In the middle of the air, An Tan caught the falling young monk. After touching him, he immediately felt that the young monk's body was abnormally cold. His entire body began to stiffen, as if he was about to die at any time. He retrieved a pill from his personal space and stuffed it into the little monk's mouth. Then, he carried him and rushed in the direction of the Floating Mist City. "Who is the physician?" Anti asked as he ran. An old man with a head full of white hair ran towards Anti, "I am!" He received the little monk from An Tan's hands, and after examining his pulse for a while, he let out a sigh of relief, "It's alright, wasn't you the one who gave him the Strengthening Pill just now? This pill had already begun to take effect. This little … Master's power is depleted. If you don't give him that pill in time, he'll be in danger. He is already exhausted, and had to ignite his soul to survive this final moment. " Ascetic monk! Everyone couldn't help but admire him. The owner of the tea stand overturned his stall, broke a piece of wood and attached a stretcher. Several able-bodied men came over and carried the young monk into the city on a stretcher. Without a doubt, this little monk was the great benefactor of Floating Mist City. If it weren't for him, the Six-Winged Skeletons would still have unavoidably rushed into Floating Mist City, even if they were intercepted by cultivators. The commoners stood on both sides of the road, looking at the young monk on the stretcher with gratitude and reverence. Chen Shaobai put away his black sickle and pulled over into the crowd of people welcoming him. They walked through the crowd, casually entered a small restaurant, and ordered some dishes and wine. Qi Tian: "I suddenly feel like drinking." "Why?" Anti: "Who was the one shouting for that youth?" The three of them looked at each other, then laughed. Wine was not a good wine, so he could not find any good wine in such a small restaurant. However, the three of them were enjoying their drinks to their heart's content, just like nectar. The food was not a good dish, but it was still delicious. The wine was very beautiful and the food was very fragrant. Chen Shaobai stretched comfortably and burped, "To be honest, I've fought countless battles this year. Today, this fight is the most satisfying." I originally thought that only the three of us would rush up, and the monks from the Peacock Ming Palace would appear. But I didn't expect that so many people would come forward. Even though many people knew that they were no match for those six winged skulls, they did not retreat. " Qi Tian continued, "Morals aren't dead yet, it's worth another cup of wine!" Chen Shaobai said, "If you're greedy, then just say that you're greedy. This interface is quite impressive." While he was talking, a family of three walked in. It was the family of the middle-aged man who had charged into the battle with a long blade in his hand. At that time, it was An Zheng who saved him. Otherwise, he would have been beaten to a pulp by now. When the family of three saw An Zai and his two companions, the middle-aged man was stunned for a moment. Then, he quickly walked up to them and knelt on one knee. He cupped his fist and said, "Thank you for saving my life, benefactor!" With a wave of his hand, his wife and son were about to kneel down as well. After a long conversation, he organized the three of them to continue kowtowing and pulling them to sit down to eat together. "We came from the Central Plains. We are from Zhao." The middle-aged man introduced himself, "My name is Yin Zhengping, I'm from Zhao." It was because the border area had always been very tense and the great war was at hand. Furthermore, those Zhao Jun and the others had always been capturing people … We had to leave our hometown. He heard that the Buddhist countries of the Western Regions were peaceful and without any oppression or harm, so he decided to sell the house and leave his home after living for so long. We do not dare to go to the West Qiang. The people of the West Qiang are killing the Han people as soon as they see them, and they are as fierce as wild beasts. We went around the borders of the State of Qiang and encountered such a vicious beast right when we arrived at the Kaiser Kingdom. If it weren't for benefactor's help, I'm afraid I would have already died. " "We are all cultivators, it is our duty." The middle-aged man sighed, "I didn't expect that Che Xian Country was not as beautiful as the legends say. Looks like this trip was disappointing." We're going to leave after we've eaten, and then we're going somewhere else. Benefactor, there was a saying that struck me as important. In the face of a disaster, cultivators naturally have to rush to the front. However, if a cultivator could not even protect his own family, how could he protect all the people in the world? Even though I'm a few years older, I don't have the same feelings as Benefactor, so I'm ashamed. " Anti smiled and said, "I only said a few words that were as it should be. However, he still had to say, before making any decision, don't consider any righteousness, first consider your own small family. I have never advocated the sacrifice of one's life for some righteous cause, leading to the death of one's family. " Yin Zhengping nodded, "Benefactor, you are not from the Western Regions. Where are you from?" Anxiang said, "We are from the Yan Nation." Yin Zhengping's expression changed immediately, and he forced a smile, "Yan Zhao and his brother were once allies, but who would have thought that they would become enemies?" "There is no need to talk about such a big thing when we meet in a foreign country," he said. Speak a few simple words... You and I are both Chinese, that is the premise. Although Yan Zhao and his country were hostile, in other places, the Han people and the Han people had the same relationship as family. They needed to help each other. If you can't find a place to go, you can go to Yan Kingdom. However, this place was not a pure and good place, and