Chen Shaobai looked at the gigantic figures crawling out from the desert and looked at Qi Tian who stood there dumbfounded. Then, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "About this … Is it directly related to me bragging earlier? " Qi Tian said, "Whether they have any connections or not, they've come. You can just do it again." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] By the time he finished this sentence, Qi Tian and Chen Shaobai were already two hundred meters away. As they ran, the two of them turned their heads back and waved towards Anti, indicating that he was still standing there. Anti said it wasn't like a hero, so he chased after her. Fortunately, the six-winged skeletons seemed to fear An Zai and the others, and did not pursue them relentlessly. The three of them ran 30 miles in one breath. When they saw that there was no one chasing after them, they stopped. The three of them looked at each other, each with the expression of justice that no one was allowed to bring up in the future. "I'm not afraid." Chen Shaobai said, "It's just that this fight didn't make any sense. Who knows why a monster would suddenly appear and kill one? How come you think this race is so shameless?" Do you really think that I like to kill them? Send them up one by one. Qi Tian: "What you said makes a lot of sense." Chen Shaobai said, "I suddenly have a feeling of empathy towards you as a hero." Anti looked back and tried to recall the strangeness of those things. He was certain that he heard a series of very soft sounds, just like the sound of bamboo being split apart. Then, the previously retreating skeleton went crazy. After Chen Shaobai killed the skeleton, that kind of sound seemed to come again, and then at least a dozen Six-Winged Skeletons would come out. There might be more of them. This was the Buddhist State in the Western Regions, a place rumored to shine with buddhist light. How could such a thing appear? Furthermore, this place was only a few hundred kilometers away from the Immortal Palace Ruins; to cultivators, a distance of a few hundred kilometers wasn't considered far at all. Could it be that they were here for the Immortal palace ruins? However, for the Buddhist Sect, dealing with these things did not seem to be difficult. The Buddhist Sect's cultivation techniques were specifically aimed at these kinds of filthy things, and it was said that their might was astonishing. If these six-winged skeletons were controlled by someone, then using them to attack the Immortal palace ruins would be unrealistic. After all, the buddhist sects definitely had many experts in the Immortal palace ruins. Not to mention the Great Thunderpool Temple, even the experts of the peacock palace in Che Chi Nation could not be underestimated. "What are you thinking about?" Chen Shaobai patted the table. Anti recovered and said, "I feel that something is not right. If this is the first time these things have appeared, then it is our bad luck." If it wasn't for the fact that this was their first time here, the people from the Peacock Ming Palace definitely wouldn't have ignored them. The appearance of such a thing was in itself a provocation to the Peacock Ming Palace. If anyone else were to find out, the face of the Peacock Plains would be completely gone. Chen Shaobai nodded, "That's true. It's as if there was a group of ghosts dancing outside the door of a house specially used to catch ghosts. When word spreads out, it would make a bad reputation." Qi Tian: "The people from the Buddhist Sect actually want face the most, these things should have just appeared." Anxious asked, "How many of your Yaksha umbrellas do you have? I have one here. " Qi Tian: "Go back and take a look?" Anshi nodded. "Let's go back and take a look." Qi Tian casually took out a sub-umbrella from his space tool and passed it to Qi Tian. "Take this. Let's go back and see what's going on." Qi Tian: "I do things fair and square, why would I use such a sneaky thing?" Then, he took the yaksha umbrella. "If you have more, I'll leave this one with you." Chen Shaobai glared at Qi Tian. The three of them opened up their yaksha umbrellas and walked in that direction. However, it was not easy to hide one's tracks in the desert. Unless one was floating, it was very easy to leave footprints in the desert. Fortunately, the three of them were all very strong, so they basically didn't leave any traces when they were refreshed. When they returned, their speed was much slower. In order to ensure that they would not be exposed, they had to be extremely careful. Roughly half an hour later, they finally returned to the place where they had been fighting. However, there was nothing there anymore. Even the Six-Winged Skeleton that Chen Shaobai killed had disappeared. The surrounding desert did not seem to have any changes to it, the sand dunes were calm, as if nothing had happened. "Not a trace?" Chen Shaobai frowned, "So it was our misconception just now?" Qi Tian suddenly rose up and quickly rose up. After dozens of seconds, he landed back on the ground, "From up there, you can see at least a few hundred miles. That's all there is to it." The three of them put away the yaksha umbrella and sat down cross-legged on the sand. Chen Shaobai reached out to pinch his leg, and Qi Tian cried out in pain, "What are you doing?!" Qi Tian said, "It doesn't seem to be an illusion, nor a dream." Anxiang said, "This thing isn't here for no reason, it's here for us. I don't know if it's for us or for cultivators. We didn't expose anything before, and it's even from the outside of Che Chi Nation, so I presume that those things were meant to intercept cultivators. " "Cultivators are not allowed to approach the Immortal palace?" Anti shook his head. "That may not be so. Attacking cultivators will not happen for no reason at all, either to stop them or to kill