The three of them were still walking while flattering each other. When they were only a few hundred miles away from the immortal palace ruins, a huge wave suddenly swept across the desert. The rise of the waves in the desert was even more shocking than the actual waves. When a colossal monster emerged from the waves of sand, it gave off a creepy feeling. It was something that was neither human nor ghost. It looked like a giant skeleton with the form of a human. However, the skull was not the skull of a human. It was at least seventy to eighty meters tall, and it had a pair of bone wings on its back. Not only that, when it moved, it didn't look very accurate, and the bones of the bone wings weren't complete either. After that thing came out from the desert, it stared at them with a pair of blue eyes. "Is this a road robbery?" Chen Shaobai looked at An Zheng and asked. Qi Tian returned the iron rod to its original state and poked it on the ground. He snorted coldly, "It seems like the economic environment is not good either." Chen Shaobai said, "Then we need to have you to send your condolences to the people up there and wipe out this bunch of people who seem to have broken away from the masses." It was said that it was under the jurisdiction of the Buddhist Sect? What's in charge of Hell? " Qi Tian: "Scram, I want to go to you. However, according to the legends of the Buddhist Sect, the one in charge is the Wise King. " Chen Shaobai said, "Then isn't that Xu Medi's subordinate?" Anxious: "Don't talk nonsense." Chen Whitesnow: "I was just casually saying, you're still paying attention to me …" However, in the small countries around Da Xi, we haven't met such a filthy and evil creature. Instead, it's rather strange to encounter such an item in the Buddhist country's territory. " Anti: "Let's see what this guy is up to first." Just as he was speaking, that thing suddenly flew towards them. Only after it completely left the desert did they fully unfurl the bone wings on its back. They were a total of three pairs of six wings. The bone wings were at least a hundred meters long and larger than the height of a human. It looked even more terrifying after it was activated. If it was any ordinary person who saw it, they would have already collapsed in fear. However, they weren't really afraid of it. Sometimes, something big might not actually be scary. When Kindred Cat, who was in the arms of An Tan, saw that thing, his eyes suddenly lit up, and the stars inside began to slowly move. Good Master's strange reaction could not be noticed by others and was immediately felt by An Tan. Something that could arouse the interest of a good master was definitely not ordinary, so they had to be on their guard. When that thing flew to a higher place, it spat out a black flame when it was still a hundred meters away from them. However, there was not even the slightest bit of heat that should have been from the flame. Instead, it was extremely cold. Strangely, the places where the black flames came in contact had all changed. The rough sand all turned black and then instantly turned black. Sand wasn't like flowers or trees, they could turn the sand into black water, but he didn't know what the black fire was. Black flames rained down from the sky. Because he was unsure of where the black fire came from, he did not dare to directly use the Holy Fish Scale to block it, so he immediately dodged it. With Qi Tian's fearless personality, of course he wouldn't blindly retreat. After soaring up into the air, the iron rod in his hand suddenly became bigger, and he swung it towards the hexagonal skeleton. "Bang!" In a flash, the iron rod became a hundred meters long, one thick and one thin. The thin end was grasped in Qi Tian's hand, while the other end was now ten meters in diameter. With a bang, the iron rod ruthlessly smashed into the skull of the six-winged skeleton. With Qi Tian's terrifying strength, it was reasonable to say that even an ordinary early Gold rank demon beast would be smashed to death by this blow. However, this strike only stunned the Six-Winged Skeleton. It fell from the sky and created a large crater. It then shook its head and stood up again, shooting out a black flame towards Qi Tian. Qi Tian avoided the attack in midair and then smashed down with his staff once more. The Six-Winged Skeleton raised its hand and grabbed at the metal rod. The gigantic skeletal hand grabbed the metal rod, before throwing it forcefully into the distance … Qi Tian could not hold on any longer and was flung away like a cannonball. He crashed into the sand dune, causing an explosion. "Quite impressive." Chen Shaobai rushed over to the Six-Winged Skeleton, a black light flashed in his hand, and a gigantic sickle appeared. Anti remembered that scythe that he killed that evil person who caused trouble for many years to snatch away, then gave it to Chen Shaobai. Chen Shaobai seemed to care a lot about this black scythe, but he did not know why. The scythe's shape was somewhat strange. The handle of the scythe was very long. It looked like an ordinary long spear with a jet-black shaft. The scythe was also very long. It looked like the handle was about 1.6m, while the scythe itself was about 1m. Such a strange shape was really rare. Although there were all sorts of magical equipment in the world, they were really rare. Anti once asked Lord Huo, but he could not say anything due to his knowledge. He only felt that the demonic energy on the scythe was very heavy, even more so than the Yaksha Parasol that Chen Shaobai often carried, or even the Qi on the Wise King Sword that he had used once before. Previously, he had asked Chen Shaobai where this scythe came from, but Chen Shaobai refused to tell him. The Six-Winged Skeleton did not have much of a reaction when it first saw Chen Shaobai. There was not a hint of emotion in its pair of dark blue eyes. However, when Chen Shaobai grabbed the black sickle and rushed over, the Six-Winged Skeleton's eyes flashed. Was that fear? Andi was stunned for a moment, not daring to be sure. After all, those were only two blobs of blue light, not a person's real eyes. After Chen Shaobai rushed forward, the Six-Winged Skeleton took a step back. Then, a sound similar to splitting bamboo appeared in the distance. It wasn't clear, and was faintly discernible. When the retreating Six-Winged Skeleton heard this sound, it immediately went berserk. It bent its body and sent a huge palm towards Chen Shaobai, pressing him down. That thing's bones were extremely tough, even though it had suffered from Qi Tian's