued. "Let's go. The good wine of Buddha truly lives up to its reputation." Chen Shaobai glanced at An Zheng's face, and there was also a hint of worry in his eyes. Qi Tian was an open-minded person, of course, he wouldn't think too much about it. The few of them left the study and walked through the backyard. As they walked towards the front yard, the sounds of singing and dancing and drinking and punching outside were even louder than before. Chen Shaobai walked beside An Tan and said in a low voice, "All of the cultivators in the Floating Mist City have gathered at the City Lord's Mansion. It seems that the City Lord intends to do this." He probably knows some secrets about the Six-Winged Skeleton. I guessed that it was because he was worried that Misty City's own strength wouldn't be enough to block the next attack of the Six-Winged Skeleton, which was why he was so passionate to keep everyone here. Now that all cultivators have been gathered, if the Six-Winged Skeletons were to attack us again, Floating Mist City would have the ability to protect itself. " Anchor nodded: "It's just as I thought. This Da Xi Chang Ge must know some secrets about the Six-winged Skeleton." Chen Shaobai said, "Logically speaking, this should be hard to understand. Since we are so close to Peacock City, how could the Peacock Plains allow any evil beings to appear? Furthermore, experts are as common as clouds in the Peacock Ming Palace. Judging by the speed of the crowd, the experts from the Palace should be arriving by now. " Anti: "We'll just wait and see. If it really is just to defend against the Six-winged Skeleton, there's no harm if we stay a little longer." Chen Shaobai nodded, then looked around cautiously. At this moment, An Tan's attention was on a small wooden house in the distance. Outside the wooden house, there were at least thirty guards from the City Lord's Mansion. The guards looked serious, their hands never leaving the hilt. In other words, the people in that wooden house were especially important. After drinking two cups of wine, he asked a person wearing the uniform of the City Lord's Mansion, "The small courtyard in the back is heavily guarded. Is there someone important protecting there?" The guard shook his head, "No, it's that monk who saved Floating Mist City." Only then did Anxious come to a realization, but... Since it was that monk, why did he have such tight protection? Anxious and Chen Shaobai glanced at each other. Qi Tian, who was sitting on the other side of the table, was already having a toast with a boorish fellow he did not recognize. He was having a great time drinking. Naturally, Chen Shaobai understood the meaning of this dispute. The two of them stood up and pretended to go to the toilet. Then, they opened up their yaksha umbrella inside the toilet and sneaked into the backyard. If it was just to protect the monk, there was no need to send so many people. He didn't even need to send someone to protect him. The monk was a friend of Misty City, not a prisoner. Moreover, everyone knew that the monk had saved Floating Mist City. Could it be that someone would intentionally harm him? Fortunately, the cultivation bases of the guards were not very high. Thus, when An Tan and Chen Shaobai approached the outside of the wooden building, they were not discovered. Anxious pointed to the banquet outside, indicating for Chen Shaobai to stand watch for him. Chen Shaobai glared at him, his gaze implying that it was him who should be on the lookout and not you. However, he moved a few steps outside and observed the situation outside. Although his eyes were very resistant, his body was very honest. With his yaksha umbrella in hand, He Zheng Tan lightly swept up to the second floor and entered through an open window on the second floor. He then looked down from the stairs on the second floor … There were at least four or five guards inside, and they were already unsheathed. This was even more strange. The monk was lying in the hall on the first floor. There was a simple wooden bed without a blanket on him. This treatment was not normal. Those guards who had drawn their sabers didn't look like they were protecting him, but more like they were ready to attack at any moment. Anti noticed that the youth had a pained expression on his face, and his brows creased very deeply. The two things he had brought with him, a string of buddhist beads and a bowl, were placed beside him. Although it looked a little unusual, but he couldn't make any judgments about it. He could only say that City Lord Da Xi Chang Ge must know something. Furthermore, he should know quite a lot. All of a sudden, a scary thought suddenly popped into the mind of An Zheng … The moment this idea appeared, the people on the back of An Zheng felt chills run down their spines. A cold look involuntarily appeared in his eyes. He looked outside and then looked at the monk that was curled up on the wooden bed. He seemed to have understood something. As for the people guarding the monk, their knives were very close to him. Da Xi Chang Ge! An Tan had the intention to kill.
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