Anti and Chen Shaotian were already used to this kind of situation. They knew that things were not going well when they saw a big group of people exploding in the desert. Ahead of them was the Floating Mist City. There were too many ordinary people in there, and the consequences would be dire if the Six-Winged Skulls entered the city. The three of them nodded their heads and rushed to the front at the same time. At the same time, the gigantic Six-Winged Skeleton came out from the desert. It then spread the six bone wings on its back, soared into the air, and flew towards the direction of the Misty City. Everyone knew that the item was not a good item. The crowd on the way to Floating Mist City immediately turned chaotic. The caravan's camels were frightened and turned to run. The merchants chased after them while wailing. Some of the pedestrians became paralyzed with fear, while others turned around and ran. When the Six-Winged Skeleton flew up, it stirred up a hurricane, causing sand and rocks to fly everywhere on the ground. "Those monsters are heading towards Misty City!" Someone shouted. "Who's a cultivator!?" In the crowd, a youth drew his sword and stood up, "Cultivators, stand up!" "I am!" A middle-aged man who had his arms around his wife and child stood up. He turned around to look at his wife and son, then smiled warmly, "You guys forget to hide far away, I'm going to stop those monsters from entering Misty City. There are too many citizens in the city, so once these monsters enter the city, it'll be a calamity." His wife grabbed his clothes. "Please, don't go. That monster looks too scary." His son also hugged his leg. "Dad, don't go. I don't want you to go. I want you to protect me and mom." "Father is a cultivator." The middle-aged man took a deep breath and drew the long blade wrapped in cloth from his back. "Cultivators have their own responsibilities." He rubbed his son's little head and said, "In the future, you will also be a cultivator. If in the future, something like this happens, you will also stand up like father." He glanced at the youth who had drawn his sword. "Let's go!" The teenager nodded his head vigorously, "Go!" One of them wielded a long sword while the other held a long saber. They chased after the six-winged skeleton from behind, one on the left and one on the right. As the two of them sped forward, the yellow sand beneath their feet fluttered like ribbons for their benefit. However, just as the two of them charged out, a violent shaking suddenly appeared beneath their feet. Soon after, another six-winged skeleton crawled out from the ground. Its two huge palms supported the ground as its body squeezed out of the ground bit by bit. "Kill!" The sword-wielding youth charged forward, chopping down with his sword. The sword qi descended like a waterfall, slashing onto the forehead of the six-winged skeleton with a 'pu' sound. However, the sword Qi only left a shallow mark on it. When the wind blew, not even a shallow mark remained. The Six-Winged Skeleton was clearly infuriated as it reached out a hand to grab the youth. The saber-wielding middle-aged man shouted, "Careful!" Then, he rushed over and used his shoulder to push the youth away, slashing down with his saber. With a clang, the saber was split open. Seeing that the big hand was about to grab onto his body, his wife and children cried out in alarm at the same time. At that moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared and grabbed onto the middle-aged man's shoulder. Then, it fiercely flung him backwards. The middle-aged man simply could not stop him. He did not know what had happened, but he felt his body being thrown back by a huge force, before rolling around in the desert. When he finally stopped, he found himself right next to his wife and children. He looked into the distance and saw a black-clothed youth raise his right arm, blocking the gigantic skeletal hand. The youth in black turned to look at the middle-aged man and said, "You are very good, but not good enough." The duty of a cultivator was to protect those ordinary people who did not have the ability to protect themselves in the face of disaster. This was true, but there was always the possibility of strength. You are a husband and a father. If you can't even protect your own family, then how can you protect others? Before such a disaster, the stronger people will go first, and the stronger ones will all die. " Anxious turned around, his right fist violently punched out, "Scram for me!" Boom! The air explosion exploded between his fist and the Six-Winged Skeleton's palm. Under the tremendous force, the arm of the Six-Winged Skeleton was directly blown backwards. Anti took advantage of this opportunity to soar into the sky. At this moment, he no longer cared about hiding his strength, directly summoning the Broken Armor Sword. The sword radiance burned intensely as it cleaved downwards from above. The Broken Armor Sword was a magic tool that was the best in the world. This time, it directly split open the skull of the Six-Winged Skeleton. The sword light that was tens of meters long slashed through the skull of the Six-Winged Skeleton, before heading straight down. It then slashed out from the crotch of the Six-Winged Skeleton. The giant skeleton wailed in pain, then suddenly split in two. It was as if a small mountain had fallen to the two sides from the middle, and it crashed onto the ground with a loud bang. "Stop them from entering the city. Try your best to stand guard outside the city. Get everyone on the road to retreat!" Anti shouted and rushed towards the next hexagonal skeleton. At the same time, Chen Shaobai brandished his black sickle and found a six-winged skeleton. The marks left behind by the black sickle were like strokes drawn by thick ink, slicing a six-winged skeleton in half. However, the Six-Winged Skeleton didn't die immediately after falling to the ground. Its upper and lower body were separated, but it was still as strong as before. The most terrifying thing was that its lower body had actually changed. The bones in its legs were broken and it turned into something like a scorpion as it pounced towards Chen Shaobai. As for the upper half of its body, it suddenly raised both of its arms. It formed a fist in the air and smashed down towards Chen Whitesnow. "I've