He felt as if he had lost consciousness for a very long time. At the beginning, he didn't know what had happened, but he felt that his consciousness had become fuzzy. Then, he felt a chill that he was unable to resist. Anyone who had experienced a high fever should be able to imagine how terrifying the feeling of falling into an icy cavern was. Moreover, the temperature of his body had already reached a terrifying level at that moment. What happened after that was even less clear. It was as if he had fallen into a deep sleep. As for the fact that all his hair had fallen out and then sunk into the ground, he had no idea at all. The moment he woke up was the moment he opened his eyes. In that moment, he felt his body brimming with power. Moreover, this was a power that he had never experienced before. The two purple beams that shot out of his eyes could easily defeat a Sumeru Realm cultivator. Directly behead! Small Full Circle realm, sixth level! Who would have thought that the circumstances of the dispute would be so mysterious? Perhaps even when Qi Tian had placed the Thunder Pearl in An Zheng's mouth, he had not expected the bead to be of such great help to him. Of course, this was mainly because the dispute itself was a monster. If it were any other cultivator, even if they were a youth who was known as a genius, their cultivation base would be almost the same as An Zhan's, even if they were slightly higher. Such a simple and crude method to directly absorb the thunder spirit energy from the Heavenly Thunder Bead, perhaps he would have already died from the explosion of his body long ago. The physical body of An Zheng was tempered by both the violet flames and lightning pools. His cultivation base was at the Small Perfection realm, and his physical body was comparable to that of a Great Perfection cultivator. Right now, his cultivation had broken through three levels in a row and leapt up to the full sixth level. It could be said that from ancient times until now, the speed at which An Tan leaped like a rocket was something rarely seen. Even those young elites of the great families who had been promoted using countless treasures and elixirs were unable to match up with the terrifying speed at which 'An Zhuan' was acting. This was because the worst of the geniuses from the large clans would start their cultivation at the age of five or six. But when it came to peace, his body's condition during his rebirth was just too terrible. It turned out that the owner of this body was filled with despair because he could not cultivate. He had started to cultivate when he was ten years old, and only seven to eight years had passed since then. Recalling his experience back then, as well as those opponents he'd met, they were all now far behind him. At this moment, if a person with a cultivation base at the sixth level returned to the Vast Expanse Shrine, it would be like the descent of a king. Even if he were to return to Yan Country, the opponents that were once so high and mighty wouldn't pose much of a threat to him. Even those old freaks in the Supreme Training Hall, who had already reached the peak of their strength, would not fight with their lives on the line right now. It was time for peace and quiet, and they were old. For people like him, they could only fawn over them and not make them enemies. He stretched out his right hand and lowered his head to look at his palm. He felt the power on his arm was very exciting. He held out his hand, then clenched his fist. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! A few hundred meters away, a large stone that had survived the catastrophe was crushed into pieces. That was several hundred meters away. That sort of power was truly frightening. An Lai slowly descended from the sky as the temperature of his body and the purple light gradually dissipated. Qi Tian returned to his original size and rushed over with Chen Shaobai. Qi Tian sized up An Zheng Tan a few times and could not help but exclaim, "If I could give you a body as eye-catching as mine, that would be perfect." Chen Shaobai said, "What the f * ck is this aesthetic?" He asked, "Are you alright now?" "Did something happen to me just now?" Qi Tian: "No, no, nothing at all!" Chen Shaobai glared fiercely at Qi Tian, but he could not say anything. Since there was no longer any dispute over peace and order, there was no need for Qi Tian to scold him for doing such a good deed. Qi Tian carefully examined his body and found nothing abnormal about it. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, "What a blessing in disguise! Pah! You are so lucky!" "You are now at the Small Success Realm level 6, but with your freakish strength, I estimate that if a Small Success Stage 8 cultivator were to fight with you, it would not be an easy feat." Chen Shaobai said, "Aiyo, you were so careless that you overtook me. This is a bit unacceptable." Anxiang: "But what happened just now? Why do I remember if someone hit me? I don't know what happened after that. Qi Tian, did you hit me just now? " Qi Tian: "How could that be possible? I love you so much that I can't protect you in time. How could I beat you up? Oh right, I gave you the Heavenly Thunder Pearl, why did you faint when I gave it to you? When you woke up, you had already become so strong. " After carefully recalling the matter, he was certain that Qi Tian had indeed beaten him up. The first thing he did was to check the situation of the Blood Cultivation Bead, and did not find any Heavenly Thunder Bead. He then used his spiritual sense to examine his body, but he could not find the Heavenly Thunder Pearl. As such, he was sure that the Heavenly Thunder Pearl had been completely absorbed. Hearing that it had been completely absorbed, Qi Tian's expression changed once again, "What the hell is wrong with you? That is a