there was no real paradise. If all you want to do is to live a peaceful life and avoid disaster, you might as well find a beautiful place to live in seclusion. Yin Zhengping nodded and chatted for a while. Then, he suddenly remembered something, "By the way, benefactor, what do you think of that monk?" Anxious said, "I'm not familiar with it." Yin Zhengping looked around, then lowered his voice and said, "This is a Buddhist country, everyone is very respectful to monks." The ascetic monk in particular was even more respected. That's why I shouldn't have said these words, but since you are my savior, I will say a few more words … "This child …" He pointed to his son, a handsome little boy: "This child of mine is naturally special. His eyes could see things that no one else could. He said he was scared when he saw the monk, and when I asked him what he saw, he couldn't tell me and said there was nothing strange about it. However, for some reason, he felt flustered the moment he saw him. He could only avoid him from afar. "Although I know that it is not good to gossip behind his back, I still wish to advise benefactor and the others that there might be something wrong with that monk. It is best that you do not come into contact with him again." After saying that, Yin Zhengping stood up and left. An Lun took out a few banknotes, "There are many cultivators in Che Xian Country now, and dragons and snakes are mixed in. If I were to give you something like a spirit stone, it would be of higher value, but it would inevitably lead to disaster. Although the silver was common, it was more useful. "Take it. Don't refuse it. I don't lack money." Yin Zhengping hesitated for a while, then took the notes, told his wife and children to thank him, and said goodbye. Qi Tian continued, "I don't know if that child saw it correctly or not. Although I don't have any good feelings towards monks, but I don't feel that there's anything wrong with that young monk." Chen Shaobai replied, "I don't think so either. I just think that the monk must be very sick, and his body looks rather weak. Even so, he still managed to make his move when his body couldn't take it anymore and he almost died, which is still quite admirable. " After a moment of silence, he said, "There's no need for us to go to the Peacock City now. The people of the Misty City will report this to the Palace and the imperial court. Let's rest here for a while, if the Six-Winged Skeleton doesn't appear again, we can go to the Immortal Palace ruins. If we're lucky, we might be able to sneak in." Chen Shaobai nodded, "Anyway, I don't want to interact with those monks, it's better to go to the immortal palace to try my luck." After discussing and resting for a while, the three of them settled the bill and left. After exiting the tavern, they walked along the street towards the outside of the city. Just as they were about to leave, they were stopped by a few people wearing khakis. The person in the lead hurriedly came over and greeted politely, "You guys, I've finally found you. Previously, we saw you display your divine might while fighting against those monsters. The Mayor has been sending people to search for you, and he wants to thank you on behalf of Floating Mist City for your great help. I've finally found you guys. If you guys have nothing important to do, can you come with me to the City Lord's Mansion? The City Lord has been waiting for a long time. " He shook his head, "We still have matters to attend to so we need to hurry to Peacock City. We should not disturb the City Lord." That person's face revealed a difficult expression, but it was not good to stop him. He could only say, "Could you leave your names there? I can also go back and report to the City Lord. " An Zheng Tan casually mentioned a fake name of Du Shaobai, while Chen Shaobai naturally reported a thin and slender figure. Qi Tian held his breath for a long time, then blurted out a few words with a red face: "My name is Qi Ao Tian!" An Tan narrowed his eyes and looked at Qi Tian, but Qi Tian turned his head not to look at him. Chen Shaobai lowered his voice and said, "I didn't expect that under your rough exterior, you would have such a sultry heart." That person obviously knew that the names of the three people might not be true, but he had no choice but to take his leave. However, not long after the three of them left the city, a carriage came from behind. A middle-aged man in silk clothing drove a car and caught up to them. When He Zheng's group turned around, that person jumped up from the carriage. His figure blurred for a moment, then he appeared in front of them in the next second. "Everyone, why are you in such a hurry to leave?" The middle-aged man cupped his fists: "My name is Da Xi Chang Ge, I am the City Lord of Floating Mist City. I have been looking for a few people. Even if you have more important matters to attend to, you should still let me express my gratitude. This way, you will be kept for the night. Tonight, I will host a banquet at the City Lord's Mansion to entertain all the heroes. Tomorrow morning, I will personally send all of you on your way, how about it? " He felt that the mayor was too enthusiastic, but it wasn't easy to refuse, so he had no choice but to agree. When Da Xi and Zhang Ge saw that they had agreed, they were overjoyed. He turned around and invited them into the car. He personally drove them back to Floating Mist City. After passing through the main street, they directly entered the City Lord's Mansion. At this time, the City Lord's Mansion was already bustling with noise and excitement. Almost all of the cultivators had been invited, and the large City Lord's Mansion was clearly overcrowded. The sound of firecrackers rang out and the sound of drums rang out in unison. People continuously brought out fine wine, and the people's voices were filled with clamor. The three of them looked at each other. They didn't know why, but they had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.
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