iron rod, it had not received any damage. Qi Tian's iron rod was also no ordinary weapon. That iron rod would be able to smash a large piece of mountain. Chen Shaobai stomped his feet on the ground. After dodging the hand of the white bone, the sickle in the air hooked onto the bone, and his body spun in mid-air before landing on the arm bone. He ran up the arm bone and turned around to swing the sickle downwards. The sickle slashed out a black ray of light, and with a "kacha" sound, the white bone hand was cut off. The huge palm was like a small hill as it came crashing down, causing the yellow sand to ripple. Anti frowned slightly. This sickle was truly a bit strange. Chen Shaobai used his sickle to chop off the hand of the Six-Winged Skeleton, then continued to run up the arm bone. His speed was surprisingly fast. The Six-Winged Skeleton let out a wail, then it quickly raised its arm to flail down towards Chen Shaobai. However, with every step Chen Shaobai took, it was as if a tree was rooted beneath his feet, and no matter how the Six-Winged Skeleton shook him, he still continued to run upwards. Seeing that it was unable to get rid of Chen Shaobai, the Six Winged Skeleton grabbed towards him with its other hand. Chen Shaobai was already running up to his shoulder, and when he saw the other hand coming towards him, he quickly jumped down from the arm bone. The sickle swung up, drawing a black semicircle in the air. Then, with a "pa" sound, it hooked onto one of the six-winged skeleton's ribs. Chen Shaobai was like a swing as he circled his ribs. Borrowing the momentum from the upward swing, his body flew up. The sickle hooked up once again, hooking onto the six-winged skeleton's neck. He stood on the shoulder of the Six-Winged Skeleton, gripped the sickle with both of his hands, and swept it across the area. "Open!" The sickle drew a black circle in the air and landed on the Six-Winged Skeleton's neck with a "pu" sound. Even the bones of the Qi Tian iron rod could not do anything, but they were directly sliced apart by the sickle. The sickle's length was limited, so it could not completely cut the Six-Winged Skeleton's neck, but it did cut about half of it. He cut in from behind and cut out from in front. After the bones were completely broken, the huge skull tilted towards Chen Shaobai. Chen Shaobai pushed forward, and when the neck tilted over, the sickle caught the skeleton's mouth, then swung onto the skeleton's other shoulder. The black sickle was brandished once again, and the black chain gave off an aesthetic feeling as if ink was being poured onto it. The black ink-black chain swept forth, and the other half of his neck was cut off as well. The giant head shook a few times, then with a kacha sound, it broke and fell from his shoulders. However, Chen Shaobai did not stop. As the skull fell down, he also jumped down, swinging the sickle up in midair and heavily slashing down. The scythe went in between the two clavicles and cut the rest of the neck bone, then passed through the crevice of the ribs and finally fell to the pelvis. With a dang sound, the sickle embedded itself into the bone. Chen Shaobai held onto the scythe and echoed it a few times. The scythe loosened, and his entire body swung out with it. This time, he flew backwards, under the ribs, towards the back of the Six-Winged Skeleton. With a roar, the sickle swept across and directly cut off the spine. The upper half of the Six-Winged Skeleton swayed a few times before it fell like a collapsed hill into the desert. After a long while, yellow sand filled the sky. Qi Tian rubbed his eyes and asked incredulously, "Is this guy hiding his true power?" There are too many secrets on his body. The black sickle is obviously the nemesis of this kind of filthy being. Your iron rod may not necessarily be of a lower grade than Chen Shaobai's sickle, but it has no use for that sort of thing. " Qi Tian said, "That's because I underestimated this stupid guy." "As long as you're happy..." Qi Tian: "I'm obviously not happy with you praising him." Chen Shaobai jumped down from the two halved Six-Winged Skeletons in an extremely handsome manner, and elegantly placed the black sickle behind him. As he walked back, he did not forget to shake his head smugly. However, just as he was about to walk back, the six-winged skeleton that should have been dead suddenly moved. Anti shouted, "Careful!" The six wings on the back of the Six-Winged Skeleton stood up, then slashed down towards Chen Shaobai like a guillotine. Qi Tian bit his lips as he rushed forward, and the struggle for power was even faster than him. Chen Shaobai turned around and hacked at the wings, but the sickle did not move. He subconsciously looked back and noticed that the hand he chopped off had turned into a strange spider like thing. It bit onto the black sickle and he couldn't twitch even after two whacks. As the first wing approached, it became as sharp as a knife. It was so big and heavy that once it was hacked into two, Chen Shaobai would immediately be split into two. Dang! Qi Tian had arrived. Although his reaction was slightly slower than An Zheng, his speed was slightly faster than An Tan's. The iron rod swept out, and even though it wasn't able to shatter the wings, at least it managed to deflect the first wing. However, in the blink of an eye, Chen Xiaobai also reacted. His two hands gripped the scythe's scythe's hilt, and with a twist, six short blades shot out from the scythe. They spun like windmills, directly crushing the bone palm into pieces. Anti stood in front of him and raised both hands. Thirty Holy Fish Scales stacked together. The sound of bone wings chopping down on the Holy Fish Scales was deafening. Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang … Anti shouted and retreated. Chen Shaobai immediately dashed out of the way, but Anti immediately dodged to the side. The moment the Holy Fish's Scales left the area, six large guillotine blades fell down from six wings, slashing deep into the desert. Chen Shaobai wiped off his cold sweat, "That was close. Although this guy is very strong, I still managed to kill him. I'm not afraid of a few more of these things, so I'll just follow his instructions." Qi Tian reached out to tug at Chen Xiaobai's clothes, then turned around, "Do it?!" Then, he saw several dunes burst open in the distance. Huge Six-Winged Skeletons struggled out from underground one after another. Then, they used their hands to prop themselves up from the ground as they crawled outwards.
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