An Tan and Chen Shaobai stood there and watched for a while, but they did not know what was going on over there. Judging from the huge explosion after the fall of the stream of light, it should have been two experts with terrifying cultivations battling. To them, that level was rather terrifying. Even though the struggle for power had already reached the Small Perfection Stage and Chen Shaobai was still on par with it, it was still difficult for them to resist the might of that cultivation level. "This has nothing to do with us. Let's go." "Mm, I think so too. Anyway, it's someone else fighting, so it has nothing to do with us." "Cherish life, stay away from fights." "But why that way?" "You speak as though you aren't one!" The two of them looked at each other in disdain, but they still rushed towards the other side like a falling star with tacit understanding. They spoke some words that were untrue, but they didn't seem to resist their curiosity as expected. In fact, whether it was an ordinary person or a martial artist, curiosity was hard to resist. The two of them carefully approached each other. From the scene just now, they could tell that the two beams of light were both human. Their strength was truly terrifying. "What's that in front?" Anti suddenly stopped and asked. Chen Shaobai looked forward and frowned. "It looks like it?" Before he could finish his sentence, An Tan had already pulled him aside and opened up the thirty Holy Fish's Scales. The 30 Holy Fish Scales added together formed a super defense of 30 layers above their heads. The instant the Holy Fish Scale was set up, a pillar of light came crashing down from the distance. It was as if an incomparably huge, glowing iron rod had smashed down. An Tan and Chen Shaobai were underneath the scales of the Holy Fish. When the trembling ended, they stuck out their heads to take a look, only to discover that they were already underground. It was unknown how deep it was, but both sides were like cliffs in a canyon. The ground had been forcefully smashed down by a lot of force, and water flowed under his feet, quickly forming a river. "I suddenly don't want to go." Chen Shaobai glanced at An Zheng. "A little afraid." Just as he was about to say something, he saw a bunch of huge light balls appear above his head. That ball of light was like a bracelet that had been magnified countless times. Each bead was tens of meters in diameter. A string of balls of light appeared and revolved like a millstone. Andi and Chen Shaobai glanced at each other, then immediately activated Holy Fish Scale to defend themselves. The huge string of beads became a millstone that spun rapidly. Not long after, the canyon that was created with a swing of the rod was grinded away and the canyon disappeared. It was replaced by a small basin. The area within two to three kilometers had been ground down to a depth of at least a hundred meters. The surroundings were as smooth as polished jade. From this, it could be seen that when the beads were rotating, they had produced a strong heat. After rubbing against each other, the sunken walls all seemed to have crystallized due to the excessive heat and were burnt. Chen Shaobai shuddered, "Now, I'm even more determined to turn around and run." Anti: "No need to say anything, just leave when you say!" As the two prepared to leave this dangerous place, it was difficult to resist their curiosity. However, when the danger involved them, then their curiosity wouldn't matter anymore. The two of them made the wisest decision to leave, but at this moment, they no longer had the ability to leave just because they wanted to. Before Anti and Chen Shaobai could slip away, two streams of light flew over from the sky. The red stream of light in front of them was like a rapidly moving flame. The stream of light behind him was golden, and wherever it passed, it would shine with a golden light. Afterwards, the two fellows actually stopped at a place not too far away from them, where they faced each other in midair. "Witch, follow me back to the Great Lei Chi Temple to receive judgement. "Since it's not easy for you to cultivate and I won't be able to kill you, the buddhist faith has the right to live. But if you insist on doing so and turn a deaf ear to my advice, then don't blame the Buddha for angering you to the point where you will never be able to reincarnate." "Baldy donkey, you said that I was guilty, then tell me, what crime did I commit? What did you say I did for the world? Just because I'm not human, you want to kill me? "You are merely the disciple of Monk Feng. If it was back then, I would have been able to crush you with a single finger." "How arrogant!" The monk that spoke earlier was slightly angry as he said, "Despite the ban, you trespassed into the Immortal Palace Ruins three times. Don't tell me that this isn't a sin?" "Why do you say you won't let me in? That immortal palace ruins is yours? After all, the Immortal Palace Ruins belong to the Dao Sect, what does it have to do with the Buddhist Sect? No matter what, I am still half a disciple of the sect. "Rubbish, the appearance of the Immortal Palace Ruins in the country of Che Chi, it is the duty of the Buddhist Sect to protect them. That place was extremely dangerous, and if any weak cultivator were to enter, they would die without a doubt. As for you, in order to satisfy your selfish desires, you incited a large number of cultivators to attempt to charge into the immortal palace. If those people really did enter, who knows how many more deaths they would cause. " "What a beautiful way of saying it!" The guy in front who had turned into a red stream of light was Qi Tian! Chen Shaobai rubbed his eyes, "This guy is really haunting, and he didn't even differentiate between friend or foe when he fought. That rod strike that almost killed us earlier must have come from that grandson." Anchor nodded his head. "What you say is reasonable. We should draw a clear line between ourselves and such a scum." Chen