them. The only reason the beasts attacked their prey was to eat, and these things probably thought the same. For them to be able to move like this, it is very possible that it is because they are absorbing the power of cultivators. " Chen Whitesnow: "Although you aren't as beautiful as me, your words still make sense … Aiyo, why are you pinching me?! " Qi Tian said, "We'll return the favor with a reward, but since it's like this, let's end it here." Chen Shaobai glared at him. "Childish!" Qi Tian: "You're not childish!" Anti sighed as he thought to himself that it was only because thin Du was not present. If thin Du was also present, then it would be hard to say how childish things would be for these three guys. If it was really as he had guessed, and the Six-Winged Skeletons were actually predators, then what was their goal? Appearing in Che Chi Country, it was related to the Buddhist Sect about 78th of the time. He couldn't just ignore this matter. The best way was to inform the people from the Peacock Plane Palace. The Buddhist Sect was more experienced at dealing with such things than they were, and they had countless experts within the Peacock Ming Palace. If those things were to harm ordinary people, who knew how many people would suffer. The three of them discussed for a while. Even if An Tan didn't want to go to the Peacock Ming Palace anymore, he had to go this time. Along the way to the north, they were safe and sound for more than ten miles. It was said that there were three thousand Buddhist countries in the Western Regions, but no one knew exactly how many there were. The Buddha's kingdom of 3000 was just a general statement, perhaps more. After all, in the unique environment of the Western Regions, even a city could be considered as an independent kingdom. Of the three thousand Buddhist countries, at least half of them were in the desert, so they wouldn't be able to see a village like the Central Plains. In the desert, wherever there was an oasis, there would be a city of considerable scale. People would be concentrated in these big cities. If those monsters were after people, they would've gone to those big cities. They had a map, and after checking it, they discovered that between them and Peacock City, the capital of Che Chi Country, there was another city called Floating Mist City. There was a legend regarding the Floating Mist City. It was said that the city could move, and many people searched their memories but could not find it. But, according to their analysis, the city will not move, but the dunes will. There were so many quicksand zones around Peacock City that the topography often changed, so it was easy for people to create illusions. They were in a hurry this time, so their speed was much faster. They arrived outside the Misty City in roughly a day's time. When he could see the big city, the number of people on the road increased. He met many caravans driving camels. Seeing that no one had any abnormal reactions, they were also relieved. He walked to a tea stand on the side of the road and sat them down. He wanted to ask them about it while he was at it. The tea stand was very quiet. Other than the three of them, there was only a small monk dressed in cloth sitting there drinking tea. He looked to be around sixteen or seventeen years old, and he was wearing a set of patched monastic robes. Even though his clothes looked tattered, the young monk was sitting upright with an imposing manner. His face was very white, the kind of white that seems to have just recovered from a serious illness. There was a straw hat and a small package on the table. Ascetic Monk Regardless of Qi Tian's attitude towards the Buddhist Sect, he still had a kind of respect for the ascetic monk. Anxiang and Chen Shaobai also, ascetic monk is a kind of true people who only cultivate their own body. They would never touch things like money. They would eat until they got to the fast food, so they couldn't just starve. This young monk was alone, and he looked to be in deep sorrow. Seeing that An Zheng had arrived, this pretty yet pale faced young monk nodded his head in goodwill. He held the teacup in both hands and sipped on it, as if he was full of respect for every sip. It didn't look like water at all, but some kind of sincere ritual. After drinking the water, he stood up, clasped his hands, and thanked the owner of the tea stand. The owner, who also believed in Buddhism, quickly returned the greeting. The young monk thanked him, then continued on his way. He put on his straw hat, checked himself carefully, and decided that he couldn't buy it on the road. "It's really hard on him to be at this age." He then ordered three bowls of water and asked the owner of the tea shop if anything strange had happened in the vicinity. The boss was quite talkative. After chatting for a while, he still hadn't gotten any information from them. After asking a few questions and looking again, their expressions all changed. The little monk who was drinking water earlier had disappeared. He was clearly not walking fast, but in the blink of an eye, he disappeared without a trace. "He's also an expert." Qi Tian said, "I've truly misjudged him. I actually didn't see that he was a cultivator." Chen Shaobai: "It doesn't matter if you can't tell. Most ascetic monks avoid passersby. Especially in places like the Buddhist Kingdoms in the Western Regions, where the common people believed in the buddhist faith, they would take the initiative to salute when they saw a monk. They are ascetic monks, and they do not wish to have too much contact with even this sort of polite thing. " An Di nodded. "Let's go to the city. If there's nothing else, we'll go to Peacock City." As he was speaking, he saw a cloud of dust explode in the distance, as if something was about to come out.
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