Thunder Pearl that can provide the power of the thunder spirit for the entire Outer Lightning Pond, it is a genuine Heavenly Treasure. Even if hundreds of people go to the Outer Lightning Pond to be tempered with the power of the thunder spirit, this pearl can persist for decades or even a century without losing their spirit energy. As for you, you absorbed all of the bead's power in one breath, yet only raised three f * cking small realms?! " Anxious: "You seem very dissatisfied, but I am quite satisfied. "Let's not talk about this for now. Let's talk about why you hit me." Qi Tian: "I think we should seriously think about where we should go next. If you have nothing important to do right now, let's go to Chi Guo. If he could enter the immortal palace again, he might encounter some fortuitous encounters. I discovered that following you made me even luckier. When you weren't around, whatever the Great Sage did wouldn't go smoothly. "Why don't you just follow me from now on and be my mascot?" Security dispute, "Scram!" The three of them discussed briefly, and there was indeed nothing important to discuss. At this moment, An Tan and Chen Shaobai could not immediately return to Yan Kingdom. No one knew if Chen Wuxiang would dispatch any experts to kill them. In order to not implicate Qu Liuxi and the others, it was better to avoid them for now. Right now, the most important thing was to quickly improve his own strength. Only when he was strong enough would he be able to protect his loved one and his family and friends. Therefore, the three of them decided to go to Che Xian Country. Although there was some conflict between them over security and seeing Xu Medi again, since they were not going to the Peacock Ming Palace, the chances of meeting her were not high. After all, she was the successor of the High Priestess of the Peacock Ming Palace and was still in closed-door training. After the three of them made their decision, they immediately set off. In order to punish Qi Tian for his impudence, they decided to let Qi Tian do some manual labor. "Take out your iron rod and we'll sit on it when it gets bigger." He said in a serious tone. Qi Tian: "Again? Last time, I was the one who threw it away for fun, and this time, it's still me! " "Don't worry, I definitely won't let you throw it away. Just take out the metal rod and make it bigger. Chen Shaobai and I will sit on it and you can carry us away. What are you throwing at? It's so tiring. We are not in a hurry anyway, so it's fine if you walk slowly. We just have to take a look at the beautiful scenery along the way. " Qi Tian: "…" Who told him to be in the wrong? Qi Tian had no choice but to change his iron rod, letting An Zheng and Qi Tian sit on it as he carried the two of them forward. The change in the iron bars was not that simple. At the beginning, Qi Tian had transformed the iron bars into a flat piece to make them more comfortable, but later on the two guys got even more aggressive and made him turn the two ends of the iron bars into two small houses. The two guys went into the small house one by one and even opened the windows to shout and chat. Qi Tian was like someone who was carrying a burden. Inside a small house, An Tan was playing with the cat. He held the Good Master who he had kept in the bracelet all this time, and walked along his hair as he shouted towards Chen Shaobai who was in the small house across the street, "This journey was rather boring, and I feel a little lonely living in such a big house by myself. If you're free, could you come to my house for a chat?" Chen Shaobai said, "I feel bored just by myself. Since my younger brother is free too, I will go over to your side and take a seat." Qi Tian said, "You two aren't even close to each other. Is this really that interesting?" The iron rod was about ten meters long, with a length of two meters in the middle. It was still carried in this two meter range. A small house with two rascals in it. Chen Shaobai: "What does it have to do with you! "A laborer like you is not qualified to talk!" "Why don't you come in as well?" Qi Tian: "You mean let my iron rod climb on its own?" Chen Shaobai casually walked over the metal rod, stomping his feet as he passed by Qi Tian's shoulder. Two people and a cat were chatting in a house, talking from north to south until the question of whether or not the fairies were all very pretty. Qi Tian said, "You guys went too far." Chen Shaobai said, "Let's chat about fairies and such, what does that have to do with you." Qi Tian: "It's none of my business if you guys want to talk about what the Immortal Emperor's wife is wearing. It's a little too much for you guys to be cooking on me." Anxious: "Since your hands are itchy, you might as well throw the iron rod out. Then you can come up and have a bite to eat." Qi Tian immediately threw the iron rod out and climbed into the room where the fight was taking place. There were already several dishes on the table, along with a pot of wine. The three of them had a pleasant journey, which made people jealous. Originally, they weren't that far away from Ku Xian country, but when the power of the iron rod was about to be exhausted, Qi Tian finished her meal. Landing on the ground, with the help of the iron rod, he carried the iron rod on his shoulder and continued to walk forward. The three of them had entered the country from the desert. This was the second time they had come to the country. The last time they had come, they had not had a pleasant experience. "The Immortal palace is still a few hundred kilometers away. It's best that the two of you come down here; you can encounter cultivators at any time." Just as Qi Tian finished his sentence, the sand dune in front of him suddenly churned, followed by a huge monster rushing out.
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