Shaobai said, "Heroes think alike." The two of them turned to leave. Actually, Qi Tian didn't see the two of them before, this monk called Xuan Yi had already chased after him for three days and three nights. The two of them came all the way from Che Chi Country. Right now, they had already reached the border between Da Xi and West Qiang. If two people wanted to be strong, they wouldn't be able to win. If the battle continued, even if they fought for a few more days and nights, it would still be impossible to determine who would win. However, this monk Xuan Yi was extremely paranoid and refused to retreat. At this level, they might need to fight until both of them died from exhaustion. It just so happened that at this moment, Qi Tian saw An Zheng and Chen Shaobai. He smirked, "Monk, you've been tricked, right? My helper is here!" He pointed to the direction of the dispute. Chen Shaobai and An Zheng's steps suddenly froze. Chen Shaobai smiled embarrassedly, turned around and clasped his hands towards Qi Tian, "Sir, you must have recognized the wrong person. We are just little friends who have been out sightseeing together, and have nothing to do with you people who fight and kill each other. If you guys are going to hit us, you don't have to care about how we feel. " Qi Tian said, "Damn you!" Chen Shaobai said, "You are speaking so rudely, scolding people for no reason at all. Monk, hit him!" Qi Tian looked at An Zheng, "An Zheng!" Anxious squatted there: "Little ball, banana pear, Malan blooming 21 …" Qi Tian covered his face, "The two of you have refreshed my understanding of the word shameless." Chen Shaobai said seriously, "Monks are good people. Monks say you're a monster, but of course you're a monster. Besides, you're rude and scolded my lord." He's so busy, and he doesn't know that people around the world greet him tens of thousands of times a day, and it's impolite of you to disturb him! "I don't know you, if you want to fight, then fight from a distance. If you hurt us ordinary, powerless people, then don't even mention the buddhist gate, we won't even let you eat." The more he talked, the more suspicious the monk with the magic name Xuan Yi became. He looked at Qi Tian, then looked at An Zai and the others, and started to frown. Even a fool wouldn't believe that they were just ordinary people. How could they be normal people if they were completely unscathed in this place which had been grinded into a basin. Apparently, he knew Qi Tian. If the three of them worked together, he would be in trouble. Anti coughed a few times and said, "I think it's better this way. You guys don't look like people from the Central Plains. This place is already in Da Xi territory. "You two might be fine fighting each other, but if the experts from the military on the border of Da Xi city are alerted, things might get troublesome." Chen Shaobai said, "What does it matter? Monk, kill this monster!" After a moment of silence, Great Monk Xuan Yi aligned with the sky and said, "You're coming back with me!" Qi Tian: "Let's fight here!" "Go back and fight!" "Fight here!" "If you have the ability, go back and fight." "If you have the ability, then fight here!" Chen Shaobai asked, "Are you two interested? Is it fun for me to ask you two? " Monk Xuan Yi said, "I'll give you a chance. At this moment tomorrow, I'll be waiting for you in Lil 'Mountain City." If you didn't come, it would mean that you were afraid. If you are afraid, then don't cause any more trouble at the ruins of Che Chi Kingdom's Immortal Palace. " Qi Tian was stunned for a moment. "Your cultivation experience is really high …" With a cold snort, he turned around and flew away. Qi Tian descended from the sky and landed beside them, "Why are you two here?" Anti: "It's hard to explain it all. I guess if I ask you why you're here, it would be hard to explain it all." Qi Tian: "No way, I fought with that monk the whole way here. There's nothing that's difficult to describe, so it's very simple. The two of you are here … "F * ck, there shouldn't be any problems between the two of you, right? Why did you run out with Qu Liuxi on your back?" Anxious: "Go back to your car and fight with the monk." Qi Tian shrugged his shoulders, "So what if I'm joking? Aren't you guys all used to making fun of men?" "What the fuck have you been watching these days?" Qi Tian chuckled, "Just kidding around..." I really did not expect to meet you two here. Where are you two going? " "To the Buddhist Kingdom in the Western Regions." "I just got back from there." Qi Tian said: "Are you going to the Immortal Palace ruins? If there is nothing important, it is best not to go. Recently, the Buddhist Sect and those rogue cultivators have been fighting too much. I think that there must be something in the Immortal Palace that the Buddhist Sect wants, which is why they did not hesitate to make Da Xi their enemy. Furthermore, the rogue cultivators that are rushing over from various countries are also not good people. I might as well encourage those rogue cultivators to fight with the Buddhist Sect … " Anxiang: "That's why that big monk is chasing after you. If it was me, I wouldn't let him go either." Qi Tian continued, "Actually, it wasn't only because I incited those rogue cultivators to follow me, it was also because I made a secret trip to the Golden Top Kingdom, taking advantage of the fact that the four great buddhist disciples are all not here. When the Buddha is in closed door cultivation, I stole something from the Great Thunderpool Temple. I'm useless, but I'm in a good mood for stealing. Just treat it as compensation that the Buddhist Sect treated me like that year … "Oh right, this thing is useful to you, take it." He took out a purple pearl from nowhere and gave it to An Tan, "This is a little gift for you, one of the 18 Heavenly Thunder Pearls in the Lightning Lake of the Great Thunder Lake. You can cultivate the power of your Thunder Soul!"
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