given you face!" Chen Shaobai cursed angrily, and his feet moved to the side to avoid the attack. In mid-air, he swung his sickle and hooked onto the six-winged skeleton's arm. He flipped his body over and landed on the skeleton's arm, then ran towards the head. The Six-Winged Skeleton was obviously afraid, and threw Chen Shaobai away. However, Chen Shaobai's speed was too fast, he quickly arrived at the Six-Winged Skeleton's shoulder, and then swept the sickle across, as if writing a horizontal line with a brush covered in ink. Kacha! The head of the Six-Winged Skeleton was swept off. Qi Tian fell down from the sky and the iron rod became huge. This time, he did not hold back, but used all of his strength. A layer of golden flames suddenly rose from the iron rod. He gripped the iron rod with both hands and fiercely smashed it downwards. The metal rod heavily smashed into the lower half of the hexagonal skeleton that Chen Shaobai had chopped off. The lower half of the scorpion that had originally turned into a bone scorpion's body was now about to attack Chen Shaobai's back. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! A huge explosion occurred in the desert, creating a huge crater. The White Bone Scorpion was smashed into pieces. Qi Tian finally managed to vent his anger after seeing the first Six-Winged Skeleton being sent flying by a slap. When he turned around, he saw that An Lai had already rushed towards the third Six-Winged Skeleton, his competitive spirit rising. "Can I lose to you? I'll kill you!" He brandished his iron rod and rushed forward. In the distance, more Six-Winged Skeletons crawled out from the ground. At the same time, the cultivators of Floating Mist City also moved out. Most of them were monks, as well as cultivators who traveled from all over the city. Regardless of the identity or background of these cultivators, at least six or seven out of ten people stood up. They rushed out of the city and attacked those enormous Six-Winged Skulls. In that moment, the meaning of the word 'Cultivator' exploded out. However, the number of Six-Winged Skeletons was still increasing. In the desert, they bulged out one after another, and then the sand dunes broke open. One after another, Six-Winged Skeletons drilled out from the ground. Although the number of cultivators was not small, it was impossible for cultivators below the prison realm to affect these six-winged skeletons. Even for a prisoner realm cultivator, if they didn't have a particularly good magic tool, they could only block or kill them. There were simply too few cultivators above the small peak, after all. No one knew where these six-winged skeletons came from or why they were so terrifying. It had been far too long since a disaster like this had occurred in the country of Che. The last time such an evil creature appeared was at least a few thousand years ago, before the establishment of the Peacock Ming Palace. At that time, the evil demon also drilled out from the ground, making it hard for the local cultivators to resist. That girl from the Great Thunderpond Temple of the Golden Crown Nation, with the wrath of the Duke of Ming and the hellfire, she completely suppressed all evil beings. Seeing the cultivators suffer heavy losses, a Buddhist prayer suddenly appeared in the sky. Then, everyone saw a white ball of light slowly rise up. Within the white ball of light, a young monk was sitting cross-legged. He looked to be around sixteen or seventeen years old, and he wore a very worn out monastic robe. That monastic robe was covered with patches, but they were still unable to cover his body. In his left hand was a broken alms bowl and in his right was a string of buddhist beads. He slowly ascended into the sky as the buddhist title fell from the sky, causing everyone to be shocked. After that, there were the clear sounds of scriptures being chanted, even though the sound was not loud. Since they were all in Sanskrit, they had no idea what scripture An Zai was reciting. When the sound of the scripture reached their ears, everyone felt their hearts calm down. Even the commoners who were running in every direction stopped in their tracks as they screamed. They subconsciously raised their heads to look at the little monk in the sky. The chanting of the scriptures calmed everyone's hearts and dispelled their fear. "Look!" Someone noticed that something was amiss and pointed forward. At this time, people realized that the previously berserk Six-Winged Skeletons had all stopped. On top of each skeleton's head appeared countless golden Sanskrit words. It should be the Buddhist scripture that the young monk was chanting. The scriptures formed a circle around the skull of the skeleton. All the skeletons stood still, as if they had turned into stone statues. At least forty to fifty gigantic Six-Winged Skeletons stopped moving, and the ground was no longer shaking. It was obvious that the Six-Winged Skeleton that was about to come out was also affected by the Buddhist scriptures, no longer boring out. Anti was the first to react. With a shout for slaughter, the cultivators immediately reacted as well. If they didn't act now, then how long were they going to wait? All of a sudden, it became a crushing massacre. Even though the weaker cultivators were unable to harm the skeletons, they all rushed forward and attacked with all their might, as if they were swinging their axes. Fortunately, there were only a few dozen cultivators who were above the Small Success Realm. The results of their attacks were remarkable. Meanwhile, the cultivators who had been hiding in the city and not showing their faces also rushed out to display their might … Perhaps it was due to the influence of the Buddhist scriptures, but the defense of the six-winged skeletons seemed to have dropped by a level, making them easier to kill. Half an hour later, dozens of Six-Winged Skeletons were reduced to broken bones on the ground. As for the young monk floating in mid-air, he seemed to have exhausted all of his strength. His body swayed for a moment and then fell straight down. With a tap of his feet, An Tan shot out like a cannonball. The little monk was still emitting a gentle white light, while Anti was like a black bolt of lightning. One black and one white.
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